Mar 26

Fantasy Fuck

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Fantasy FuckVictoria entered the room closing the door behind her….5ft 6″ tall and wearing white fishnet stockings, and a short micro-like white skirt, with a matching white blouse and a matching nursing cap on top of her wavy blonde locks. She was ripe and her age was 30.”it’s time for your medicine” she said as she approached me, all the time I was lying there undressed looking down at her slutty fishnet stockings and her mini skirt, where her soft smooth flesh was visible between her fishnet stocking top and the bottom of her skirt.I felt myself harden under the duvet as I looked from her legs up into her brown eyes and noticed her run her tongue around her bright red coloured slutty lips. I wasn’t wearing any boxers and my cock was free to twitch and flex and Vicky noticed this movement from beneath the duvet as I clutched my own cock to steady the ripples shielding my cock.She smiled in acknowledgement of my aroused state and as she lowered herself down towards me with a cap of medicine, the moment had arrived….In almost a split second I jumped up, revealing my erect state, pushing Victoria face down onto the bed. She threw herself forward and screamed “what are you doing??” to which I replied “you’ve been waiting for me to do this haven’t you? teasing me with your slutty looks everyday!”Victoria was lying on the bed and her micro skirt had risen up to her waist, revealing a white thong underneath and as she looked back at me, she said “so don’t you like the way I dress? are you going to punish me?”I stood over her feasting my eyes on her partly exposed body…gripping my erect cock in anticipation çankaya escort and slowly wanking my shaft as she looked on.I reached forward and parted her legs further which allowed me a complete look up between her soft bum cheeks, with her crack modestly covered by Victoria’s dirty white thong string. As I ran my hand over her cupped pussy, I felt her thong material by the gusset which was burning hot to touch. I thought to myself, “mmm her fanny must be getting wet already…”. I rubbed at the material reaching under her, along and back, as the material pressed into her fanny and ass crack my fingers followed the material which was warm and now moist.Victoria was breathing heavily now and as she looked back I wasn’t sure if her heavy breathing had turned into distant moans as I continued to rub her cunt through her thong.”Are you going to fuck me or let me go?” she then asked.”i’ll do exactly what I want to do to you!” I firmly replied, before pushing a finger at her asshole. My finger reluctantly penetrated her stinkhole and Victoria let out a “owwwww” as my finger went deeper. I removed my finger and had reasserted my control over matters.I placed the same finger up to my nose and inhaled deeply. Mmmmmm the smell was rich and savoury, and was distinctly a bumhole smell.”suck it, bitch” I said as I placed my finger at her mouth entrance. She looked back at me and then opened her mouth before slowly slurping along my warm index finger, all the time looking deeply into my eyes. Placing my hands around her waist under her skirt as she remained belly down on the bed, all the balgat escort time her legs dangling over the side of the bed where she had stood over me just moments ago.I peeled her thong away from her bum crack and removed the garment, raising the gusset to my nose as Victoria intriguing looked on..I was wanking my shaft now and sniffing the pussy aroma deposited on her white panties. It felt as though my cock had grown stronger and bigger during this act, and Victoria interrupted proceedings by asking “how do they smell? does my pussy smell good?? does it??”I inspected inside her gusset and noticed the damp clear pussy juice deposit that had formed, citing to Victoria that she must have been feeling horny. As I looked to the back of her thong I noticed small dried brown stains my her thong string. I sniffed this area and remarked “you dirty dirty bitch!”I held the length of her knicker gusset out and ran it under Victoria’s own nose whilst pinning her down lying on top of her, “here you go, smell this you dirty bitch..this is how your pussy & asshole stink!!”I moved down her body and probed further between her ass crack. Clutching at each of her soft juicy bum cheeks I parted them, moving my face closer.. The wafted smell filled my nostrils and I eagerly licked and lapped her inner flavour as she wriggled beneath me. “fuck me, that tastes fucking great, did you shower this morning?” I asked in-between tasting along her arse crack. “No, I showered last night, I’ve been up through the night working my shift” Victoria replied. I sensed Victoria beginning to moan and as I spat elvankent escort at her stinkhole I formed a puddle of my own saliva over her arsehole before pressing my solid meat, into the lubricated spot.”Wait! aren’t you going to use a condom?” Victoria interrupted. I didn’t bother replying and proceeded to enter her jammy bumhole.The heat sensation was fantastic and there was also a smell that wafted and filled the room as she accepted my solid cock into her arse. I was pressing down on top of Victoria and my cock felt so damned warm inside her tight stinky asshole. “aaaaaaarrrrggh, you fucking wanker!” she moaned “that’s right up my arse!”My hips were grinding in a rhythm and slapping into her fleshy bum cheeks and I was fucking loving it.. I looked down beneath me and could see myself penetrating Victoria who was now just going with it, submissive and realising that matters would soon be over.The sensations were rising inside me, I knew that I wanted to come. It would have been easy to just unload inside Victoria, and rather satisfying too, but I had other ideas…As I neared orgasm with each thrust against her soft bum cheeks, and her soft moans to “please cum and finish” I finally reached down and withdrew my erect cock, wiping it clean along her bum crack and then wanking myself to a finish around the other side of the bed in front of Victoria.”aaaaaargh take…that…you…filthy….fucking….whore!” I let out with each wanked thrust just before I shot my load across Victoria’s mouth and chin as she looked on for me to finish.Victoria smiled and looked deeply into my eyes and with my cum still hanging down from her chin, before saying “so did I do it right this time babe? Did I get your fantasy right for you?” Vicky was my girl and we had just been role-playing in my bedroom. It keeps our sex life active and allows us to fulfil our dirty fantasises and believe me we have quite a few!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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