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failed threesum

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failed threesumnow here is a fail story that seems so sexy and like every dudes dreams come true at the start. it started as us looking online for females to join us for some fun, after about 2 months of endless posting and searching we finally had a reply on one of our countless postings. it started out with hi and how are you and picture exchanges so we knew what each other looked like. after a few hours of chatting we felt safe enough to name exchange, for privacy reasons lets call her missy, a short time later after a few more emails we agreed to meet missy in a very public place for obvious safety reasons, we got to our meeting place early so we could eat and scope out the best place to chat without prying ears listening to our conversation, we chowed down and waited for about an hour before she showed, we güvenilir bahis chatted a bit and honestly when she walked away to grab a meal for herself my woman said she didn’t feel right about her and to this day I regret not listening to her. she came back and we chatted some more, after a half hour we had a small spark so we went to our place for some fun….things went as you would expect, we started to chat some more because we all were still nervous about what was going to happen, finally I decided to break the ice and i started kissing my woman, I took her shirt off and started to kiss her chest and neck, before I knew it missy had took her clothes off and quickly joined in,  missy and I started by playing with my lady, I was kissing her, licking and nibbling on her light toned nipples, we did this for quite türkçe bahis some time before I got behind missy, I stuck fingers inside her and played with that beautiful pussy she was literally dripping wet, once I seen the grool dripping down I could not help myself and buried my face in her pussy and ate the woman out for as long as my jaw would allow, I dipped my fingers in her soaking wet pussy again and collected as much grool as I could, i took my soaking wet fingers over to my woman and placed them into her mouth so she could have a taste, shortly after I did this missy got my lady off and she squirted all over her face. I instructed missy to lay down so I could make her squirt before I had my way with both of them, ladies first right…..I stuck my fingers inside her and started to finger her with all güvenilir bahis siteleri the skill I had, within 30 seconds I had her squirting like crazy, like my fingers were meant for this woman’s pussy, she soaked our bed lol but that was to be expected, now it was my turn, I laid down and instructed both ladies to suck my cock but before my lady could even join in she was blowing me with great skill, best short lived head I have had for quite some time but like I said it was short lived because she bailed after a 30 second BJ, no shit, she jumped outa bed and was dressed and out the door in less than a 60 seconds and left my balls as blue as the sky. a fucked up event to say the least, once she was gone my lady rode my cock, it felt amazing because she was still wet from the prior events but my heart was just not in it, it was all to clear missy only wanted my lady and was willing to fake interest in me to get her. next time I’m making sure to listen to my lady and also take the time to make sure our next woman wants me and my lady both!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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