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Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 32

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It was three years since Sophie and Bob’s wedding day. They had been going out for 4 years prior to that so they knew each other very well before they committed to married life. They were both very committed to their careers and they earnt a lot between them so they had decided to put thoughts of a family on hold until they were married. Sophie had experienced only 2 men before sleeping with Bob and sex was, to be honest, not a major part of their lives. They were dedicated to their careers and to their life together. They had both been so happy on their wedding day, they genuinely loved each other and were not interested in socialising or partying. They lived a quiet life and both were entirely satisfied by that.

The one nagging issue for both of them was that they had left it until they were 30 to get married and now, both in their 30s, they were getting a bit anxious that having a baby was not proving easy. Sophie suggested to her husband one day that they should both get tested to ensure there wasn’t a physical problem. Bob readily agreed as they had no secrets between themselves and they were very sensible about the fact that if there was an issue, they would deal with it.

The results came back. They celebrated the news that both could have children with a quiet meal and a decision that it would just happen if they relaxed and let it happen. They did not approve of having sex at regimented times, a child should be the result of the natural love between them and so if there was no physical impediment they just needed to be patient.

Patience didn’t work. Sophie went a specialist clinic one day and without any hope of solutions she thought she would ask the woman running the clinic for advice given that they were struggling to conceive despite a number of years of trying. Sophie confirmed that they were both able to have children so she just didn’t understand why they were failing. Sophie got a bit upset as she explained that all of her close friends now had young families and she questioned why they were different.

The lady, called Mandy, smiled warmly and said there were various options and that she was surprised Sophie was struggling to conceive given what a curvy young woman she was (which Sophie thought was an odd comment from a health professional) but that, first of all, it may be helpful to get more information.

She confirmed that there is a service which she had been running for a number of years which tests how fertile both men and women are. Whilst they knew they can have children, this test provides far more detail. The woman explained that for women there is a programme of tests and the tests provide a score for how fertile the woman is with a score of 100 being normal. There are many things a women can try to change this score so it can be useful to understand if it is worth trying things. Sophie was interested and excited at the prospect of finding answers, if a bit nervous.

“How about for men?” Sophie asked.

“Well the test is very sophisticated for men. I don’t mean to be indelicate but it looks at everything. If you are not embarrassed I will read out the list of criteria it considers.

“That is fine. I will need to explain it all to my husband.”

“Well first, he will need to understand that it requires him to perform…”

Yes of course, to provide a sample.”

“More than that Sophie. There is no delicate was of saying this, the test requires the man to fuck a robotic pussy. It is designed to feel exactly like a real p…”

“Yes ok I get it,” Sophie said quickly, a bit flustered and shocked by how candid this women was.

“Well Sophie, it is designed to record everything and cameras capture everything from every angle. The test has come up with a way of scoring how the average man performs and that provides a score of 100.”

“But I thought it was just a matter of measuring the potency of a man’s sperm.”

“That is just one category, an important one, the most important, but let me read them in order of importance.

1.The potency of the spunk, I mean sperm Sophie”; Sophie looked startled but nodded quietly;

2.”The quantity of sperm produced”; Sophie nodded, that sort of made sense;

3.”The power of the cu… of the ejaculation”; again Sophie nodded;

4.”The size of the cock”; Sophie wrinkled her nose at the language and questioned to herself how relevant that was;

5.”The power of the thrust;

6.The stamina of the man, how long can he last as it provides the chance to build up sperm production;

7.can he make the woman cum more than once during a fuck as a fully stimulated woman is more receptive to potent seed;

8.The design shape of the cock, how it splits the pu…”

“OK, ok,” said Sophie quickly.

9.”How good the man’s body looks, the computer scans it for everything women tend to find attractive and provides a score. Again it links to being able to satisfy a woman…”

“Well Bob is very fit and satisfies me,” she said defensively;

10.”Of esenyurt escort course Sophie and finally the test scans for how handsome a man is for the same reason.

All of these factors put together provide a score and anything around 100 is normal. A score of less than 20 tends to mean the man is effectively totally useless, I mean impotent, but you know Bob isn’t so that is good and you certainly have potential.”

“Well I will discuss it with Bob and let you know,” said Sophie hurriedly.


They agreed to have the tests. What harm could it do? Bob’s score was unremarkable. He scored 80 and was a bit tetchy about being below average but Sophie scored just 68 and she was upset. Her view was that it was obviously her fault as she had the lower score.

The advice was that Bob couldn’t change his score significantly for the better but Sophie could. She changed her diet and exercised. She was pale but forced herself to tan a bit to improve her vitamin D levels.

Then everything started to change … for Sophie. She went for another test 3 months later and the nurses complimented her on looking great, but the proof would be in the score. She was sitting next to Bob when they opened the result sheet. It was described as a remarkable change in such a short time. A score of 68 had become 321.

“I have become far better than a normal, average woman in just 3 months.” She beamed with pride at Bob. “Now we have a great chance of having a baby.”

“Better than normal?” asked Bob.

Sophie was so excited: “I know you always thought I was far better than average but…”.

“Do you think I am worse than normal, less than the average man? The results say I am.”

“Oh Bob, I didn’t mean it like that, of course not,” but she could see she had hurt him. “You will see, we will have a baby in no time. It was my problem and I have fixed it.”

Bob was ok for the next month but when nothing happened he seemed to turn in on himself, especially when a second month went by with no luck.

The lady from the clinic phoned one day and spoke to Bob. “Hi Bob, great news. Sophie is really responding to the plan we recommended, her latest score is 473, far more … receptive than the average woman.” Bob was polite but all he saw was pressure. Still no pregnancy and if anything Bob’s performance in bed was dropping off.

Sophie had to admit that she felt great but it meant nothing if her husband was sad. The sex wasn’t great and she regretted starting this whole testing process. She kept it to herself that her latest score was now over 500.

Mandy, the woman who had encouraged her to start this process said to Sophie that she was as fertile and talented as any woman they have had in their clinic. The tests involved taking dildos up her and Mandy was trying larger and larger ones on Sophie. She didn’t tell Sophie but 2 days later she had bumped into Bob right outside his work.

“Oh Bob, you must be thrilled with Sophie’s score. It is the first time we have had a woman score over 500 in our clinic, she is a marvel with what she can ta …” She stopped herself, ” Well anyway, you must be so proud.”

Bob didn’t know what to say so Mandy filled the silence:

“No pressure but we are expecting great things Bob, even with a score of 80 you should get the job done now.”

He didn’t.

Six months later and the marriage was creaking. Sophie went for more tests, her body was so toned and curvy and her score was 712 by now, and she was so supportive but Bob was virtually impotent. The clinic insisted on testing him again. They didn’t know why but the score was now 31. “That explains it,” said Mandy as if this confirmed their star performer was as good as they thought and it was all Bob’s fault. Whilst Sophie thought Mandy showed barely concealed contempt for her husband, she herself couldn’t have been more supportive to her husband.

“We will get through this you know. We married each other because we love each other.”


Sophie met her friend Jane for lunch. Jane was much younger than Sophie, married and sporting a proud bump. They had met at the gym recently. Sophie wasn’t bitter, she was genuinely pleased for her new friend.

” You and Chris must be so delighted, just married and already pregnant.”

“Well to be honest Soph, I was pregnant before the big day, I just wasn’t showing. Can I tell you something, something very secret but I need to tell someone.”

“Of course Jane.”

“Well when we agreed to get married we had those fertility tests done, the ones which give you a score, do you…”

“Yes I know them,” said Sophie a touch too quickly.

“Oh, I am sorry if I am being insensitive, I know you and Bob are trying.”

“Don’t worry at all Jane.”

“Well one evening we were sitting at dinner with my employers, you may not know Richard and Marjorie but I look istanbul escort after, well after his children.”

“I don’t know them but I know their son, nice guy”.

“Yes Martin. Well anyway, we were both grinning like Cheshire cats and Marjorie asked what had happened. I told her we simply had tests and it confirmed we could have children.”

“What were your scores?”

“Well 100 is average….”

“I know Jane, I know all about it.”

“Yes well sorry, I scored 423 and Chris was 889. We were thrilled.”

“I am pleased for you, the ironic thing is I score over 700.”

“My God Sophie, that is incredibly high. What can you take, fuck, I mean I thought I was talent… ohhh fuck but 700 Sophie, Jesus!! But what about Bob? Is there a bit of a problem? Is he err…” she gabbled, quite flustered by the news of Sophie’s score.

“His score is not so high.”

Jane smiled sympathetically. “Well Chris thought he was the perfect man but 2 days later I got an email from Richard, my employer, when he was at work. It simply said he was sorry to hear about Chris’ score on the test. I corrected him and told him Chris’ score was really good. He replied that he thought that any real man should score over 10,000 at least.”

I phoned Mandy at the clinic and she confirmed that there are men who score much higher because of the amount of cum they produce and its potency. She confirmed to me that 0.000001 per cent of men actually score over 10,000. 10,000 Sophie!! Somehow Chris’ confidence didn’t seem quite so well founded. Mandy went on to tell me that the highest male reading at any clinic worldwide was at their very clinic. I asked her if it was well over 10,000 and she said it was well over 100,000. Mandy said, can you imagine how much highly potent spunk he produces in one load. She had done research across their system and 6 men scored over 100,000 on the system worldwide. Very, very heavy loads. Mandy said they could fill a glass tumbler with cum but that 2 men have scored over 300,000, both in this country can you believe. I am sure she shouldn’t have told me but one is a retired military man with a score of 390,000 and the other, she said, lives in my house and has a score of over 700,000. He can fill a pint glass with his seed, Mandy said.”

“Jesus what rubbish, that’s impossible.”

“That is what I said to Richard when I confronted him about what Mandy said. “

“And what did he say.”

“Not a lot Sophie. I think he thought actions speak louder than words.” She smiled and patted her stomach. “Mandy introduced me to Richard and helped get me the job so I suppose I have her to thank for this bump.”

“No, Jane what have you done? What about Chris.”

“He doesn’t know, one load did it I think but I have had a lot more than one,” she giggled. “I can’t remember the last day I wasn’t split in 2, and not by Chris. There is really is a staggering difference between under 1,000 and 770,000 and I am addicted.”

“Jane I can’t believe it. I don’t approve, you are my friend but marriage is important but both of you are risking your marriages.”

“Sorry you feel like that Sophie. At the moment, anyway.” She smirked. “I have got to go but before I forget, Mandy told me Bob’s latest results are in. She is so indiscrete, she should be in prison. Bob is down to 17. Mandy said it is such a waste and now I know what she meant, you are so … capable. 700 wow, and … and he is well, so small I guess, I better go – I can see you’re upset.”

Sophie sat there and one phrase ran through her mind: Any man who scores less than 20 is totally useless. Is that fair, is my husband totally useless and I am… some sort of perfection? My life revolves around scores, Mandy has corrupted my thinking and now Jane has shown she is prepared to betray her husband for some silly rumour. Sophie decided to end this.


Bob was pinned beneath her powerful, athletic thighs as she flexed her hips. He looked up at her bouncing full mounds and gritted his teeth, they had only been at it for 20 seconds and he felt his balls twitch and his cock shrivel.

“What happened? Sophie said as she felt her husband sink back and out of her.

“I’m sorry ok.”

“Did you cum? I didn’t feel anything.”

“Oh thanks, you know how to rub it in!”

“Oh I didn’t mean it as a criticism, it is just…”

“Don’t bother explaining, I know what you meant.”

Her phone pinged, she had mail. She felt empty and sad as she looked at her mail. She opened the mail and quickly realised it was from the man who had impregnated Jane. Jane had told him about their discussion and how Sophie had reacted. She had also told him about Bob and their efforts to have a child. What right did she have to tell him all this!! It angered her when she thought of Jane telling this older man her secret news almost certainly as something to laugh at as they fucked. Poor Chris, poor ignorant man, at least Bob beylikdüzü escort could trust his wife, she thought to herself.

Richard’s email explained in a rather arrogant way that he had always thought he produced an awful lot of cum and that it would be interesting to know how potent he was. He had, to his shame he said, knocked up a lot of young women like Jane over the years but he was surprised that his performance was so exceptional, so far in excess of what ordinary men can produce. The email went on to describe in some detail why his score was just so incredibly high.

Bob sat on the bed and watched his wife as she read her mail. He closed his eyes and tried to sleep when it became apparent that her mail was more engrossing than what had just happened, more significant than their marital problems.

Richard explained that the average man fills less than a tea spoon with his ejaculate but his huge balls and overactive prostate means he produces and stores huge amounts of cum. Do you know how many tea spoons it takes to fill a pint glass? About 100 apparently so Richard stated matter of factly that he cums about 100 times more than the average man. He set out quite factually the calculation:

Average man scores 100 and that is based on 1 tea spoon of cum equaling a score of 100 and every other score in the process being scored as 1 as that is the average score. You keep multiplying 100 by 1 and you get a total score of 100. Richard explained the scores and the ratios which are applied in great explicit detail.

Richard explained he cums 100 times more than the average man

His cum has been analysed as being over 500 times more potent than the average man’s offering.

His cum shot is over 100 times more powerful than the average man’s. Richard felt this was hard on him as he wasn’t firing it across the room or into a pretty girl’s face or he would have focused on really letting it fly. Sophie raised an eyebrow in contempt for his arrogance and these silly numbers. As Richard took pains to explain 12 feet is easy for him but that this is where wimps lose their score as for many men it just leaks out and the penalty on the score is severe for dribblers. Richard helpfully queried whether that may be part of Bob’s many problem. Smiley face!! Did you marry a dribbler Sophie?

Cock size – the email contained a page and a half on cock size. Richard explained that in the test his cock reached comfortably through the contraption and into the receptacle for the cum which he explained was realistic as his cum often flooded directly into wombs. He explained that 6 inches was taken as the norm and the score was multiplied or divided by only 0.05 for every inch larger or smaller than 6 inches your cock was. Richard confirmed that his cock exceeded the average by 9 inches and his “15 inch monster” still earnt him a significant uplift on his score.

The email went on and on giving detail on each characteristic and the appropriate multiple until the score of 770,643 was fully explained.

“I hope you believe the results now that I have explained them to you. Mandy says that you are now the most talented fertile woman they have in the clinic so at least we have something in common, we are both the best. I know that is largely based on how big a cock you can take Sophie. I know it is sometimes hard to trust dry old mathematics Sophie but thankfully they record these tests. They video them. I thought it might be helpful for you to understand the difference between 770,000 and 17. Mandy is such a dear. She has attached my recording for you and I have asked her to send you Bob’s latest test “performance”. Sorry Sophie, I shouldn’t knock off 643 points as irrelevant when the gap between 17 and 100 is so precious to you and Bob. I forget just how inadequate most men are. My son Martin for example. He went with his wife to Mandy’s clinic and sadly he scored less than 10. Marjorie’s mother warned me that her husband came from a whole long line of shrimpy dicks and that any offspring I had with her would be affected by that dominant gene. I decided on my wedding night that I would have one son with Marjorie but that his children would have nothing to do with their flawed genetics but would come directly from my balls. I decided that as I filled Marjorie’s mother with cum and impregnated her. She had 2 children 24 years after Marjorie. Two sons in America who, from what I hear, are trying single handedly to breed every hot woman in America. Did Jane mention the children she looks after, the children I bred with my son’s hot wife. Martin honestly thought he was good enough for her; that is the funny thing. Sound familiar?

Sophie scoffed and turned her computer off. God what a horrible man!! I do wish I could get fucked tonight though she thought to herself. She looked over at her husband and remembered rather awkwardly that apparently she had been. Then she had a thought which she never thought she would in her married life – if it even counts being fucked by a cock of a man with a score of 17.


Sophie refused to open the attachments, it would be akin to cheating but she still received more emails from Richard. They rubbished her husband and praised her.

One evening Sophie had had enough. She responded to an email in fury.

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