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family LESSONS

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family LESSONSCHAPTER ONEI couldn’t wait any longer. My bladder was bursting and my father was in the bathroom, halfway through Rigoletto. “Daddy, please get out of the shower so I can use the toilet!” I cried. Both my hands pressed into my crotch to hold back the flood and I trampled about in agony.”Can’t you wait another minute?” Dad loved his showers so much that my mother suspected him of having an affair with the nozzle.”I have to pee right now!” I cried out. “Just come out for a moment, I won’t be long.””Oh, what the hell, come on in and do it, I’ll turn my back,” he said. That made sense. After all, he was my father and he’d seen me do everything at one time or another. Now that I was eighteen that familiarity had long passed away, of course, but under the circumstances it was necessary to recapture it. I pushed the door open and walked into the steam-filled room to make my way toward the toilet. So desperate was my need that I hardly spared my father a glance. I assumed he’d have his back toward me. But when I reefed my panties down and squatted over the bowl, and let the first burst loose, I looked up to find him looking right back at me.”Don’t look!” I admonished him. Clouds of steam swirled between us, the rush of water resounded through the tile-lined space, and I suddenly became conscious of being alone with him. Reflexively my hands drew the terry cloth robe to and my eyes drifted away from his. But in the process they drifted past his cock. For a moment I was transfixed! His cock was long, thick, brown, and half hard, poking out from a jungle of dark hair and straight at me. The dark red knob throbbed as if it was about to fire. His balls hung low, two eggs suspended in hairy leather, dangling between two powerful thighs. A shudder ran through me, electric and mysterious. My hands clutched at my robe, drawing it tightly over my tits, and my legs pressed together in sheer terror. I had finished pissing. And yet I sat there, staring at that thickening member. He was fully erect now. His cock tilted toward the left of him and the thick ridge of flesh running up the lower side was clearly visible. It reminded me of a blood slit in a knife or a bayonet, and once more I shuddered while crazy, tiny twinges ran through my cunt.Absently I reached for the toilet paper and wiped my pussy, in the process letting my robe fall open. Only when I had flushed did I realize how bold that was. Now Daddy had seen me touch myself! And no doubt he had caught a glimpse of my tits as well. They were too big to hide these days. He said nothing. When I finally managed to look him in the eye he just smiled and started another aria, singing in his fine baritone voice while the shower cascaded water all over his strong, tanned body. For some reason I felt dizzy when I walked out, my legs weren’t too steady, my hands hardly had the strength to open the door. “Thank you, Daddy,” I said. No answer.Back in my room I sat down heavily on the bed and tried to clear my head. This evening was the big one, the date to end all dates. Frank would be proposing to me, there was nothing surer. Why didn’t it matter to me anymore? For as long as I could recall, Frank had been the one, so handsome and poised, always ahead of the other guys; and now that he’d been offered a scholarship in Europe he had to marry me if he wanted to take me with him. The more I tried to straighten out my thoughts, the more Daddy’s cock dominated my mind’s eye. I slipped out of my robe and began to put on the clothes I’d chosen for this date. No bra — my tits fascinated Frank. He was always talking about how big they were and how he loved to see them bobble about under my shirt. They were big, I reflected, gazing into the mirror and viewing myself from the side, very firm and high. The rest of me was slender. Mum was always urging me to eat more but I liked myself this way. I remained standing before the mirror, running a brush through my long, black hair and gazing at my tits. Veronica liked them, too. She was always touching them and comparing them to her own little ones.Jeans next, tight enough to hug my crotch. Veronica said that really drove men wild. The center band ran right along the split of my pussy and caused a labialike bulge to form. I turned and stood on my toes to get a view of my ass in the mirror. Lean but shapely, pert Frank called it. I stepped into the platform shoes and did them up. Now the outfit was complete. I was tall, slinky, big-titted, my pussy lips bulged between my thighs, my hair had a deep luster and it felt as smooth as flax. Could Frank resist me after all this preparation?It seemed not. When he came to the front door I noticed him swallow heavily and when he spoke it sounded silly, as if he couldn’t bring the words out. My mother came to see us off. She bestowed loving glances on Frank. One day he would be an important man and I would be his wife. That’s what she wanted. My mother, Veronica, and Frank had teamed up to get me to this pitch of expectancy. They had given me tips, hints, and methods for catching a man, either explicitly or implicitly, and like a good girl I had taken heed of them all. But at that moment, when a wedding band was literally within reach, I found myself thinking of my father’s cock.Frank took me to a restaurant and, as expected, he popped the question. It was a romantic moment and I gave him my answer right away. It was all settled, we would be married in a week’s time, the day before he was due to depart. “Let’s go home and tell my parents,” I said after the dinner was over.”Wait, wait, let’s talk some more first,” said Frank with a strange look in his eyes. He drove us to the lake and parked in the darkness, turned the radio down low, and faced me. His breathing was irregular and his hands were restless. I knew what he wanted but I didn’t know how to give it. Every part of me was willing. The sight of my father had loosened the last of my inhibitions and now my pussy throbbed deeply and my nipples literally itched with desire. Frank didn’t know it but I was his to do with as he pleased that evening. In the past we had confined ourselves to light petting, but that wouldn’t do it anymore for me. And when he took me into his arms I did everything to make him see how available I was. I melted against him, let one hand brush casually along the swollen bulge in his lap, and let my blouse open a bit so my tits would incite him. Frank’s hands were everywhere, touching me, caressing me, and his hot kisses landed all over my face. He seemed to be caught in a frenzy of lust and I coasted along with it contentedly.”Oh, Jackie!” he moaned, “I want you so!” More kisses. He was waiting for me to say something and I didn’t know what to say. I kissed him back as passionately as I felt, and his hands became bolder, sliding in through the buttons of my blouse to get at my bare tits, fitting in between my upper thighs to put pressure on my pussy, and I just went along with it.”Let’s take our clothes off,” he whispered. I nodded but he had to do it for me. My body was trembling as he pulled my tight jeans off, I felt kind of faint, and instead of coming back up to kiss him I let myself recline back with my legs spreading widely, lasciviously. Frank stared at my pussy in the dim light of a nearby neon sign. There was silence, tension, in the car now, both of us poised, ready, all he had to do was take me. But then he shook his head. “No, not before we’re married,” he said hoarsely. “That wouldn’t be right.””But we can have some fun, can’t we!” I said, and I sounded very plaintive to myself.”Sure we can,” he said, running the palm of his hand over my cunt. “As long as we can restrain ourselves.” His finger traced the outline of my cunt, barely touching my flesh, round and round until I could hardly stand it. Light as his touch was, my cunt was super-receptive. The smallest sensation sent long ripples of passion running through my body, and when the tip of his finger brushed along that little knob between my labia, I thought I would scream! However, in the two years Frank and I had been going together I had learned a lot about self-discipline. He wanted me to be the demure virgin and I had cast myself in that role willingly. But the charade had been exposed somehow and besides, in a week’s time we’d be going all the way.”Make love to me, Frank,” I moaned, twisting my hips from side to side and lassooing him with my legs to draw him closer to my cunt. “Let’s not wait another second.” He still had on his underpants but I could feel his stiff cock throbbing under me.”Please, Jackie, don’t make it hard on me,” he said, pushing me away. “Go on, get dressed.” He jumped out of the car and stood by the side of the lake. One hand was on his hip, the other was moving to and fro. It took me a while to work out that he was doing something to his cock. When he returned I asked him what the matter was, and he just muttered something about blue balls. I was in the dark about everything, but I’d managed to slip back into my tight jeans and my blouse. Frank drove me home at breakneck speed. He didn’t say a word until we were in front of my place again. “I’m sorry, honey,” he told me, “but you were tempting me too much. A guy can only stand to be straight for so long and no longer. One more week and then you’ll be my virgin bride. Isn’t that worth waiting for?””I don’t know,” I said. He thought I was just saying that because I didn’t know what else to say. With a broad smile he opened the door for me and we walked up the driveway to break the news to my parents. Mother was in seventh heaven. She hugged Frank and called him her son, and then sat down to planning the logistics of the wedding. Dad shook him by the hand and said all sorts of nice things to him, but he was less than ecstatic. As for me, I couldn’t enjoy the occasion. A part of me wasn’t there. My body was besieged by mysterious impulses, strange tremors, my tits tingled and I could feel that my pussy was wet. Apart from those sensations, there was also a burning resentment. Frank had rejected me. His reason had nothing to do with it as far as I was concerned. I had offered myself and he had refused, leaving me feeling on edge and crazy. I played the part of a good daughter and a happy fiancee for as long as he was there. But as soon as he left I kissed my folks good night and ran upstairs.Veronica, my cousin, lived next door. Our houses were close together and a large oak tree grew between them so that I could get from my window to hers just by climbing onto one branch, walking down it to the trunk, and then taking another branch up to her. She always left her window ajar in case I felt like a midnight visit and I did the same for her. Since it was still fairly early in the evening her light was still on.”Hello Jacqueline,” she said cheerfully when I entered through the window. “Back from the big date already? How did it go?” I told her and at first she was very excited and happy for me. But then I began to tell her the important part, and Veronica became silent, sympathetic. “Oh dear,” she sighed when I had finished, “the omens aren’t too good. What can we do about this?”Veronica was my opposite in most ways. Her hair was blond and curly, cropped close to her head. Her shoulders were rather broad and her hips rather narrow, her breasts were hard and small, and she had a tan year round from playing sports and hiking. We were the same age, attended the same school and were in the same class, but more important we were each other’s best friend. For as long as I could remember we had made use of the oak tree to come and tell the other our troubles or new jokes. She was different from me in one other way, too: she was no longer a virgin. Veronica knew everyone in our town, she was in on whatever action erupted, and she often went to bed with older men. For boys her own age she had nothing but contempt.”You see what’s happening to you?” she said after a pause. “You’ll marry Frank and that will be the start and finish of your sex life. What you need to do is to live a little, right now, before it’s too late.” Instead of arguing with her, I nodded. Veronica looked surprised.”I know you’re right,” I said. “I mean, it’s scary and all that but my body is in such a turmoil right now.””Turmoil? In that case, Jackie, you’re going to have to trust me,” said Veronica. “There’s only one way to cure that and I know how. Come here, sit on the bed with me, don’t make a move, your favorite cousin is going to make you feel all better.” She turned off all but the smallest light in her room and came over to sit beside me. Her arm rested on my shoulder, one hand ran down my long tresses, and her eyes bored deep into mine. I felt embarrassed suddenly. Veronica and I were free with each other but never sexy. Yet now I could smell her sensuality almost! She was seducing me!”What are you doing?” I asked timidly. She told me to hush and her hands ran over my hair and body more firmly. They came to rest on my breasts and stayed there, softly squeezing my tingling flesh. Veronica shifted over to sit facing me, her legs tucked under her in the lotus position. There was no getting away from her. Her parents were away for a couple of days and her younger brother would be fast asleep by this time. Besides, she was making me feel a wholly different kind of turmoil, a pleasing one.”I’ve wanted to do this for so long,” Veronica said softly. Her nimble fingers undid the buttons of my blouse and let it fall open. “Yes, look at those breasts, perfect, just perfect, oh, let me kiss them!” She leaned forward and before I could get out of the way her lips were on one of my nipples. A shock ran through my system. I looked at that blond, curly head that had fastened itself to my tit, and somehow it wouldn’t register with me. What was coming across, however, was a soft, insinuating feeling that grew into a ball of warmth that kept expanding until it extended from the nipple all the way to my pussy. Her lips shifted to the other nipple and her hands squeezed and caressed my tits, taking them from warmth to heat and at the same time driving my pussy around the bend with a variety of sensations. My blouse slipped down my shoulders and Veronica pushed me back until I was lying flat on my back, my arms loosely around her as she continued to regale my tits with her mouth and hands. It felt wonderful! Frank had touched my tits often enough but he hadn’t done it right… Veronica knew about tits and how to make them feel good.She seemed happy to go on and on. I drifted into a dense euphoria and let my hands run through her curls absently. Eventually she shifted her attention to other parts of me. Her lips left my tits and kissed their way down to my bellybutton. I hardly noticed the change. My eyes were closed and I was half dozing, drifting down a stream of treacle that was bound to lead to Eden. Vaguely I realized that she was undoing my jeans and that she wasn’t having an easy time getting them off me, but none of that mattered to me. I didn’t even bother to lift my ass.Only when Veronica started to run her finger down the slit of my pussy did a fraction of me sit up and take notice. Frank had touched me there earlier and I had enjoyed it very much. Now my cousin was doing the same. Was that right? But I was too far gone to care. I lay back and savored the fine feelings welling up in my loins. Her fingers delicately touched on every part of my pussy, reconnoitering, discovering what was sensitive and what was extremely sensitive. Now and then a low, soft moan broke from my throat. Apart from that I was inert and happy. It didn’t even occur to me to reciprocate.Something warm and wet slithered along the center of my pussy. I couldn’t work out what it was but it felt so nice that I had to look. To my horror I found that it was Veronica’s tongue. How could she!? As soon as she was finished I would tell her never to do it again. Until then… God, it felt so lovely. Her tongue was like a living creature, an animated snail doing a polka between my cunt lips, sliding to and fro, putting pressure on my clitoris then rushing down to briefly insinuate itself into my hole, in and out, back up, sideways, round and round — my head began to spin in time with her tongue! Her tongue was very thorough. It dug in and lapped, wetting my cunt over and over until her spit combined with my juices to form a rivulet that ran down to my asshole and dripped onto her bed. Now her fingers joined in, holding my pussy lips wide apart so she could get more of her face between them and so her tongue could get into my hole more deeply. The lovely euphoria was shattered by raw lust. Suddenly my pelvis started to push up and down, a staccato of horniness that made it hard for Veronica to keep up. I begged her to stop so I could catch my breath but she only ate me more vigorously.”Oh God!” I heard myself pant. “Stop, stop, please stop! No, that’s too much, you’re driving me crazy! That tickles! Stop, STOOOOO-OOPPP!!! OH JESUS, NO, NOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH THAT’S GOOD, YESSSSSSS, YES, YES, HARDER, OH RONNIE, YEEEEEESSSSSsssss…” Lightning bolts irradiated from my cunt, triggering off storms of passion that raged violently for a second and then disappeared to leave me high and peaceful, filled with a vaporous sensation of gratitude. Veronica stopped when she saw that state I was in. Her face glistened with my juices and she was smiling broadly.”You like that? This is only the beginning, Jackie. Phase one. I’m going to line up lovers for you and introduce you to experiences that will live with you the rest of your life. By the time he carries you over the threshold you’ll be able to teach him a lot of tricks.””It sounds so dangerous,” I sighed. My body was aglow. “But you don’t have to do all this, Veronica. I could do it myself.””You? No you couldn’t. You’d bump into a guy and stick to him for as long as you could. I’m the one who can produce the changes in cast around here, just like that.” She snapped her fingers and leaned over to kiss me square on the mouth. The tart taste of pussy came with it, and I relished it shamefacedly. As if she knew it, Veronica opened my mouth with her lips and forced her tongue deep into me so that I would have to taste all of it. Her body came over to lie on top of mine and her pubic bone pushed against mine insistently. Once again my resistance was disposed of effortlessly. I yielded to her deep, passionate kiss and before I knew what was happening I was hugging her tightly and grinding my pubic bone into hers.Gone was the warm tranquility. Her cunt pushed against mine so as to flex my labia and pull them taut over my clitoris. She put on more and more pressure, rubbing me up until I was right back where Frank had left me, feverish, uneasy, in need of love! Now that she was on top of me my hands began to explore her flesh instinctively. The palms ran over her strong, smooth back right down to the dip at the small of her back, and up to grab hold of her firm, full cheeks. Veronica’s ass always reminded me of a boy’s. It had dimpled flanks and flexed muscularly at every step, yet it was rounded and soft when her buns were relaxed. When I got hold of it her buttocks were laboring to bring her cunt harder against mine, and just the feeling of her flesh contracting under my touch was enough to make me bang back. This took me so far but no further. Veronica had the same problem because she suddenly drew away from me and pushed one of her legs under my ass, scissoring into me until our cunt lips met in a wild kiss, wet and hot. Right away new pleasures welled up in me. Her pussy was lightly covered with blond hair, so lightly that it sometimes looked as though she didn’t have any. Mine, on the other hand, had a thick dark pelt of hairs growing from the mound back to my asshole. Now, with all the moisture that had matted my fur, it was laid back and the ridges of labial flesh were exposed. It was flesh against flesh when our pussies kissed, smooth, slippery, urgent, pushing and pushing and pushing to get more. Impulsively I reached down and parted my pussy with both hands. Veronica did the same. Our tiny clitorises met and it was as though we’d touched two electric points to each other. A spark, a flash, and we were on our backs, bodies writhing in ecstasy, our loins working our pussies together until they were welded into one by heat and juice. Smacking noises resounded through the room, panicky cries, long moans, we rolled about on the bed and held hands so our bodies wouldn’t drift apart.”Let me eat you now,” I gasped, “I want to try it now!””Go right ahead,” said Veronica. She crawled over me and turned around to face my feet so that her pussy hovered over my face. Light blond hairs caught the light to create a slight golden halo about her pudgy cunt, pink flesh peered through her lips, trails of moisture and whitish drops of juice were on her inner thighs. The sharp fragrance of her womanhood suffused my nose. For a moment I hesitated. Then, recalling how delicious my own dew had been, I placed my hands on her ass and lifted myself high enough to get my mouth to her box. As soon as I made contact with her I began to suck and was rewarded by a generous draft of her juices. Veronica lowered her ass and pressed her cunt down on my face, forcing my head back onto the pillow. At the same time she started to finger my cunt, inserting a long finger up it and crooking it so as to pull upward. I didnt know which excited me more. My cunt tried to suck her finger into itself and my mouth tried to suck her cunt down my throat, and between the two my body rollicked with passion.We remained in that position for a long time. I loved eating her! Her cunt was so smooth and the juices flowed so freely that I wanted to burrow face-first into her, just to experience her totally. Whenever my tongue pushed its way into her tight hole it found smooth, wet walls of warm flesh in there, a secret cave that held all sorts of mysterious delights for me — if only I could get in there deeper! I worked my index finger into her cunt and felt the physiognomy of her insides, all those strange ridges, the contoured flesh packing around my finger and squeezing it with sensual pressure, thick drops of juice oozing down around it, a small paradise. Veronica did her best to open it up to me. She went down on me and poked her ass high into the air, her legs as far apart as they would go, and I played doctors with her to my heart’s content. I had checked out my own cunt with a mirror, of course, but this was the first time I could explore one first hand. My fingers prised her lips apart, pulling at them until it looked as though her cunt was turning inside out. Pink, glistening flesh blossomed before my eyes, her cunt hole expanded, and I gazed into its darkness until my tongue poked out and found its way into that inviting orifice all by itself. I loved everything about her, even the musky, stifling smell of her asshole. My nose was buried in it, tickling it, and since Veronica obviously liked it I kept it up until I was not only used to the smell, but actually enjoyed it. Nothing mattered at this point but gratification, and everything contributed to it. Her tongue in my pussy, my tongue in hers, nuzzling her anus, dragging my nails along her ass, licking, sighing, sucking, biting into her cunt flesh, doing everything she did to me and more, until another storm of passion broke loose inside me.I had to let go. The emotions exploding in me were too powerful to be ignored. My body began to tremble violently, screams burst from my throat, my nails sank into her flesh so that the blood ran, and then I went stiff all over for an excruciating second. It was as if I had a fit! My rigid frame shook from head to toe, gurgling sounds came from deep down, all I could do was cling to Veronica. And then, like the sun bursting through the clouds, the orgasm arrived. Everything was leveled out now, everything was lovely and peaceful again. I floated about the room and was aware only of myself. That didn’t stop my cousin. She caressed me very gently all the while, and when I was back to normal she positioned herself between my legs and started to run her fingernails along my tits slowly, almost as though she didn’t know she was doing it.”I don’t know how you do it,” I told her. “You’ve made me feel things that Frank doesn’t even know about!””He will,” she smiled. “You’ll be sure to tell him. But relax, it’s still early, let’s just lie here and enjoy each other’s company.””Alright.” I felt sleepy again. My eyes rolled back and my lids closed as though they had lead weights tied to them. Veronica’s hands moved at the same regular rate, a hypnotic, subliminal motion that built up my passions while I wasn’t looking. Her lovemaking seemed no more than an expression of affection; but after about ten minutes of it I found myself in the throes of another fit of passion. I loved her tender caresses and the soft pressure of her body against mine. My hands roamed over her breasts and ass, we kissed so lightly that our lips merely brushed by the other’s, and somehow we ended up with our faces between the other’s legs, licking pussy with the same dreamy motions.”I won’t marry Frank,” I said suddenly. “I like you much better, Veronica, there’s no use pretending otherwise.””Don’t be silly,” she said. Her words were muffled by my cunt flesh. She didn’t take me seriously enough to look up even. But I insisted, and finally she did look up. “You see how you are? You have a good time with one person and right away you’re stuck on them. I love you, Jackie, we will always be friends, but don’t let that tie you down.”I didn’t say anything for a long time. My fingers toyed with Veronica’s blond little cunt but I was too busy thinking to take much notice of it. She was right, of course. In the one week remaining to me I would have to squeeze in as much experience as possible. I had to make the best of my freedom. That’s what it was, making use of my freedom. Once Frank slipped that ring on my finger I wouldn’t ever cheat on him. All the more reason to make the best of this week. I could do anything! And right away the sight of my father naked under the shower flashed before my eyes — even him? Wasn’t that taboo? Well, was making love with a first and female cousin not taboo? And wasn’t it fun?Questions and an assortment of answers swirled through my brain. Why shouldn’t I let my hair down for this one week? Veronica would be my guide, there was nothing to worry about. In that case I would do it! And if Daddy happened to come my way I’d pounce on him, too. I didn’t tell Veronica that, though. I just said that I was willing to go along with her scheme.”Good,” she said, “we’ll start tomorrow night. What would you fancy, Jackie, a black man or an oriental or a Latin lover? You can take your pick. Or I can get you women, it’s up to you.””That’s quite a menu. I can’t make a choice, you’ll have to do it for me.””Hey, wait a minute, you’re still a virgin! Don’t you want to pick who’ll be first?””Oh yeah…” I had to think about that, and then it struck me: my virginity should go to the man who loved me most! My older brother, Tim, qualified for that honor easily. He was nineteen and home for the summer, so why shouldn’t I pick him? He had always looked after me, had fought fights for me, and he certainly liked me physically. As soon as he’d come back from college his eyes had started to wander over my legs, my breasts, my ass. Yes, Tim would be happy to do it. “Don’t worry about my cherry, that’ll be gone by the time I see you again,” I said.”Who’s going to take it?” she asked.”I’ll tell you about it later. But for now I have to be going home.” I dressed, kissed my cousin good night, and disappeared out through her window. It was a long way past midnight by this time. The house was in darkness. Once back in my room I took off my clothes and snuck into the bathroom to wash up. I perfumed myself liberally, brushed my hair, and checked my nakedness in the mirror. I looked different to myself now that Veronica had introduced me to sex. The erogenous zones stood out against a background of features. Suddenly my tits looked bigger and better, my pubic bush seemed deeper and more inviting, and I couldn’t help running my hands over my flesh for just a moment. A shiver of delight ran through me. Only a few hours ago I wouldn’t have dared to dream about seducing my own brother. Now it seemed like the only plausible thing to do. He was so much like Daddy, the same strong build, the same dark brown mop of hair, same eyes and chest. I could hardly wait to get to him!Quickly I put on a nightie in case one of the parents happened to be patrolling the hallway, and then walked on tiptoes to my brother’s room to surprise him.CHAPTER TWOI was terrified when I entered my brother’s room. What the hell was I doing? Tim wouldn’t tell anyone of course but I was taking a very big chance walking in on him. What if he rejected me? Or worse, what if he accepted my offer? For all my fears I couldn’t stop. I snuck into his dark room and made my way toward his bed. The light from the street filtered through the d****s to show me where he was. Tim slept on his side, over to the left of the bed. I lay on the right hand side and became instantly paralyzed.Tim was just a few inches from me. I could feel the warmth of his body. His breathing was regular and deep, and I knew he didn’t wake easily. I tried to remember what women in the movies did in similar situations but there hadn’t been any. They all got themselves swept off their feet by dashing men. And there I was, in a situation where I had to sweep the man off his feet, or off his back or something.I stared up at the ceiling and thought of every possible way of seducing him. I wanted him so badly! Veronica had lit bonfires throughout my body; someone had to extinguish them! Should I shake him by the shoulder? Or cough? I just didn’t know. Perhaps it would be best to go back to my room and forget all about it. That prospect was too awful. I could see myself in my own bed, alone, frustrated, and hating myself for not having the guts to go through with it. I had to do it!”Tim! Wake up!” I hissed, shaking him violently. He groaned and tried to pull away from me. “Come on, wake up! I’ve got something to tell you!” He stirred and sleepily inquired what that might be. “No, wake up first!” I insisted.”Ah Jesus!” he muttered. “What’s up, Jackie — hey! What are you doing in my bed. Did you wet your own?””No, it’s not that.” He was wide awake now and all I wanted to do was to sink through the floor. Tim had no idea what I might want. Did that mean he had never thought about making love with me? “Tim… please, don’t ask why, I just want to… sleep with you tonight,” I said in a little girl’s voice.”Do you? Okay, if that’s what you want,” he said nonchalantly. “Only let me get some sleep, will you.””That’s not exactly what I meant.” I was getting to be more determined by the second. If the dolt insisted on missing my point I would just have to make it perfectly clear to him. “I want you to make love to me!””Huh?” He sat bolt upright now and stared at me in horror. “Make what? Oh you’ve got to be k**ding, Jackie! Have you been dipping into Dad’s liquor cabinet or something?”I didn’t answer. Or rather, I let my silence do the talking for me. Suddenly I felt very self-assured, in charge, so much more mature than this astonished boy. And to ensure he knew I meant what I said, I placed my hand on his pajama pants, right on his crotch. Something big stirred under the flannel, something exciting and tempting. Tim was silent too, now, as if he only wanted to see what I would do with his dick. My courage rose. The hand caressed his cock openly and located his fly at the same time. It slipped inside and there it was, silky soft, thickening rapidly, warm, hairy, a cock just like the cock that hung off dear old Dad!”Jackie, no!” he said, but there was no conviction in his voice. “You can’t do this! We’re brother and sister!””Haven’t you ever wanted me to do this to you?” I asked.”No! Well, maybe… but not very often!”He had answered my question and now my hand closed around that hard cock and started to stroke it up and down. The movement came to me instinctually and that’s how Tim responded to it. No sooner had I launched my routine than he lay back on the pillow and stretched luxuriously. His cock came out of his pajamas and I could see the rounded knob of it silhouetted against the windows. I wanted to get closer to it, close as I could get, curling up next to him with my face an inch or so from that helmet of flesh. And Tim, still motivated by the luxury of the occasion, rolled over on his side and pointed his cock right at my mouth.It was impossible to resist him. One caress from that silky, full and fleshy knob and I just had to bring it closer, pressing it hard against my face and wanting more. There was only one way to bring it even closer and that was to take it into my mouth. Would he object? Would he lose respect? Surely not, not for his own sister. Gingerly I parted my lips and pressed an openmouthed kiss to his glans. Tim’s reaction was immediate. His hands grabbed hold of the back of my head and pushed me down on himself. That meant he liked it! With a surge of pleasure I opened up wider and took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. He was so hard! His cock throbbed against my lips, my palate, my throat, rock-hard yet soft on the outside, so sensual that I forgot about the gagging impulse. With a sudden splutter and cough I pulled back from his knob but soon returned for another swallow. It was a sensation that was completely new to me, one that thrilled me from my head to my toes. My mouth was like a cunt for him now. His dick pushed in deep and drew back slightly only to dig in again, and all I could do was struggle to contain him. My throat muscles tightened in panic and I lost the rhythm of my breathing. Quickly I pulled away and recovered myself. Now then, slowly, relax, relax, breathe regularly, let the throat muscles hang loose… ah, that was better. Now I could enjoy him to the hilt!His dick lodged down my throat and stayed there for an excruciating period. From a distance I heard my brother groan deeply. His pleasure made me shiver. Here I was, his little sister, making him feel wonderful! A sense of power made itself felt. Suddenly I wanted to do more for him, I wanted to demolish him with love, make him feel things he’d never felt before! My lips closed around his rock-hard stalk and drew upward to the tip of his knob. Then my mouth plunged down to his pubic bush, his cock slipped down my throat again and my muscles seemed to play about his glans like gamboling lambs. He loved it! His body grew taut and it trembled noticeably. The hands on my head turned into claws that got themselves entangled in my hair and pulled me down deeper, always deeper. I felt as though his dick was entering my gullet and stretching down to my belly like an expanding snake. More, more, more! I licked and sucked, I fondled his balls with both hands, I rubbed my cheeks against the smooth, rubbery flesh of his knob, ran my lips down the sides of his veined cock, swallowed his scrotum and licked my way back up again. Tim was breathing heavily, erratically, his hands were hurting me, his hips were banging his cock down my throat. What was he doing? I sensed that I was doing right by him. A few more sucks, a few well-placed kisses, and then, just as I had swallowed him whole again, he erupted. A blast of hot cream bolted down my throat. I swallowed it without really knowing what was going on. Another, and another, great outpourings of warm, whey fluid, too much for me to swallow. It backed up and made me choke. Cream slipped through my lips and trickled down my chin, and still more came out of his pulsating prick. Tim’s groans were loud and slightly desperate as he heaved his dick deeper and deeper down my throat, intent on depositing his load directly into my belly. And I just sucked and swallowed as best I could, my head reeling with the excitement of it all.”Wow!” was all he could say. But the way he said it told me exactly how much he’d enjoyed it. My lips were capable of magic! He went limp soon after his cock stopped giving out its fluids, and when it shriveled away I let it go and sat up beside him. Tim had lit himself a cigarette and smoked it silently. I wondered why he didn’t show any interest in my body.”Are you going to make love to me now?” I asked.”What? How can I with my dick spent?” he grinned, pointing at the pathetic little thing. The glory that had once been his phallus was now a wiener left over from last week.”You mean it won’t go up again?””Yes, eventually it will, but not right away. Besides, Jackie, I think we’ve gone far enough. Now that the blood is back in my brain I can see we’d only be asking for trouble.””You don’t want me?””Sure I do, baby, hell, you’re a beautiful woman even if you are my sister. But it’s not right! I mean, brothers and sisters…” Lost for words he threw up his hands and puffed at his cigarette. With sudden insight I saw that I’d made a mistake sucking him off before attending to my own needs. From that point on I’d make sure I’d get my share of the action before letting my generous impulses take over. However, the fact that he couldn’t finish what he’d started to say encouraged me to try again.I turned on the bed lamp and sat in front of him, looking him straight in the eye. Now my assets were in the spotlight and his eyes started to wander, much as he tried to keep them fixed on mine. “Go ahead, look at me,” I told him. “Look at these tits, look at that pubic bush, and then tell me how brothers and sisters can’t make love.” As he looked me over I cradled my tits in both hands and squeezed them suggestively, running my tongue along my lips and parting my thighs so he could catch a glimpse of what nestled between them. The limpness of his cock was slowly giving way to a new firmness. It started with a few visible pulses and jerks as the blood filled the ballast tanks and then, unlike a submarine, it rose up into the air and quivered before me, a living denial of his moral stance. “Here it is, Tim, come and get it,” I whispered.With a strangled cry he threw himself on me and crushed me with the weight of his body. I stretched out under him like a cat on heat, purring with sensuality, claws at the ready, submitting as a means to my own ends. How I wanted that big cock to penetrate into my vestal regions! I had had it in my month and in my hand, and its throbbing virility had driven me crazy there, so what couldn’t it do inside my oversensitized, dripping wet pussy? I shuddered to think. His hands roved over my body, squeezing, exploring, caressing, in such a hurry to cover all the bases. I knew he’d settle down soon enough. Until then I let the dead weight of his body rest on me like a giant caress, and focussed on the experience of having his cock throb against the flesh of my thighs. It rested right where they met, lying there like a shell in the breach, and the thought of it shooting up into my cunt made me dizzy with lust.His mouth moved down to my tits and when his lips located one of my nipples, they closed about it and drew it in. The element of surprise was on his side. A flash of lightning connected that nipple directly with my cunt and drew an involuntary cry from my lips. At once Tim sucked in more of my tit, so much of it that it ballooned against his teeth, and I could only writhe about underneath him in helpless ecstasy. “Oh God Tim!” I panted. “Fuck me while you do that! It feels so good, too nice! I love it!”He said nothing, for which I was grateful. His mouth stayed closed over my tit and the other tit was being mauled by one of his hands. The other hand was under my ass and the knob of his dick was bumping against various parts of my cunt, none of them near enough to the runny, hot opening yawning up at him. “Don’t tease!” I moaned. “Put it in me, Tim, I want you so badly!” He kept on sucking my tit, switched to the other and took his hand to third base. Now he rolled off me and parted my legs with that hand to get at my cunt. The other hand stayed under my ass, squeezing my cheeks in such a way that my cunt opened right up for him. A second later his finger crept into my virgin hole and I thought I would swoon away!My cunt felt like a flesh-eating plant that hadn’t had dinner! The moment his finger came inside my cunt muscles closed around it and held on tight, pulling him in deeper, deeper, anxious for more. I wrapped my arms around his neck and clung to his hard, muscular body while his hands demolished me. His finger fucked me slowly, digging in deep so that the rest of my hand pushed into my cunt and stimulated my clitoris. The tables had been turned. Now it was I who groaned, who pushed up for more pleasure, more titillation. He manipulated me with finesse, turning on every part of me until I glowed like a beacon in the dark.He took his mouth away from my tit and started to kiss his way down to my navel. Would he…? It was too much to hope for. Yes, yes, yes! “Oh Tim, yessssss!” I sighed as his lips kissed mine. He drew my thighs against his ears and burrowed into my cunt as contentedly as any bug in any rug. And I stretched out like that same cat, purring again, feeling a warm glow suffuse my innards, wrapping my thighs about his head and cocking my cunt up at his mouth shamelessly. “Yessssss, oh Jesus yesssss!!” I hissed. “That’s beautiful, Tim!” He nodded and then his wet, slithering tongue snuck into my cunt to give me brand new thrills. This was just a foretaste, I knew it for certain. He was getting me good and wet for the entrance of Mr. Big himself, that stallion cock of his. At that moment it idled against my legs and transmitted its potent impulses to every part of me, warning me of my imminent destruction.His mouth was performing marvels down there. That tongue dug in, dove deep and wriggled against my cunt walls, scooped up juices, and slipped back and up to lash at my clitoris. Now and then his bottom lips would press against that tiny, maddening button, while his top lip came over my pubic bush, making like it was going to swallow me and bite my cunt off. Each time he did that my erotic anguish lent new force to the mounting ecstasy in my belly. I started to egg him on: “Eat me, suck me, swallow my cunt juices, Tim!” I sounded coarse to myself, a slut, a wanton, but it worked. He sucked my cunt dry only to suck harder and bring fresh supplies of the sticky fluids down. His nose nudged my clitoris and his hot breath made my labia tingle wildly. I had my hands on the back of his head now and I pressed it down on myself as hard as he had pressed my head not long ago. I understood why he’d done it, too. The last thing I wanted at that moment was for him to pull away… unless he wanted to fuck me, of course.Tim didn’t hurry. He ate my cunt until I was on the verge of screaming. My pelvis had gone mad. It jerked up and down uncontrollably, insistently, and my breathing was asthmatic and rapid. I think it was out of fear for my sanity that he finally slipped up over me and covered my body with his. The moment his swollen knob bumped into my cunt I felt the hole open like the cave of Sesame and suck him in. There was no need for me to guide him or for him to probe. The magnet was on! His cock pierced my hymen on the way without stopping. I felt the flash of hot pain and then it melted in with all the other emotions boiling about in my belly. I wanted to remain aware of the moment, to fix my defloration in my mind for when I was sixty-five. But he swept me along with his big cock, pushing me into the weirdest regions of sensations that I’d ever experienced.”Tim… Tim…!” I heard myself moan wetly. I clung to him as though I was drowning. All I could feel was his big cock stretching my pussy. The pleasure wasn’t so much physical as emotional. I wasn’t a virgin anymore! I was getting laid at last! That big cock… his tongue in my cunt… his cock blowing down my throat… “Fuck me!” I whispered desperately. “It feels so good, oh so good, more, more, MORE…” His hand clamped down over my mouth.”Shut the fuck up! You want to wake the whole house?””No, noooo,” I moaned, moving my hips against his to get his stationary cock moving again. He held it still, trying to make me do more of the work, and I didn’t wake up to that until too late. It was strenuous to fuck from the bottom up but the very strenuousness of the act made it intensely pleasurable. His cock was stuck in my cunt, pointing down so that with every move it chafed along the inner floor. Because it was so thick and long it flexed all of my pussy but it especially worked over that section. It seemed to arouse my asshole as well, and what with my tits aglow and my cunt on fire, that last outbreak of passion just about finished me.He had to press a pillow over my face to smother the cries of passion that welled up in me. There was nothing I could do about it. All my strength went into driving my loins up against his to get more of that delicious drubbing. At last he took over. Slowly at first, then commandingly, shoving his cock deep into my cunt, banging his pubic bone against mine, and holding me pinned down with both hands as if he thought I might leave him alone. The pillow rested on my face just in case I wanted to yell some more. And I did, I did!Strangled cries applauded the deep shafting of his cock, his masculinity, his power, squeals burst out when he rubbed my clitoris past the point of endurance, I grunted hoarsely whenever he went in deep enough to impale me; and as his fucking stepped up in that final gallop, I panted out loud in time with his rapid stroking. In-out-in-out, moving so fast that the friction of his flesh against mine threatened to sear my pussy permanently. And just as the pain started to make inroads on the pleasure, he released his soothing, warm douche of sperm that made it all better. As it blossomed inside me, so a giant orgasm burgeoned and blew, sending me spinning out into dimensions of bliss that hadn’t even entered my dreams.”You’d better get back to your own bed,” Tim whispered after I’d had a chance to rest. “I think we made a lot of noise in the past half hour.””If that didn’t wake them, nothing will,” I said.”Maybe so, but I’d rather not take any more chances. Jesus, Jackie, Dad would have killed us if he’d found us in bed together.”Would he have? It gave me a tense, secret thrill to think what Daddy might have done. But Tim had a point. Besides, I’d received what I had come for. “Okay, I’ll go. Thanks a lot, Tim, that was wonderful.” I kissed him on the cheek and snuck out of his room. There wasn’t a sound in the house. They had to be sleeping like logs to have slept through our orgy!Back in my room it hit me really and truly that I had been fucked. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my reflection, expecting to see a changed woman. Actually little had changed. My hair was all over the place, long strands plastered against my face with sweat, and I looked a bit wild-eyed; and, of course, there were unusual whitish trails running down the insides of my thighs. But other than that I was no different. Not on the outside. Inside I felt strangely harmonious, as though all the various parts of my body were working together at long last.With a handkerchief I wiped away most of the evidence and then I lay back on the bed and tried to get to sleep. But too much had happened that day. My brain wouldn’t settle down, no matter how tired I was in body. From a virgin I’d gone to a bisexual profligate, all in the space of hours! And from a single, carefree girl I’d gone to being a man’s fiancee, soon to be his bride. Poor Frank. He was home nursing his blue balls and I was in my bed with the echoes of passion ringing through me. It wasn’t fair of me… but it was fun!Veronica was right, I should pick up experience before committing myself to marriage. And I would follow her advice, all the way!***In the morning it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to see the family doctor to get a prescription for the pill and a check-up. The doctor was Dad’s brother and if he had been like most people’s uncles I would have gone to someone else. But Doctor Eddie was a regular guy. He was handsome, younger than Dad, full of jokes, and at birthdays and Christmas time you could always rely on Doctor Eddie to give you something you really wanted.I decided to take a bath first. Dad was at work and Mum was out shopping, Tim was still sleeping. I ran the tub and eased my body into the hot water to rest there for long, luxurious minutes. For some reason I was far more responsive to all sensations. The hot water seemed like an all-enveloping caress to me, sensual, lustful, like the hand of a horny spirit. When I closed my eyes I could imagine myself getting compromised all over, and before I knew it my belly pulsed with passion, my pussy developed an itch deep down, and it was hard to keep my hands to myself.This was ridiculous! Ignoring my urges I reached for the douche. I shook the powder into the rubber bag, mixed it with warm water, and screwed the nozzle into place. The sight of that nozzle shook me up some more. It was slender at the bottom, thicker at the top, with four grooves running down the sides and small holes perforating it, all of which gave it the look of a menacing, unpleasant, yet titillating weapon. Had I been shoving this thing up my twat regularly without taking any notice of it? Suddenly it became a struggle to make use of it. I wanted it and I was afraid of it. My cunt throbbed and quaked, ready for any visitor. But I held back. What if I loved it? Would that mean there was something wrong with me?I lifted my ass up out of the water by drawing my legs back, and tentatively placed the head of the nozzle against my pussy. Once it was there I hesitated. The hard nozzle pushed against the sealed cunt muscles, not hard enough to open them but firmly enough to send a long thrill up from my cunt to a spot right behind my eyes. Everything became kind of woolly… blending in with memories of the previous night, with cocks and tits and sucking lips… and then the oils oozed out of my innards and the nozzle slipped past the barriers to plunge into my moist depths.”Oh noooo!” I groaned, holding it tightly and still so my cunt could get used to it. “That’s too nice!” My words echoed strangely in the bathroom and snapped me out of the reverie. My free hand reached down further and began to squeeze the douche bag. Now a shower of warm water broke loose inside my cunt and a dozen thin streams titillated my oversensitive cunt like so many tiny tongues. I pushed my hips up so high that my head slipped under the water. Coughing and spluttering I came back up and completed the douche. But even when the last drop had been jetted against my burning cunt walls, I couldn’t make myself take the nozzle out of my cunt. It felt so right, so nice, there! It was solid, hard, and when I moved it back and forth it felt like a cut-down version of Tim. By moving it back and forth a little more ardently and setting my imagination adrift it became him, and then better than him. After all, I could control the speed, the penetration, and the angles! My hips rose and fell, causing the bathwater to slosh from one end of the tub to the other in mounting waves. The waves clashed and gallons of water crashed over the side and flooded the floor. I didn’t care. The nozzle and part of the bag were up my cunt, exciting me into a self-forgetful reverie.It took a good-sized orgasm to bring me back to earth. By this time the bathroom floor was covered by an inch of water and the tub was almost empty. With a sigh I got out of the bath and started to scoop the water back in with a dustpan. When enough had been removed I took to the puddles with bucket and mop. The work was done absent-mindedly. Most of my mind was on the brand new sensations that I’d been experiencing lately. Even being naked was a thrill.A knocking on the door brought me to. “Come on, s*s, let me in!” Tim yelled. “There’s no one home.””Just a minute!” In spite of what had happened between us the night before I reached for a robe and d****d it over myself before unlatching the door. Tim was naked and he looked slightly put out at the sight of my modesty. But he didn’t say anything about it, probably because he was a bit unsure of what to do. He walked past me and stood at the toilet, arms akimbo, and let a long, strong stream of piss splash down into the bowl. In spite of myself I moved to his side and watched. “I always envied your ability to do that,” I told him softly.”Yeah, I remember,” Tim grinned. “Once you tried to do it. You stood up and held your pussy lips apart to direct your piss, but it went all over the floor instead. Speaking of wet floors, what were you doing in here, high dives?””Oh… the water just ran over, that’s all,” I said, blushing, and making haste to mop up the last of the water.”I think you’re lying.” Tim gave his cock a couple of shakes and flushed the toilet. “You weren’t playing with yourself, were you?” He faced me boldly and as I averted my eyes I noticed that his cock was rising sharply. The idea of my playing with myself was obviously a turn on for him. And in my overheated condition that could well come in handy.”Maybe I was,” I said, and pointedly picked up the douche bag. When I unscrewed the nozzle I looked him in the eye and now it was Tim’s turn to blush. “And maybe I wasn’t. Why, you wouldn’t tell on me, would you?””Oh no… no, I’d be the last to do that.” His cock was still going up. “It’s just that I’ve never seen a girl do that to herself. I mean… how do you do it?””It’s very easy.” I put the douche away and turned back to him. The robe hung open and when my hands caressed my exposed belly Tim’s cock reached its peak. Hard and throbbing, it stood out like the leaning tower of Pisa, and his knob glowed invitingly. “I just stroke myself softly, ever so softly, running my hands over all the sensitive parts and thinking of wonderful things. And then I lick my nipples and squeeze my tits, or I push things up my cunt, or maybe I’ll rub my clitoris like this.” My finger disappeared between my labia and rotated rapidly. Tim’s eyes were bulging out of his face. He even got down on his knees to watch more closely, peering into my pussy until he couldn’t take it anymore.”Wow!” he breathed, straightening up and regarding me with new respect and lust. “I can’t tell you how that makes me feel!” Without another word he turned me around and ripped the robe off my shoulders. It fell to the floor and left me naked, helpless, while my brother bent me forward and caressed my ass passionately. His intentions were obvious. Already my cunt drooled and throbbed at the thought of his powerful prick entering once more. My hands found support on the edge of the tub and my feet tried to get a grip on the damp floor. This would be the last time, positively, I didn’t want my brother to get too possessive of me. But I couldn’t refuse him this time. His hot breath brushed along my nape, his hands pulled at my ass and opened my cunt up wide, his knob bumped against me, no, I couldn’t refuse, I had to have him!It slipped in so easily, so smoothly, that it was in to the hilt before I knew it. Then it hit me with a bang, pushing the breath out of my lungs and buckling my knees. The floor was too slippery, my feet lost their grip, and I went down in a heap. I ended up d****d over the bathtub’s side with Tim on top of me rutting like a maniac. Everything was cold, wet, and uncomfortable, the hard edges hurt my belly, and one of my tits was squashed against the tub. But his dick was in me, pulsating, pushing, pummeling, digging in as if it meant to stay forever, and that made everything alright.I loved his passionate approach. He wanted me more than anything and even though he had me he couldn’t seem to get enough. Several times he stopped fucking me, to keep very still for a minute each time only to begin all over with long, cautious strokes that gradually built back up to his former speed. I guessed he didn’t want to blow. Even when he was still inside me his throbbing cock sent the most delicious impulses through my body. My cunt clamped about his hot, hard meat to pick up every pulse, and as it did I realized how inadequate the douche nozzle had been. There was nothing like a thick, long, living cock to make a girl feel like a woman!”How does it feel!” panted Tim, slamming his dick deep into my quailing pussy. “Do you like it, Jackie? Are you coming?””Oh yesss, yesssss!” I whispered, but I couldn’t tell if I was coming or not. My body was in turmoil and that turmoil felt wonderful, much like a drawn-out climax. His cock pried and prodded and his pubic hair chafed against my asshole to add an excruciating tickle to the general ecstasy, and his hard, muscular body against my back was like a savage caress, everything was working… but could I give myself to him? He was my brother, we had to live in the same house, and if one of us grew to depend on the other there would be no end of trouble. That’s what held me back, and what had made me resort to the anonymous nozzle that morning. Even as he fucked me into semi-oblivion I couldn’t shake that thought.”So am I. Oh Jesus, it feels good. I’m coming now, Jackie, hold on, hold on, AAAARRRRGGHHHHHHUNH!!!” With a mighty bellow he contracted his whole body to squeeze out a final salvo of cream. I felt it hit home, then slither down the cunt walls, sensual little snails that made me shiver with sudden pleasure. It was over. His cock shriveled up inside me and slipped out. Droplets of sperm fell to the floor. When he got off me the cool air turned my sweat into a cold, unpleasant fluid. It had to be the last time.”Let’s sleep together every night,” said Tim, still flushed with the excitement of it all. “I love you, Jackie, I really do. You’re not the first girl I’ve slept with but you’re easily the best. Say you love me. Say you’ll sleep with me all the time. It’s all I want in life.””No, I can’t do that Tim, and you know it.” Time for good, hard common sense. Tim looked like a whipped dog when I explained the situation to him. “Besides, I’m going to be married in a matter of days, and we’re leaving for Europe straight after. So what’s the point of even talking about it?” I finished off.”Why should you go through with it?” Tim said heatedly. “What’s he got that I don’t have? Look at this cock? Is his any bigger. And who could love you better than your own brother, tell me that?””Now you’re talking nonsense,” I said coldly. I put the robe back on and got out of the bathroom. It was too close in there, too intimate. I needed a little distance between us to get the right message across. “I love you like a sister. Sex doesn’t change that. We won’t sleep together again, Tim, not for quite a while. You may as well resign yourself to that.””But why not!” he yelled.”See, now you’re angry. I decide that you should take my virginity, and what happens? You want the lot. Well, that’s the last time I do anyone a favor,” I said bitterly.”Oh, now don’t be like that.” His tone changed at once. “I appreciate what you’ve done… and I’ll do my best to keep it straight between us.”He left the bathroom and I sponged my pussy down until the last traces of his sperm had been removed. I felt badly about being so brusque with my brother but pretty soon my thoughts turned to a more pleasant subject: Doctor Eddie. He was so much like Dad to look at and secretly I began to speculate on his size. Would he be as big? Would his cock be as brown and thick? Shame on me! I shouldn’t think about relations that way. And would his balls hang as low? I smiled at myself in the mirror. Perhaps I ought to try and find out. After all, this was my week!I dressed myself casually, choosing tight jeans, a sexy halter top, and I let my hair flow freely. Eddie liked that kind of look. He was a pretty hip guy for forty, who wore his dark hair long enough to curl over his collar and liked to blow joints during his lunch hour. When I walked into his office he greeted me with a wide, open smile and said: “So you’re going to get married, huh? Well, that’s great. I hope you’ll be happy. Come on, make yourself comfortable, and I’ll roll one for us both. You have to celebrate these occasions, right?””Right, Uncle,” I said.”Edna,” he said, speaking into the intercom, “tell Mr. Farnsworth I’ll be delayed and to be patient with me.” He winked at me and took out a leather pouch from a drawer. “Yeah, all the girls who once used to come in here with chafed knees are now marching up the aisle. Makes me wonder what I’m waiting for. I guess they’ll all be divorced soon enough, then I can take my pick.””Oh, don’t say that!” I said. “You make it sound so predictable. I want Frank and me to be together forever!””And you will be,” he said with a shrug of his shoulders. He rolled a long, thick joint, one that reminded me sharply of other joints, pendulous ones seen in bath and bedrooms. We shared it in silence. The smoke was acrid and a little rough on my throat, drying it out and scratching it. But that was well worth the fulsome rush it gave me. With every puff I could feel my fantasies gaining power over hard-nosed reality. Eddie and I were sitting on his examining couch, and as we smoked we gazed through the Venetian blinds out into the backyard where verdant shrubs and tall trees relieved the urban sprawl. He was so close to me that I could grab him, **** him, do anything with him! Why didn’t I? Uncle Eddie wouldn’t tell on me. He might refuse me but it would always be our secret. The grass made me lightheaded, anything seemed possible. But before I could make a move he started to talk again.”Frank’s a level-headed guy,” he said, staring at the shrubs. “He’ll treat you right. And if you push him a bit he’ll satisfy you, I’m sure of that. You have to push men. Most of them are sexually lazy, you know. After the honeymoon they’re no longer the ardent lechers of the drive-in movies. I lived with this woman once who said I could have her any time I wanted her. Well, for a while that was fun. I took her in all sorts of positions, while she was on the phone to her mother, leaning out of the window talking with a friend, in public toilets, anywhere!”But after a while it got to be tedious. I could have her so why should I try? It got to the point where I was happier jerking off. She left and another took her place, one who never gave me a full account of how she felt about it. Some nights she’d be reluctant, other nights she’d be downright cold, but if I pushed through she’d always surrender. What a woman…” He shook his head and prepared another joint. His fingers moved deftly. They were big fingers, strong fingers, and as I looked at them I felt my pussy twinge violently. In my imagination I saw those fingers poking up my cunt, strumming my clitoris, and that was enough to bring down a flood of juices to stain my underpants. I just hoped it wouldn’t soak through to my jeans… although that would give him the hint.”You’ve had a lot of women by the sound of it,” I said softly.”I guess so, baby,” he grinned, snapping out of his pensive mood. “I don’t know what comes over me sometimes. You tell me you’re getting married and I remember the times I dandled you on my knee. That’s corny, isn’t it?””Not at all.””Sure it is. Anyway, you’re ripe for marriage. Really, Jackie, you’ve grown into a beautiful girl-woman, I should say.” His eyes ran over me, cold, professional, for a moment, and another deep tremor thrilled through my innards. “Well, let’s get on with the examination. I guess you’ll want a prescription for the pill and a bill of health?””Yes please.” The two joints had made my head fuzzy. Nothing was normal. When I reached back to untie the halter top it felt as though I was putting on a show. There was a sensual rhythm to all my movements and my eyes made contact with his to convey something other than family feeling to him. Eddie mistook the meaning of my affectionate look and merely winked in reply. How could he guess what I was going through? It was as though all of Tim’s lovemaking had been mere foreplay. I was steaming, throbbing, feverish with lust! The halter fell to the floor. I made no attempt to pick it up. Instead I stood there and faced my uncle, my tits jutting out at him shamelessly. Nothing was said. Suddenly there was a tension in the air. Those tits seemed to grow like Pinocchio’s nose, reaching for him, tentacles of flesh that wanted to entrap him, draw him in and hold him close to my body so that my cunt could suck his cock! With that peculiarly focussed awareness caused by grass, I could feel each drop of juice oozing out of my pussy and dribbling down inside me only to be absorbed by my jeans. Were they noticeably wet? I didn’t dare look down.Now it was time to take off my jeans. First I sat down to take off my jeans and then I faced him again. Uncle Eddie hadn’t moved from the spot. It was as though he couldn’t tear himself away. I had a hard time shimmying out of my jeans. Now it really became like a strip show. I blushed at my own slowness. Inch by inch my jeans moved down to reveal more of my naked body. Uncle Eddie stood there and stared… or was he merely bored and waiting for me to be done? The suspense was killing me! With every inch of flesh I exposed to him I felt new surges of desire. I wanted to see his cock, I wanted to see it so badly that the very idea of seeing it made me rubbery kneed! Through the cloth of his pants I could see a vague intimation of cock but it didn’t tell me nearly enough about it.”God, they’re so tight!” I said apologetically when my jeans were finally off. Eddie nodded. His eyes were fixed on my tits or thereabouts. With a sudden upsurge of self-consciousness I moved back onto the couch and kept my thighs firmly together. Still he didn’t move. My arms covered my tits and my crossed legs kept my pussy from view. I felt a strange sensation in my chest, the kind that comes when you dream you’re naked in a public place. I wished he would get down to business, never mind sex or his cock, just get it over with!”Ah, you’re all ready then,” he said, snapping out of his immobile state. “My goodness, that’s good grass isn’t it? I was miles away, trying to figure out whether quasars are black holes turned inside out. Sorry about that. Now put your feet into the stirrups and I’ll check your insides.”He adjusted the metal stands and, loath as I was to part my legs, I put my feet into them. Now I was completely helpless. My legs were open so wide that it almost hurt, my pussy yawned at him in the face and it was cocked up at him in such a way that it was his to do with as he pleased. My fear was temporary, to put it mildly. When Eddie stood between my obscenely opened legs I had to fight back the impulse to move my hips up and down at him in lewd invitation. I wanted him so badly, couldn’t he tell? My cunt was dripping, slavering, frothing at the mouth and he hadn’t even touched me!”Where are my gloves?” he said, looking around. His eyes, I noticed, were quite bloodshot. He must have been smoking even before I arrived. “Oh, screw it, I’ll have to do it bareback.””Uncle Eddie!” I exclaimed. “Don’t be rude!””Huh? Oh yeah… doctor’s talk, baby, don’t worry.” He leaned down and scrutinized my cunt. “Looks good, looks good,” he muttered. “Is this your normal condition, Jackie? I mean, are you always as moist as this?””I don’t think so,” I said, trying to sound sarcastic so he’d get the message. It didn’t seem to penetrate. With both thumbs he opened my inner lips and peered inside. I could feel his gaze burning my flesh like a laser beam and in spite of myself I started to squirm about on the table. If this went on for a minute longer I’d tell him to screw me! This business of throwing out hints was getting me nowhere.”Really artemisbet yeni giriş wet,” he mumbled to himself. “But I guess you’re all worked up about the nuptials and all that.””That must be it.””Most girls dry up, though,” he said, straightening up and looking me right in the eye. “You seem to be looking forward to it. Tell me, Jackie, are you still a virgin?” I didn’t answer. All I did was shake my head and stare right back at him. The electricity that passed between us caused the sparks to fly. The message had been delivered. When he bent over my cunt this time his fingers weren’t so efficient. They slipped when they tried to hold the orifice open and when the two fingers were inside me they jiggled back and forth, shyly giving me extra stimulation. I didn’t need it! My body was on fire with lust, my hips were shaking, my cunt was drowning in its own juices! Eddie kept fingering me. It was less tentative now, the pretence was dropping away rapidly, and at last he shoved two fingers inside me and began to fuck me with them. That felt wonderful! Still I wanted the real thing. Had I been a stranger I would have told him that, but being family made it too difficult to find the right words. So I lay there with my legs kept wide apart by the stirrups, making the best of the sensation of his fingers sliding in and out of my blustering, soggy box.”Such a beautiful girl,” I heard Eddie say. “Just like your mother twenty years ago, perfect, tight build, firm, oh Jesus I wanted your mother so badly! Your Dad got her, of course, but I spent nights thinking about her, crazy nights! And then, when I set up practice here, she came to me for her pap smear and her breast examinations… and it never occurred to her that I might want to do more for her. Now you’re here. I think there’s a conspiracy going on up there. You’re so beautiful, Jackie, too beautiful!” He ended with a weird whimper and next thing I knew he was down on me. I sat up as far as I could to make sure of it, and there he was, on his knees before my open cunt! I lay back with a sigh of contentment as his tongue snaked up my pussy, flicking and writhing up there to trigger off bombs of delight. Yes, yes, that was great — but would he go all the way?”Oh Eddie!” I groaned, pushing forward with my ass to feed him more. “You shouldn’t be doing this! It’s so nice but it’s wrong!” He tried to say something but his words were muffled by my cunt. His whole mouth was pressed against my lips now and his tongue lolled about in the valley like it wanted to experience every part of it right away. It darted to my clitoris, pushed at the top of my slit, rushed down to my asshole and back into my cunt entrance, restless, ardent, accompanied by deep sighs and vulgar sucking sounds as he drank in my juices. I loved the way he loved me. There was no doubt that he’d been aching to do this for a long time and now he was making up for all those wasted occasions. And I, bearing the brunt of his assault, was being given the best tonguing any woman had had.”Eddie, please!” I moaned, after wallowing in semi-orgasmic baths of sensation. “I’m losing control! I can’t take this much more! We’ll end up doing something really wrong!” And in my mind I added: PLEASE!!Eddie stood up. His face was wet and his tongue licked around his lips to clean off the remains of my cunt fluids. For a moment it looked as though he’d recovered from his outburst of i****t, and for that moment I suffered. But then his hands went to his belt, he undid it, unzipped the pants, and let them fall to the floor. There it was, the unveiling. Tall as Dad’s cock, as thick as his, too, brown, throbbing, low-slung balls loaded with cream, a brake of dark hair surrounding the base and growing up his belly… I stared at it until every last detail had been absorbed, and by that time he had his cock in hand and aimed it at my cunt.I closed my eyes when the tip of his knob touched me down there. This was a moment to be relished. But then I added to it by opening my eyes ever so slightly, seeing him out of focus — and it might have been my father who stood there feeding his cock into my maw! A shudder ran through me, so violent that it shook away the last of my inhibitions. “Yes, yes, yes!” I yelled, eagerly shoving my ass at his cock to get it up myself. “Fuck me now, I want you, I want you, ooooohhhhhh more, more more!” It inched its way up me, boring a tunnel into my body in the process, filling me to the point of bursting, and adding fire to my most secret fantasy until it roared high and consumed me utterly. He might as well be my father, they were brothers and very close after all. Yes, it was Dad, it was his cock driving into me with such force, hard and hot and heavily lined with veins, the very same cock I’d seen in the bathroom not long ago. It was that cock! I heard myself moaning loudly and my hands reached for him in vain. Eddie stood back, his hands on the stirrups, his back laboring to send his dick flying into me with juice-splattering impact. His eyes were half closed too, no doubt for the sake of travelling back in time to twenty years ago when my mother had had a monopoly on his fancy. It was as though we were fucking by proxy!”Come in me!” I moaned. “Come now, Da… Eddie! I want to feel you explode inside me, come, come, COOOMMMMMMMMMM OH YES, COME, I LOVE IT, COME, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…” It was an explosion. His hot cream burst free inside me and whitewashed my innards in an instant. Eddie’s grunts were like those uttered by a karate chopper, each grunt accompanying a deep thrust that delivered more juice to my deepest depths. I felt as though I was flying backward, airborne on ecstasies that defied description. I came with him and his brother, he came in me and my mother, double the pleasure for half the price.I was surprised when he didn’t stop. His cock grew small and soft but his loins kept banging into me, driving that stub in and out of my distended hole vigorously. It felt very pleasant in that condition, a kind of intimate caress enhanced by the circumstances. The fantasies had been dissipated; it was me getting fucked by my uncle now and I started to enjoy that, too. His cock went through the doldrums and came out at full sail. I could feel it swell inside, pulsing toward erectness with devastating potency. And when it was full-blown it stretched my cunt just as much as it had before, only this time there was his sperm to lubricate the long, far-reaching strokes. This was an unexpected bonus. At first I didn’t know how to respond, but then I realized that he had me at such a high plateau of pleasure already that all I needed to climax was a good shove. And that he gave me over and over.It was a great second course. He leaned over me this time and kneaded my tits with both hands while his cock moved in and out like a well-oiled piston. It was as though he put me into a boat and pushed me out onto an ocean of bliss. I just floated, barely aware of the powerful thrusting down below, content to wallow in it all. And when he came again it was just another nudge that brought my boat further along the smooth surface of the ocean. I was half asleep when he pulled out, lying back with a Cheshire grin and a body so finely tuned that it felt as though it wasn’t there.”Er… I’m afraid Mr. Farnsworth has to be attended to,” said Eddie. He had his pants back on and held out his hand to help me off the table. Still lost in my happy daze I went through the motions of dressing and left his office with my prescription firmly clutched in one hand.CHAPTER THREE”I got a live one for you,” Veronica told me over lunch. “He’s going to drop by this evening so you just make sure you’re here on time or I’ll take him for myself! Really, Jackie, he’s gorgeous, big and blond, a real Viking.””Sounds great,” I said, but my heart wasn’t in it. My uncle had put the finishing touches to my pleasures; there didn’t seem anything left to experience. Of course it would be fun to do it all over again but already I was wondering how long one could go on having the same kind of fun.”What’s the matter?” my cousin asked. “You look unhappy. You’re not worried about Frank, are you?””In a way I am. I mean, he’s home sitting on his hands and I’m fucking people left and right… that can’t be right, can it?””You’ve had two men,” Veronica scoffed, “and already you feel like a tramp. Boy, by the end of the week you’ll think you’re a two-dollar hooker! Relax, Jackie, remember that if you don’t know what you’re doing, I do. Just be here by eight.”I nodded and tried to shift my thoughts over into another track. It was odd how suddenly my good mood had given way to depression. In the house next door Tim sat alone, probably brooding about our sexual bouts, wondering how it had happened. And I sat in my cousin’s house, keeping her company while her parents were away. Everything wore the air of an anticlimax.”Hey, cheer up!” Veronica leaned over the table and pinched my cheek. “You’re not going to cry, are you?””No,” I said firmly, but I wondered whether I would or not. She got up from her chair and walked over to squat beside me. Her arm went around my waist and she drew me to her.”I know, too many experiences in too short a time. Well, don’t you worry, you’ve got a friend in me. Come over here and sit on the couch with me, I’ll turn on the TV and we’ll relax together, okay?” Like a little k** I let her take my hand and pull me over to the couch, and when she sat down beside me I felt a wave of gratitude sweep over me. She was such a good friend! She let me snuggle up against her and with the remote control device she switched the TV on to a football game. I looked at the screen without seeing the specifics of the action. All I was aware of was the soft warmth of her body and the colors shifting about before my eyes. Her hand ran through my hair slowly, soothingly, and her voice made comforting sounds. Veronica was right, there was nothing to worry about. I could trust her. She would look after me. I snuggled up a little more and started to take some notice of the game. A number of men were bent over with their asses toward the camera, asses clad in tight white pants that covered less than they implied. Narrow hips, muscular buttocks, genitals cradled in protective devices, suddenly it was all very sexy! They got in line and faced another line of surreal-looking guys, then someone did something and they all ran into each other, like two stampedes running down an alley in opposite directions. A stifled roar reached the microphones, men tumbled, wrestled, fell, tangling into a mess of hard, sweaty flesh and pads. Somehow my depression grew smaller, eroded by a tingling, warm sensation bubbling upward from my pussy like a seltzer fountain on a summer’s day. It registered vaguely that Veronica’s hands were on my breasts, squeezing the bare flesh under my halter and working the garment down and out of the way. How delicious that felt, how she spoiled me! My nipples hardened under her delicate touch, my breasts seemed to swell with passion and pride. A man ran with the ball, others chased him, they ran with fast, pumping strides so that their thighs rippled with power. Images of white stallions came to my mind, muscular hindquarters flexing as they mounted me. Veronica’s hands were so smooth, so deft, that my whole body began to wallow and luxuriate under her touch. I wanted more, I wanted to give more and take more, I wanted to be naked in her arms with my cunt aimed at the television in case one of those stallions galloped out of the screen!But Veronica was in charge. She took off my top and held me from behind so that both her hands fitted snugly over my tits. I sat between her legs and my sensory nerves were on red alert about that area where her pubic bone pressed against my ass. Cousin, brother, uncle, and now my cousin again. At least Frank wasn’t facing any outside competition. Ah, fuck Frank, fuck marriage, fuck everything, and especially fuck me!”You’re enjoying this, aren’t you Jackie?” Veronica murmured. “Look at those studs, you’re going to have one just like it. This guy’s cock is the size of a fire hydrant and he knows how to use it, too. You’re going to have a ball, I promise you. And I’m going to be with you the whole time.” Her last statement made me ridiculously happy. I twisted around in her arms and kissed her passionately on the mouth. Veronica worked her tongue deep down my throat and continued to caress my tits, pinching the nipples and bruising my soft flesh gently with her long fingernails. Now my pussy lay on top of her knee which was bony enough to bear the brunt of my burgeoning lust. I undulated my hips over her knee so that it pressed against my cunt through my jeans, and stimulated my throbbing, red-hot clitoris most gratifyingly.It amazed me to think that sex had been such a lackluster proposition to me only minutes earlier. Now it consumed me! I kissed my cousin fiercely, doing my utmost to urge her to take action without actually asking for it. Veronica ran her hands down my bare back, all the way to the waistband of my jeans and there she teased me by slipping her fingers down under my pants to get at the flesh of my ass. But she wouldn’t go far enough. Her fingertips rested at that part where the flesh started to swell and curve up to form my buns. Below that split curve was where I needed her fingers! My cunt pulsed with lust, it drooled and ached, it begged to be impaled; but my sly cousin held back.The last of my inhibitions gave way under pressure of my desires. I humped her knee with unabashed enthusiasm and rested my face between her small tits while my fingers tried to unbutton her blouse. She didn’t help me nor did she hold me back. There was an enigmatic smile on her face as she watched me fumble with those buttons, and when they finally did open up she let me make merry with her firm little tits, too. I felt elated at having taken the initiative. Now she was mine. I was seducing her! My lips were around her nipples, one by one, and my hands squeezed her resilient little mounds, and my tongue pushed its way into her mouth. Veronica was yielding to me and her breathing became irregular. She was mine!Her blouse came off, her shorts went next, and now she was sitting on the couch wearing only her panties. Her crotch bobbed up at me as I kneeled down between her legs, tempting me to eat her before I could remove the final garment. But I kept a grip on myself. The panties slithered down her thighs, over her knees, and her pussy pushed up at me, splitting down the middle and displaying moist pink pink flesh for me to eat. I started to tremble. Her cunt flesh looked delicious, so fulsome and rosy that the saliva ran into my mouth and made me swallow heavily several times before I could go down on her. Veronica leaned back into the couch and rested both arms along the back of it. Her small tits were made even smaller as a result, and for a second it looked as though I was about to eat a boy without a cock. Had I needed any more stimulation that would have driven me to eat her up. As it was, seeing her boyishness only made me attack her with all my heart. She pulled away in alarm as my mouth opened wide and bit into her cunt, but when she realized I wasn’t going to bite through, she relaxed again.Her flesh was smooth, slippery, rubbery between my lips. Sparse blond hair chafed against my nose and cheeks as my mouth burrowed into her cunt to get at the well of tart, tasty fluids. Lean thighs tensed up under my hands and the nervous shudders that ran through her body gave me all the encouragement I needed. I wanted to make it beautiful for her because that would make it all the better for me, and my needs were immense at that moment. It dawned on me that I still had on my jeans and that the crotch was getting soaking wet. My pussy was uncomfortable, it wanted to be free and within range of a finger or something. But I couldn’t pull away from Veronica’s cunt, I liked it far too much.I’d learned a lot in so little time. There was no awkwardness in the way my tongue lapped at her clitoris, everything came naturally to me. My tongue snuck up her tight channel, it licked its way around her fulsome lips, flicked at her hard little knob, working around and about until my cousin began to squirm in ecstasy. “Oh, that’s enough!” she panted. “Please, Jackie, give me a turn!” I shook my head and pressed my nose against her clitoris so my tongue could worm its way even deeper into her cunt. Veronica tried to push me away but she had no strength in her arms. Like a limp doll she flopped back on the couch and moaned helplessly as my tongue demolished her. My hands were busy during this time, too. Those boyish breasts were the delight of my fingertips, and now and then I would squeeze the hard cheeks of her ass to improve on the illusion. She was like a boy in so many ways… but her cunt was one hundred percent female, there was no doubt about that. The rich, piquant juices poured out of her as though she’d sprung a leak, to trickle in rivulets over my tongue and down my throat, a never-ending stream of joy. My cousin seemed to be melting from the outside in.”No, nooooohhh,” she groaned suddenly. “No, that’s enough! Get off now, Jackie, I can’t take it anymore!” She sounded as though she meant it but I couldn’t tear myself away just yet. My face and her cunt had welded together and I felt as though I was actually making headway into her body. “Stop!” she cried hoarsely. Her hands tried to push my head away again, and failed again. “Jackie, pleeeeaaassseee!!!” Under the desperation I detected a note of a****l pleasure, and so I sucked and licked and fingered even harder. “OHMIGOD! OOOHHHNOOOOOOOOOO, JACKIE, NO, NO, IT HURTS, IT HURTS, I’M FALLING!” It really sounded as though she was falling. Her whole body became rigid and her hands grabbed hold of the couch’s pillows, her legs wrapped themselves about my head and then, just as her voice reached the high C, she faded away into a quivering jelly which moaned very softly.I looked up in time to see her eyes close. “Veronica? Are you okay?” No answer. I shook her but she just moaned and turned over. She was sleeping! I was shocked, and not a little put out. “Hey, what about me?” I asked petulantly. Veronica snored softly.Her younger brother, Ned, would be home in a few hours, so I couldn’t let her go to sleep in the nude on the couch. What would he think? It wasn’t easy but I managed to get her shorts and her blouse back on, even straightened the couch up and ran my fingers through her close-cropped hair. When everything looked respectable I went back to my room via the tree. It was in the middle of the afternoon, it was hot out and very quiet. I thought about taking a nap but I was restless, feeling like a caged panther for some reason. As I paced I checked out Tim’s room. He was out. Too bad… although I told myself I wouldn’t have let him fuck me anyway. No matter how restless I was.The clock moved very slowly. I took a shower and sat in the kitchen in my robe, drinking iced tea and watching the football game. Nothing could get the hands of the clock to move faster. Three hours to eight o’clock. It might as well have been an eternity! Now and then my hands slipped down under my robe and toyed with my pussy, but since my folks were due to come home at any minute I really didn’t want to get myself started. Even sitting down was risque! My pussy had contact with the seat of the chair, which was hard and pressed against me. This was madness! I’d never be able to wait till eight!But I did. Right after dinner, dressed once more in slacks and blouse, I went up to my room and used the tree to get to Veronica’s room. I found her seated on her bed, facing a young man who listened to her politely. He was all she said he’d be: blond, big, strong, and hung! His clothes were form-fitting to the point of giving all his secrets away, and when we were introduced my eyes just naturally wandered to his crotch to see what he had growing there. It looked as though he’d brought his pet boa constrictor!”Harry works out a lot,” Veronica said with a secret wink. “Don’t you, Harry?””Every day,” Harry replied. His eyes were wandering along my private parts, too. “Lots of push-ups and back presses. I work on my thighs, too.” I felt faint just thinking about thighs. His were big, as big as those belonging to the white stallions on TV, and I could imagine how it would be to have them clamped against my sides, a vise of muscle holding me immobilized while that big cock pounded me to pieces! I sat down hastily and asked Veronica for a cigarette.”Harry knows why he’s here,” Veronica went on, lighting the cigarette for me, “and I can tell he’s delighted that I have such a beautiful cousin. Isn’t that right, Harry?””You bet.” His clear blue eyes met mine for a moment and I could see he was dying for a piece of my ass. All the more reason to make him wait a little. Get him good and keen. God, I could use a rabid lover! The restlessness hadn’t left me for a moment and as I faced Harry and his impressive lap it grew to monstrous proportions: my restlessness, that is. His snake lay still, waiting to strike.”How can you be so patient!” exclaimed Veronica. “Look at that hunk of man! Don’t you feel like r****g him?” Harry smiled at me as if to encourage me.”I really think he’s the one who ought to do the r****g,” I shrugged. “But if that’s the way you want it, I’ll go along with you.””I think you’ll enjoy it,” said Veronica. She took the half-smoked cigarette from between my fingers and stubbed it out. “Sit perfectly still, Harry; my cousin is going to work out on you.””You are going to help, aren’t you?” I asked, suddenly intimidated.”Don’t worry,” she said grimly. We stood up and moved toward the Viking, who sat in his easy chair and watched our approach with surprising calm. “Let’s strip for action first.” We did, and Harry’s equanimity began to show a few cracks. His snake twitched uneasily and he shifted from side to side in the easy chair. But when he tried to grab hold of me my cousin responded with a sharp slap to his wrist. “Sit still, Harry, or you’ll blow it!” she warned him. Harry obeyed at once. But the gleam in his eyes told me of his intentions, and that smouldering fire in my belly roared up to send flames shooting to all parts of my body.As one we kneeled down between those massive thighs, and our hands caressed his pants legs tenderly. All I felt was hard flesh, unyielding masculinity, and my hand kept on moving up, up, toward that uncoiling boa. Since I was on his left it was closer to me, but Veronica’s hand moved a little quicker and she got hold of it first. She closed her fingers about it through the cloth of his pants and began to rub it, which left nothing for me to grab.”Give me some!” I demanded. Veronica shook her head and kept rubbing his cock. There was only one way to get my share and that was to go through his fly. I unzipped him in a flash and my hand dove down into his pants. I had to grope about for a bit before my hand got past his underpants but then I had him by the balls and Veronica lost her grip. “Jesus, it’s very big!” I said, talking to myself. It was half hard already and when my fist closed around his stalk it rapidly thickened into a hard, hot rod. Veronica undid his belt and pulled his pants down a way to get her share. Both of us had forgotten about the rest of him. Only his cock fascinated us. And when it rose out of his crumpled undergarments, we both said: “Ooooohhhh!” like two little girls witnessing a fireworks display for the first time. Eight, maybe nine, inches of heavily veined cock rose out of all that textile, the brown skin drawn taut, turning a dark pink half an inch before his glans. And that knob, what a delight it was to behold! It seemed to be straining to contain itself and it was made expressly to be licked, of that we were both sure. Our heads moved toward the helmet-shaped crown and our tongues touched down on it together. Now we were no longer rivals but partners. His cock was big enough for the both of us!Harry immediately made himself more comfortable and let out a groan of happiness as our tongues continued to twist and spiral around his sensitive knob. When the tip of my tongue pushed down into the tiny slit on top he began to sigh deeply; but that may have been due to Veronica taking his balls into her mouth. No matter! We worked as a team, licking and sucking that big cock until it gleamed wetly from his scrotum to the tip of his glans. His pants were around his ankles, our tits pressed into his knees, hands stroked over his hard, hairy flesh, fondled his heavy balls, and Harry lapped it up like a sultan.Once we were a little jaded with the cock’s novelty, my cousin and I began to pay more attention to each other. Both of us opened our mouths wide and brushed our lips along the sides of his dick in such a way that our lips made contact, a shivering, sensual contact that made us eager for more. But the fact that his cock towered between us only intensified our double-barreled passion. We had to kiss around it and we had to fondle each other’s tits and ass without alarming the master. He didn’t know what was happening, so that wasn’t much of a problem. His eyes were closed, his mouth was slack, and deep, heartfelt sighs was all we heard from him. We grew bolder, kissing each other passionately and regaling his cock only with our cheeks and hands. Much as I liked his stud body, there was something about Veronica’s soft sensuality that appealed to me more, and she seemed to feel the same way.”Hey, what’s going on here!” Harry woke up to us all of a sudden. “Are you playing at being lezzies!?””Oh no, just filling in time,” Veronica said with ballbusting acidity.”What do you mean?” His offensive had been turned back on him and he sat back to figure his confusion out in comfort.”What I mean, dear heart, is that you’re not doing your job. When women start to make love to each other that means the man isn’t holding up his part of the bargain. Is that clear enough for you?””Oh… yeah, I see.” He looked at us for a moment, taking in our naked bodies, our entwined hands, our closeness, and as he looked a change of expression came over his face. A small light began to burn in his eyes, a pinpoint of light that gave him a terrible appearance. I started to draw away from him, terrified suddenly. “Yeah, I get the picture,” he said hoarsely. “You two bitches are trying to make a fool out of me. You want to tease me and then you want to throw me out. Well, I don’t play games like that!””No, no, we didn’t intend anything of the sort!” I said, but Veronica nudged me to shut up. Harry grabbed hold of the armrests and hoisted himself onto his feet. Every muscle was taut, especially those in his jaws. His cock was no longer the nice toy; it was a weapon, rock-hard, throbbing ominously above us, a jousting lance and a pig sticker. I wanted to get the hell out of there but it was too late. He grabbed hold of my hair with one hand and dragged me across the room. Rough carpet chafed against my skin, mad panic put all my senses out of action as I reached for my cousin to rescue me. She jumped up and followed us but Harry turned and pushed her face in. She tumbled back and tried again. Harry picked me up in his powerful arms and took me into the nearest bedroom, which happened to be the one belonging to Veronica’s parents. He threw me on the huge double bed so I bounced about crazily, and when I came to rest he flung himself upon me.”Get out of this room!” I heard Veronica yell. “You can use mine but don’t mess up this bed!” The next sound was that of a sharp slap, and now everything fell silent. Only his heavy breathing reached my ears. I felt faint and distant. His heavy body crushed mine into the soft bed, and there was something hammering against my pussy. He felt so rough, so hard, like a bull trying to mount me, but he had me pinned down and all I could do was submit.That battering seemed to be having the desired effect. I felt my cunt muscles yielding painfully, a thick foreign body entered my cunt; it bashed and pushed at my tender flesh, which had gone dry with the panic, and all I could do was gasp. There was no air left in my body. His dead weight had pressed it out of my lungs and that battering down below kept me from taking a breather. The desperation made me straggle in earnest. This wasn’t a game anymore!”Get offffff!!” I gasped, twisting my body under his and freeing my arms from his grasp. Harry must have been too distracted by his efforts to get into my pussy because I succeeded in sliding out from under him. But in a flash he was on top of me again and now his loins smashed his cock into me mercilessly.”Fucking bitch!” he hissed. “You wanna play, right! Well, I’m playing, and how do you like it!” Bang, bang, bang! His cock brutalized me, bullied my cunt into opening up a little wider, and used that concession to drive his wedge ever deeper into me. This was nothing like the gentle fucking of Uncle Eddie, let stand Tim’s passionate lovemaking. Harry was an out-and-out brute, a latter-day King Kong! I started to scream but no sound emerged. Nothing could stop him. I clung to his arms in despair and felt the thick, bunched muscles ripple to deliver each stroke with all his might. Half his weapon was up me now and my cunt was still as dry as the desert. Tears rolled from my eyes and I looked over at Veronica to see if there wasn’t anything she could do. But she was in a chair next to the bed, nursing half of her face and looking fearful. We had invited a monster!”Now I’ve got you!” he panted. His whole cock was up me and I felt like choking. It felt like a broom handle and he kept moving it about inside me until the pain was unbearable. I tried to exclude him from my mind, to pretend that nothing was happening. I closed my eyes, set my teeth, and thought of pastoral scenes and c***dhood. Harry continued his rampage on top of me but I was temporarily oblivious to it. The pain remained where it was caused, the world faded from my consciousness. And then, just as I thought I’d switched him off, a new sensation crept through my defenses and disarmed me completely.His cock slid along my cunt flesh more easily for some reason, and his weight on me seemed to be stimulating my tits and other secret parts of me. Pleasure, pure pleasure, snuck by my mental block and infiltrated me until I had been completely subverted. My hands didn’t cling to him like those of a drowning woman anymore, they started to explore and caress him! I hated myself for it but what could I do? That brutal, pumping penis was making me feel hot and alive all over! Now the juices poured out of me and lubricated my cunt so much that every back stroke sounded like a boot pulling out of the mud. Harry noticed the difference, and how could he not with my loins banging up against his so ardently, my nails raking the skin of his back and my teeth in his ear lobe? And as a result he started to throw his full body weight into every stroke. “Yeah, you like it now, huh?” he panted. “Fucking slut! Go on, spread ’em, open your cunt right up, I’ll fill it full of hot meat, bitch!” And I obeyed him! My legs flailed through the air to wrap themselves about his waist, opening my cunt up so far that he had room to move about in me. His cock stirred and thrust, changed angles, idled, flurried, and sent me around and around the bend.I happened to glance in Veronica’s direction, and she’d had a change of attitude too. Now she sat with her legs drawn up on the chair, well-parted, and both hands at her crotch, masturbating in time to the pounding fuck Harry dealt out to me. Knowing that she was with me gave me a terrific boost. I sailed headfirst into a wild orgasm and then Harry made me pull my legs back until my knees were against my shoulders, just so he could hunch over me and give me more loving. That did it! When his cock plunged into my slurping, distended pussy from above I let go of the last of my reservations and just let him shove me from one realm of ecstasy into the next. There was no resistance. It was as though there was no return either. The orgasms ricocheted through my body until it was almost painful, and still his cock drove home every long stroke. His sweat rained down on me, his grunt and pants were music to my ears, and the uncomfortable position in which he kept me cramped only added to my bliss. My whole body felt like a face that’s laughed too much and still can’t stop.At last Harry let go of his cream and what a load it was! As it splashed against my womb’s entrance we both let out a cry of passion, his cock moved even faster, frantically galloping to the finish, all the while squirting out powerful gusts of hot sperm. And then, gradually, he slowed down to a canter, a trot, and then a dead stop. “Holy Jesus!” he gasped, rolling off me. “That was terrific!””Oh yesssss!” I sighed, snuggling up to him.”You got some left for me?” Veronica asked. She sat on the bed next to him but her hands didn’t miss a beat. Harry didn’t answer her, so she lay down and continued to jerk off in her own expert way. I watched lazily from behind Harry’s heaving chest. Her fingers played her pussy like it was a guitar, rubbing, rotating, penetrating, rubbing it some more, but no matter how well she did herself she didn’t seem able to get off the ground. Now and then she’d lift off a little way, jerking her loins up and down, breathing harder, fingering intensely, but the moment would pass and she would taxi on. I began to feel sorry for her. My body hummed like a newly tuned engine, whereas her motor ran on half the pistons. Couldn’t Harry do something about this?I asked him. Harry opened his eyes, blinked, and looked around to see what my cousin was doing. “Oh Christ, look at that,” he said to no one in particular. “You’re really a slut, Veronica. Girls aren’t supposed to do that!””Put out or shut up!” Veronica said through clenched teeth.”You see what I mean?” Harry looked at me with indignation. “She’s bad through and through. What she needs is a good lesson!””Yes, that’s what I need. Are you going to give it to me?”Harry was a ponderous fellow, not too bright, but bright enough to know the rules of the game. He threw me a slow wink and turned over on his side to face Veronica. His hands removed her hands and in place of her slender fingers he started to apply his own stubby, strong digits. The change in her behavior was startling. The moment his fingers slipped into her pussy her body arched tautly and she started to puff and wheeze as though she was in the middle of being fucked by a duet of dicks! Her enthusiasm infected Harry. That thick cable of cock reclining on his thigh sprang to life, wavering briefly before standing up like a cobra to a fakir’s fife. “Suck it,” he said curtly, and Veronica hurried to do his bidding. But in the same motion she twisted her body around so her pussy was within biting distance of his mouth. Harry took the hint, or bait, and in no time at all they were locked in the most intimate embrace of all. Now it was my turn to be on the outside looking in. Their sucking sounds, their obvious pleasure, and my imagination made me so horny that I felt like throwing my cousin out of the window so I could have this hulking brute all to myself once more.Instead I retreated to the chair in which Veronica had witnessed my ****, and assumed the same position, legs drawn up, both hands toying with my cunt. How they relished each other! Veronica had his whole cock down her throat. She looked strained but she wouldn’t retreat no matter how hard he fucked her mouth. And he burrowed in between her legs like a madman. I could literally feel his tongue urging and pushing inside the pink flesh, snaking upward, licking at the most erotic areas and sucking up the juice. My hands grabbed hold of my pussy all the harder, trying to subdue the mad urges rising down there. His cream still dripped out of me periodically in thick globules, and I caught each one to bring it up to my mouth and lick it up slowly. It flavored my masturbation somehow, just as their lovemaking intensified it. Gestures that normally didn’t make my cunt flinch now assumed a reverberating efficacy that made sitting in a chair a precarious business. I rocked from side to side, my hands nipping at the clitoris, digging into the yawning hole, pulling at my labia, and doing my utmost to contain so much pleasure. On the bed in front of me my cousin and the stud were unbending to take a more conventional position, the missionary one.I watched closely as he mounted her. Harry only had one way of entering a woman, and that was to knock until the door fell off its hinges. I watched Veronica writhe and strain in pain but she knew what to expect afterward and was much more relaxed than I had been. His buns flexed with every thrust, giant muscles contracting to lend power to his cock, to drive it in like a sledgehammer drives home a spike. I was shivering, desperate, spit drooled from my slack lips, all I was able to do was to keep my eyes focussed on the place where his cock appeared in the shadow now and then.It was only empathy, but it had me flying! Veronica and I might as well have been identical twins experiencing sympathetic pleasure. When she moaned, so did I; when her cunt slurped, so did mine; and when she almost passed out with sheer bliss I melted off the chair and landed in a fluid heap on the ground. I couldn’t see much from that angle but it no longer mattered. I had all the fuel I needed to make a round trip to heaven all by myself. My fingers dove, plunged, fiddled and teased, now on my tits, then my pussy, caressing the cheeks of my ass or my inner thighs, perfectly coordinated, working me over until I was breathless with it all. Above me the bed squeaked. I had rolled under somehow. Now I couldn’t see anything but the underside of a mattress supported by a network of springs, all undulating majestically, while the sounds of fucking resounded through the room from all sides. When I closed my eyes it was as though I was in the center of an orgy, and everyone watched me as I fingered myself from behind and twisted my body around to get more of my finger (fingers) into that demanding, drooling cunt hole. What a feeble substitute fingers were for cock; but what fun they could produce nevertheless!”AAAAAAHHHHHH!!” Veronica and I screamed. “OH JEEEEEEEEEE-SUSSS! OH, THAT’S WONDERFUL, YES, YES, OH HARRY!” That was Veronica only. My orgasm peaked suddenly and left, I was drained, spent, and very tired. But the bed kept on shaking and Veronica kept on yelling. “OH FUCK ME, FUCK ME, YOU a****l! YOU’RE SO BIG, A HORSE, FUCK ME HARRY, ONE MORE, ONE MORE, OOHH MY GOD! YES, HURRY NOW, HURRY, YES, YES, YES, AAAAUUUUGGHHHHH!!” Then her cries went down to a whimper, high-pitched little moans, and what sounded like sobs. The bed kept rolling along. Harry couldn’t be stopped. He was a steamroller turned loose, and after a minute or so I could sense Veronica’s contentment giving way to uneasiness.”That’s enough baby, you’ve done me in,” she said gently. “Come on, let me get on top so I can make you blow.””Stay there, bitch!” he panted. Up, down, up, down, the rhythm was becoming monotonous. I crawled out from under the bed and took a look. There he was, fucking like a bull on automatic pilot. It didn’t seem as if he was enjoying it so much. He just wanted to make a point.”Please Harry, you’re the greatest, but stop! You’re tearing me open!”No answer. He continued to fuck, much to Veronica’s despair. In the end she shrugged and lay as still as a block of wood with resignation written all over her face. Harry kept pounding away. Veronica closed her eyes and pretended to nap. Harry didn’t notice. She had, as it turned out, outsmarted herself. By relaxing she made herself vulnerable to his rampaging, and before either of us knew what was happening she was off again, moaning, frothing at the mouth, writhing under the brute. It was a beautiful sight but my view of it was wholly objective. If I so much as touched my cunt it sent bolts of pain through me. So Veronica had her second major climax all by herself, and soon after Harry surrendered. The lion roared and turned into a lamb. Now that his bolt was shot he clambered off his prey and lay on his back to recover some strength.”Thanks a lot, Harry,” she said a few minutes later. “But I really think you ought to be getting home now. My brother is due home at any time and you know how it is.””Oh… er, sure, yeah, I’ll go.” He looked bewildered by this sudden change of pace but obediently dressed and left the house.”Good,” she said when the door closed after him. “Harry is a great lay but as a conversationalist he’s a bomb. Did you enjoy it?””It was great,” I said, getting back into my clothes very carefully so as not to hurt my box. “What do you have lined up for me next?””A worthy oriental gentleman,” she said, “and that’s all I’ll tell you.”CHAPTER FOURSunday morning. For some reason I woke up horny as a bitch! After Harry’s powerhouse pounding I thought I’d never need another dose of sex, but I’d underestimated my pussy’s recuperative powers. It itched subtly with longing for more carnality, a longing that no amount of masturbation could satisfy.It was sunny and fresh outside. The morning air wafted in through my open window and I thought of climbing into Veronica’s room for breakfast. I was too comfortable in my own bed, though. It was a real tussle between creature comforts and creature needs, and while the battle raged on in slow motion, my father called out from his room to ask me to pick up the Sunday paper from the porch.”Okay Daddy.” I slipped on a nightie over my nakedness and tripped down the stairs to get the paper for him. On the way up my mother passed me to go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast. Sunday breakfast was a big occasion in our house. She always whipped up large batches of pancakes, bacon, and eggs and when it was all set out on the table along with the coffee, she called us down to join her. Tim came out of his room and went downstairs to help her. He and Mum were very close but he only helped her when he was in an exceptionally generous mood.My father lay on his side of the bed with the bed-clothes arranged neatly up to his waist. The deep tan he’d acquired in the Virgin Islands some weeks earlier still lingered, and when he sat up to receive the papers I couldn’t help but marvel at his physique. His stomach was still flat and hard, greying hairs grew in a small clump in the center of his chest, his shoulders were broad and smooth, and when he reached for the papers his muscles rippled ever so slightly, just enough to indicate his strength. At once my imagination leapt back to the shower incident and filled in the missing details: his narrow hips, the large brown appendage dangling from his belly, the strong thighs. The itch deep inside my pussy was no longer subtle. It was downright crude!”Come on, lie down next to me a while,” said Daddy, patting the bed beside him. “In a few days you’ll belong to another man and you’ll never be my girl again.””Don’t be silly,” I said, moving over toward him and embracing him fondly. “Nothing ever comes between a girl and her father.””Not even the sheets?” Dad laughed at his own joke and hugged me back. “It’s a strange feeling, though,” he said soberly. “I keep thinking about when you were little and you’d run into our room every Sunday morning. Do you remember? We used to wrestle and play until we were all tired and we’d have a second sleep, the four of us. And now…” He looked very sad and I decided he needed to be cheered up.”We can still wrestle,” I said, jumping up and straddling his hips to grab hold of both his arms and pin them back. “There’s no law saying dads and daughters can’t wrestle beyond age five, is there?””Only the law of the jungle,” said Dad, and he pretended that I was as strong as he. We pushed and pulled at each other, laughing, running out of breath. He could have thrown me off the bed at any time, of course, but he wanted to play. Strange things were happening in my mind as we wrestled. I kept seeing his face in different ways. One moment he was my father, familiar, trusted, second-nature; the next he was a complete stranger, and then he was handsome, strong, sexy! I began to fight harder as if to dispel these switching illusions. He fought harder in return. Our faces were perilously close together. I got the feeling that a kiss was prevented only in the nick of time.And then something else happened. As one we became aware that the father-daughter relationship was crumbling faster than either of us could handle. There was a reason for this: my nightie had slipped up over the tops of my thighs so that my pussy was showing; and, worse, my cunt was hard against his cock. Daddy’s cock was as hard as it had been the other day and it lay back so that the groove of my cunt fitted over it neatly. We stopped wrestling and for a moment our eyes met with a question. I wanted to stop. Panic seized me. It was bad enough that I was fucking my own brother but now my father? What could be next, my mother?A tremor ran through me and that thought was blocked out at once. We sat frozen in our position. His cock throbbed against my naked cunt and I realized that I couldn’t pull away. I had to have more of him even if that only meant contact without penetration. What was Daddy thinking? It was impossible to tell. Without thinking any further I started to slide back and forth over his cock, pushing down a bit harder so that my cunt would open up to him. It was up to him to say no now, but he didn’t. He half closed his eyes and held me around my waist. He didn’t mind!A thrill surged up from my belly. Now that he’d approved I could face that one of my most intimate fantasies was in the process of being realized. That thick hard cock slithered along the inner flesh and chafed at my clitoris deliciously. How different it was! My father’s cock, the one that had given me life, was mine for the moment. Mother was in the kitchen, brother was too, and here were Daddy and I doing what was taboo!Neither of us said a word. The only sound was that of our heavy breathing. It wasn’t easy to keep my pussy moving regularly and in a straight line but if I wanted to satisfy him that’s what I would have to do. The idea of his satisfying me didn’t even occur to me. I only wanted to make him happy. And, to judge by the expression on his face, I was doing a good job of it. His eyes were still partly open but I couldn’t see them through his eyelashes. I figured he was probably gazing at my tits, bouncing up and down stiffly under my nightie. In a moment’s boldness I took the garment off and flung it away from me so he could enjoy my body in full. At once he reached out with one hand and caressed my tits, slowly, ever so slowly, as if he was trying to recapture something. I remembered Uncle Eddie telling me how much I resembled my mother at that age. Was that what was going through Dad’s mind? I felt hurt by that idea. Couldn’t he love me for myself? I wanted him to. I would break through his fantasies and establish myself!I moved back off his cock and continued to back up until my mouth was hovering over his erect cock. Dad’s hands made to pull me back but they didn’t try too hard. Nestled between his legs, my hair falling over my face, my body hidden for the most part, I could be anyone at all. And that’s what I wanted him to see, just a woman taking his cock into her mouth for the best blow job he’d ever had. At first I felt an amateur’s lack of confidence. Could I really do this much cock justice? But then the heavy glans rested against my pursed lips and I opened my mouth wide to admit it, and from there on it came to me naturally.I took it nice and easy. Dad had consented this time around but would he ever let me take such liberties with him again? I had to make the best of this blow job to drink in all I could get of him. Slowly my tongue moved along the warm rubbery surface of his knob, round and round until he was wet all over. Then, opening my lips just enough to take in the tip of his knob, I pushed my head down over him hard to make his cock penetrate me forcibly. It was a delicious sensation to feel him sliding down my mouth, my throat, his cock so thick, powerful, pulsing with life. Dad didn’t move and that was the way I liked it. This left me to do all the work. I caressed his ball bag with the tips of my fingers, sucked on his glans for a few minutes, then abandoned it to go down on his balls and suck them in. His body was rigid but it wasn’t because he was holding back. Tremors made him shaky, thrilling like a taut wire that’s been struck, and when I suddenly took his whole cock into my mouth I thought he was going to erupt for sure. But no, Dad was an experienced married man; he knew how to hold back. And I let him recover his poise because I was far from satisfied.After that brief, suspenseful interval I continued to work his cock over with tongue, lips, and teeth. I suckled it in my warm spit, bit into it ever so finely, I licked it from head to toe, loving it passionately. And Dad just lay there. I could tell he was as happy as I was but he didn’t know how to show it. Even though we were naked and making love, we were still shy toward each other. Well, all the more time in which to suck, I thought and plied his long stem with the best my tongue could muster. From downstairs came the faint sounds of rattling cutlery and the slam of an oven door. Mum was keeping the first batch of pancakes warm. Her smug domesticity accentuated the raw sexuality of what Daddy and I were doing. His cock poked down my throat as his hairy loins moved restlessly under the stress of his excitement. His hands were on my head to hold me down and I wanted him to push harder so his cock would be lodged down my gullet for keeps. I was greedy, hungry, horny, and the more cock I could get the more my body came alive. Then his hands began to pull at me. I peered through the curtain of hair to see what was on his mind, and noticed that he was moving over to his side and reaching to bring me over toward him. “Oh Daddy!” I cried without taking his cock out of my mouth. I shuffled over at once and presented my runny cunt to his mouth. This was an unexpected bonus!Things became a little hazy after that. I sucked his dick and he ate out my pussy and it felt as though the two of us were entwined and rolling about in a maelstrom of ecstasy. The details were lost, all I knew was that my cunt was on fire and Daddy was pouring oil on it. On occasions I felt a twinge of fear as I thought of Mum coming in and discovering us in this compromising position. But at the same time the fear fed the fires and I attacked his cock with all the more verve so that she would see what a woman her little girl had grown into.Daddy stopped eating me when he neared his peak. He pushed me away and I devoted all of my attention to his dick. I had my ass toward his face, my knees at either side of his waist, and when I took all of him into my mouth my nose brushed along his balls. His hands feebly caressed my pussy but most of his attention was fixed on what my mouth was doing to his cock. He seemed to be expanding, growing harder, so much so that I could hardly contain all of his masculinity. A little more and his prize would be mine! I sucked his knob and jerked his stalk, tickled his balls and even caressed his asshole with one finger. Not long now. I could hardly wait! Please, don’t let anyone interrupt! I prayed. The first droplets shot out, whetting my taste buds and bringing down more saliva. And then, just as my teeth sank playfully into that smooth band of skin below the awning of flesh, a burst of sperm blurted from his straining cock, a burst so voluminous that it filled my mouth in an instant. It cost me all the self-control I had not to cough and splutter! More followed before I could swallow properly. Daddy was twisting about, hoisting his loins to loft his sperm deep down my throat, and I struggled to put away each load before the next one arrived. Hell, how long had it been since he’d fucked Mum? He just wouldn’t stop! One wave after another, salty-whey, creamy-smooth, rolling down my throat so easily that I didn’t have to swallow anymore once I’d caught up. And from there on it was a matter of holding his cock between my lips and letting him transfer his cream to me.Downstairs Mum and Tim were setting the table and talking about something. The smell of coffee and cakes wafted up. I rolled off my father and lay on my side, holding his cock in my mouth so I could enjoy its final act. The hardness gave way to a soft quality, turning his cock from a weapon into a toy. It shriveled up and rested in my mouth docile, as a lamb. I wanted to stay there forever within the aura of his strong masculine smell, just suckling his cock and stroking his balls and his belly. But suddenly he pushed me away and told me to put on my nightie. “Time for breakfast,” he said, his eyes elsewhere. “Let’s not keep your mother waiting. And brush your teeth before you go down.””Alright Daddy.” He was so brusque. What had I done wrong? I tried to find the answer on his face but he wouldn’t look at me. Hurriedly he put on his pants and shirt, slipped into a pair of sneakers and went downstairs. I brushed my teeth and dressed, and when I joined the rest of the family I found Dad standing close to Mum by the stove. He was flirting with her, patting her ass and whispering things into her ear, the kind of act he put on when he was in really good spirits. Mum loved it, of course. She got all coy and silly when he came on to her like a horny boy. I figured he was trying to tell me something rather than her, but I couldn’t help feeling jealous.We sat down to eat, Mum and Dad sitting right near each other, Tim drawing his chair close to mine. Dad paid no attention to me at all, and Tim did the opposite. He couldn’t stop engaging me in conversation, and in the meantime his hand searched for mine under the table. I withdrew irritably. Nothing appealed to me, not Tim, not the oriental Veronica had lined up for me in the afternoon; only Daddy had the vibrations that brought life to my pussy, my nipples, my belly; and Daddy was taken.I was in two minds about whether to go to Veronica’s place or not. What the hell, I’d had my share for the day. She could handle him all by herself, anyway. But while I thought about it I bathed, groomed myself, and since I’d done all that I figured it would be a waste not to go. I went by way of the sidewalk this time and rang the doorbell just like a real guest. Veronica’s younger brother, Ned, answered the door.”Hi Jackie, how have you been?” he said brightly. Ned liked me. He was a nice k**, I thought as I made my way up the stairs. Sixteen, frisky, eager, and very good-looking, he seemed ready to make his debut into the world of sex. At least, whenever he saw me he became very agitated and I knew that that was a sign of confused lust. He wanted me but didn’t have the slightest idea of how to go about it. Well, his sister would teach him one day. I walked into Veronica’s room and wished it was all over already.She was alone, sitting on her bed against a mound of pillows and reading a heavy book. As usual she had on casuals: cut-off jeans, halter top, nothing on her feet, and her hair never needed combing. Just like a boy, I thought. “Well, where’s the stud of the week?” I said, throwing myself down on the bed and staring up at the ceiling moodily.”He’s a little late,” she said. Her mood wasn’t so great either and I asked her why. “Oh, it’s Ned, the little fuck won’t leave the house, I offered him a couple of dollars to go see a movie but he’s so stubborn! Hell, what are we going to do with him around? He’s always nosing about in other people’s business.” She threw down the book and paced up and down in her room, frowning angrily. “Little brothers are a pain in the ass!” she muttered.”He’s got a right to stay home,” I defended him, “and anyway, if we lock the door what can he see?””What can’t he hear? Besides, he could climb up on the tree and get a grandstand view. Hey Ned!” she yelled suddenly, heading for the bedroom door. “I’m giving you five seconds to get out of the house. If you’re not gone by then I’ll beat your brains out!””Try it,” he answered from below. He had a point. A year ago Veronica could have done it but Ned had grown up rapidly. She knew it, too.”Perhaps we should call Michael up and tell him not to bother,” she said.”Michael?””Michael Wong,” she explained.”Perhaps you should. Listen, Veronica, I’ve had enough. There are only a couple of days left before the wedding and there isn’t much more that you can show me. So why don’t we just forget it and take a break.””You think you know it all, huh? Well, maybe you do. Why should I give a damn? Okay, go home.” She was really mad and I wanted to make it up with her before I left. After all, she had put herself out for my sake. But just as I was about to console her the bell rang. Ned opened the door for whoever it was, and a little later an oriental man poked his head around the bedroom door.”Veronica? Hi, sorry to be late. You must be Jackie. You are as beautiful as your cousin said you were.” I liked the look of him right away. He was tall and well-built, in a lean way. The short sleeves of his shirt showed a pair of arms that were slender but strong, with thick veins running down the upper arm. He wore his hair long and had a thin moustache, which somehow made him look mysterious and very masculine at the same time. Broad-shouldered, alert, handsome, he dispelled our bad moods in a second and had us chatting with him as if we’d known each other for years. Ned kept peeking around the doorway, though, and that threatened to upset Veronica all over again.”Your young brother?” asked Michael. Veronica nodded and the tall oriental understood the situation at once. He walked up to Ned and introduced himself, then invited him to come downstairs for a little chat. A minute later Michael was back without Ned. “He agreed to go to the movies,” said Michael.”How did you talk him into it?” we asked.”By means of a very ancient oriental art,” he replied, “that of threatening c***dren.”I liked him better all the time. He was so composed, so sure of himself, that I knew I could place myself in his hands without any problems. Yet my bad mood prevailed like a cold current running through a warm river. Michael must have sensed that because he turned his full attention to me. “You look tense,” he told me, “and there really is no need to be. Please, take off your shoes and I will relax you utterly.””My shoes?” I gave Veronica a sidelong glance to see if this was a joke she was in on. She looked just as puzzled. “Okay, but I warn you now that I’m no fetishist.””Everyone has problems,” he shrugged. When my shoes were off he made me lie down on the bed without any pillows under my head so I had to stare up at the ceiling. He sat at the foot end and rested the heels of my feet on his folded legs not far from his crotch. The margin between me and his cock was very small indeed, a fact that both aroused me and made me suspicious of his methods. But he took both feet into his hands and started to knead them slowly, firmly, and they came no closer to his cock.It took me a while to appreciate what he was doing, but then it crept up on me and took over. A warm, tingling sensation spread up from my feet through my legs and right throughout my torso, and wherever it went it relaxed all of my muscles, tendons, sinews, anything that could be drawn taut. The slight headache I’d had disappeared. The cold current was forgotten. I was one warm semi-fluid shape, putty in his hands. “My God, Veronica, has he ever done this to you?” I asked. “It’s just too wonderful to believe!””Michael knows a lot of stuff like that,” she nodded. Since he was busying himself with me she’d positioned herself by the side of the bed and smoked a cigarette languorously. Her face wore an expression of resignation, indicating that she expected to have to wait for seconds again, like last time. That was unfair and I knew it, yet nothing in me impelled me to stand up for my cousin.”Please, Veronica, don’t look so left out of it,” Michael said. “Take off your clothes and lie on the bed next to your cousin. I can make both of you happy.””Okay!” She cheered up at once, jumped out of her clothes and onto the bed and lay very close to me, one arm linked through mine, with her legs wide apart. I was a little annoyed by this intrusion because I thought Michael would have to divide his attention between the two of us. But he was smarter than me. Neither of his hands ceased to massage my feet. All he did was to extend one leg between my cousin’s so that his big toe touched her pussy. And once it was in position he began to move that toe round and round against her labia until they parted and admitted the toe into the valley of the clitoris.”Fiendishly cunning,” I commented. Veronica just smiled and shifted closer to that nimble toe. His toe must have had a lot of movement in it because she got twitchy in no time. And all the while those strong hands of his kneaded my feet. The warmth was turning to heat and the pleasant euphoria was being converted into pure lust. I wanted to urge him on to the next phase and I would have had he not inspired so much confidence in me. Michael would make his move when I was truly ready, not before, not after.My confidence in him was justified. Those magic hands suddenly shifted upward, only as far as my ankles but that was enough for the time being. Everything was relative. If he had started with my cunt there wouldn’t be any next move to make. But since he’d started on my feet every move was an exciting one! I had never regarded my ankles as an erogenous zone, yet there it was, climaxing ankles! His fingers dug into my flesh and bone, massaging, kneading, caressing, titillating the nerve ends until my legs started to shake uncontrollably. And he had also moved toward me so that my feet rested squarely against his dick. He was hard and that flattered me tremendously. It didn’t occur to me that Veronica’s naked cunt might be exciting him. All I knew was that he was making love to me; my cousin had faded into irrelevancy.Up and up, maintaining the same steady rhythm all the way along my legs until his hands were within inches of my pussy. I still had on my slacks and he was sitting between my thighs now, with my feet sticking out in thin air. But I could see his face now that he was so near, his handsome face looking down at my crotch as if he could see right through the garment. What he probably saw was the stain down there. My body throbbed with passion and my cunt was dripping like it had sprung a leak! Nothing had made me quite as wet… save perhaps my father’s tongue. I longed for him to undress me and just as the longing hit its peak he did. Still slow and easy in his movements, he took off my blouse and slacks but left my panties until my tolerance snapped. I reached down and started to tug at them desperately. What was normally the easiest thing in the world for me now became the hardest. I couldn’t get my Goddamn panties off! They ripped in places but not far enough. Finally Michael took them off for me and I heaved a sigh of gratitude.”Eat me!” I whimpered. “Oh Michael, make love to me, I need you so badly! I feel so strange, so wonderful, please fuck me!””In time,” he nodded. “But first I must prepare you.””I’m ready now!” I cried but he just shook his head. Veronica was left to her own devices again as he squatted down between my legs and reached out to my pussy. It quailed and drooled vulgarly as soon as he touched it, and then his fingers started to play my cunt as though it was a violin. He reminded me of a craftsman plying his trade in the marketplace, sitting on his haunches, his face implacable, his hands busy in contrast to the stillness of the rest of his body. And what those hands did was art! Delicate, nimble fingers caressed my pussy from one end to the other and back again, inside and out, tickling, pinching, squeezing, penetrating, never doing one thing long enough to let me get used to it, always switching from one peak to another. The warmth had turned to heat. Now the heat turned to roaring flames. “For Christ’s sake, fuck me!” I yelled hoarsely. This was unfair! My cunt felt like a hot vacuum about to implode. “Fuck me, Michael, I beg you, shove your cock up me, oh God, I’m going crazy! Please, please, PLEEEEZZ!!!!”My hands reached out like tentacles and tried to tear his clothes off, to pull him down on me, anything to get more of him. “Hold her still,” he instructed Veronica. My cousin pinned down both my arms and grinned broadly at me when I called her a traitor and a bitch. Michael continued his erotic torture, toying with my cunt, caressing all around it, fingering me, all without giving me a chance at attaining to ultimate satisfaction. I couldn’t even see his cock or his balls! Why couldn’t he at least take off his clothes? It was unfair and I told him so. No answer. But he did go down on me.”Oooooohhhh yesssss!” I sighed, wriggling contentedly as his tongue brushed along my belly in the vicinity of my cunt. Now he would plunge that slithery, sensitive thing into my cunt and fill up part of that burning vacuum to keep me from going insane! I could hardly wait. His tongue was out and my cunt tried to track it down and encircle it. But whenever I or it came close, he dodged me nimbly and since Veronica kept a tight grip on my arms I could hardly **** him vaginally. I had to lay there and take it as he circled my cunt over and over with his tongue dragging against my oversensitive skin, always skirting by my pussy lips! “Don’t do this to me!” I begged. “Oh Jesus, I need it so bad! Please Michael, give it to me now!””Just wait,” said my cousin. She adjusted her position so that her knees held my wrists down by the sides of my head, and now her cunt was inches away from my face. It hovered over me like a spider about to pounce, or that’s how it looked at first glance. But as I kept staring at her cunt, so familiar now and yet forever mysterious, it turned into a desirable, chubby pussy again, barely covered by hair, wide open so that the pink inner flesh bulged out at me and invited me to make a meal of it. I raised my head to take the first bite quickly, thinking that she might want to tease me as well, but Veronica wasn’t the type to delay gratification. As soon as my lips met hers she sank down on me and fed me as much of her cunt as I wanted. Having a mouthful of pussy distracted me briefly from my plight. Unhappily Michael was far too good to let me escape it altogether.He saw fit to start licking my pussy proper at this point. The tip of his tongue flashed and flicked subtly at my clitoris, lashing it into new frenzies of passion. Veronica ought to take lessons from him, I thought. Here was a man who knew what cunts were all about! His tongue writhed like a stuck snake, pressing down on my clit as hard as it could, pushing it deep into its bed of flesh and setting off bombs of ecstasy in me. “Now you’re eating!” I mumbled through the folds of Veronica’s pussy. What he gave me she got, too. As my passions mounted dizzyingly I bit into her cunt as though it was a ripe, juicy fig, and Veronica yelled in pain. Only under that yell I heard her shrill delight and so I mauled her with lips and teeth until she was grinding her cunt into my face so hard I couldn’t breathe! Luckily she let go of my arms during this orgasm and I was able to lift her off far enough to let a little air stream in, or else she would have fucked my face until I suffocated.The room sounded like a soup kitchen. Smacking lips, long slurps, sighs of satisfaction rang through the room. The smell of olives suffused the air, small moans welled up, it was hot, sweaty, artemisbet giriş and tense. His tongue wriggled deep inside me. It wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy me but enough to hold me down. Suddenly he withdrew his mouth and left cool air to brush past the wetness of my cunt so that I felt the loss all the more. I couldn’t see what was going on because Veronica kept her cunt pressed into my face. I just hoped he’d be undressing.I felt his nakedness as he resumed his position between my legs. His skin was smooth as talcum, his flesh was uniformly hard. Way down my leg I felt a stiff cock sliding along my skin. I felt no hair, just his smoothness, his hardness. Veronica was huffing and puffing on top of me, straining toward her next climax the way a locomotive makes for the top of a steep hill. I had to finish her off quickly. My tongue darted from her clit to her hole and back, working at full speed until at last she went over the top and collapsed over me like a house of cards. Right away I gave her a shove that sent her rolling to the other side of the bed and I sat up to see what my fine lover looked like.He was beautiful! His milky brown skin took on the luster of daylight and his hairless, muscular body rippled with every move he made. I wanted to touch him all over and he didn’t stop me this time. My hands caressed the smoothness of his back, shoulders, his hard, round buns, and they slipped in between his buttocks to see if any hair grew down there. None at all. He lay on his belly and ate my cunt during all this so I couldn’t see if he had pubic hair. I was too curious to wait for him to show me. My hands slipped under his belly and reached for that part of him. Smooth skin, nothing but smooth skin!”Let me make love to you now!” I pleaded, not expecting him to give way to me. Again he surprised me. He lay on his back and nodded for me to go ahead. “You’ll let me? Oh Michael, thank you!” I did the rounds of his body first, licking him all over, taking a quick suck of his cock, inspecting him, loving him, and when my curiosity was satisfied I straddled his loins and guided his long, slender cock into me. It was like an ivory dildo, beautifully carved, and it slipped into my cunt as easily as if it had been custom made for it. He was content at first to let me do all the work. I bobbed up and down over him, working his cock into different parts of my pussy until the worst itch had been scratched. Then it was time to settle down to some serious fucking!I lay on top of him and placed my legs on top of his so that his cock was trapped not only in my pussy but also between my thighs. I kissed him with passion and thrust my tongue into his mouth, clung to him, and undulated my whole body so his cock would enter me deeply. And Michael kissed me back but held still for the rest. I worked off all that excess energy, that pent-up frustration, banging my belly against his, holding his cock securely between my slippery lips, and he loved it! He waited until I couldn’t go on. My back hurt, I wasn’t getting the right amount of penetration, so he rolled us both over and took over the wheel.Now his cock dove deep into my cunt, down, down, down, till it touched bottom. That set me off right away. The next stroke seemed to go even deeper and the stroke after that was headed for my throat from the wrong end. He fucked beautiful, long, driving strokes, given an extra hitch by a snap of his ass. I settled in for the finale, convinced that this was his last act. For a while it looked as though I was right. He started to gallop, and that was part of a routine with which I was at least familiar. Harder and harder, sticking his dick into me so deep that I felt it between my lungs! Any moment his sperm would fill me up, and in preparation for that moment I started to work at getting off. The expectation, the foreplay, his powerhouse fucking, all elevated me up to the springboard, and from there I jumped to arch gracefully through the blue skies to land in a pool of joy. I heard myself cry out gibberish and compliments to him. Next would come his grunts, his frantic crescendo… but no, he kept on plugging away at the same pace!He rolled us over again and I found myself on top of him, trying my best to remember what to do. While I contended with my post-orgasmic daze Michael took over again. His hands grabbed hold of my hips and began to move me back and forth slowly so that his cock banged about inside me like a clapper in a bell. That was fun but not nearly as much as I was about to get. He increased the speed of his movement, moving me back and forth faster, faster, more violently, shaking me like a rag doll, until my head hurt and my eyes bugged out. But how delicious that felt! His cock moved about inside my cunt and touched on all the unexplored bases, rattling around in there while I was in his strong hands. He was sweating and grunting and his hips moved up and down while his hands moved me to and fro. The motion soon got the better of me. Under a barrage of screams I came, came, came again, and he kept shaking me until the last climax had rolled away into the distance. Then, with obvious reluctance, he squeezed the cheeks of my ass together to put pressure on his cock, and brought himself undone inside me.Veronica lit cigarettes for the both of us and observed us with a quiet smile. “Didn’t I tell you he was great?” she said to me as if he wasn’t right next to me. “He knows what to do with a woman. And you weren’t going to stick around for him to come by, right?””Nobody’s perfect,” I countered feebly. Nonetheless, her words struck a cord in me: if I had given in to my listlessness I wouldn’t have had the best Sunday afternoon in my life.CHAPTER FIVEI went to sleep very early that Sunday night and woke late the next morning when the doorbell rang insistently. The family was out again. Yawning I got out of bed, threw a robe over my naked body, and went downstairs to see who was bothering me.”Jackie, let me in!” The bell rang, a fist pounded on the door, and a familiar voice shouted. Halfway through a yawn I realized who it was: Frank! “Let me in, I have to talk to you!””Wait a second, Frank, I’m not decent!” I ran back upstairs and put on shorts and a T-shirt for the sake of decency… or self-protection. Then I opened the door and let him in. My fiance looked like a different man. Gone was the clean-cut polish, the poise and the self-confidence. There were rings under his eyes, his hair was tousled, and he looked very nervous for some reason. “My goodness, look at you!” I exclaimed after pecking him on the cheek. “Where have you been? Have you been playing around or something?””What?” He looked at me blankly for a second, then shook his head. “Playing around. That’s a laugh.” He sank down in the nearest chair and held his head with both hands. “Do you have any coffee? I feel awful.””Sure.” I made him some and sat in the chair opposite him. “Now what’s the trouble, honey? Is something wrong?””I guess you could say that.” He took a swallow of his coffee and set the cup down. “Jackie…” He paused, swallowed, and tried again. “Jackie, listen, I know I said a lot of rash things in the car the other night… a man gets carried away…” Now it was my turn to get nervous. Was he trying to tell me that he no longer wanted to marry me? I began to see Frank in a very different light, no longer a Joe College with big prospects, but as a man whom I loved in my own way. I felt the blood rush from my face and I moved over to his side to hold his hands while he tried to continue.”It’s just that… well, we agreed that there’d be no sex before marriage between us but Jackie, I… I can’t take it any more! For the last three nights I’ve not been able to sleep. My body longs for you, I think of nothing and no one else, I want you!”Whew! That was a relief. Now I knew I could handle the situation. “Honey, no,” I said gently, “we’d only ruin it. I really appreciate that you want me so badly but you know yourself we’ll be glad for waiting when the time comes.””I knew you’d say that,” he said dully.I felt a mixture of feelings: power, pity, pleasure, the works. It was cruelly unfair of me, of course, to withhold what I’d given away without a thought to others. But how sexy it was to see a man lust for me so totally. I couldn’t imagine the kind of fantasies he must have been entertaining during those sleepless nights, but they had to be potent if they could drive him out of his bed to break down my front door! The poor darling! I hugged him and told him gently that he shouldn’t take it personally, that I longed for him as much as he longed for me.”If that’s true we’d be in bed already,” countered Frank.”Well, what do you want? You want me to say okay, go ahead Frank, do what you like with me?” He irritated me now, sitting there all humble and wronged. “Very well, here I am Frank, take me.” I faced him squarely and dared him to make a move. The light of hope lit up in his eyes, then faded as he realized how absurd it was.”You know that’s not what I want. I want to make love to you, to take you to bed with me, I want us to enjoy each other.” He threw his hands up in frustration. “Wow, I really screwed things up. If I hadn’t said anything about waiting we could be doing all that right now.” He looked at me searchingly and when I didn’t respond he grew listless. “Ah, fuck it, let’s forget about the whole deal. I’m going home. Don’t bother to get a trousseau.””Now you’re being silly,” I said softly, hugging him once more. “You know I love you. It’s just that I think it’s important that we start right now to execute all our plans, and get off on the right foot. But if there’s something else you want… perhaps I could help you there?””Blow me?” His voice was that of a little boy asking for the impossible, and when I nodded benignly he turned red with delight. His fumbling fingers unzipped his pants and took out his half-hard cock. I made him take his pants all the way off so I could do it properly, and noticed that his balls were very heavy indeed. The poor fellow had been true to me in every way, it seemed.I felt calm and cool when I bent down over his cock, not really involved, and even when his throbbing glans entered my mouth it was as though I was watching it all in a movie. Frank was so happy. He lay back on the couch and groaned loudly. That put me off even more. What kind of a man was he to let me push him around? Had I been he I would have had me d****d over the back of the couch by this time, my pants around my ankles and my bare ass sticking up in the air, while… but that was just my fancy. Strangely enough it stirred me up to the point at which that familiar warm, tingling sensation burbled up from my loins, and since it seemed to work I continued the fantasy.Wouldn’t it be nice, I thought, if Frank was the aggressive type? I could imagine how good his big cock would feel riding into my pussy, with me under his laboring body, helpless, in tears, getting fucked against my will by this brutal b**st. My eyes opened a little for a second and I saw that brutal b**st lying on the couch, purring like a kitten, so I closed my eyes again and stepped up my dream. He had grown to a seven-foot brute, covered in rough hair, and his cock was the size of a baseball bat. Even that wasn’t enough. His baseball bat wasn’t content with my cunt, it was up for a tighter hole. Those big, clawed hands grabbed hold of me and flipped me over. Now I faced him and I shuddered at the sight. He was drooling, gibbering, his eyes were bloodshot and his whole body was in motion, eager to fuck even while his cock throbbed in empty space. He made me squat on the couch, high up enough to let him fuck me standing up, and then, while I watched with bulging eyes, he brought the tip of his gnarled, thick cock up to my asshole. His hands tore my cheeks apart to open me up further, the tip slipped in a little way but then it dropped out and moved back to my cunt. I tried to sit on it quickly to divert him but he was a singleminded fanatic. He wanted to fuck me up the ass! I begged him not to, told him how I had trouble passing raspberry pits, all to no avail. Then I pleaded with him to do it from behind so I wouldn’t have to see his horrible features. He just leered and thrust his cock at my asshole so hard that he lifted me up bodily! The thrust sent a part of his cock up my asshole and the pain was tremendous! I screamed at the top of my lungs and he laughed all the harder. The b**st! The brute! Another inch, and another, and another, my ass was threatening to split apart. With long, rude strokes he brought his dick up me to the hilt. His claws dug into my ass flesh, his bad breath brushed hotly past my face, curse words spilled out of his mouth, I was a bitch, a whore, a slut, even a motherfucker! Nothing was bad enough to describe me. And all the while his cock banged away, pushing, shoving, sticking it to me, and I kept on screaming!”Yes, yes, OH BABY YESSSS!” His exclamations cut through my reverie abruptly, “OOOOOOHHHHH SUCK IT, SUCK IT, IT FEELS SO GOOD, COME ON, YES, YES, YESSSSSSSS… OOOOOOHHHHHH BABY!!” It felt as though someone had stuck a firehose into my mouth and turned the tap on full blast. A load of sperm filled me, backed up on me, and came cascading down my chin when I coughed in desperation. More, more, more, great globs of hot cream, he made Dad look like a twice-a-day masturbator! I couldn’t take it, more was going down my chest than my throat. Frank had his eyes tightly closed and worked his dick into my mouth like a man possessed. For a moment he approached the dimensions he’d had in my fantasy, absolutely inconsiderate, out only for his own pleasure. I sucked and swallowed as hard as I could, and at last he ran out of sperm. That’s how he ended, not with a bang but with a whimper, his cock subsiding into infancy as it shriveled to a shadow of its former self.”That was beautiful,” he sighed. “I’m only sorry you didn’t get anything out of it.””I’m sure you’ll make it up to me during our honeymoon.””I promise.” He left half an hour later and when the door closed behind him I went into a real rage. That stupid son-of-a-bitch! Didn’t he know that he could have had me frontward, backward, or upside down? Christ, what a clown! Every part of me sparked with fury and lust. How could he lie down and take it when he was supposed to give! I couldn’t stay home by myself. This was something that shouldn’t be bottled up!Via the tree limb I made for Veronica’s room. It was empty. I looked through the rest of the house and found no one, until I came to Ned’s room. He was still in bed, fast asleep. I closed his door softly and took another tour of the house to be sure she wasn’t around. It would be so nice to talk with her about this. Doubts made inroads on my mind. Was Frank the kind of man I wanted? In the kitchen I found a note on the notice board, which said that she wouldn’t be back till early afternoon and for Ned to make himself breakfast.”Damn.” I paced around indecisively, took one of her cigarettes, and sat in the living room to smoke it. While I sat there an idea occurred to me, a bright idea and an obvious one. Since Veronica was out and her parents wouldn’t be back for another day or so, and since Ned liked me more than a first cousin should… why didn’t I take advantage? It would be a great experience to take on such an eager beaver. Yes… yes, it was a sound idea. I stubbed out the cigarette and tiptoed up the stairs again. Ned was dead to the world. Again I closed his doors softly but this time it was behind me. We were alone. Should I undress? Or should I wake him up first? It wouldn’t be fair for him to miss out on any part of the proceedings, so I rolled back the blanket. That left him with only a sheet. Ned lay on his back, an arm folded over his face, the other by his side. In the vicinity of his cock there was a strange lump in the sheet. It resembled a teepee set on a rolling plain of white. I wondered what it could be. The supporting mast twitched suddenly and then I knew. Ned was asleep but he had a hard-on. That thrilled me to bits! Now I hastened to take the sheet right off and expose that eager dick. It wasn’t big and it wasn’t hairy, but what there was of him was very tantalizing. His dick stood back at an acute angle, bobbing regularly now, a pink, smooth digit that stuck up from a virtually hairless ball bag holding two large eggs. My mouth watered but I restrained myself.”Hey Ned, wake up!” I whispered urgently. “You’re all naked and there’s a woman in your room!””What! Holy shit!” He sat up and reached for the bedclothes, which he pulled back over his nakedness. When he saw me he blushed and angrily asked what the idea was. I shook my head and pulled the blankets off him again. He didn’t protest. It was as though the meaning of my act was slowly dawning on him, and he liked the idea. But he was far from certain as to what to do.”Veronica’s gone out,” I told him, “so I thought I’d come over and help you with the breakfast.””Oh, I see,” he said vaguely. His mind was obviously elsewhere. “Hey, listen… now that you’ve seen me naked… how about if I see you naked?””What a bad boy you are!” I said tapping his erection with one finger. “I’m going to tell your sister how naughty you are when she gets home.””That’s fine with me, now how about taking off your clothes.” He was dying for me to show him my naked body and it flattered and thrilled me no end. But I was compelled to tease him for a little while before I gave in. And when I finally consented and stood up to take off my clothes, Ned sat up in bed and watched me with eyes as big as saucers.I intended to do a slow strip for him, nice and sensual to get him really on edge. But as soon as my blouse hit the floor I knew the situation was no longer in my hands. Ned was on all fours, crawling toward me along his bed and when he was close enough he reached for me with both hands. I stepped back a pace and he went crashing to the floor. But he didn’t even stop to dust off. Like a jack-in-the-box he was up and grabbed me about the waist to drag me onto the bed. I protested laughingly, still treating him like a k**. But when he started to rip at my shorts I realized that there was a man in the making here.”Take it easy, I’ll take them off,” I said. He didn’t listen. I just managed to undo the button and zip before he tore them, and then they came off easily. Something in me cringed when I saw the look on his face. He’d obviously thought of doing this to me many times. And now that he had his chance he was determined to let nothing stop him. I cringed and quailed and loved every dangerous second of it. His cock was so hard it looked about to burst. Soon it would be inside me to undo the knots Frank had left there.”I love you,” he mumbled, caressing me all over. “Jackie, Jackie, I love you, you’re beautiful, I want you!” Whether he did or not was beside the point. His hands were doing the real talking. He wanted to touch every part of me, it seemed, because they ran from my head to my toes and back again, covering each spot on the way. At last he settled for my tits and pussy, one hand rubbing both breasts, the other parting my cunt lips so he could peer into me curiously. How charming, I thought, to be loved by a boy-man. He wanted to fuck me but first he wanted to see how it worked.He expected nothing more from me than to lie there, and that’s just what I did. After Frank I needed a male who was willing to indulge me. He touched and pried, squeezed and fondled, and all those lovely sensations piled up in my belly, redhot, simmering, just waiting for something to touch it off. Ned kept muttering about love and such but I got the feeling that he was acting out parts he’d seen in the movies. “You don’t have to talk Ned,” I said softly, “just make love to me. Have you ever done that?””Sure I have!” he said defensively, and I knew he was a virgin. Still, he knew where to put it and that was all he needed to know for the time being. He lay on top of me and started to butt his cock against my cunt until I reached down and led him into me by the nose, so to speak. He made me feel like such a mature woman of the world that I had a tiny orgasm just from that.Once his dick was deep inside my pulsing pussy he was off and running. No subtlety, no technique, only the rat-a-tat pounding of a cock gone mad. He huffed and puffed, fucking like a dervish, unaware of me. And while he carried on I was climaxing left, right and center. God, he turned me on! That taut, lithe body flexing on top of mine, driving that berserk dick into my cunt at lightning speed, just rubbed me the right way. I kept from screaming out my ecstasy for fear of disturbing his rhythm, but it was building up inside me and forced me to express it in different ways such as digging my fingernails into his flesh, Ned was too far gone to notice. It was a great relief to hurt him, to squeeze him so hard that the blood leaked through those tiny lesions in his skin. I clenched my teeth to hold back but it was no use. My hands turned into talons and, starting from both sides of his spine, drew away to leave behind ten bloody trails. The only effect it had on him was to spur him on.”Yeh, yeh, yeh!” I panted. “Oh Neddy, that’s great, keep it up, do it harder, yes, give it to me, give it to me, give it to me, oh Jesus Christ Almighty, yes you little fucker!” Oblivious to all my doings, he kept fucking at the same high level. It was like a runner doing a one-mile spring! Would nothing slow this boy down? The erotic friction inside my cunt was at the stage of two sticks about to burst into flames. He moved so fast, so hard, that his pubic bone battered mine relentlessly, first agitating my clitoris into sheer bliss, then numbness, and then into a wholly different form of pleasure, one which combined fiery pain and flaming pleasure. Strings of orgasms rattled through my body, I couldn’t stop, he had me on the right plane and now he only had to breathe on me to make me come. He wanted to come with me but he was trapped in his own bottled-up lust. His panting grew critical, he was sweating profusely, but his fucking never let up for a second.”Take a break, baby,” I said at last. “You’re going to hurt yourself at this pace!””Wait!” he groaned. The whirling dervish was arrested in midstroke as a gusher of hot cream erupted from his youthful penis. He collapsed like a deflated balloon and lay on me like so much deadweight, gasping for air and letting his sperm dribble into my pussy. I lay still under him because I didn’t want to traumatize him in any way. The first one was so important. Ned’s breathing became more regular by the second until at last I thought to check and see if he was still awake. I shook him but he didn’t respond. So I let him down off me carefully and fetched a handkerchief which I wetted and used to clean his cock with. I made sure the last traces of lovemaking were removed before I gathered up my clothes, wiped myself down, and left his room. Now the poor boy would never know if he’d been dreaming or if it had really happened.I was still grinning when I got back to my room. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too? A quick clean-up sufficed to get me back to normal and I went downstairs to meet with the family. The wedding was only a few days away now and my mother had been working furiously to arrange all the details. Now they wanted me to get involved. I wasn’t really interested. Things like white dresses and flower arrangements left me cold. However; they insisted I should make some of the decisions, and so the afternoon was spent discussing bridesmaids. My mother was in her element. Plans of battle had been drawn up, the invitations had been sent out, and pretty soon the house would be swarming with relatives from all over. No matter how often I told her that a nice, quiet wedding would be alright, she wouldn’t listen. She worked arm in arm with Frank’s mother, of course, and both women insisted on making life difficult.After dinner Frank’s parents dropped by and the discussion went on unabated. I sat back trying to stifle yawns. What did it all matter? Still, they meant well. Frank’s father was an interesting fellow, actually, and during the tedium I stole many a glance at him. He was big, strong, his hair steel grey, combed straight back and curling up just above the collar; his eyes were pale blue and his face was that of an outdoorsman, tanned, leathery, wrinkled in all the right places. I happened to be sitting next to him and I couldn’t help but enjoy his masculine scent. He had on some kind of after-shave lotion but that only complemented his real smell, one that reminded me of leather again, and cigars and aged bourbon. With a bit of luck Frank would grow up to look just like him.At last the meeting broke up in a flurry of niceties and cliches. God, I was tired of the whole business! I just wanted to go to bed and wake up on the first day of the honeymoon. I trudged up to my room and turned on the light to start getting ready for bed. But as soon as the light went on there was a scurrying sound outside and Veronica jumped in through the window. “Aha, there you are! Come on, we’ve got a heavy date for tonight,” she said.”Oh please, no!” I protested. “Look at my eyes, they’re red! Let me get some sleep!””Hey, remember who was reluctant yesterday even though I said she would have a good time? And who had a good time?””Okay, okay, point taken.” With a sigh I put my top back on and followed her into her room.”They’ll be here presently,” she said, sitting on her bed.”They? How many people did you invite?””Only two. Tonight’s the last night my folks will be out of town so we have to make the best of it.””I see. By the way, how’s Ned?””Ned? He’s okay… although he was acting very strangely today, come to think of it. He was in some kind of daze and nothing I did could shake him out of it. Why do you ask?””No reason.” The bell rang and Veronica darted out of the room. Once more I found myself sitting on her bed with my breath short and my face red. The suspense was killing me. What did she have lined up this time, a couple of dykes, a husband and wife team, or what? The answer came soon enough. Veronica entered the room followed by two strapping black six-footers who looked at me like they wanted to **** me on the spot.”This is Derek and this is Eric,” she said brightly. “They’re identical twins, the same in every details, except that I’d swear Eric’s is bigger than Derek’s.””That’s not true,” said the twin who had to be Derek. They certainly did look alike, both muscular, square-jawed, and rugged-looking, dark as the night and dressed in white T-shirts and white jeans just to make themselves look all the darker.”We’ll soon have a second opinion.” Veronica made them at home and served drinks and cigarettes. “As you guys know, Jackie will soon be a blushing bride and I want to make sure she’s tasted every pleasure in life before she commits herself to the connubial grind. Do you think you can show her something new?””Unless someone’s already done this for her, she ought to find our double-barreled fuck interesting,” said one of the twins.”Of course someone’s going to have to hold her while we do it,” the other added.”Wait a minute,” I said, “are you talking about what I’m thinking? That is, by double-barreled do you mean…?” I looked at them in disbelief. “No, you couldn’t, you’ve got me mixed up with a veteran, right?””See, someone’s going to have to hold her.” Veronica was sitting next to me but I didn’t think she’d betray me. Yet she did! Her arms closed about me and took me into a hold that I couldn’t possibly break. Eric and Derek were with her in a flash and the three of them took off my clothes and laid me out on the bed. I couldn’t believe they were doing this to me, nor could I accept that both these men wanted to fuck me at once. The pain would be too much for me! I struggled maniacally, pulling loose an arm here, a leg there, and immediately using the limb to kick and scratch at them. They tried to subdue me but in the end one of the twins said he needed a couple of ropes “to hold this bitch down”. Again Veronica betrayed me. She got several cords from her parents’ dressing gowns and the twins made good use of them to tie me spread-eagled to her bed. I stopped struggling at that point. The more I pulled at the ropes the tighter they became and the more they hurt.”You’ll pay for this, Veronica!” I told her, but I was too scared to put much conviction into my voice. The two black men looked at their handiwork with wide grins, tested the ropes, nodded, and started to undress. Now the tension really mounted. With a bit of luck they wouldn’t be too big to accommodate. But when I saw their exposed cocks my asshole twitched in panic and even my pussy contracted nervously and became as dry as a bone. God, these guys were hung. Two black cocks hung down from hard, flat bellies, two dropping, thick blackjacks that could swell up at any moment to turn into billyclubs! “Please don’t,” I begged them. “One at the time, that’s the way I like my men, and I’d love to do it with either one of you. But not together!””Hey, bitch, are you going to keep your mouth shut or ain’t you?” asked one of them viciously. “You just lie there, understand, and we’ll take care of business!””Veronica, help me!” She sat in her jerk-off chair and watched impassively. Revenge would be mine! They told me to lie on my side and when I did they lay down at either side of me. There was no contact yet but already my skin crawled in expectation. Their bodies were beautiful, that I couldn’t deny no matter how much they scared me. Broad shoulders, emphatic abdominal muscles, deep chests, arms bulging with thick muscle, narrow hips, strong legs, and cocks that were already filling with blood and expanding beyond my worst fears. Now a hand came over from the back and started to caress me slowly, running along my side, the waist, the curve of my ass and down my leg. I began to tremble. The twin in front of me did the same thing. His hand covered my front, running gently along my tits and belly but leaving my pussy alone for the time being. That would change, I figured. Ordinarily this situation would have excited me beyond the boundaries of sanity, but the threat that was being inflated behind me took all the fun out of it.Those black hands crept along my skin purposefully. I got the feeling that they had done this many times before. I wanted to cry and I wanted to scream but I did neither. If I had screamed really loud my folks would have heard me because it was a still night. But I couldn’t ask them for help in this situation, or at least that’s what I told myself. Deep down, however, there was a secret desire to undergo just such a painful torture. Those fantasies I’d entertained during Frank’s visit hadn’t come from nowhere.Slowly, slowly, caressing me, coming closer, working their massive cocks against the front and back of my legs. The black man in front of me had his face almost against mine. His full, sensual lips were parting slightly, just enough to show the pink tip of his tongue as it lolled about in there ready to go into my mouth. I shuddered and closed my eyes. He pressed his lips against mine and opened them in the same movement. Then the first intrusion took place. His tongue was unusually long. It drove deep into my mouth to lap at my palate, my teeth, and to intertwine with my tongue. Again I shuddered but now it was a rill of pure bliss. It was all so… obscene! The man behind me had both my buns cupped in his hands and squeezed them in such a way that his thumbs were creeping closer and closer to my asshole. When they arrived at the spot his thumbs began to exert pressure on my date, and I had to fight back an urge to wiggle my ass at him. It was lewd, dirty, and I loved it!So did my cousin. She wasn’t content to sit in her chair and look on so she got up and kneeled on the side of the bed to watch more closely. There was lust in her eyes and her hands restlessly touched various parts of her naked body as if looking for the right one to trigger off a solo climax. The man in front of me, whom I kept thinking of as Eric, had both his hands on my pussy, the one holding it open, the other exploring it all over. Derek at my back seemed to be trying to get both his thumbs up my tiny asshole, and he was kissing the back of my neck passionately. They were as close to me as they were going to get now, working their powerful bodies against mine, kissing, fingering, and all I could do was lie there with my hands and feet securely bound by the long cords.”Give that girl’s head some support,” Eric said to Veronica. He didn’t have to say any more. She moved in right away to rest my head on her lap and Eric and Derek moved down some to concentrate more on my orifices. While they slipped down along my body and settled there to tongue and lick both my asshole and cunthole, Veronica brushed my hair out of the way so that her pubic hair met my cheek. All I needed to do was turn a little and I’d be face down in her pussy but I was still mad with her for arranging this surprise party. However, as the two black men rimmed and ate me, that anger melted away into mindless sexual passion, which took me to a point at which anything was fun! I turned a little and rested face down in her lap, and she obligingly cocked her pussy up at me so I could eat in peace.At that stage the threat of anal penetration lost a lot of its sting. Derek’s tongue moved up and down my asshole easily, wetting it and relaxing it, getting it to hang loose as much as my pussy was doing. Eric sucked on my clitoris with devastating expertise, which didn’t help my morale. And then, as a last development, I began to yearn for a big black cock up my ass! I wanted it, needed it, craved it! In my mind’s eye I could see that dark dagger driving up my snow-white ass, boring a tunnel up me, brutalizing me to the point of oblivion! I began to moan into Veronica’s cunt, moans which turned to gibberish apd then to clear-cut statements: “Come on then, fuck me, you big studs! I want it, I want it, give it to me. What’s the matter? What are you waiting for? FUCK ME YOU GODDAMNED ASSHOLES!””Hey, that’s not nice,” one of them said, and the next thing I knew a hand came down on my ass with resounding force. The slap stung all the way up my throat but instead of deterring me it encouraged me to curse them out some more. Face down in Veronica’s lap, I started a harangue that made them beat my ass with long, stinging blows, sharp pain shot through my body and mingled with my aroused passion to drive me mad with frustration.”FUCK ME, FUCK ME, OH CHRIST I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE, PLEASE, PLEASE FUCK ME!!””That’s better,” they said and I felt them move up a bit to get their cocks into position. I became very quiet, waiting as they slipped their shells into the breach. Their cocks felt so thick, so hard, especially the one at the back. My asshole tightened with sudden panic but that couldn’t stop him. As one they shoved upward and a half an inch of cock burst past the barriers. A pause, then another shove, and another, pushing in unison from front and back driving their hard meat into my body with such force that the air was expelled from my lungs. And each shove pushed my face harder into Veronica’s pussy, which pleased her but almost suffocated me.The shortage of air was a small problem compared with the excess of cock. My asshole felt like it was about to burst and it put such a lot of stress on my cunt’s entrance that I could feel the dividing membrane tearing apart! I began to cry out in agony but they took no notice. In and out, each shove bringing more of their cocks into my straining person.”Okay, brother,” I heard one of them say, and now their big cocks started to batter me in all seriousness. The pain was harsh and it spread throughout my body. I thought I would surely die. But I thought of my fantasies and of how I had to look at that moment, and that somehow got me over the pain. Two black men labored to drive their cocks deep up my holes, their bodies glistening with sweat, their hands grabbing at my tender flesh, my cousin sitting with her legs wide apart, leaning against a mound of pillows as she fed her pussy into my wide-open mouth to stifle my screams. And I was at the center of all this lust, all this passion, taking on two cocks that would have lasted normal women a lifetime. Yes, Veronica had been right in arranging this little party. I would never need sex on this scale again because I would never forget what it was like in every detail. The chafing sensation of that big dick in my ass, the way it pushed at secret erogenous zones in that musky region, and the virility that went into each stroke, thrilled me deeply. But once it was over I knew I could live without it.I drifted into a dense fog of passion which was kept dense by the steady pounding of the two cocks. Nothing made sense anymore, it was just one sensation piling up on another. It seemed as though they would never stop and I didn’t care. It was like being on opium or something, suspended between life and death. The cocks worked like pumps that supplied my body with life, and that was all that was happening. When they came it was just an additional sensation and when they pulled out it was no different.They were gone by the time I came to. Veronica looked concerned as she sponged my ass down. There was some blood and a lot of sperm on the towel. “How do you feel?” she asked. “They didn’t do any damage, did they?””No, none at all.” I felt myself gingerly and as sore as my pussy and ass were I knew they’d be alright in a few hours’ time. “No, it was really good actually. There was only one problem… I thought I was about to overdose on sex!””Really? Wow, that must be a great feeling!” she enthused.”I guess so… it certainly is when you surface on the right side of it,” I said.CHAPTER SIXI woke up the next morning and realized there were only two more days of being single left to me. After that I would be Frank’s to do with (or not do with) as he pleased. The idea made me shudder, not so much in repulsion as in fear. My feelings about Frank were very mixed at that time. He retained the qualities I loved in him but by contrast with my other lovers he was looking rather weak. Perhaps he had to work his way through the preliminaries before blossoming, like most people have to. I didn’t know what to think, so I didn’t.The wedding would be held at a nearby church and the reception would take place in our home. Dad had taken off a few days from work and Mum had postponed all her engagements until I had been properly dispatched. Tim hung around, too, but he wasn’t being very constructive. He wanted me again, I could tell that from the surly way he eyed me. Veronica’s parents dropped in early that day. Uncle Marvin and Aunt Rona were tanned from their vacation and I couldn’t help but notice that Marvin was more handsome than ever. Veronica had received his looks, the same lynx-eyed, high-cheekboned appearance, the same blond hair, and both were lithe and strong. Rona was better represented in Ned for some reason.”Two more days, huh?” said Marvin with a wink. “Then you’ll know all the joys of wedlock.””She won’t know them all,” his wife protested. “It takes years to discover them all.””Sex is the only real joy in marriage and that comes on the first nigh,” he said. “The rest is repetition. Not that I’m knocking repetition… but you have to draw the line where joy begins and just ordinary everyday pleasure ends, if you know what I mean.” I didn’t and never had known what Uncle Marvin meant but I liked him immensely just the same. We had always been close, he and I; he liked to buy me treats and to talk with me. Talk at me, actually. Marvin liked to bounce his ideas off other people.”You’re a fool, Marvin,” said his wife without rancor. She joined my mother in the kitchen and left me and my uncle alone.”You see? Familiarity breeds contempt. My fault, of course, showed myself to be vulnerable; offered one finger, she took the whole foot, it’s typical. Women are essentially cruel and rightfully so. But tell me, how do you feel about this fellow, what’s his name, Frank?””Right now I can’t tell you,” I said. “Everything seems upside down.””That’s a good sign, serious doubt implies serious feelings. If you’d mouthed the usual cliches I would have known it was just another farce but you may very well love him.” Having spoken, my uncle got up and left the house. I looked after him in bewilderment. His words made sense but he didn’t. Something in his attitude toward me had changed, a very subtle adjustment that took me from being a girl to a woman in his eyes.For the rest of the day people came in and out of the house for one reason or another, and I was the unwilling focus of their attention. Uncle Eddie dropped by but he avoided me. He and my father talked for a while about the wedding arrangements, and while they did I sat back and relished the idea that I had made love with both brothers.Late in the afternoon my mother’s brother, Al, and his wife Dora arrived to spend a few days with us. I hadn’t seen Uncle Al in years and so I was surprised by the enthusiasm of his embrace. “My baby, look at you!” he exclaimed, holding me back from him so his eyes could run the length and breadth of me. “My goodness, what a few years can do. That’s one hell of a beautiful daughter you got yourself, s*s!” My mother agreed modestly. “Yes sir! That bridegroom is a lucky son of a gun!””Thank you, Uncle,” I said.”Call me Al. You’re too old for that uncle nonsense. Isn’t she a gem, Dora? Look at her. That lucky son of a gun!” His wife seemed quite as enthusiastic as her husband, which surprised me. Pretty soon they had me feeling like an exhibit, the way they stared at me. “Well, let’s have a drink together,” he said to the family at large. “It’s party time!”He supplied the charge that had been wanting all this time. In a moment the whole tribe had been galvanized into action, clearing up the lists, clothes, and other papers to make room for guests and drinks. The sun was just setting and the smell of food suffused the whole house as my mother and Dora cooked rows of hamburgers and prepared the trimmings. Since it was my wedding I was exempted from the housework, to sit with the guests and take part in the drinking and talking. Tim was there with Dad, Marvin and Rona, Al and Dora, Veronica, Ned, and Uncle Eddie came in a little later. What a good-looking family I had, I thought as I looked around at their faces. They were evenly divided into light and dark, my father’s side being dark, my mother’s the blond, all were in good shape, and as my gaze roamed about I realized there wasn’t one person there with whom I wouldn’t love to go to bed. As it turned out, that was just as well.”Hey, Jackie, come over here and sit on your uncle’s lap one more time!” Al called out in the middle of the festivities. “Another day and a half and you’ll own a monopoly on a lap and it’ll own you, but until then you can come and go as you please, right?””Right,” I laughed. The drinks were starting to get to me and as always the first part of my anatomy to feel the effect was my pussy. I didn’t understand why it should be the first to start feeling good, but that’s the way it happened. The next part would be my head. Already I was feeling a little giddy and light up there but it was my pussy that dominated the action. It throbbed darkly, casting about for stimuli, and when Uncle Al invited me to sit on his lap I jumped at the chance. Everyone cheered as I got on top of him and reclined in his arms, but then the event was over and the conversation raced on. I didn’t know what they were talking about but it obviously interested them. I sipped at my drink and sat back against my uncle.He was a handsome devil. For as long as I could remember he’d provided the family with gossip. He had traveled widely, knocked about with a lot of women, and his taste (so I’d heard) ran to the bizarre. I was dying to find out what that meant. When he had married a few years ago rumors sprang up about his wife, Dora. She wasn’t kosher, as Eddie put it, but why, why, why? No one told me the details and looking at her gave me no clues. She was a small redhead, busty, with a pert ass, flashing green eyes, and full, red lips, a small sex bomb in other words. But what was wrong with that?Someone gave me another drink. The family was deeply involved in the discussion now and I got the idea it was politics that occupied them so. Only two of us were not absorbed by the issues. One was me, the other was Al. Something was growing under my ass, something long and hard, and when I turned around to look him in the eye he winked lasciviously. I wriggled around a little as if to get comfortable, but he knew what I meant. His wife was talking along with the others and we were in effect isolated in an oasis of silence. His cock throbbed under me ominously, a time bomb set to go off at any time. And while his hands rested on innocuous parts of my body, the fact was that they were touching me and exciting me! He reached for his drink, took a sip, put it down, and then his hand disappeared. A moment later I felt something caress my ass!I couldn’t believe he would try to touch me up in the middle of a family reunion, and yet his hand moved boldly over my ass and tugged at my dress from behind to get it out of the way. I wanted to stop him but the drinks had gone to my head by this time… or to my pussy; either one could have made me sit back and enjoy it. He succeeded in working my dress up to around my waist while keeping it decently covering my thighs in front, and now his hand moved to the waistband of my panties. My excitement increased with every second. How did he dare? And how did I dare? It was too thrilling for words.He got his hand on my naked ass and I thought he’d be content with that. But no, he kept looking for more charges. He covered my ass with small squeezes, always working downward in the direction of my pussy. That was too much to hope for. I was getting wet and very, very horny at the idea, though. To help him I slung my legs over the side of his chair and faced the company so they would think I was listening to them. Now he could get to my cunt without any trouble at all, and he wasted no time. A solitary finger caressed my pussy lips over and over, stirring me up so much that I wanted to scream just to relieve my sexual tension. And when that finger found my cunt hole and eased up it I had to grit my teeth to keep from giving the game away.Rushes of pleasure tore through my body as his finger surreptitiously fucked me. My parents, my aunts, uncles, brother, cousins, everyone was close enough to hear the squelches of my pussy but they were talking too loudly. I felt my color change from red to white and back to scarlet and I just knew that my face was contorted in grimaces, but since no one noticed anything there was nothing to worry about. Dora provided me with another drink. Did she look at me funny? Her husband’s finger was in me so deep that I thought my cunt would swallow his fist next. She smiled pleasantly and resumed her seat beside us. Uncle Eddie asked if I had an opinion of federal revenue sharing, and I said no, I didn’t.After a while of this I started to feel nauseous. The sexual tension clashed with the alcoholic relaxation, pulling me this way, then that, and I had to tell my uncle to pull out so I could go up and take a breather. He nodded, adjusted my clothing, and patted me on the ass when I was once more presentable. My departure wasn’t noticed. The air in the room was thick with smoke, talk, and the clink of glasses. They were having a great time without me and I was glad of it. The quiet of my room was like a cool shower on a hot day for my ears. I stretched out on my bed and lay there until my mind had sorted itself out sufficiently to start thinking in straight lines again. It was only then that the riskiness of Al’s behavior really hit me. If someone had seen him fingering me the party would have been over, the wedding would have been cancelled, and I would in all likelihood have been disowned! What madness! All for the sake of sex!But it seemed worth it in retrospect. I smiled and stretched luxuriously as I recaptured the sensations his finger had produced in me, and my hands caressed that sensitive area to make it all more vivid. Yes, it had been worth it. My body still hummed from the event and I began to wonder what other tricks he had up his sleeve. Would he sneak into my bedroom late at night? Or attack me in the woods not far from the house? Uncle Al was likely to do anything.In spite of this expectation I wasn’t prepared for what he actually did. As I lay there, half dozing, half playing with myself, the door opened a crack and a whispered voice said: “Anybody home!””Uncle Al!” I sat upright and withdrew my hands from my lap. “You shouldn’t be here! Come on, let’s get back to the party, this is too dangerous!””Dangerous? What, an uncle chatting with his niece? Come now, Jackie, you’re letting your imagination run away with you.” He closed the door and sat on the side of the bed. “I just wanted to tell you that that was the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me. To sit there in front of your father and everybody with my finger up your lovely little pussy… well, how can I express the feelings, it was just too grand. And you liked it too, right?” His hand was on my knee and moving on up. I made no attempt to push it away, figuring he would know when to stop. I told him it had been fun but that he shouldn’t think anything of it, and he said he didn’t. But his hand kept sliding along my thigh squeezing, progressing, heading right for my crotch, and the closer it came the wetter I got. It was downright embarrassing how much fluid oozed out of my pussy. By the time his hand reached the diamond of my panties it was soaking wet, and he smiled broadly. “You’re a sexy piece of work,” he said, his voice sounding a little breathless. “Frank is either going to be the luckiest or the unluckiest man on this planet. With women like you there is no middle ground.””Thank you,” I said.”Jesus, feel how wet your panties are,” he said, more to himself than me, “dripping wet, juicier than a Florida orange! What I wouldn’t give for a bite of your pussy, my girl there’s nothing I want more right now.””You really shouldn’t,” I said, slightly taken aback by his frankness. There was still this lingering notion of him as an uncle, a man older than me who used to give me quarters a long time ago. And now his hand pressed urgently against the crotch of my panties, fingers manipulated the flimsy, sodden garment to get it out of the way, to stroke my naked hairy flesh and probe the depths of my labia, and all the while he stared me in the face and told me how he wanted to suck the last drop of juice out of my cunt, how he wanted to grease me up so his fist could fit in me and then his head and maybe his whole body, fantasizing vulgarly and agitating me beyond belief. A c***dhood memory came back to me, how I’d tried to stuff a doll up my pussy because I wanted to give birth to it. The very idea of Al fitting in me was enough to make me tremble with a violent lust.”Then eat me!” I hissed suddenly. “Stop talking so much! Oh yes, take them off, they’re only in the way! Now eat me like you said you would, take me!”I drew my legs back as soon as he had taken off my panties, and stood on my feet to hoist my loins up into the air. Now my pussy was right in front of his face, dripping, wide open, and all he had to do was sink into it face first. He held back as long as either one of us could bear, caressing, titillating, breathing on it, but then he dove in with a vengeance and started to eat me with smacking lips. Burning currents of lust coursed through my veins. I was horny, obscene, possessed, feeding him my cunt as if there was a risk of him letting go. Al sat on the bed and grabbed hold of my ass to stretch my cheeks apart and open my cunt right up. Then his long, agile tongue snaked into my cunt and set off an orgasm that made me crash to the bed and writhe about helplessly for a few minutes, while he followed me about doggedly.He was a fine mickey muncher. The fact that I was climaxing didn’t stop him for a second. He ate, licked, sucked, and loved every part of my cunt over and over, and he soon began to include my asshole in his rounds. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once, dipping, digging, licking, and soothing me inside and out. His fingers traced patterns along my inner thighs or penetrated a hole vacated by his busy tongue. And I had no defense against any of his stimulations. I rolled about, panted, moaned, told him how wonderful it was, and generally forgot all about the clan drinking down below us.Veronica had to remind us. She burst in suddenly and said: “Quick, your mother is looking for you!” The door closed and for a split second Al and I looked at each other in alarm. Then, just as quickly, he pocketed my panties, pulled my dress over my legs, wiped his face with a handkerchief and straightened up the bed and his hair. My mother came into the room seconds after we had restored ourselves to uncle and niece. She looked suspicious all the same.”What’s the matter, dear, aren’t you feeling well?” she asked with a sidelong glance at her brother.”Not too great, no, but I was mainly relaxing for a bit,” I said. “Uncle Al and I were just talking about old times, but I’ll come down now if you want me to.””I’d appreciate that. And could I have a word with you, Al?” When I left the room I heard my mother talk low and fast at her brother and I figured it probably had something to do with the truth of the matter. He had a reputation, after all. No one else was bothered by our absence. Dora pressed another drink into my hand and winked enigmatically. Veronica made a gesture of mopping her brow at me, and Tim gave me a surly look. It had been a close call, too close for my liking. Worse, my body had been switched on by an expert and nothing could turn it off. I sat in an easy chair and kept my dress pulled down as far as possible to disguise the fact that I had no panties on, but my naked cunt chafed against the rough upholstery and that was all I needed to stay at boiling point.Everything but my bodily needs was irrelevant. I couldn’t join in the conversation because my cunt was on fire. My thoughts circled around sex and naturally turned to the experiences of the past few days, reliving them all in Technicolor and stereo, which only served to excite me even more. My naked ass on the chair, the chance that someone might look up my dress and notice my furry beaver peering back at him, the presence of so many men, so many cocks, in the one room, and Al’s lingering glances, they all threw coals on the fire. I didn’t know which way to turn, and finally I excused myself to go to the bathroom.I meant to pick up a pair of panties on the way but I forgot in my hurry to find a moment’s privacy. Once in the bathroom I locked the door and looked around for an object that had roughly the same size as a cock. My mother’s hairbrush had a fine long handle to it, smooth and without sharp edges. I sat on the toilet and spread my legs, hoisted up my dress and worked the handle into my cunt. The effect was that of mild relief but I found that the more I pushed the handle into my pussy the more it seemed to work. Both my hands were wrapped about the bristles, pushing the handle in deeper and deeper until the bristles rubbed against my cunt and clitoris. Now I was getting somewhere. I put one foot on the side of the tub, the other I rested on a stool, and with my back against the cistern I let myself have it. The brush moved in and out quickly, propelled by my lust, and the bristles chafed against my clitoris to send the flames leaping high. I was gasping, sweating, straining, getting closer to a climax by the second, yet I couldn’t quite reach it. My frustration led me to masturbate harder, more brutally, the brush hurt me badly several times when I missed the hole, and once it nearly went up my ass, but nothing could stop me. I cursed under my breath as that elusive orgasm receded as fast as I approached. A change of tactics was called for. I pulled the handle out and applied the rough bristles directly to my pussy. That hurt! Tiny pinpricks of pain set my cunt on edge and I was back where I’d started from. With a heartfelt curse I flung the brush down and got off the toilet. This wasn’t my night!Back in the living room the party was getting rough. My parents were drunk, so were Marvin and Rona. Only Al and Dora seemed to be on top of things. Veronica, Tim, Ned, and I were suddenly sent off to bed without explanation. By that time I was in such a bad mood that I was glad to be dismissed. Veronica tried to talk me into coming over to her place. She was horny, looking for action. I told her to take more of an interest in her own family, meaning Ned, a suggestion to which she responded with raised eyebrows. “Ned? You must be joking,” she said, and turned on her heel to leave. Tim was next to put the hard word on me and I brushed him off as brusquely. All I wanted to do was go to sleep and let this fit of frustration dissipate itself without bothering me.Once in my room I locked the door, stripped, and lay on the bed. A cool night breeze blew through the room and cooled me down a bit. I thought of masturbating but it seemed too futile. My mind swirled with bits and pieces of fantasy and reality, ranging from the **** in my mind to the finger in my pussy there in the living room. At that point I just wanted my marriage to take place so I could settle down with the one man and save myself so much confusion. And since there was over a day yet to be lived through before that happened, I wished for sleep. Of course the sandman passed me by that night.An hour later the riot downstairs stopped abruptly. The front door opened and closed. I looked out through the window and saw Veronica’s mother walking out arm in arm with none other than my dear old Dad! That meant that my mother was with Marvin! Oh no, that was too much to accept in the one go. My parents were swapping? Perhaps Al and Dora were in the ring, too. But a little later I heard footsteps up the stairs and a couple passed my room to get to the guest room. I heard them talking and they were definitely Al and Dora. Some minutes later my mother and Uncle Marvin headed for the master bedroom. I was stunned. The house seemed to be in the grip of a sex epidemic!I didn’t know the whole story yet. Minutes ticked by. Faint sounds came either from the master or the guest bedroom, sounds of fucking. My pussy stirred uneasily, my nipples hardened, and it was with difficulty that I refrained from jerking off some more. The cool breeze couldn’t stop me from breaking out into a fever of lust. I tried not to imagine my mother getting laid by Marvin and I didn’t want to think about my dear old Dad putting it to Rona, but somehow the awareness of this swap pervaded me through and through, and gave me a sense of reckless desire that had me tossing and turning wildly.Did I imagine it or was there a soft tapping at my door? Surely not. I held my breath and listened, half hoping, half afraid. Something told me I was in for a new experience, and new experiences always shattered old assumptions. Yes! Someone was at the door. The door knob turned a few times, then it stopped. In panic I rushed to the door, unlocked it and looked out. To my relief the knocker hadn’t given up. He was right outside, grinning widely.”Uncle Al!” I moved back behind the door to hide my nakedness but he took that as a sign to come in. And once he was in my room I could hardly eject him.”Hi, baby. You didn’t think you’d seen the last of me, did you? The night is still young and you and I have a lot more to say to each other.””But Aunt Dora…””She wants to talk to you, too. Do you mind?””I guess not.””Then come with me.” He waited for me to put on my robe and then led the way to the guest room. Al had on a pair of pajama bottoms, nothing else, and when he stepped into the brightly lit room he and his wife occupied I saw just how strong and tanned he was. A deep chest, a muscular stomach, and thick arms that could crush a woman! As for Dora, she lay, under a single sheet, obviously naked, very relaxed. She smiled at me but let her husband do the talking. “We like to do everything together,” my uncle told me as he made himself comfortable on the bed next to his wife. I was left standing in the center of the room and I felt a little foolish for thinking he’d had sex on his mind. So what did he want? To tell me the facts of life?”Can I sit down?” I asked.”Wait till you’ve heard me out,” Al said. He lit a cigarette at his leisure, all the while surveying me with his eyes. If only he knew how restless I was he wouldn’t be detaining me. “As I said, Dora and I like to do things together. In fact, we’d like to do you together. I suppose that shocks you.” They eyed me with some complacency, and I took some pleasure in disillusioning them.”Okay, I’m shocked. Now will you get to it!” For a moment they didn’t know what to do but then Dora let out a peal of laughter and told her husband that he’d been upped. He nodded and got off the bed slowly. He looked menacingly at me as his powerful arms reached out. I stood my ground. He grabbed my robe, held it for a moment, and then pulled at it hard so that I almost fell and stumbled toward them. I ended up on the bed and they didn’t give me a chance to recover myself. Hands tore at my robe, removed it, and left me rolling from side to side naked, at their mercy. They pawed at me, fingered, felt, squeezed, explored me, both of them grinning like vampires let loose in a blood bank. It took me a minute or so to adjust to this new situation but once it hit home I was all for it. At last! Now my frustrations would be relieved, my body would be satisfied! Gone were thoughts about my parents, about marriage, for now I wanted to see what my uncle and aunt could do.They settled down at either end of me. My aunt was down on my pussy, eating it the way only a woman could. Her tongue was like that of a cat, abrasive, persistent, and very accurate. It stroked that hard little clit into ecstasy, it lapped at my pink inner flesh until my cunt opened like a flower in the morning, and she scooped up my juices the way a lizard catches flies. I couldn’t see her because my uncle was astride my chest, his hard cock towering up before my eyes, both his hands mauling my tits gleefully. “What a pair of boobs,” he said softly. “Jesus Christ, look how firm they are, real stargazers, beautiful!”I could see why he should be impressed. Dora was an attractive woman with her red hair and her sex bomb look, but her tits were too big and heavy to do anything but look down. I imagined they were very soft, like jelly with too much water, and I could hardly wait to sample them. But that would come later. For the moment I was more than happy with the way she ate me and the pleasure with which my uncle kneaded my tits. He leaned forward a little and pressed my tits against his cock so that only the flushed knob protruded. It hovered an inch from my mouth. All I had to do was move my head forward and I’d be able to take a bite. But he would feed it to me when he was ready.Aunt Dora was eating more than my pussy by this time. Her tongue slithered down and around my asshole with increasing frequency until she ignored my fig and poked her tongue deep up my back passage. I writhed with a sudden burst of pleasure. It tickled, not so as to make me laugh but to make my insides wriggle with pleasure. Her hands were on my buns, keeping them apart and digging into them with her long nails. I started to get greedy. “Let me eat you, Uncle,” I whispered to him. “Come on, let me take that big dick into my mouth. I’m so hungry for you!””Go ahead, baby,” he said absently. He had been fucking my tits, working his cock between the two fleshy mounds so that his glans got enough of a work-out to make him forget about everything else. His eyes were half shut and he was breathing heavily. When I took his knob between my lips he let out a long groan and almost shoved his cock and balls down my throat. “Mmmm yeah!” he hissed. “Ssssssssssuckit! Eat it, baby, take it all down. Yeah, beautiful, that’s the way, run your tongue over it. Wow! And there I was thinking you were a virgin. My God, baby, you’ve got it, I-T, it!”His hands held the back of my head to give it some support and his long cock rode in and out of my mouth with easy strokes. He had his mouth wide open and his head back, fucking me like he was about to come terminally. I wasn’t doing much more than keeping my lips between his cock and my teeth, because down below my aunt was eating my ass so effectively that I was too busy climaxing to pay him much heed. Her tongue had a way of jiggling back and forth rapidly so as to inflame my asshole and send me to within an inch of exploding into a major climax. But her tongue alone couldn’t take me all the way, and the excruciating pain and pleasure of hovering between ecstasy and frustration had me at the point of screaming!”She’s ready now,” I heard Dora say.”Oh… good,” sighed my uncle. He withdrew his cock from my mouth with some regret and moved off my chest. Before I could say anything Rona pressed her tart, red-haired pussy into my mouth, and I began to eat it the way a baby does when a tit is placed between its lips. Vaguely it registered with me that my uncle had lifted my thighs and placed them on his own, that he was holding my asshole open with all his fingers, and that something rockhard was bumping into it. A peal of joy rose in my heart: more anal fucking! Ever since the first time I’d been interested in trying it again just to see if the second time would be as good. Now I was due to find out. His knob moved into place easily thanks to Dora’s thorough licking, and then he pushed hard and the rest of his cock slid into me snugly. When his pubic hair brushed against my cheeks I let out a gust of air that turned into a yell of pleasure, and it seemed to echo in the vaginal canyon of my aunt. I couldn’t stop. I tried to lick and eat but each thudding stroke produced another cry of passion in me, muffled in red-haired flesh. What a duet they were. While my uncle fucked my ass, my aunt turned about with her pussy as a pivot, and let me eat her back and front while she went down on my cunt. It was vacant and in need of some sympathy while my asshole had all the fun. Aunt Dora gave it to me. Her deft, rapid tongue went into action again, flicking at my distended hole, lassoing my clit, sucking me dry, and pausing now and then to kiss her husband’s plowing cock. It was getting too much for me. A cock up my ass, a tongue up my cunt with fingers coming in and out, and a pussy in my face, hands roving from my feet to my tits, it was as though I’d been trapped in a sensual car wash! I started to moan, and I neglected Dora’s cunt. All of my energies were moving down to my asshole, building up, glowing white, and the rest of me stiffened. It was like a fit! I was taut from head to foot and a continuous series of tremors ran along my limbs and torso. I heard myself pleading for mercy. I was scared, unwilling to venture further into this peculiar paradise!”No, that’s enough,” I whimpered. “Please Dora, tell him to stop! Something’s wrong. Oh God! PLEEEEEEEAASSEEE! NO, GET THE FUCK OFF, STOP, STOP, I’LL SCREAM THE HOUSE DOWN, OH! AH! OOOOOOOOOHHHHH NOOOOOOO!! UNCLE AL, HARDER, HARDER, DRIVE IT IN ME, OH YES, FUCK ME LIKE A BULL, HARDER, SLAM IT IN!! WHEEEEEEEE!!” It was like passing the sound barrier for the first time. That hard bubble of emotion broke into a sunburst of bliss, fluffy pyrotechnics that lit up my insides and left me in awe of its splendor. artemisbet güvenilirmi He kept fucking, Aunt Dora kept sucking, but they couldn’t add anything to what they had already wrought in me.I came down like a leaf falling from a tree, and during this long tranquil time I amused myself by playing with my aunt’s pussy. Ever since Veronica had shown hers to me I had developed a deep interest in cunts. There were so many shapes and sizes! Veronica’s was compact and pudgy, mine was a secret slit in the skin between my legs, and Dora’s was a woman’s cunt, a big, full-blown rosy piece of work that opened at the slightest touch to reveal the big ragged pink flaps inside, and the mysterious black hole beyond the pink configurations. I worked a finger into that hole and pretty soon there was room for another… and another! Three fingers poked about inside her pussy. Aunt Dora started to lose the beat of her sucking just as I was beginning to enjoy it again. Uncle Al was fucking my ass very slowly, almost at a standstill, obviously waiting for an orgasm to recede. My bunched fingers moved at the same pace but they also pushed at the boundaries to see if her cunt would give some more. It would and did. Four fingers moved into place. There was little resistance. Her tongue barely moved about in my pussy now. Curiosity got the better of me. How much could she take? The four bunched fingers pushed in as far as they could and to my amazement the rest of my hand slipped inside to leave only my thumb to stick up against her slit. I considered sticking that up her ass but then I decided to go all the way.She was very still when I withdrew my hand a little way and added my thumb to the bunch. When I pushed in she let out a long wail, half pain, half delight. Now there was plenty of resistance. I got the digits inside but the rest of my hand wasn’t allowed in. I moved it back and forth to distribute her ample juices. Now there was some progress. With bated breath I pushed in with all my strength. My aunt slid forward but then came right back. She pushed and I pushed and with a slippery swallow her cunt took my hand in to the wrist!”Wow!” was all I could say. Dora lifted herself by placing both hands on the bed and held that position so she could rock back and forth into my hand. Al peered curiously over her shoulder to see what was exciting his wife so much. He couldn’t see and she couldn’t tell him what was happening, so he pulled out and crawled around to see with his own eyes. They nearly popped out when he saw my fist up her cunt.”Holy shit! I’ve never seen that before! Let me get a piece of that ass!” Before she or I could say anything he mounted her from behind and shoved his cock up her asshole. Dora felt no pain. She contained my fist and his cock and the only sound that came out of her was an occasional whimper. She sounded as though she was choking on her own passions yet she made no move to get away from the invaders. Al fucked her like a demon, excited to the point at which he couldn’t control himself. I fist-fucked her until her cunt cut off my circulation. And just as I pulled out, Al blew his wad into her. Soundless, my aunt pitched to one side when he pulled out, and kept on whimpering. I felt very tired. My eyes fell to, I made myself more comfortable, and let go. My uncle picked me up and carried me into my own bed. My dreams were most pleasant that night.CHAPTER SEVENI soaked in the tub for a long time early next morning as if that would shrink my orifices back to their virginal condition. Actually there wasn’t all that much of a difference when I inspected myself later. The body, obviously, was made to be fucked. Everybody’s was, even my mother’s. In the clear light of morning that thought struck me with redoubled force. I couldn’t imagine her doing the things I’d been doing so much of this past week. My mother was quiet, reserved, beyond all that. At breakfast I looked her over with new eyes, and still she seemed beyond the reach of bodily enticements.The family gathering was subdued that morning. Headaches, bloodshot eyes, and queasy stomachs were the chief complaints. Only me, Al, and Dora were in the pink. Marvin and Rona came in later and looked just as poorly. Yet by afternoon they were all drinking again, albeit more slowly. Everything had been arranged. Caterers would come in the morning to set up tables and load them down with food and drinks. The wedding dress had been fitted, tried on, altered, and declared perfect. And all the other old stuff was done, too, so that the family had nothing better to do than sit around and drink.I kept watching my mother and I noticed how, after a couple of drinks, the real woman in her emerged. Yes, she was sexy! The way she crossed her legs, the looks she gave men, the way her voice changed, all told me that she was on the make! I couldn’t get over it. What’s more, she was working on her own brother, and he was responding. What did Dad think of that? Dora, like a good wife, was distracting him from that incipient affair.Everything became a bit unreal at this point. It was the middle of the afternoon when my mother excused herself. It was a minute later when Al got up and went into the house, leaving the rest of us to sit in the garden and watch Dora and Dad make friends. I couldn’t contain my curiosity. While they were busy I snuck away and up the stairs to see what was going on.There were voices in the master bedroom, and when I leaned against the door and pressed my ear to it I could make out what they were saying. Al was telling my mother how exciting she was and how he had missed her and did she remember all the good times they’d had as k**s? And my mother replied: “Yes I do, especially when we used to go to the lake and masturbate to see who could come first. Do you recall that? Al? Wasn’t that fun?””You always won, too,” he said, “but I’ll bet I’d win if we had a contest today.””You’re joking,” said my mother. “You do a lot more fucking than I do so I’m always on edge and you’re always spent. That’s no contest at all.””How would you like to put money on that?” They decided on five dollars and I heard the sound of clothes coming off and a lot of giggling and laughter. I had to see this! There was a wide crack under the door but that only showed me two sets of bare feet heading for the bed. It was risky but I eased the door open a crack and peered through. Now I had a grandstand view. They got down on opposite sides of the bed, facing each other, and while Al took his half-hard cock in hand my mother started to caress her tits with one hand and play with her pussy using the other. She was in great shape, her tits were still firm and full, her belly had only a few small rolls in it, and she certainly was young at heart to judge by her masturbation! It turned me on mightily to see her playing with herself and I wished I could join in, but this was a brother and sister reunion. They smiled at each other and worked hard to beat each other.Al was good and hard now and my mother was laying back, driving a long finger into her cunt, bringing one tit up to her mouth to suck and chew at the nipple. “I’m going to win this easily,” said Al, jerking off to beat the band.”You’ll have to be quick!” panted my mother.”No faking it, now,” he warned her. “I’m going to test you for wetness afterward.””You never did have any morals,” she said, and then they both fell quiet to concentrate on their double solo. Al was staring at her cunt, and she was watching him beat off just as avidly. I rooted for my mother silently and that must have made the difference because she stiffened suddenly and then became very, very relaxed. “Aaaahh, that’s nice,” she said softly. “I told you I’d win.””Let me make sure you didn’t cheat.” Her brother bent over her pussy and ran a finger along the slit, then tasted her juices appreciatively. “Mmmm, delicious! But I’m not sure you’re wet enough. I’ll run another check.” My mother smiled broadly as he settled down with his face pressed into her pussy and his body between her legs. She ran her hands through his hair and looked down on him with a tranquility that made me envious. She let him eat and drink his fill before gently pushing him over on his back and sitting on his cock. They were very practiced in everything they did, more so than passionate, like two partners of long standing doing what they were best at. She fucked him with short, bobbing strokes, working his cock into her cunt from all angles and to all depths, with her big cheeks quivering and shaking and her tits dangling in his face. I closed the door carefully and tiptoed down the stairs, still in a state of shock.”Here she is!” said my father when I rejoined them. He sounded a bit tipsy and certainly acted it. He put his arm about me and hugged me tightly before he went on. “My little girl who’s getting married tomorrow. It’s hard to believe…” And he went into the standard rave about how only yesterday I peed on his lap. I bore with it as best I could, as did the other relatives, but luckily Dad had more than memories on his mind. “And now it’s time for the father-and-daughter heart-to-heart talk,” he announced. “Come on, my girl, let’s find some place that’s private and discuss matters.”He wanted to take me to the master bedroom and I hastily steered him away from there. “Let’s go sit in the den,” I said, pulling at his hand. “I like being there, it’s so comfortable.””Alright, baby, anything you want.” We went into his den and sat in easy chairs smoking cigarettes and enjoying the silence. At last he started to talk. I wasn’t listening too closely. Being alone with him set my nerves on edge. I thought of Mum and her brother playing doctors upstairs, of the other brush Dad and I had had, of tomorrow’s wedding, and how badly I wanted to fuck my father. If I could have him I would be satisfied! But he was in one chair and I was in the other. What was worse, he was babbling on about the birds and the bees while I was thinking about the blow job I’d given him!”Daddy, please!” I burst out. “You know that that’s all old stuff! I want you, I don’t care what you think about that, I just want to make love with you once more before I settle down. Please, let’s do it now or we never will!” The words rang through the study over and over as if to haunt me. My father was in the process of lighting another cigarette and I wondered if he had heard me. “Daddy?””No! It’s wrong!” He slammed down his fist and refused to look at me.”Oh yeah? That’s wrong, right? But it’s not wrong for you to sleep with Rona and there’s nothing wrong with Mum going to bed with Al or Marvin.” Silence. “Daddy, don’t you want me?” He was lost in indecision and to help make up his mind I took off my clothes and walked over to stand in front of him. “Please, make love to me.””You really want me to? Okay.” He took off his clothes without further hesitation. He’d only been waiting for me to persuade him. Now we faced each other like a man and a woman, horny, alone, and ready! His cock throbbed hard and upright, my nipples were just as hard and throbbed as much. His hands took me by the arms and drew my body against his, and our mouths met in a passionate kiss. His cock pressed into my belly. I felt faint with passion, there was no need for foreplay, I was ready to go! But I kissed him back and wrapped my arms about him so my hands rested on his ass to caress his hairy, hard buns and work one hand around under them to get at his balls.He could hardly wait! As we kissed and caressed he moved me back onto the couch and lay on top of me, his body already in motion, his cock chafing against my inner thighs. “I knew this would happen,” he said as he pinched my breasts and sucked at the nipples. “Ever since that Sunday morning I haven’t been able to get you off my mind. I dreamed about you, it’s shameful but it’s true, and now that I have you here I just want to make love to you for the rest of the day. You’ve grown up into such a beautiful woman, Jackie, just like…” He didn’t finish the sentence but I knew he was thinking of Mum when she was my age. I would have objected had he not had his hand on my cunt and had his fingers not been fiddling with my clit and my hairs nimbly enough to make me think of more pleasant matters. My mother might have been good-looking in her day and she still wasn’t bad, but now it was my turn. He was mine, his cock was hard for me!His mouth roved over my body, sampling nipples, flesh, my armpits, my fingers, pussy, thighs, the backs of my knees, loving me with his taste, touch, and eyes. I could feel his gaze burning into my every part and it aroused me intensely to have his admiration. His mouth pressed into my cunt to bring to bear twenty years of married life on it, and within a minute I was writhing and twisting like a puppet under his manipulations. He had a way of pushing his lower lip into my pussy and pressing it up toward the pubic bone, that opened me right up and admitted his lip and tongue deep into the cunt cavity. I reached down and began to tug at his arms. “Come on Daddy, let’s do it!” I whispered urgently. “Let’s make love before we’re interrupted. We may never have this chance again!””Yes, yes, in a minute.” He took a few last bites of my cunt and then got up to walk over to the den door and check to see that it was locked. When he turned to come back to me I saw his cock fully erect, just the way it had been under the shower that fateful day, only this time it was standing up for me and was about to penetrate me! It stood tall and thick like a stripped tree, glowing in the afternoon light, a rosy tip that throbbed with virility, balls that swung slowly to and fro as he walked. All I could do was submit. I rested one leg on the back of the couch, the other was on the floor, and with both hands I held my cunt open to him. He lay on top of me and pushed his cock into my wet hole, grunting with the effort of penetrating me the whole way in the first stroke. And then he was inside me, I had him where I wanted him!”Lie perfectly still,” he said. “I don’t want to blow in the first second. Don’t move a muscle!””Do I excite you that much, Daddy?””I’m afraid so.” We hardly dared to breathe during that moment’s crisis. His cock lay embedded in my cunt flesh, pulsing with life and sending the echoes of its vigor throughout my body. Even that got me worked up. The constraints let me do nothing to relive the mounting passion, and since it had to stay in me it multiplied all the more rapidly. I was unable to hold my breath any longer. I started to pant, to moan, to clutch at the upholstery of the couch in frustration. My father lay on top of me, his cock buried in my cunt, and he held me by the hips in case I should make an unexpected movement down there.”Oh Daddy! I’m going to come! I can’t stop it, it’s so beautiful to have you inside me. Please hold me, don’t come, oh Daddy, DADDY, HOLD ME, HOLD ME, I’M COMING! OOOHHH GOD! AAAAAAHHHHH!!” He kept me pinned down the whole time even though I struggled with all my strength. The orgasm forced its way out through my pores, it seemed, because when it had passed I felt absolutely spent!Now my father swung into action. The first strokes were tentative and slow but he soon built up confidence. His cock was so thick, so long, that it stretched my cunt each time it dove down into my depths, and without much of a transition I found myself moaning and happy again. He knew just how to give it to me. When the left side of my pussy demanded action, it got plenty. And when it went momentarily numb he switched to a high entry so his knob bumped into the floor of my cunt and set off all kinds of delicious storms of tingling sensations that bubbled up to my mind and exploded there. I still couldn’t believe it was he. My eyes remained wide open to scan his face all the time he fucked me. And when he lifted high enough I looked down along our separated torsos to see his thick brown cock suspended over my cunt hole, about to plunge in. His stomach muscles were knotted tight, laboring to give each stroke plenty of power, his strong arms were wrapped around me low down so his hands could support my buttocks and squeeze them at the same time. It was a total fuck, as thorough as the one Al and his wife had given me.”Yes, Daddy, that’s good, that’s good,” I huffed. My body was burning again, ready to give birth to another bundle of passion. My hands were on his back and my nails dug into his flesh. I wanted to give him pain for the same reason a jockey gives his mount the whip. “More, harder, more! Oh yes, that’s it, that is it! Daddy! Yes! DADDY, DADDY, DADDY, OH MY GOD, YES! IN, IN, IN, HARDER NOW, FUCK ME, OOOHHHH THAT’S BEAUTIFUL, HARDER DADDY, HARDER, MORE, MORE, MOOOOOOOORE!!” Still yelling I went under again, fighting for breath as my passion exploded and tore through my body. Daddy kept on fucking like a man possessed. His cock slithered in and out of my cunt at a fantastic speed, a machine gun of cock it seemed, and I had no sooner crawled out of one emotional melee than the next was upon me.”Here it comes,” he whispered suddenly. His face was very red, his teeth were clenched, and his back buckled tautly. Now his cock moved so quickly that I only felt the heat of its friction. “Watch out, baby, I’m going to blow the lot — AAAARRGH, UNH-UNH-AAAAAAHHHH!!” He subsided, but his cock maintained its pace for a while until even that slowed down. His hot douche of sperm had brought the loose ends of my emotions together and dissipated them utterly. I felt that I didn’t need fucking again.Now came the awkward part. He would regret it, I was sure of that. And he would probably shun me again to give his guilty conscience the chance to forget his part in the proceedings. I clung to him and buried my face in his neck. If that was what he was going to do I didn’t want to know about it until the very last moment.”That was wonderful,” he said as he freed himself from my grasp. “I don’t feel too good about giving in but we did it and I can’t tell you how glad I am that I didn’t have the guts to refuse you.”I kissed him gratefully and sat still while he cleaned my pussy with a hand towel. He did it slowly, carefully, as if he was afraid a drop of his sperm would drop to the carpet. When it was gone he lay the towel aside and caressed my pussy with his bare hands. He looked as though he couldn’t quite tear himself away from it. I was in no hurry. I loved the sensation of having a man, especially my own father, at the shrine of all passion. My pussy twitched and tickled at such times, I got warm and restless all over, but that might have been because those inspections were usually followed by the admirer making a meal of my cunt. Daddy just kissed it and stood up.”Let’s make sure our guests aren’t being neglected,” he said dryly. “What was that you were saying about your mother and her brother? You saw them together, did you?””Yes, up in the bedroom. Did you know about them… their past, I mean?””Of course. I’m only sorry you had to find out.””You’re taking it all very calmly, Dad,” I said. “Doesn’t it bother you that Mum cheats on you?””My dear girl, we’ve been married a long time, and your mother has had affairs with relatives, strangers, men and women. And I love it. She lets me watch her and I let her watch me, and if that’s not possible we tell each other all about it, every detail. The only thing I’ve never told her about was that Sunday morning. I didn’t know how to tell her about that.””Good,” I said from the bottom of my heart. “I’m surprised to hear about your open marriage, though. How have you concealed it from me all these years?””That was easy. k**s are always too preoccupied with themselves to worry about the oldies,” he said with a self-deprecating smile.”Wow! Fancy that!” I got dressed and we walked out of the den after quickly checking to see if anyone was watching. When we got to the garden party everyone was drinking and carrying on at full blast, Mum and Al included. They hardly noticed our arrival. Dad got us both a drink and then he resumed his seat beside his wife. Al and Dora were sitting together, so were Marvin and Rona. Uncle Eddie had brought a blond woman with him, but he evidently hadn’t bedded her yet because he was devoting all of his energies and charm to her.I looked around the circle complacently, taking in Tim, Ned, and Veronica who were in the living room watching TV with the French windows open. Except for my mother, Rona, Marvin and… well, Frank’s parents, I had fucked all of them. I thought about that fact for quite a while, several drinks’ worth in fact, and suddenly I felt that I needed the whole set. It was as if I regarded them as baseball cards! Frank’s parents didn’t count, they weren’t family yet. And my mother and Rona were women, so they didn’t fit in. But Marvin had to be laid. I didn’t care if he wanted me or not, I wanted him right there with all the other cards.The drink gave me the courage to start the ball rolling. Marvin was talking with all the others but when I sat down beside him he looked at me pleasantly and asked how I felt to be on the threshold of marriage. “I feel fine,” I said in a voice that was huskier than usual, “but I can hardly wait to see what you’ll give me as a wedding present.” To make sure he got my point I fluttered my eyelashes at him. He nearly fell off his chair.”A present? Well now, what would you like?””Whatever you want to give me,” I purred, “just as long as it didn’t cost much money… no money, in fact. That’s reasonable isn’t it, Marvin?””Not only reasonable but downright generous,” he said. The others were still talking but he had forgotten them. His eyes bored into mine and his body inclined toward me. “Perhaps you would like a sneak preview of what I’ve got for you.””It’s ready, then?” I asked, fluttering my eyes some more.”It’s even gift-wrapped, baby,” he said and put his glass down on the table. “Come with me. I’ll be back in a minute, Rona, I just have to show the bride a few pictures of our wedding. She’s interested now that her own is so near.””Alright, dear,” said his wife, barely looking up from her talking. What a glib liar he was! I followed him out of the yard and into his. His house was strangely quiet after all the partying that had taken place in my home for the past day or so. And since his whole family was on the other side of the fence, I knew we were alone in this peaceful retreat. He closed the front door and swiveled around to me to unzip his fly and dangle his cock right before my eyes.”All nicely wrapped up in a foreskin,” he said, “and if you want it you’re going to have to unwrap it!””Oh, Uncle!” I cried, sinking to my knees. He had caught me off-guard and the excitement of seeing his long, limp cock produced a spontaneous response in me. If I’d been prepared for him I might have played coy for a minute or so, but as it was my mouth was over that tufted foreskin before my knees hit the ground. He leaned back against the door and undid his pants to let them slide to the floor. Big balls hung low in a red, hairy sac. His cock rose rapidly, filling out enormously until my mouth was stretched as wide as it would go and there was still more to come! I couldn’t believe my eyes or my mouth. His cock was the biggest I had ever seen. To satisfy my curiosity I drew back and looked on as it inflated, eight inches, nine inches, ten inches, eleven! “Oh no!” I whimpered. “That’s far too big!””That’s what they all say,” he grinned, “but keep sucking it Jackie, you’ll soon be wanting more than I’ve got.”I doubted that but I took his advice and fitted my lips around his fat glans. Better to suck it than to take it in my pussy… or my ass! My sphincters twitched hysterically at the very idea! No, I’d give him a blow job and leave it at that. I couldn’t get more than half his length into my mouth and so I made do with much tonguing and licking the sides of his giant phallus. No wonder Aunt Rona was such a contented cow, I thought wryly. She never complained, always did what he wanted from her, and now I knew why. Once you were used to such a salami I guessed that nothing else would be quite as much fun.His cock was wet from top to bottom, the foreskin had been folded back, and his deep sighs told me that my sucking was more effective than it seemed to me. Suckling his balls was one of his favorite treats. I let them dangle into my mouth, closed my lips over the skin further up, and washed the spit around his pendulous eggs until his hips began to quake. Not long before he’d blow. I grabbed hold of his cock with both fists and jerked the skin up and down to aid the process. But Marvin was too smart to let me pull his plug.”Let’s take this one step further,” he said, pushing me away from his giant member and leading me into the living room. “Take off your clothes, Jackie, and bend over the side of this chair. I’m going to take you dog fashion so I can watch your pretty little ass quiver!””Er… look, let me blow you,” I said desperately. “I don’t mind, I love to blow men, it’s much better than fucking.””Quickly now,” he said as though he hadn’t heard me. Of course he knew I was scared of his monster. In spite of that I took off my clothes and presented my naked self to another man, the second within an hour or two. “Turn around, that’s a good girl, now lie over the armrest and spread your legs. Mmmmmm, delicious! What a beautiful little snatch. And what nice cheeks you’ve got. Jesus, I could squeeze them all day long, so supple, so tender, so young!” He was almost drooling on me! I shivered with fear at the thought of his fifth limb entering me. It was obviously too big, and thinking back over how Dora’s pussy had taken in my whole fist couldn’t console me. Marvin tickled my pussy so that my lips parted and he had direct access to my clitoris. It was hard as usual. Nothing could daunt it. I was wet, too, sopping wet! He stuck a finger up me and my cunt grabbed hold of it with a wet squelch. “And horny, too,” he remarked. I blushed.He toyed with my cunt until he was satisfied that I was ready. I was scared and nervous but my pussy could hardly contain itself. The juices dripped down my inner thighs, my clitoris ached with its own stiffness, and when I felt that great glans move into place my cunt opened wide! My face rested on the cushions of the chair and I had my arms wrapped around my head to block out the light, so that my concentration was completely focussed on what was happening inside my body. The first thrust produced a shattering bolt of pain that made me shriek into the chair. Uncle Marvin didn’t take any notice. His big cock pushed in and pulled back with a quick, rutting motion to get in deeper, and with every inch he widened the channel. The pain was immense. I cried out, tried to get away, did everything to discourage him, but his cock was unrelentingly hard and eager to go. It banged into my agonized flesh until half of it was lodged in me.”So tight!” I heard him say. “It’s years since any woman had that much trouble taking me inside. This is the life!” And with that he started to fuck even harder. His cock barged into me ruthlessly, elbowing its way up my vaginal canal until it had reached its objective. And that was only the start. He fucked with long strokes, eleven inches long to be exact, and just before the glans knocked at the door to my womb he gave his hips a double hitch so that his cock would enter even more deeply. In that position I couldn’t stop him from doing anything. I kept expecting the pain to turn into pleasure the way it had done when I had been fucked up the ass, but it wasn’t showing any signs of doing that. It occurred to me that I shouldn’t be putting out just to complete the set. When you start off with no passion, how can any be produced?Marvin was having enough fun for the two of us. He fucked me with gusto and told me how nicely my buns were waggling, how great my ass was, how pink my pussy, and in between his comments he grunted and sweated and drove his cock in to reach new depths. I wanted to tell him to stop, he was wasting his time, but that would be inhuman. Instead I lay over the armrest and made a series of noises intended to convey involvement. And when that was no longer possible I started to sob.”What’s the matter, Jackie, am I going too fast for you?” he asked without stopping his ponderous motion.”It’s alright, just finish!” I cried.”Okay, if that’s what you want.” He grabbed hold of my ass and pressed my cheeks together to put even more pressure on his cock. Now he was going flat out, fucking just for his own satisfaction. Unfortunately that gave him so much pleasure that he didn’t want to finish. I had to put up with the brunt of his giant cock and his adolescent passion all because I had to deal in round figures! He kept on fucking, wouldn’t stop, and the pain kept on growing from warm to hot, redhot, whitehot, unbearable!”Hurry please!” I sobbed. “Oh Christ, it hurts so much! You’re far too big for me, Uncle, come, please come!””Wait… wait, not long now,” he panted. “I can feel it, yes, here it comes, one more second, just one more!” I waited and nothing happened. His cock plunged in and out like a mighty ramrod, churning me up, pumping my fluids about so they slurped and sputtered out against his belly and my thighs. I was crying as copiously as my cunt was producing liquids. And Marvin kept saying he would only be a minute longer, just a second, almost there! At last I felt him pull out. The relief swept through me at once as my cunt resumed its normal size. But he hadn’t come yet! I looked back over my shoulder and he stood right behind me, his cock pointing at my ass, his closed fist working the skin up and down furiously until a gusher of white cream blurted out and arched through the air to land on my flesh.”What’s going on here!” Rona burst into the room, assessed the situation, and stamped her foot. “Come on, Marvin, get out of here! I’m tired of you fucking every woman within reach. Jackie, you wash yourself and come back here. Or better yet, sit on this.” She threw a handkerchief at me and hustled her husband out of the room, picking up his clothes on the way. He went out into the backyard where he presumably dressed and went about his business. I sat on the handkerchief and cowered. Veronica’s mother was strongly built, formidable tits and ass, a pretty face that could look very tough at moments like this, and she had a real bone to pick with me. But first she told me to wipe my ass and to give her the handkerchief.”Look at that, blood!” she said. Her expression changed drastically when she saw the handkerchief. “That man is too big for everybody! You poor girl, you must have had the shock of your life when you saw it.””I certainly did,” I said. “I wanted to run but I couldn’t. How do you put up with such a size?””Never you mind about that. Let me see if he’s done you an injury. That’d be a fine kettle of fish to have broken your box on the day before your wedding. Come on, spread your legs and let me see. I know about these matters.”I obeyed, relieved that she wasn’t going to beat up on me. Rona peered into my pussy and nodded. “That’s not too bad. I’ve got some ointment that will fix you up. You’re just a little bruised and inflamed up there, that’s all.” She fetched the ointment and applied it with one finger, working it into my inner flesh very slowly. The ointment was cool, it soothed my pain, and the luxury of having her rub it in ironed out a lot of the wrinkles that her husband had caused in my psyche. I relaxed utterly, barely able to keep my seat in the chair, Rona went on and on with that one finger. She must have given my cunt walls several layers before she finally stopped, and by that time I was so horny that I wished the wounds were worse so she’d never stop treating me.”How does that feel?” she asked, sitting on her knees before me. Her face was stern, businesslike, but there was a glow in her eyes that indicated she’d enjoyed herself too.”Oh much better!” I sighed, wriggling forward so that my pussy came toward her to beg for more. “There are still a few tender spots here and there, though.””Are there? Oh yes, I see some. Just relax now, Jackie, this won’t take long.””I’m in no hurry,” I said. She threw me a strange look, then smiled and went on with her work. The cool ointment was spread over my inner lips, the outer lips, my clitoris was buried in the stuff, and even my thighs got a dose of it. She set the ointment aside and said she wanted to knead it in better. Her whole hand seized my cunt and she kneaded it like it was a rubber ball. I could feel a climax rising through the ranks. If she went on for another minute her hand would be dripping with my love juices, and some of the ointment would surely wash off. Well, then she would have to put on more.”That’s nice,” I said softly. Rona nodded and brought her other hand into play. It moved up to my breasts even though they hadn’t been injured. “Mmmm-mm-m!” I said. “Oh yeah! That’s beautiful!””Just like your mother,” she remarked. “When you like it you say so.” She didn’t explain herself and I didn’t dare ask. Was she one of my mother’s female lovers? If she was I’d find out sooner or later. I surrendered to her soft, persistent caresses totally and came in short bursts connected by sensually satisfying intervals during which Aunt Rona massaged me like no one ever had. Eventually she came over to sit beside me and sucked on my breasts until my nipples felt like they were about to be launched! She had a way of making love that was subtle and insinuating, and left no room for responses. When I tried to get her to take off her clothes she didn’t even answer me. She was in charge, and I wondered why I should buck such a fine system. With her mouth and hands she brought me to one peak after another until the last of my energies had been dissipated in the form of passion and cunt juice. Only then did she get up and declare me healed.”If I was you I’d give that box of yours a rest for tomorrow night,” she advised me. “Your husband to be was in the shopping center today and he looked ready to **** a squad of nuns. You’re going to need all your strength, believe me.””I know,” I sighed. “God, I feel awful about not giving in to him earlier. It isn’t fair, is it?””Not really, no, especially when you’ve been having such a good time. Is there anyone in the family with whom you haven’t slept?” She posed the question in such a way that I couldn’t take it lightly. Her eyes were on mine, she wanted an answer.”Yes… my mother,” I confessed.”At least you’re honest. Veronica told me about your plan, and I must say it’s a good one. But don’t ever let Frank find out about it. He’d kill you.””You think so?””I’m sure of it.” Rona spoke with authority, and suddenly it hit home: of course he would! Hell, why shouldn’t he? How would I feel about me in his place? I’d slept with men and women, broken all the taboos, given myself to perfect strangers, and the best I could give Frank was a blow job. When I went back to my room via the tree it was to think more deeply about the whole issue. Sure, my plan had made sense when we formulated it. But now it seemed selfish, vicious, and not a little dumb.Perhaps I wasn’t worthy to become Frank’s bride. After all, he was straight, honest, and loving, he trusted me! I’d broken that trust, pissed on it, and flung it back into his face. That wasn’t right.Hours went by. I sat alone in the darkening twilight and tried to understand the issue. It was close on ten o’clock in the evening when I reached my decision. I would tell Frank that I couldn’t be his wife, and when he asked why I would give him the whole story. It didn’t matter that he would be mad and violent. I had made my bed and slept in it many times; now to show him the sheets.CHAPTER EIGHTDownstairs the family reunion had progressed into an orgy. My relatives sat around stripped to the waist, shoes off, playing cards to see who would take off what next. The air was thick with the smoke of cigars and the growl of conversation had become a constant factor. I took the family car keys off the dresser and slipped out into the night. I had many changes of mind and heart on the way to Frank’s place, and if it hadn’t been for the fact that the car kept getting closer to him I might well have put this confrontation off until it was too late. As it was I arrived at his house, parked the car, and walked up the driveway with rubbery legs.His father answered the doorbell. “Jackie! Don’t you know the bride and the groom aren’t supposed to see each other on the day before the ceremony?””Oh yes, I’d forgotten,” I replied distractedly. “I have to talk with Frank right away, though, so do you think an exception can be made?””I certainly wouldn’t object. The only problem is that Frank is out at a stag party. The boys at his college decided he had to leave bachelorhood in style, you know.””Will he be back soon?””I honestly don’t know. But come in, my dear, you can keep me company while you wait. My wife is visiting friends and taking care of the last details of the wedding. Such a confounded nuisance.” He let me into the living room and offered me a drink. I asked for coffee and a cigarette. My nerves were shot. The idea that Frank could come in at any moment terrified me. He’d probably be tipsy and amorous, and what I had to tell him wouldn’t go down well even if he was sober and spent.”Well, what is it you have to talk with Frank about?” asked his father. “You look drawn and nervous. It can’t be that awful, can it?””It’s very personal, Mr. Perkins.””Call me Jack. Now relax and if you want to tell me, feel free to. If you don’t want to tell me I won’t take it personally. I realize there must be many things on your mind at a time like this, but it’s odd how often those things are less complicated once you let them out into the open.”Through my distraction I saw him the way I’d seen him the other day, such a strong, masculine person with his clear blue eyes and silver hair, square jaw, and that atmosphere of cigars and bourbon. He sat in the chair facing mine and gave me his full attention. Until that time I had seen him just as Frank’s father, a person who was often present when I was visiting him but who kept aloof from our young world. Now that he and I were alone I felt a strong urge to get to know him better, and to confess all.”When Frank proposed to me I was a virgin,” I began hesitantly. “And now I’m not. But believe me, Mr. Perkins, I mean Jack, it’s not entirely my fault. I wanted Frank to be the first but he wanted to wait until we were married!”He didn’t say anything for a while and I felt as if I was sitting on hot coals. Then he shook his head and said: “That boy’s a fool. How often have I told him not to be so inflexible! Principles don’t mean a thing in the world. Well, so you made love with someone, and it serves my son right. But is that any reason to be so upset?””It’s not just one person, Jack. It’s… oh, you’re going to think I’m awful!” I broke down crying and he hurried over to my side to take me into his arms. It was very comforting to be enveloped in his masculine aroma and I readily snuggled up to him as the tears rolled out of my eyes. He caressed my hair soothingly and told me not to worry, he was a man of the world, even if his son wasn’t. “There have been a whole bunch, men and women!” I blurted out. He stiffened momentarily and I thought he was going to expel me.”Ah… yes, I see, that is something to be distressed about… unless you enjoyed it, of course.”I looked him in the face and found he was smiling faintly. “I did, Jack, very much, but the worst is still to come.””You’re not pregnant are you?””No, my uncle is a doctor. Well, the people I went to bed with are all family, not all, but mostly.” He told me to enumerate. “My father, several uncles, two aunts, my brother, two cousins, and then there were two black men, one oriental, I think that’s all.”He whistled through his teeth but stayed by my side. I wondered what he was thinking. And suddenly, without him saying a word, I found out. There was movement in his lap, a cock stirred or bobbed, and the knob pushed at the material of his pants some eight inches from where it began. “You know what I think?” he said, taking my hands into his. “I think you should keep this a secret between you and me — and your family, of course. Never tell Frank about this.” Then he drew me toward him and kissed me on the lips. “Nor about this.””Oh Jack, no!” I cried. “I’ll only be making it worse!””Only if you want to keep score,” he said, kissing me on the cheek, forehead, nose, and holding me closer. I couldn’t struggle for long. A real desire for him sprang up in my belly, a need that had its origins in the past. Now I realized he had always attracted me but that I had always thought of him as out of my reach or class. And now that he made advances I was flattered and excited. I kissed him back, working my lips into his and allowing him to part them so his tongue could enter my mouth. I closed my lips around it and pretended to suck it like a cock, a hint which didn’t escape him. He took my hand and placed it on that throbbing cock that I’d seen earlier, and having a grip on it made it seem all the bigger.Both my hands fumbled with his zip and extracted that big cock, but a bolt of fear hit me before I could do it justice. “What if Frank comes home and sees this?” I asked. “Aren’t we taking an awful risk?””I suppose you’re right. Besides that my wife might come home. Let’s drive a little way and park,” he said. His cock went back into hiding but it seemed to need more room in there. It stuck out like a concealed weapon and Jack walked strangely toward his car. He had a big car with a car seat large enough to party on, and he didn’t drive too far before he pulled over into the bushes and proceeded to do just that. We lay on the back seat and started to kiss again, warming each other up where he had grown cool in the interim. My hand found his cock again, took it out again, and I was delighted to find it was just as big and hard as before. Now there was nothing to stop me from finding out more about that splendid member. I slid down along the seat and ran my tongue along the veined skin, relishing its silky smoothness, its warm odor, and the bushy hairs that brushed against my face. Jack managed to take off his pants without disturbing me and he urged me to undress without disturbing him. It wasn’t easy. I wanted to suck on his cock with all my heart but he wanted me naked. Very well. I let go of his cock and quickly took off my clothes, waited until he’d taken off his shirt and then, both of us as naked as the day we were born, we resumed our original position.Jack loved to get sucked off, I could tell that right away. He crooned a melody of delight way in the back of his throat and his cock kept on growing harder the more I worked it over. But he knew something about women, too, because as soon as we had both indulged ourselves for a while he made me sit on his face. I squirmed about until his mouth was in the right part of my pussy and bent over to get back to his dick. We ate and sucked to our hearts content there in the confines of the back seat of a Cadillac, and I couldn’t help but think back over that last date I’d had with his son, both of us cramped into his car and talking about marriage. It was fitting to have gone the full cycle.”It’s years since I’ve done this,” he said when we had eaten enough and were sitting upright in the back of the car. He had one arm around my shoulders and the other hand was between my legs toying with my clit. “My wife and I used to go to the drive-in now and then and we’d play at being teenagers again, but we stopped that when we realized how much we preferred a comfortable bed. With you it’s very different! I can’t tell you how great this makes me feel.””I keep trying to think about Frank,” I giggled, “but it’s no use, I’m just not the guilty type.””That’s my girl.” He started to finger me with his thick, long index and I leaned against him luxuriously, my legs wide apart, my hands roving freely over his hairy chest and belly. Jack was a robust man and I liked nothing better than to feel how hard his stomach was, how strong his thighs were, because the stronger he was the harder he would fuck me. I could hardly wait for him to get started, much as I enjoyed his relapse into teenage love. His finger moved in and out of me just like a cock, but somehow it was never the same. I missed that bulbous head at the top of it, the slap of balls against my asshole, and the depth of penetration. Jack sensed that. “How would you like to sit on my lap?””Oh, I’d love to!” Like a happy little girl I bounced up on his lap and hugged him tightly about his neck as he aimed his cock at my pussy. The remnants of the ointment helped to pave the way for his entrance, the battering Uncle Marvin had given me had made me sensitive but loose, and before long he was right up in me and I was bobbing about on his lap joyously.It occurred to me what a weakling I was. I’d gone to Frank’s place to make a full confession and to promise I would never do it again if he would only forgive me. And now I was fucking his father! Obviously I would never be able to tell him anything now. Our lives would begin from tomorrow on. The past, mine and his, would just have to be kept out of it. Somehow that cleared my conscience because from that point on I began to fuck Jack with such verve that his cock slipped out and I almost broke it. “Put it back in!” I panted. “Oh Jesus, it feels so good in me. Quick, Jack, put it in! Aaaahhh, yes, that’s better, now fuck me, fuck me, I love it so much. Do you think that’s wrong, Jack, for a girl to like sex? I can’t help it! Give it to me! It makes me feel so tingly and warm all over, even my toes are curling, I love your hairy chest and your big balls, fuck me, fuck me, tomorrow it’s your son’s turn so give me something to remember!””I will my dear, I will,” he said, and suddenly I was on my back and he was on top of me, shoving his cock into me with power. My body was so accustomed to orgasms by this time that it just naturally slipped into one after the other and there was nothing I could do about it. Much as I wanted to give Jack a hot time I could lie under him and submit. It seemed to be enough. He fucked me good and hard and when he came it was with a gush of hot cream that filled my cunt up and spilled more on the seat of his car. He lay on top of me and breathed heavily.”My son is a very lucky boy,” he said, once he’d recovered himself. “You can regard this episode as a father’s blessing. That sounds moral enough, doesn’t it?””You’re a devil, Jack,” I said, “but I’m glad we got to know each other so well.” We shared a cigarette in the back seat, our arms about each other, listening to the sounds of the night. We talked about different things, nothing too closely related to the wedding, though, and by the time he drove me back to my car, we really had become firm friends.”No one’s home yet,” he said, checking his garage. “Now you go to bed, Jackie, have a good sleep, and forget about everything except the future. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He kissed me good night and walked away from my car. I drove back home slowly, thinking all the while, and the conclusion of that was that I decided he was right.Inside my house it was very quiet and very messy. The party had apparently become rough. Empty bottles, full ashtrays, general mess, and a couple of naked, sleeping people. I identified Dora and Eddie, Tim, and Veronica, but they were on couches and looked more than happy. The big surprise came when I walked into the kitchen. There was my mother, stark naked, mumbling to herself, and d****d over the kitchen table with dried sperm stains on her inner thighs. She was very drunk. I couldn’t leave her there so I hoisted her over my back and dragged her up the stairs, which was no mean feat. We made it to the bathroom and I balanced her on the toilet seat to wash her down. With warm water and soap I got rid of the sperm stains, I gave her face a going over, and straightened and combed her hair. This was more for my sake than hers. I just couldn’t stand to see my mother look like that. As a final gesture I gave her a douche.There was no reason to do this. I think I got carried away with the whole situation. There was my mother, sitting on the toilet seat like a Raggedy Anne doll, her eyes blank and half closed, mumbling incoherently, oblivious to everything. Her body was mine to do with as I pleased, my life-size doll, and it excited me strangely and very deep down. She was a sexy woman even in that condition. Those full, heavy breasts, the ample thighs, the dense bush of pubic hair, the generously proportioned cunt all titillated me, and my decision to give her a douche was probably more sexual than considerate. At the time there was no way of knowing why I was doing it because I’d decided to turn over a new leaf, and so I wouldn’t face myself. My mother sat with her legs wide apart and her ass far enough forward to give me access to her cunt hole, and after I’d filled the douche bag and screwed on the nozzle, I slipped it into her and squeezed the bag hard. She didn’t react at all to the internal shower. Water dripped out of her cunt, mixed with sperm and juices, pouring down onto the floor to form big puddles. I didn’t care.”Sit up now, Mummy,” I said, rearranging her. “That’s a good girl. Now keep your legs open so Jackie can clean you all up. There, isn’t that nice? Don’t you feel better now?” Something like a climax shivered through my body when I withdrew the nozzle. Her cunt was still dripping water from its pink, enlarged hole. Rosy cunt lips were far apart and I found myself gazing at her inner labia, full petals that were swollen through use and abuse. For the moment her cunt represented all of sex to me. Just looking at it set my belly upside down, churning with passion, and my cunt quailed in sympathy. I got a grip on myself and put away the douche, dried my mother off, and lifted her off the seat. She was able to walk a little now, which made it easier to get her on my bed. The master bedroom was closed and several people were snoring loudly behind the door.I crawled into bed beside her, naked now, and very tired. Sex had to wind down sooner or later, I told myself. Besides, what could happen between a mother and her daughter? I found out as soon as I snuggled up to her naked back. Her big ass pushed against my belly like an invitation and when I rested one arm over her side and touched her big, yielding tits, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I moved away so that she rolled over on her back and then I lay on top of her with my face between her tits. For a long time I did nothing more. Just to be between those soft orbs was enough, it calmed me and yet it made me yearn for the rest of her. My lust turned into pure sensuality, an appreciation of her womanly body and her proximity. I wasn’t sure if she was asleep or awake and it really didn’t matter. Her warm flesh against mine, the feeling of her silky inner lips, her hard nipples, the largesse of her thighs, kept me entirely occupied.”Jackie? Is that you?””Yes Mum, it’s me.””What am I doing here? Oh dear, I must have drunk too much. Your father said I would. Well, screw him. Why do I feel so sexy? Go to sleep, honey, it must be very late.” She spoke without opening or closing her mouth, I guessed, because it all came out rather limply. I felt as though I was taking unfair advantage of her but then why should she object? She liked women, and I was a woman. I slipped down between her legs and rested my face on her cunt. It seemed so big to me, so fulsome and cozy, that I wondered why my father should bother with others. My mother shifted a little to open up further for me but that was probably an automatic reaction. She tasted like douche mixture at first but pretty soon the real her came through, tasty, spicy, tart, rich juices that formed a film over my face and trickled down over my tongue, and gave me an insatiable longing for more.”What are you doing?” she asked, crooning her words. “My goodness, what is happening in this house. Mmmmmmm, it’s awfully nice, here comes the bride, big fat and wide, is that you Jackie?” I didn’t answer. My mouth was full of cunt, succulent, fleshy, fragrant cunt. It was suffocating and enveloping me, I didn’t care what else happened as long as I could keep on eating her out. Her passiveness made it all the nicer because I didn’t have to concern myself with her well-being, only my own. As I ate her my hands found her big tits and massaged them vigorously. Her flesh was so soft that it seemed to squelch between my fingers, but I found it could only be squeezed so far before it resisted. Then it was like smooth, firm rubber, possessed of a squeezability that set my teeth on edge and made me want to squeeze so hard that her tits would drop off. I parked my pussy over her shin bone and rode along that slowly as if to keep it on the back burner. The sensations her body provided me with were more than enough to keep the rest of me burning brightly.Time passed on fleet feet. I lost all awareness of where I was, what I was doing, and what lay in the future. In a way it was like being back in the womb, lost in fluid, surrounded by flesh. My mother snored softly. Not even sex could pull her out of her drunken stupor. All the more for me. I made love to her beautifully and at length, had orgasms by the bunch, and experienced something very few girls ever get to know: true intimacy with one’s mother.I fell asleep huddled up beside her, the taste of her cunt in my mouth, the resilience of her flesh echoing in the palms of my hands. The curtain went down on the beautiful experiment initiated by my cousin Veronica. Tomorrow was the wedding day, Frank would be mine, I would be his, etc.. I snuggled up closer to my mother at the thought of that drastic separation. How could Frank replace all these people? What if he couldn’t make love at all? Or what if I was really a dyke. Many such fatuous questions haunted my mind even after I’d fallen asleep to cause bad dreams and a nervous night.***In the morning I felt fresh and clean. My mother woke up soon after me and she informed me that she felt old and ragged. Her hangover had her crawling out of bed to go into the bathroom and run the tap over her head. Other relatives were sitting in the kitchen, hunched over cups of black coffee and eating aspirins. They told me I had missed a great party and I said I’d take their word for that. Somehow this motley, seedy bunch managed to transform itself into smartly dressed men and women before it was time to go to the church. The caterers were setting up shop on the lawn, the limousine was waiting, I was in my special dress, Veronica in hers as befitted the bridesmaid, and the party left the house in a stately manner. At the church it got a little sticky when I had to walk along the aisle toward Frank, seeing on either side of me the people whom I’d fucked so recently, but I managed to keep a straight face. My father gave me away a little reluctantly, I thought, and Tim was cool toward Frank, but my husband didn’t notice a thing. He kept looking at me with shining eyes. Was he happy that we were man and wife or did he just want to get into my pants?The reception went smoothly enough, but far too quickly. I wasn’t sure if I could face Frank alone in the wedding suite that had been booked for us. I was afraid I’d break down and tell him everything. No marriage should start on that foot. During the reception I looked at all my former lovers wistfully, yet already there seemed to be some distance between us. I noticed a tendency in myself to stick closer to Frank, to prefer his company to Veronica’s or my father’s. A gold band on my finger served as a constant reminder of my commitment but that wasn’t the reason I stuck with him. It was more psychological.He looked very handsome in his new suit, self-assured and strong, looking much more like his father than the boy who came begging at my door a few days ago. He showed no signs of eagerness or anxiety, he was charming with my relatives, witty with his friends, and considerate toward me. I didn’t know what to make of this but I was glad of it. The reception drew to a close, people gathered at the end of the driveway to wave us goodbye as the limousine took us to the hotel. One night there and in the morning we would leave for Europe. I felt like crying when I looked at all those familiar faces. Why had I given them up for Frank? They could give me everything he could give, and more! Too late. We waved at the receding cluster of people, the limousine turned a corner, and we were alone.”Well, that wasn’t so bad,” he breathed, undoing his tie a little and lighting cigarettes for the both of us. “How do you feel, honey?””Okay, I guess.” I couldn’t look him in the eye. What if he turned back into that whimpering boy once we were in the hotel suite? I couldn’t live with that. Either he demanded or he didn’t ask. We made some small talk about the wedding and the guests but I had to force the words out. I was so nervous that I could hardly breathe! He remarked how pale I was and tried to set me at ease by holding my hand. His hand was big, strong, and dry, not a sign of nervousness. We were ushered through the hotel, into the elevator, and from there into the bridal suite. The door closed behind us and the dreaded moment had arrived.”Champagne?” he said. A trolley stood near the bed, laden with snacks centered about an ice bucket holding a large bottle of champagne. I accepted gratefully, thinking that this would make me worry less. I couldn’t believe Frank’s poise. He had taken off his tie and shoes and sat on the edge of the bed wiggling his toes and sipping at his glass. “Ah, lovely. Do you want to eat something? They laid this on so we could stay in bed as long as we felt like it, I think,” he grinned.”No thank you.” I took in the decor and wondered what to do with myself. In the end I went over to the bed and sat beside him but there was enough space between us to drive a bus through. “Could I have another champagne, please?””Sure. But first you have to take off all your clothes.””What? Why should I do that?””Because I said so.” There was an edge to his voice that told me I had better not try to be cute with him. I got up and waited until he’d undone the buttons at the back, then stepped out of the dress and took off the slip, the bra, panties, hose, and whatever else was on my body. Frank nodded approvingly and handed me a refill. I sat down again, so tense now that I spilled half of it right away. If he noticed he gave no sign of it. He downed his glass, set it down, and took off his clothes. But he didn’t attack me. He just sat down, poured himself another, and said how lucky it was that the sun had shone on our wedding. I agreed.”Boy, it makes you tired, though,” he said, lying back on the bed and resting his head on the pillows. “I know you expect the honeymoon to begin right away but I’m not sure I’m up to it. Still, we have all the time in the world now, don’t we?””Er… yes, I guess so,” I said lamely. I just couldn’t work it out. Was this Frank or an identical twin he’d had hidden away for years? His cock was limp, he looked totally relaxed, so much so that I was afraid he’d fall asleep! I lay down beside him, a bit closer now, and tried to figure it out. He was no help.Minutes ticked by. He might be dozing, I thought as I surveyed his face. That should have made me feel more at ease but somehow it was much worse this way. He ignored me! He took me for granted on the first night! I would never live this down. Still, if he thought I would try to change his mind he was crazy. I could hold out as well as he could, I would show him. But how did he get to be so calm? What had happened to his hornyness?”Frank! What happened at that stag party last night!” I said suddenly. I blurted the words out before thinking about it, and I blushed furiously when he just grinned and said nothing. The bastard! Now he was in real trouble with me. My pussy was closed for business, for good if necessary. We lay there like two people from a Feiffer cartoon, not saying a word, not touching, just mulling. My eyes kept wandering over his nakedness, and in spite of my anger I had to acknowledge his beauty. After all those older men it was a treat to be with such a perfect body. The ridges of abdominal muscle, the full chest, smooth skin, bulging muscles in his upper arms, all of it brought out a yearning to touch, taste, and love him. But I wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. Let him come to me!Was he asleep? How he irritated me! His cock lay there like a sleeping prince waiting to be kissed into awakening. It was so thick and long, so tasty to look at that my mouth began to water. Not only that, but my pussy did the same. Even though he was unaware of me, I began to lust after him actively. I imagined how it would be to touch his fine body, to take that long dick into my mouth and to feel it harden and swell, and to have him touch me. At the same time I tried to hold back emotions, but it was no use. My pussy was dripping wet, my nipples were hard and ached for his touch, and it was all I could do just to lie still.”Honey?” I spoke softly, almost in a whisper, so as not to wake him if he was asleep. No response. “Frank darling? Are you asleep?” Still no answer. I raised my voice and tried again but he just wouldn’t come to. Once again I tried to subdue my rising passion by lying back and taking no notice of his presence. But even when I closed my eyes I could feel his body so near me, sense its masculine power, and my imagination filled in the missing details, such as that magnificent cock. “Frank, please, wake up!” I cried, grabbing hold of him and shaking him. “I must have you, you’re driving me crazy!”He mumbled something and tried to turn over on his side but I wouldn’t have it. “No you don’t! Wake up, Frank, and be like a husband to me. I can’t take it any longer.” Perhaps he was secretly drunk. That would explain his new-found cool. With a snort of disgust I let him drop and tried to sort out my thoughts. What the hell, if he wanted to sleep let him. By the same token, if I wanted to make love I would. I took hold of his cock with one hand and rubbed it as though it was a magic lamp, to find it much more responsive than the rest of my husband. A few caresses and it began to swell quickly. But I wanted to feel it expand inside my mouth so I hurried down and took it all inside. It throbbed and grew rapidly, filling my mouth, pushing its way down my throat. Now I could blow him in style. I knew how to relax my throat muscles, how to use my tongue and teeth, and Frank would find out in the course of this blow job that he had married a real woman, one with real needs.Even though Frank still wouldn’t move, the fact that his cock was as hard as rock was enough to spur me on. I gave it my best, closing my lips hard just below his knob and tugging at it, blowing on it, running my tongue in spiral from the tip right down the thick stalk to the hairy base and back, I used my fingers, my cheeks, everything to make his cock feel nice. I felt very happy in my work. My body throbbed in time with his cock, I was as taut and hot as it was, and making love to my own husband thrilled me deep down.”Hey, didn’t I tell you the honeymoon would start later!” Frank sat up and pushed my head away from his stiff cock. “You better learn to do as I say, girl, or there’s going to be a lot of friction!””Frank, no, how could you!” Now I was really hurt. I reeled back and lay along the foot of the bed in a state of shock. “That’s cruel as hell!””Is it really? Good, because I want to make my point very clear. I say when we make love and I say when we don’t! Now come up here, lie down, and wait. I may change my mind and I may not. It all depends on how I feel.” I obeyed meekly but inside I was in a rage. I almost wanted him to turn back into the groveling boy. My body was in a raging turmoil, I’d had a taste of him and I wanted more, more, more! His cock declined slowly, jerkily, and it was like watching a stately vessel sink. I wanted to cry. This was turning into the most miserable night of my life. If only he would change his mind! I was powerless to influence him, however, because I was already naked and I’d already played my trump card by trying to blow him. What a fool I’d been.”Okay, go back down on me,” said Frank out of the blue. “Get me hard and I’ll think about it some more.””Do you mean it, Frank?” I was so relieved and delighted that I actually felt he was doing me a great favor. I went down on him at once and now I treated his cock like royalty! I washed it with my tongue, dried it with my breath, fondled it with all ten fingers, loved it and lavished it with tender care. I kissed his balls, his asshole, his thighs, I rubbed my face against his belly and took his entire cock down my throat to make my muscles pullulate about his sensitive knob, and my enthusiasm was so great that I actually came in the process!”That’s very good,” he said, and I noticed that some of the ice had gone from his voice, that it quavered just a little. “But I think my ass needs a bit more work.””Right away, darling!” With the same zeal I descended to his asshole and poked my tongue deep into the already wet sphincters. I loved his musky, stuffy odor, the hairiness of his cheeks and the surprising softness of his anus. His cock towered high above my face and his balls dangled down, enticing me to lick them at intervals. But I really gave it to his asshole, working my tongue around and inside it until he was squirming with pleasure. He couldn’t maintain his front now, he was too far gone. But so was I. In the back of my mind I realized he’d done a number on me but that didn’t matter; or rather, it made me all the happier.When he finally consented to fuck me I was so hot that it only took one good stroke to set me off. I’d had some good lovers in my hectic week, perhaps some great ones, but Frank blew them all away with that first deep thrust. It was as though he’d opened the door leading to a burning room, letting in a burst of oxygen that turned the fires into a roaring conflagration, and once he’d done that nothing could fight my fire but his mighty cock. It entered me deeper and deeper with every stroke, always promising a heavy load of soothing sperm, always withholding it.But I could wait a little longer. All that mattered to me was that he was on top of me, that his cock was inside me, and that he was in my arms. “Frank!” I moaned, only half aware of what I was saying. “You’re the one, there’ll never be anyone else!””There had better not be!” he panted, driving his cock relentlessly into my cunt, fondling my tits with both hands and occasionally bending down to suck at my hard nipples. “From here on in it’s you and me, Jackie, nobody else.””Oh Frank, that’s wonderful! I love you, Frank, do you know that? I love you! Oh, Frank, Frank, it feels so great, you’re such a good lover!” Every word came from the heart. In between mountainous waves of passion I thought back over past affairs and they seemed very petty suddenly, just practice sessions for this event. When he came I was completely done, there was nothing left to be satisfied or loved, and the only surviving urge was to be close to the man who had made me feel so great.We made love often that night. The snacks, as it turned out, came in as handy as K-rations on a forced march. Without them we might not have survived. But before we finally fell asleep I couldn’t help but wonder what had caused such a change in my husband’s behavior. Was that a natural part of getting married? Surely not.Late the next morning I heard the bedside phone ring. Frank picked it up and I heard him say hello to his father. The conversation that followed provided me with the answer to my question. “Yes Dad, yes it worked fine… yeah, yes, that’s right… she loved it… okay, and thanks again for the advice, Dad.” I made sure he wouldn’t know that I was awake by turning over and smacking my lips sleepily and snoring a bit. But inside I was smiling. With a father-in-law like that, how could our marriage fail?THE END

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