Eyl 13

Fallen Angel_(0)

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We’re on the sofa watching an ice-hockey match. You’re sitting at one end, and I’m lying down with my head in Your lap. You’re absently stroking my hair, and every now and then You reach down and touch my ass, rubbing your hand over it and occasionally pinching one of the still-fresh welts, smiling whenever I wince or flinch. You’re explaining the game to me, but as soon as I think I’ve got it straight in my head, something happens that confuses me again so I give up attempting to understand it. I’m content just to be there with You, enjoying Your touch. You try to explain one of the finer points of the game to me yet again, but all I’m seeing is young men slamming each other into walls and ice and chasing a small black object around like it was a life-or-death thing. “Why not just give them one each?” I ask, “Wouldn’t that make everyone happy?”. You grin at me and reply “Now where is the fun in that? Don’t you like watching these boys chasing around?” I just smile up at You, knowing better than to try to answer that one…

The game apparently ends with Your team winning, which brings a smile to Your face, “At last, that’s the first one they’ve won all season”. With that, You pull me into a sitting position and say, “Now, we’re going out in a little while. I’m going to be punishing you, you know why, and if you embarrass me at all, in any way, you will regret it? Understand?”

“Uh, yeah, sure Sir, whatever You say” I reply, a little unsure of what I’m agreeing to here, “What are You planning on doing?” You slap me once, hard, across the face. “When I want you to know what I’m doing, I’ll tell you. You’re going to learn a lesson in obedience and self-control”. I lower my eyes and bow my head slightly “Yes Master”, I say quietly.

“Good. Now, what did I promise you last night?”

“Last night Sir? Uh?”

“What…did…I… promise…you…last…night?” You repeat threateningly.

“Um, Sir, You … uh”, my mind goes completely blank for a very long minute. “Oh. Right. You said You were going to, um, cane me again today Sir”, I finally come out with, after an unacceptable period.

You look at me coldly for a second, and then say “It was going to be 10 strokes when we got home – it’s now 12 strokes – BEFORE we go out”. I open my mouth (foolishly, I know) to protest, but before I can get a word out You say, “And if I hear anymore nonsense from you, it’ll be a dozen more when we get back – and then every morning and evening for two weeks”.

I close my mouth with a snap, resolving to behave myself and obey You immediately and without question from now on; (which I know I should be doing anyway, but I realize lately I haven’t been, and that’s what this punishment is all about.) “Sir I’m sorry. Whatever You want. I know I deserve this, I’ve been leading up to it for weeks now, I know. Please, don’t be mad at me, Master, I’ll be good I swear.” You reach out and take my face in one of Your hands, “I have a friend, a Mistress, who would love nothing better than to have a disobedient little slave to punish and amuse Herself with. Annoy me again tonight, and I’ll give you to Her for a week – and kocaeli escort bayan believe me, you won’t enjoy a single second of it. I’m a teddy bear compared to what She’ll do to you…”

I stare at You and nod silently, not trusting myself to speak at all. You sigh and smile tenderly at me, “You are right to be afraid dear. But you do know, don’t you, that it’s all for your own good. You need to be corrected for your mistakes, for disobedience – what sort of Master would I be if I let you get away with things? Hmmmm? You need to remember one thing, and one thing only. Serving me is the most important thing in your life – if I’m happy, you’re happy. You seem to have forgotten this lately.”

I nod unhappily at You, knowing everything You say is true. You kiss me gently on the forehead and say to me softly, “Go wash your face, fetch my cane and be back here, ready for me in 20 minutes.”

“Yes Master” I reply, with confused feelings. How can You be so hard, so unyielding and yet at the same time be so tender and understanding? I frown slightly to myself. You give me a couple of light taps on the cheek, saying with a smile “Go on now …you’re thinking too much, and besides, you don’t want to keep me waiting do you?” I grin at You and jump up quickly, shaking my head. I look back as I get to the door and call out over my shoulder, “Thanks Master”. You point at the door and say with mock seriousness “Go…” – I hear You chuckling as I leave 

I go up to the bathroom and wash my face with cold water, thinking how lucky I am to have a Master who cares enough to not let me get away with … well, with anything, and cares enough to not listen when I say no. After all, half the reason I misbehave is to see if I can get away with it, and the fact that He calls me on it, (and won’t tolerate it) is re-assuring. I smile to myself, it means He must care

I turn off the water and dry my face. Humming to myself, I wander into Your study and retrieve the cane You want. As I pick it up, I’m suddenly reminded of what it’s going to feel like on top the welts from last night, and the humming stops abruptly. Shit. It’s going to hurt like hell. Why do I have to behave badly? Why don’t I just do as He wants? I know I’m going to eventually anyway, so why put us both through this adolescent crap? I sigh to myself, promising yet again to reform

I go back downstairs to wait for You. I sit on the sofa crossed legged with the cane across my lap, head leaning back, eyes closed. Shit! I jump up as if bitten by a snake – I guess I should be naked for You. I quickly strip off all my clothes and start hurriedly folding them, or at least getting them all into a pile. I sit back on the sofa, with the cane over my legs again, just as You walk back in the room. You smile slightly when You see me sitting there, “Well done dear. I think that’s the first time in a week you haven’t kept me waiting for you. Are you ready?”

I nod my head vigorously, “Yes Master, absolutely”.

“Good. Put the cane on the floor, come round to the back of the sofa and bend over it”.

I do as You command, placing my hands on the seat for kocaeli sınırsız escort balance. I feel You running Your hands over my ass and thighs, “You know, I much prefer it when you are marked. I think I’ll keep you that way for a few weeks – it’ll give you a constant reminder of me if nothing else”.

I hear You laugh softly as a shudder runs through me. “Spread your legs wide my dear, we’re going to warm you up a bit first”. I spread my legs as wide as I can immediately, and feel You pushing me slightly forward so that my hips on the sofa support all my weight. “You will not move from this position, you understand me? I don’t care how much it hurts, or how badly you feel the need to move, you will stay put.”

” Yes Sir”, I whisper, trying to control the trembling that threatens to buckle my knees. *Crack* the first lash of Your belt lands in the middle of my buttocks, causing me to jerk my head up and cry out. The second whips across the top of my thighs and burns. I cry out loud but manage to not move. The next few all land on my ass, making me scream loudly and causing my ass to start burning and throbbing. “Sir, please…God it hurts so much!!!” You stop. “You want me to stop hitting your ass for a minute?”

“Yes, just for a minute Sir” I snivel.

“Alright then”, You reply, and You kick my legs even further apart. “Don’t move”, You remind me threateningly. The next lash snaps up between my legs and hits me hard on my pussy, “OOWW Godddamn” I yell. The next two hit in exactly the same place and I feel the universe spinning around me, oblivious to everything except the pain. Tears are streaming down my face. You leave my pussy alone for a while, concentrating the next volley of blows on my inner thighs. “Master oh god I’m so sorry please please please …”

The belt hits me once more, very hard, on my pussy, and then I sense You walking around to the front of the sofa. I stay in place, crying softly. After a minute I lift my head slightly and see You standing in front of me holding Your cane. I let my head fall again and my whole body slumps. Somehow, inexplicably, I’d managed to forget about it, the cane. But suddenly, it’s the most important thing in the world, and it’s about to cause me incredibly intense pain. You pull my head up with one hand and kiss me long and deep, then move away again with another reminder not to move. I feel You behind me once more, touching the raises and welts. “Mmmm, I love seeing you like this, hurting from my strokes, offering yourself to me like this … you’re getting me so hard”, and to prove Your point, You press Your groin hard up against my throbbing ass, and I feel Your cock jumping. I push back at You a little, smiling when I hear You groan. You move away and swat me on the ass, “That’s enough… for now”. You tap the cane against my leg, “There’s still the matter of your disobedience to be dealt with. I want you to think about why this is happening, and what you are going to do to ensure we don’t have a repeat performance any time soon”, and with that, You strike with the cane. I feel it land, and then bam! The pain izmit anal yapan escort hits like a runaway train. “Oh my god”, I cry out, biting my own wrist to keep from yelling. The next three come so close together that they illicit a single scream from me, and I can’t stop my hips from coming up off the sofa. I’m crying freely now, wondering how I can ever survive another eight strokes. “Shhh…” You whisper into my ear. “You know this is what you deserve, what you need don’t you?”.

“Y-y-yes Master”, I sob, “but Sir, it hurts damn much”.

“Of course it hurts dear, there wouldn’t be much point otherwise would there?”. You push my hips back on to the sofa saying “Now hold still … I’m almost done”. You target the tops of my thighs for the last eight strokes, four on each, and by the time You’re done, I’ve pretty much yelled myself hoarse. I start to raise myself from the sofa but Your hand pushing on the back of my neck stops me. I feel Your other hand fumbling with Your zipper, and then You sink Your hard, throbbing cock into my aching, wet pussy, ramming it all the way in. We both groan out loud, and You’re pumping it into me harder and harder as I grind myself back against You. Just as I feel the first contraction of an orgasm beginning to happen, You pull out of me and spin me around to face You. “No”, You smile, “This is the lesson in self control. You will not come until I allow you to – and I’m not going to let you. Not tonight anyway”.

I stare at You like You’ve just told me that the earth is really flat after all. “But…but…Sir…I thought… I mean …”

“You want to argue with me about it?”

I gulp. “No, no, of course not Master …”

“Good. There is, however, no reason that I shouldn’t get off whenever I feel like it, is there?”

I shake my head.

You look at me – “Well then…?”

I glance down at Your cock and then look back into Your eyes as realization dawns on me. I sink to my knees in front of You and You wrap both Your hands in my hair, whilst kicking my knees wide apart, saying “Don’t you dare try to close them…”. I open my mouth and gently suck Your balls in, but You get impatient with this after only a few seconds, and pull my head back to push Your by-now-huge cock deep into my mouth. I move up and down on it, feeling it nudge the back of my throat every time You push a bit further. You start moving faster, pulling my head right into You, forcing Your cock all the way down my throat. You start spurting into me, growling, “Swallow it all, bitch, every last drop”. I suck on You and swallow as fast as I can, and it just keeps on coming, drowning me. You don’t let up at all until You’ve finished completely, “Ahhhh God”, I hear You groaning. You pull me up to my feet to kiss me, placing one hand on my very wet, very hot and very, very horny pussy. “I’m definitely going to have to keep you like this for a while”, You grin at me. I start to squirm on Your hand, and You put two fingers inside my pussy while Your thumb rubs my clit. I grind my hips round, but soon (too soon!) You move Your hand away saying, “I think we’re in for a fun night dear. I imagine you’re going to find this part of the punishment far worse than any pain inflicted on you by my cane”. You thrust one finger, hard, up into my ass, and again tease my clit with Your thumb, “Oh yes, I’m really going to enjoy this….”

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