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Feet in nylons

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Feet in nylonsThe original story was posted by NylonSolesFeet (https://xhamster.com/users/nylonsolesfeet) in Croatian. Please, check out their profile, it is a true treasure for all of us with a fetish for nylons and pretty feet. They kindly let me do the translation in English. Enjoy!I´m a big fetishist! I just adore to look at, smell and lick feet in nylons. Fortunately, I work at a place where women have to be nicely dressed. The winter days are the best because the colleagues wear nylons all the time. I stare at their legs the whole day. My first nylon experience with a coworker happened about three months ago. It was very cold that day, it rained and my colleague at the office was late for work. When she came to the office, she was soaking wet. She wore a skirt, black 20 den pantyhose and knee high boots. It seems that she had stepped into a puddle on her way to work but that wasn´t a problem since she always had reserve clothes in her locker which I had been observing closely.After nicely greeting me, she told me that she needed to change. When I saw those black pantyhose were wet I immediately got a hard on fantasizing about licking those nylons and sniffing those sweaty feet.I waited for her to change in the dressing room and could hardly wait for lunch time so that I could go into her locker and take those nylons. I have already done it before and smelled her pantyhose, stockings and nylon socks. sarıyer escort There she also had two pairs of flats, clogs and a pair of heels. Her beautiful feet are size 38 (EU) and her nails are always polished. One could see that she took good care of them. Finally, the lunchtime came and she was among the first to leave the office. I waited for additional 5 minutes so that I could be sure that I would be alone in the dressing room. After I got there, I opened the locker and saw that she had left the pantyhose hanging on the first shelf in order for them to dry. The moment I opened the locker door, I felt the sent of worn nylons to which my dick promptly reacted. I took the pantyhose and went to the restroom. On my way there, I felt that nice feeling of silky nylons in my pocket and the smell of her sweaty feet was still in my nose. I locked the restroom door, took the pantyhose out of the pocket and put them on my head so that I could sniff the sour smell. My dick was rock hard so I took it out and started jerking off. Then, I took the nylons off of my head and put placed them on the tip of my dick which was purple and leaking precum at this point. I pulled the nylons all over my penis and imagined her feet encased in that soft material giving me a footjob. But I didn´t want to cum so I returned to the office all horny esenyurt escort and waited to see what kind of nylons she would wear. I took the black pantyhose back to the locker and noticed that the clogs and a pair of silky tan 15den pantyhose were missing. I sat at the table and awaited anxiously to see her feet in those nylons.And there she was, strutting in clogs which were making a clicking sound at her every step with shiny nylons reflecting the office light. She took a seat, crossed her legs and started dangling her feet. I got up and sat at the table behind hers´ and just stared at her feet in those heavenly pantyhose. My balls were full and my dick just kept getting harder. At that very moment I had an incredible urge to smell her feet. She turned around and my eyes were still fixated on her nylon feet so she noticed immediately what was going on but the second later she was typing into her computer again. It crossed my mind that she once told me how she likes to wear hosiery. That time I had just given her a nice smile but now I just couldn´t bare the tease anymore so I told her she was wearing beautiful pantyhose today which complemented her legs nicely. I asked her where she got them and if these were her favorite pair. She just gave me a smile and said that she enjoyed wearing them. She is a very open person so she turned around again and avrupa yakası escort said: ¨I´ve been keeping track of you for some time and I know that it´s you who goes through my locker looking for nylons.¨ Then, she got her feet out of the clogs and asked if the nail polish was fitting. I could hear myself say: ¨Yes, of course.¨ It was obvious to her that I was taking great pleasure in her feet so she asked me if I had a fetish for feet or for legs in nylons. ¨Both¨, I replied. She just turned around and got back to work. I returned to my table but couldn´t concentrate for the rest of the day. Finally, it was time to go home. I went to the dressing room just at the right moment to catch a glimpse of my coworker putting on those knee high boots. She went home but I stayed because I wanted to smell the scent of her nylon feet on the clogs she had been wearing all day. I couldn´t care less about the thought that she could return and catch me doing it. Afterall, I confessed to her about my fetish and she already knew everything about my mischief anyway. When I got home the thought of her sweaty nylon feet was the the only thing in my mind. After taking a shower, I saw a viber message on the phone. I opened the message and lo and behold, it showed a photo of those fucking feet encased in silky pantyhose which she wore at work with a short message: ¨Good night, I will be wearing these tomorrow.¨ I took my dick out of the shorts and started jerking off violently. Also, I took a pair of pantyhose of my own and pulled them over the tip of the penis over and over again until it was ripe and fat. Finally, I erupted all over the nylons making them stick to my dick. I could hardly wait for the next day at the office to see those nylon feet again. To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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