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ExpVirginShe was experienced and a virgin, she was up to trying new things and nervous about what might happen if she let her guard down and opened up to her man with abit of chest hair poking out from the top of her shirt… as they talked she found him incredibly sexy… he had a great body and she couldn’t help but wonder if tonight was going to be the night…she loved the way he breathed and as they were chatting she couldn’t help but think about laying in bed naked with him… she wanted him to spoon her, to run his hands through her hair and and touch her all over, she thought about how it would feel to be pressed up against him… little did she know that he was thinking the same thing, before they knew it they had walked back down the street and had checked into a nice hotel and shared a few glasses of wine…it was the early evening when she suggested that they lay down and relax, she thought it was a great idea and they undressed each other slowly, admiring each others bodies and slipped beneath the covers together excited and wanting to explore each other more…. it started when he started to kiss her neck and nibble on her ear, this hasn’t happened to her before but she certainly liked it, she wanted him to asyabahis yeni giriş keep going, her back arched, she felt a shiver run down her spine and he moved his hands down neck and shoulders. as he ran his fingertips down her arms and over her breasts she could feel her nipples get hard as his gentle touch started to rub her nipples. she loved it, she wanted more and could sense that this was on the beginning… she could feel him start to get hard, his cock pressed up against her ass… she wanted to turn over and kiss him but his hands and fingers touching her breasts just felt too good to move… as he slowly started to rub her stomach and she could feel his precum start to drip onto her ass and she knew what she wanted! she wanted to kiss him, to feel his tongue against hers! as she leaned her head back and they started to passionately kiss she couldn’t help it, her pussy was starting to get hot, his cock was starting to throb and they both knew what was going to happen. they wanted each other, her hands d****d across him touching his muscular back. his hands on her stomach had started to slowly move further down her body and are now caressing her thighs, her legs opened up just abit as his hands asyabahis güvenilirmi move between her legs, she can’t wait to feel him start to touch her… as she lay there, naked, smiling, cute and sexy with an innocence look that is being taken over by a dirty mind… she didn’t even realize that as they were kissing, his hands sliding between her legs she was wet, her pussy juices had started to flow and there was no stopping them… her wetness was dripping down between her ass cheeks and as she thought about how good it felt to have his fingers slowly start to spread her lips apart her hand had managed to make its way down his stomach, through his pubic hair and was wrapped around his throbbing hard cock, his precum had made it slippery and feeling him in her hand she was getting more turned on by touching him that she just wanted to taste it, to lick it and if he let her to suck it. before she could sit up and start to play with it he was pulling his cock out of her hand and had positioned his face between her legs, he started to lick her, she loved it… the feel of his tongue they way he slid his fingers into her faster and faster… he loved the way she tasted and the way she let him finger asya bahis giriş her pussy faster and faster… she was getting close and wanted to cum… he was going to make her cum… he knew she was getting close and stopped… she took a long deep breath and laughed… and asked why he stopped… before he could answer her she knew what he wanted… he wanted her to taste him too… she couldn’t help but oblige his desire… she put him on his back and staddled his face with her dripping wet pussy, she started to rub him and asked him what he wanted… with his face in her pussy he said suck me while i lick you, she didn’t need to get told twice. she opened her mouth and started to lick his cock, his precum tasted great, she loved it actually… she wondered what his cum tasted like as she started to take him deep in her mouth, having his tongue in her pussy was amazing… she felt like a little slut and loved it… it only took 5 minutes for her to moan, cock in mouth, saliva dripping down his shaft and down his balls… pussy juice running down his chin they moaned together… just as he licked her faster and harder he started to shoot cum into her mouth…. the feeling of it hitting her throat was to much and she let out a moan…. a moan that was accompanied by her pussy and ass contracting with his cum shooting into her mouth…. she started swallowing his cum and he swallowed hers…. they both loved it and wanted to relax before he took her virginity! what do you think…. want part two?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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