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Ex-Classmate and Her Boyfriend Pt. 03

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This is the final part of the story “Ex-Classmate And Her Boyfriend”, from the series “The Boy Who Liked Being Used”.

This story includes trampling, humiliation and vaginal sex.

All of the characters are over 18 and fictional in the story.

I’m open to suggestions in the comments and this was my first work in English, as it is my second language.


After the shower, I felt a bit chilly, because before I had taken a shower, I was already used to walking around their apartment shirtless. I dried off in the first dark green towel I spotted, put on my boxers, and went out the bathroom door. Walking through the living room, I saw that their bedroom door was closed. I was beginning to think that maybe 10 minutes had already passed, but no, I was right on time. I slowly opened the bedroom door and there stood Armand and Carolyn, completely nude, chatting about something. They had heard me open the door and immediately glanced at me. Although their gaze was brief as they continued to discuss a certain topic, I was still staring at their completely naked bodies, of course focusing directly on Carolyn.

Her exposed breasts were rather petite in size, but they had a defined shape and her nipples could be easily seen from a few meters away. My cock instantly hardened from what I had seen in front of me. I couldn’t take my eyes off Carolyn’s whole body. While I zoned out and was looking at her, the couple had finished their chat and called me to come closer to them. I heard them calling me, although I couldn’t hear them very well at first. I refocused myself immediately and approached them. As I walked toward Armand and Carolyn, I also noticed Armand. I didn’t fancy staring at him after this evening, although his massive cock was clearly on display and I couldn’t fully comprehend what was about to happen.

“Now you will lie down, next to the wall, with your stomach on the floor. Don’t worry about anything else, just look forward or at the ground and enjoy, haha.” – Armand pointed his finger at a spot on the wall where a horizontal metal bar was bolted and said laughing.

I walked over to the wall. bursa escort I first crouched and then slowly settled on my stomach. I put my arms by my sides and looked straight forward. After a second, I understood that I wouldn’t be able to remain in this posture for a very long time, so I put my head on my right side on the floor and was staring directly at the painted wall of their bedroom. Meanwhile, I heard the couple slowly whisper something and after a short moment, I felt one of the couple’s feet tap on my upper back. It was a cool sensation that I appreciated very much for a short while.

Then a whole foot was placed on my back, and I thought it might have been Carolyn’s, because it seemed to be rather small in size. She was holding her foot like a cold piece of ice just out of the freezer, at least that’s how my body was reacting. Carolyn held on to the metal bar and, stepping with her right foot directly on my upper back, near my shoulder blade, she had finally stepped on me all over again, except now it was my back. I could thoroughly enjoy Carolyn on my backside. I was hoping that perhaps she would provide me with a back massage after my long wait in their bath, but I had to realize straight away that I had not visited them in that way. I was the one who was supposed to do whatever it took to ensure that the young couple felt happy.

Carolyn’s slight movements made my back thank her for her act of ‘kindness’ as it felt much better right away. When Carolyn had slowly gotten comfortable standing on my back, Armand made his move and instantly stepped on my lower back without any problems. They both started to shift with small footsteps, as much as possible on my back, so that they were mainly close to each other. I could only feel how two people were walking on top of me and one of them was my former classmate. I managed to relax, although Armand’s weight made it a bit challenging for my back. I have no idea why, but my cock also reacted to this in a purely positive way. What had happened to me? Meantime, I was still staring at the wall. I tried to turn my head to see what was happening on my back, but my neck was still bursa escort bayan stiff from lying in their bath.

The room was very quiet and you could pick up any sounds from outside in the neighborhood. I only could hear the couple’s tender caresses and feel Carolyn and Armand’s legs periodically move. After some time, I could hear a very familiar sound. I could not recall where I had originally heard it. In the meanwhile, their bodies and legs were increasingly moving and I thought that they were both about to jump up and down on me. Then I suddenly realized and pulled all the pieces together. It was the sound that came out when Armand’s pelvis hit Carolyn’s ass cheeks. They had started fucking while standing on top of me. I simply couldn’t have believed it. A moment later I also heard Carolyn groaning and uttering soft and brief screams. Armand and Carolyn were moving increasingly more aggressively and my whole backside began to quiver and it seemed that it had turned into some sort of a dance floor.

While Carolyn and Armand were banging while they stood on my back, my cock and filthy mind said all the way yes to such a thing. I couldn’t quite imagine being aroused by this kind of experience. My dick demanded more space, but I was pressed down to the floor under Armand and Carolyn. They were using me as a piece of carpet.

Armand continued to screw Carolyn, while I couldn’t help but look at what was going on on my back. I slightly lifted my head and turned my neck to the left with a minor ache, just to see Carolyn’s bent head and the enjoyment on her face, that is with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open and occasionally biting her lip. Seeing her enjoy Armand’s thick cock was simply horny and frustrating at the same time. I caught Carolyn’s gaze after a moment and felt so mortified that I found it difficult to look her in the eyes. She just smirked. And that made me instantly turn my whole head and look down at the ground. That sight will stay with me for a long time, even though I didn’t wish for it. I shut my eyes and all the time it was this exact view that showed me how Armand was taking Carolyn from behind, and escort bursa she loved it. I could hear a few more brief grunts and hear Armand spank Carolyn’s ass with his hand, making her scream softly. Armand had finished fucking and using Carolyn for his own pleasures. I could only envision Armand’s cum dripping down the inside of Carolyn’s sweet vagina.

Armand was the first to climb off from me. Carolyn was the only one on my body, and I immediately felt relieved. Meanwhile, Carolyn was moving down my back, from the top to the bottom, and eventually got off me as well. She was ecstatic after the sex, climbed into her bed, and was able to recover, whereas I was still obsessing about the moments when Carolyn stepped all over me and attempted to forget the scene I witnessed when I turned my head. I slowly climbed to my feet to find Armand sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at me, smiling, and Carolyn, kind of exhausted, also smiling faintly.

“You made it through and endured everything we did to you or forced you to do, so that’s not bad.” – Armand said for the first time with some sort of delight.

“I hope you will come back because I really enjoyed everything.” – Carolyn said tiredly.

At that moment I remembered that I had promised to continue to visit them several times, but I had to reconsider carefully before I did so. If Carolyn was on her own I would agree, but if it was with Armand – then I had already considered how I could change my phone number just in case.

A few minutes later, the couple was slowly getting dressed in their house clothing, and I took my t-shirt and shorts and was finally able to put on my clothes. We went into the living room, where we said goodbye. Now I could see them as I saw them when I entered their apartment, but before that, I had no clue what they were both capable of. I looked at them, Carolyn and Armand both gave me a smile, I gave them a nod and left their apartment. It was already getting quite dark outside and it was about 9 p.m. I was going down in the elevator and walking to the bus stop just reflecting on everything that had happened over the course of the evening. I couldn’t even believe that I was a slave to a couple, not even any couple, but my former classmate and crush, and her boyfriend. After that, I instantly knew that when I would get home, I would take the advertisement out straight away. I had already experienced the whole thing.

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