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Fantasy of first Bi encounter – Part 3

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Fantasy of first Bi encounter – Part 3Part 3So we’re both in need of a pee. Paul’s already on his way and I suggest that we go “together”. I can’t be sure what I mean by that and I’m pretty sure he hasn’t thought about what that might mean, maybe never. Either way, he pauses, looks at me and waits. I get off the bed and follow him. We don’t have far to walk but he’s still in his wife’s thong. I’m not really into men’s arses to look at, but interestingly, the disappearance of the thong between his cheeks does look good. I’m still wearing my birthday suit.We get to the bathroom where there’s the toilet, a basin and the bath with shower over. Pretty standard configuration. He lifts the lid and seat of the toilet and steps to the side. I pause and look at his cock hanging from the thong. I begin to get a slow rising erection. I reach for his cock, it feels as if it’s swelling a little in my hand. Mine stiffens more in response.So we are both stood at the toilet bowl with hardening cocks. Soon it will be impossible to pee into the toilet. I pull him by his cock towards me and then turn to face the bath. He gets where I’m going. I pull him to stand beside me facing the side of the bath tub. Now however bad our aim, it will at least end up in something.Paul reaches for my erection and pulls back my foreskin. I do the same to him. I take the plunge and let some pee go. My cock twitches under the pressure and Paul is surprised. He grins and says he’s never done this or even thought about it. I respond “well here we are, I need to piss, you need to piss and so we should, maybe, just take a piss. What do you think?”He responds simply by letting go and taking a piss. The stream flies upwards, splashing against the wall. I wiggle his cock about causing the stream to fly around the bath. Paul looks at me with raised eyebrows, I respond by letting my pent-up pee come out. With a laugh, Paul also engages in the waving of the piss stream.We both feel some of the splatter come back and lightly spray bahis firmaları our bodies. Slowly his stream drops off, I stroke his foreskin to remove the last of his pee. It dribbles over my knuckles. My pee is running out and he repeats the same to me. We have stopped pissing but are still holding each other’s erections. I slowly stroke him again, a gentle wanking. His cock is lubricated with pee and there’s a loud squelching to my action. He copies and soon we are wanking each other at the bath.Paul starts to stiffen and relaxes his grip on my hardon. I stroke him faster, gripping his cock firmer. He breathes faster, his legs stiffen, his hand is barely holding my cock and he cums, cums hard and far. His spunk hits the wall with a loud slap and then runs down the wet wall. A second shot nearly reaches the wall, landing on the far side of the bath. He slumps slightly, having to hold this side of the bath to steady himself. He’s breathing hard, it’s his fourth cum in about 90 minutes. I take this opportunity to kneel down and slide my head between his legs and the bath. His drooping cock is there looking worn out. Slyly I take it in my mouth and suck gently. I can taste his spunk and the recent piss. I run my tongue around the foreskin and push the tip of my tongue under the skin to tease the head of his cock.I think his cock is trying to harden but it’s been a busy little thing so I’m not surprised that a swelling is as far as it gets. Paul taps my head and signals that I stand up. He removes the thong as I’m standing. He turns me to the bath and steps behind me, pressing against me. His right hand brings the thong to my cock and wraps it around me. The feeling is great and becomes electric as he starts to stroke me. I stand upright and press back slightly. I can feel his cock against my bare arse.Paul keeps up a regular pace on my cock. I reach behind him and grab his cock. A couple of strokes later I tip it upwards and place it in the valley behind me. His cock is firm kaçak iddaa but not hard. I raise my body up and down slightly, tensing and relaxing my arse cheeks. He continues wanking my stiff cock and I gently play with his. I’m enjoying both front and back attention and I’m nearing my cumming. Paul begins to slide himself up and down on my arse. He pulls back slightly and I hear him spit on his left hand to lubricate the cock/arse action. I feels so good to be “almost” fucked by him.Paul is pulling on my cock faster and harder. He pulls my body to him with more pressure and he slides his cock along my arse faster. I’m so close to cumming but the double attention is distracting, but too damn good to stop. I need to get over the edge. I grab my arse and spread it. Paul’s cock slips between my cheeks and grazes my arse hole, up and down. That’s it. I tense. I stop breathing, I bend backwards and I cum, as hard as I’ve ever known. As I shot my spunk across the bath, I press back, it coincides with Paul’s up down motion just being aligned to my hole. He stops, I press back. I cum, he stops moving. I cum, he presses forward, I press back, his cock head enters me. I need to cum all over again, but his stroking is too sensitive. I react by pulling away from his hand, oops I press on his cock. I pull forward in surprise and enter his fist again. Fuck, my body doesn’t know what to do with everything going on, wanking, cumming, fucking, too sensitive, surprise.Somehow I just stop all of my movements, taking a deep breath and holding it in. Paul senses that he should stop everything as well. He release my cock and slides his hand to my chest to hold me. His semi hard cock slowly eases from my arse. We both take another deep breath and try to come down from the high.I chuckle, he feels it. “What?” he asks. “Less than three hours ago, I was driving here, crapping myself as to whether I should go through with meeting you, apprehensive about how far we’d go, if either of us would set out kaçak bahis limits or not, and …”I reply, “.. and, I just can’t count all the new things that have happened here, with you, and how good they all felt”.Paul chuckles too, “I know how you felt. This started as a simple XHamster chat, became a Skype video wank, and now we’ve broken a few barriers, acted out a few fantasies and” as he looks into the bath, “ made a mess of the bath”.I turn to him. “I need to get away sometime soon, sorry but I do” I say. “I completely understand” he replies “and I need to do some tidying up”.“Well we can clean the bath together with a shower, care to join me” I ask. “this mess came about because you wanted to join me in a pee” he jokes. “OK, well if we shower together, I promise not to do anything to you” I say grinning stupidly.Paul reaches for the shower and sets it running. We shower together, washing each other. We both have sensitive cocks, so a simple wash is all that happens in that region. I wash his back and press myself against his arse, I smile wondering if I’ll get to stand against him like this again. We stop the shower, now having removed the cum, piss and sweat we’ve expelled from our bodies. We dry off separately and then wander back to find our clothes.Now dressed, I’m about to leave. We agree that we simply must do this again, it’s been too good not to repeat. As we near the door, he takes my hand and turns it to face up. From his pocket he pulls his wife’s thong and places it in my hand. I lift it to my face and inhale the smell of the evening. “You need to return those to me, when you’re ready and most importantly unwashed. Whatever you do to them in the mean time is up to you, but I want them back, please”.“Of course”, I reply, “now let’s say no more. I arrived in silence, I’ll leave in silence”. I open the front door, I lift the panties to my face, I inhale, I look at him with the pants on my face and I wink at him. Stepping through the door, I keep walking. Seconds later I hear the click of the front door as he shuts it, ending our evening.Well, that’s a fantasy of how my first encounter may go. Of course it may not, but then that would require another story. Let’s see how it pans out.

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