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Father and Daughter Fuck the Neighbors

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The last year has been rough for my father and me. My name is Molly, and at the time of this story I was eighteen years old and it was the end of the summer before my freshman year in college. My father’s name is Dan, and he was forty-three years old at that time. He preferred that I call him by his first name. We had just moved into a new condominium complex in the Atlanta area, following his work transfer from Baltimore. He had requested the transfer in order to move away from my mother following their abrupt and painful divorce.It turns out that after fifteen years being seemingly happily married to Dan, my mother was fucking every cock she could find. He finally caught her fucking a delivery man in his own bed one day, and then Mom admitted all her indiscretions. He was willing to forgive and forget, and even allow her a few sex partners on the side. He loved her so much that he was willing to put up with being cuckolded by her, if she would just tone it down a little.I really felt a little guilty too. I caught Mom fucking a man at home one day, not too long before Dan caught her, and I never told him about it. I had come home sick from school at about 10:00 am and Mom wasn’t home. I went right to bed and fell asleep but was awakened by some moaning noises at about noon . I stepped into the hall and identified that the moans were coming from my parent’s bedroom. At first, I assumed that Dan had come home for lunch and was fucking Mom. But then I quietly walked up to the partially-open door, and saw that our neighbor, Mr. Billings, was on top of Mom fucking her with his big cock.I went back to my room and never said anything about what I had seen to either her or Dan. I just couldn’t get the vision of that big cock and those heavily-swinging balls out of my mind. Mr. Billings was about forty-five years old, handsome, and in very good shape, and that was probably the start of my having sexual desires for older men. It just seemed like an older man would have the experience to really satisfy a woman.The sad thing was that Mom couldn’t moderate her new-found freedom and frequent sex. She had become such a slut that it took very little effort to convince the divorce court that Dan wouldn’t have to pay her alimony. I was eighteen years old, legally on my own, and made the decision to move to Atlanta with Dan since he agreed to provide me with a room in his new condominium. My mother and dad had established a generous college fund for me, so I was financially independent and could have lived elsewhere if I wanted to.This move to Atlanta was to be a fresh start for Dan, and he was pleased that I chose to share the condo with him instead of staying in Baltimore with my mother or living in the dorm. Dan and I had become very close during the divorce proceedings, and I just knew that everything would turn out well for us in the new condo.I was starting to feel a sexual attraction to Dan, although he had been so strict with me growing up that I didn’t dare try to start anything between us. I’m sure that he was afraid if he was lenient with me that I might become a slut like my mom. However, I do know that he was lonely, and I would sometimes sneak up on him in his bedroom at night and look through the crack in his door. I saw him masturbating what looked to be a very big cock, at least as big as Mr. Billings’, and he always shot a huge load of cum onto his belly. He wasn’t dating any women; probably due to the pain that Mom had caused him. He wasn’t willing to risk being hurt again.I suppose that I was a pretty typical eighteen-year-old girl. I can’t say that I was beautiful, although I’m very pretty and had a great body for my age. It was obvious that my big, almost-D-cup tits and shapely ass were a gift from my mom’s genes. We look a lot alike in other ways too. I found myself wondering if I would also become a slut like her someday.In addition to escort beylikdüzü my mature body, I also have a flirty personality and long, light-brown hair and green eyes. I didn’t have much trouble getting boyfriends in Baltimore , but I had not dated much. I was very attracted to two of my male high school teachers and knew that they were off limits. I had not met any boys in Atlanta since we had been here for only two months, and my college classes wouldn’t start for another couple of weeks.Our condominium was having an end-of-summer pool party on the coming Sunday afternoon. The announcement said that was meant to give the owners in the new complex a chance to meet the other residents. Dan had been reluctant to get involved in any social situations, but when he came home from work on Friday I showed him the flyer.I said, “Come on, Dan, let’s go to this party. I haven’t met any friends since we’ve been here, and you need to get out a little yourself. Please oh please…we need to meet some new people instead of just staying inside all of the time.”He looked a little irritated at first, but then said, “Okay, Molly, we can go to the party. I’ve been spending so much time at work on this new assignment that it might be fun to meet some new people.”We went down to the pool area on Sunday and sat down at an umbrella-covered table near the pool. Dan was wearing his swimsuit and a t-shirt. I was wearing a new bikini that really accentuates my shapely ass, and my tits were barely covered and showed their fullness and sizable cleavage. Dan wasn’t too happy about my choice of swim wear, but he reluctantly agreed to let me wear it. I even caught him looking at my breasts a couple of times while we were walking down to the pool.Refreshments were being provided by the condo association. We went to the buffet and each got a plate of finger food. Dan got a beer to drink, and I got a fruity, sangria wine cooler. That was a private party, and no one was checking IDs or anything.We were sitting next to one another at the table, facing away from the pool. I noticed another couple sitting two tables away from ours and facing our way. They looked to be in their early-thirties. The man is really cute and about Dad’s size at six feet tall and about one hundred and eighty-five pounds, and in very good shape. The woman is very pretty and has shoulder-length brunette hair and blue eyes. Her bikini seemed to be even skimpier than mine, and her gorgeous breasts were bulging out in that small top. I guess I was staring at them, and then the woman caught my eye, smiled, and waved at me. I was a little embarrassed at being caught staring, and I smiled and waved back.We continued with our snacks, and I looked up again at the couple when I sensed some movement under their table. This woman had a short, skirt-type cover over her bikini bottom, and she was slowly opening and closing her legs. I looked more closely and noticed that her bikini bottom is no more than a thong. The thin white material had gathered and was pulled up between her labia. Even from about fifteen feet away, I saw her puffy lips and a neatly trimmed covering of dark hair. I’m not sure why the view of her pussy fascinated me so much. I had a hard time looking away.She continued opening and closing her legs and I finally looked up to see her staring at me and smiling. I had been caught looking again, and weakly smiled at her before quickly looking away. Then I had an idea to give my Dad a thrill and said, “Dan, look at that cute couple over there. They’re sitting alone just like us. Maybe we should go over and introduce ourselves.”I looked sideways at Dan as I saw him look at the couple. He first looked at their faces, and then I saw his eyes drop down below the table. He saw that beautiful pussy as the woman continued to slowly open and close her legs. Dan kept staring for a few escort akbatı seconds, and then slowly looked up at the woman’s face. She was smiling at him just as she had done with me, and he offered a little smile and looked away. I looked down at his lap and saw a definite bulge in his swim trunks. That hairy pussy had really turned him on.Then he said, “That is a good idea, Molly, maybe we should go over and introduce ourselves.”Dan had been so reluctant to meet new people, and especially women, and I was surprised to see him react so quickly to that woman. I guess that it had been a long time since he had any pussy, and he was reading a lot into her actions. It was a little embarrassing to walk to their table after both of us had just been caught staring at her snatch, but that didn’t seem to bother Dan.We gathered our things and drinks and walked over to their table. Then Dan said, “Hi, my name is Dan and this is my daughter, Molly. We just moved here from Baltimore a couple of months ago and thought that it might be fun to meet some new friends.”The man looked up at us and said, “Oh hi, my name is Ed, and this is my wife, Sue. We just moved here from Minneapolis and we’re also hoping to meet some new friends today. Please join us and have a seat.”Then Ed said, “It is interesting to hear that you are father and daughter. We were trying to figure out what your situation is, given the apparent age difference. It’s not unusual to find younger-older relationships these days.”Then I laughed at his inference that our relationship might be anything other than father and daughter and said, “That’s a little sick, Ed. I’ll be starting my freshman year in college in a couple of weeks and chose to live with him since we get along so well.”Then Sue spoke up and said, “Well, Molly, I’m glad that you feel comfortable calling us by our first names. You seem like such a mature girl even though you look very young and are just lovely. I’ll bet you’ll break a few hearts at school this year.”I replied, “Thanks for the compliment, Sue. And by the way, Dan and I were also noticing what an attractive couple you are.”I don’t want to bore you with all our conversations at the pool that day. We just continued to talk and let them know that Dan is divorced and a computer engineer, working for a big company in the area. We also learned that they were both thirty-two years old with no kids, and Ed worked for the airlines. Sue was a teacher, but she had not yet been able to find a job since their move.I noticed that Ed seemed to focus most of his attention on me. I was amused that he just couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off my big tits. I even caught him checking out my ass when I went to get more food and drinks. It was very arousing for me to be treated like an adult by such a hot, older guy. I also noticed that Dan was focusing most of his attention on Sue and was also staring at her tits and ass every chance he got. We stayed together for the rest of the afternoon, and then reluctantly went back to our condos.The next morning Dan got up early and went to work. I slept in and didn’t get up until about 10:00 am , and then decided to go to the pool. I wanted to enjoy the rest of my summer before school started. As I entered the pool area I saw Sue relaxing on a lounge chair next to the pool. She looked fantastic in the same bikini that she had worn on Sunday, except that she wasn’t wearing the little skirt. The bikini bottom material wasn’t pulled into her vulva anymore, but I could clearly see her big pussy lips and hair through the thin material.There was another lounge next to her, and I walked up and asked, “Hi, Sue, do you mind if I sit with you?”Sue looked up at me, smiled and said, “Please join me, Molly. I was hoping you’d come down here today. Ed and I really enjoyed getting to know you and Dan yesterday.”I said, “Well, he and I really escort beylikdüzü enjoyed meeting you guys too. I probably should apologize for him staring at you so much. You’re a beautiful woman, and I know that I was staring at you too at first. You have to admit that you were teasing us a little too.”Sue laughed and said, “Well, I should probably apologize to you too. No matter how hard he tried, Ed couldn’t seem to keep his eyes off you. You’re really a well-built, girl, and as I said yesterday, you seem to be mature beyond your years. It was easy to forget that you just graduated from high school, even though you look so young. And, I have to admit that I was teasing you guys.”I said, “Why would you be teasing us like that. It’s not that I mind or anything, but I’m just curious.”Sue said, “Well, since you asked, I’ll tell you some very personal things if you promise to keep it just between us girls. I can sense that you’ll be able to handle what I’m going to tell you.”I said, “Sure, Sue, I’ll keep it between us. I’m just happy that you’re willing to confide in me.”Then Sue continued, “Let me know if I’m embarrassing you and I’ll stop. Ed and I have been married for ten years and we had always been faithful to each other and have a good sex life. Then a couple of years ago things were starting to get a little stale in the bedroom. We decided to engage in some harmless fantasy play to enhance our sexual relationship. We were making love one night and Ed asked me what my favorite fantasy was. I let him know that I wanted to go out in public dressed in short skirts and tight blouses with no panties or bra. I wanted to tease older men, and even women with my skimpy clothes.”Then I said, “Oh my goodness, Sue. Weren’t you afraid that men would come on to you and try to have sex with you?”She said, “At that point I never intended for anything to happen, so I wasn’t thinking about being pursued. Eventually, my fantasies evolved to the point that I was thinking about having sex with other, older men and Ed was very supportive.”I said, “Wow! That is pretty hot. Since my mother being a slut caused my parents’ divorce, it’s hard for me to understand all of this. If you don’t mind me asking, have you and Ed ever acted on those fantasies? Also, what is Ed’s fantasy?”Sue smiled and said, “We haven’t found the right situation yet for me to fuck another man, but we were close a couple of times. And when I tell you Ed’s fantasy you’ll understand why he was staring at you so much yesterday. He wants to have sex with a young girl, but one who is of legal age in her late teens. And to be perfectly honest, we had our greatest sex in years last night. Ed was fantasizing about having sex with you, and I was fantasizing about fucking your dad. I hope that doesn’t upset you or gross you out. I think Dan is hot and Ed and I both think you’re hot.”I was a little stunned at what Sue was telling me, but also very flattered and turned on. I decided to tell her the truth about my fantasies and said, “Holy shit, Sue, that is so kinky and hot. I also have a desire to fuck an older guy. It all started when I saw my mom fucking an older neighbor. Since then I’ve been fantasizing about having sex with two of my high school teachers and even Dan, but I’ve been afraid to bring it up. I have secretly seen him masturbating. He has a big cock, probably over eight inches long and very thick, and he shoots big loads of cum.”Sue got a funny look on her face and said, “No offense, Molly, but I’d really like to feel Dan’s cock in my pussy. I also know that Ed would love to fuck you. I have to ask, are you still a virgin? And would you even be interested in fucking Ed?”I was really enjoying this adult conversation with Sue and said, “Well, I’ve never actually been fucked. But, when I was sixteen years old, I did use one of my mother’s dildos a few times and busted my own cherry. I’d enjoy having Ed be my first cock since he’s so much older than me. Do you really think we could make this happen?”Sue paused for a minute and said, “Maybe Ed and I could invite you and Dan over on Friday night to play some cards or something. I could distract Dan by having him come…

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