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Extra Classes With Priyanka Madam

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Extra Classes With Priyanka MadamI am an average boy with a height of 5’9 chocolate complexion and a little healthy. Though being one of the best schools in the city we lacked sexy girls and teachers. But then comes the heroine of the story, the person who I cant forget for the rest of my life, Priyanka our new Economics teacher. She was hot. Apart from her curvy body she had a fucking sexy face and milk white complexion. She was 29 years old and had a stunning figure of 36-28-40.She was the candy we all had lusted for. During her classes everyone would be quiet, but little did she know that she was being ****d in everybody’s mind.She was obviously aware of her sexiness because whenever I looked into her eye she would pass on a naughty smile. My teen hormones and her lucrative physique was enough for her to be the model of my innumerable masturbation sessionsWhenever she had to carry notebooks back to her staff room, she would call me and I would have the honour to watch that booty sway for another 5 mins.Now, this incident happened in the month of December, the chill in air was the reason that all my friends and I had constant erections. We would always excuse istanbul escort ourselves to go to the washrooms and adjust our members.It was Priyanka Maam’s period, I walked upto her to take permission to go to the washroom. My cock was hard. I didnt notice but my cock was only a few inches from her face. When I came back to the class after doing my job, she told me that today she will be revising a chapter in which I had a lot of difficulties and had been asking her to revise the same for a few days now. I would have to stay back and attend the classes. I had no issues with that so I called up home and said that I will come back late because of the class.The whole day went normal. When the time for the class came, I realized that I am the only one who has stayed back. I saw my angel coming. She was wearing a white salwar suit and was wrapped in a shawl.She requested me to sit in front of her only as there was no one else in the class and her throat was also paining. I agreed hesitantly as the huge mountains would distract me. While teaching she removed her shawl and saying that it is avcılar escort pretty warm in here.Now I could see the outline of her red bra. My eyes were glued to them now only. All what she said went past my ears. She soon realised that here assets were distracting me. She cleared her throat and asked “What is the matter Shiv?”I said nothing miss.She replied what are you looking at?I still said nothing miss.Then she said something I could never forget in my life time “Want to have a closer look at them?”I was shocked and my head shook in an affirmative manner.She grabbed my hand and placed it on her boobs and pressed them.That feeling was awesome. It felt as if I was pressing soft butter. Her nipples became erect. I fondled her nipple from over the cloth only. I gave them gentle squeezing which were hard enough to make her moan.Then we locked our lips and slowly that turned into an intense smooch. I was still fondling with her boobs over the cloth and she was rubbing my cock from over my school trousers. She passed a naughty smile and that was enough for me to progress to the next step. I unzipped her Salwar from the şirinevler escort back and undid the knots of her pyjamas. In a moment my angel was all down to her undergarments. A red bra engulfing the massive globes and matching silk panties.I was so excited that I broke the hooks of her bra and sucked her boobs like a baby. She pushed my head on her boobs, persuading me to lick more of them. I gave ample time to each of her globes and her nipples. Then my hand went in her panties and what I found was a clean shaven pussy, dripping wet.I rubbed them and fingered her until she climaxed.Now she undid my zipper and took out my already hard cock. Pre cum was oozing from the tip and she licked it and gave a naughty smile. Then she started to blow me, that was the most awesome blow job I had ever received. She asked me to cum in her mouth. And I was obliged to do so.Now it was time for what our bodies were craving. She bent on the bench facing her ass towards me. I guided my cock into her velvety pussy. I started with small thrusts and it was reciprocated by her moans. In no time her pussy was engulfing my monster. She told me that no one has dug her so deep, not even her husband.Then I tried anal with her. It was painful for both us but ultimately ended in pleasure.We had four quick rounds and the fun continued for quite some time.That evening while returning back home, we had some more adventure in the school bus in the presence of other teachers and students.I fulfilled many of her fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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