Ara 20

Fiery Heat Ch. 07

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Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


The next time Damon saw Tristan, it was at a meeting in his office. Four days after their last encounter. And it was all he could do not to draw him into his arms and damn the consequence. There were bags under his eyes and he had lost weight but he still looked sexy as hell. Dressed in black jeans and white long sleeved designer T-shirt, with his aviator shades tucked into the V of his t-shirt, and leather cuffs on his wrists that matched his boots, he simply looked delicious. Casual. But that didn’t make him seem more relaxed. Tristan was strung tight as a bow, vibrating with tension and whatever else was eating at him. Damon could take a good guess.

Tristan was due in Paris in two days. They had to meet and agree on what was to take place in Paris. Caleb Thomas, the Architect and the Consultant for the Albatros project were also present at the meeting. Damon could barely concentrate on what was being discussed. He simply couldn’t tear his eyes off Tristan. Damn he was hot. Tristan deliberately wouldn’t even meet his eye. He had never seen him all business like he was at that moment. Damon was so engrossed in the sexy man sitting at the table, he started when he heard the raised voices. What the fuck was going on? Damon wondered. Obviously he had zonked out.

“Damon talk some sense into him.” Caleb Thomas said pointing at Tristan.

“No Dad. If I’m supposed to head this project, then you gentlemen must respect my opinion. I think the best thing to do is to start from the East wing and not the West. From these drawings, it will be our best shot. And that’s exactly what I’m going to ensure when I get to Paris.” His tone was stern, authoritative.

“But we’ve already agreed to start from the West wing. Aren’t we supposed to go by the plan?” Caleb Thomas sounded exasperated.

“Excuse me.” Tristan said standing to go out of the conference room.

“Damon?” Caleb looked imploringly at Damon.

With a sigh Damon pushed his chair back. “I’ll be right back.” He went after Tristan.

The guard on the floor pointed towards the restroom when Damon asked where Tristan had gone. Damon entered and heard the toilet flush just before Tristan came out, going to the wash basin to wash his hands. He didn’t even look in Damon’s direction though Damon knew he had seen him. God, he had missed him. And if his rapidly hardening cock was any indication, he had really missed him.

“What are you doing Tristan?” He asked quietly. “Explain what the fuck just happened,” he added calmly.

Tristan ignored him. Damon stood with his arms straight by his sides. He felt everything in him, everything he was, go still as he took in the sight of Tristan. God, he was beautiful, and Damon couldn’t look away. He was hard, so hard he ached.

“Tris.” Only his name, but it was husky and rich and deep, filled with pain and longing and Tristan had to look at him.

His breadth hitched in his throat at the look of pure need on Damon’s face, his gaze so hot it did crazy things to Tristan’s heart. But arguments rushed through his mind. Every reason why Damon couldn’t be serious about him, how heartlessly he had treated him and the fact that he was obviously only good for one thing… Sex! Tristan saw red.

“Is the meeting being moved in here? If not, then get the hell out of my way.” Tristan started to dry his hands.

Damon abruptly turned on his heels and headed for the door. Tristan’s heart sunk. Just having Damon that close to him was giving him pleasurable flutters in his stomach. Now, he was walking away from him, when all he wanted was to go into his arms and hang on for dear life. Damn his big mouth.

He froze when he saw Damon rather lock the door and turn to look at him, unsure of what exactly was happening. Lord, he was so handsome, so goddamned sexy it was impossible not to stare at him. In his unmistakably costly grey three-piece suit, he looked every bit the powerful, successful businessman he was. Damon Reid looked so edible, Tristan wanted to fuck him with his suit still on. He watched with a pounding heart as Damon closed the distance between them and slammed his mouth on his, a hungry tongue, sliding its way in.

Tristan couldn’t help the moan that tore out of his throat as he opened his mouth and allowed Damon inside. Damon tasted of desperation and need as their tongue twisted around each other. But Tristan’s brain decided that it couldn’t accept Damon’s need… wasn’t about to be seduced like some schoolgirl. Not by a man who went around fucking people whilst his fiancée was out of town and even recorded the act. Tristan stood as firmly as he could and tore his mouth from the kiss, staring into blue eyes glazed with lust.

Tristan’s hands made their way onto Damon’s belt buckle and quickly undid it, pushing his hand inside his boxers to cup his wet-tipped prick with a warm, but less than gentle hold. Damon moaned deep in his throat.

“Is this what you want Damon?” Tristan’s voice took on a warm purr bursa escort that caressed Damon’s senses, making his toes curl inside his shoes. Tristan swept the weeping pierced head with his thumb, smirking at Damon’s sharp intake of breath. Then he wrapped his palm around Damon’s cock, pumping him firmly.

“Oh, Christ.” Damon’s knees almost gave out under him. Though he could feel and see Tristan’s anger, Damon felt he could very well die from the pleasure of his touch. His eyes closed against the anger on Tristan’s face.

“Is this all I’m good for?” Tristan asked harshly in a voice filled with so much pain.

Damon’s heart stuttered. Words froze in his lungs, heat racing through his body, weakening his limbs. He knew he shouldn’t but couldn’t help himself. Tristan’s hands on him felt so good. A ragged moan escaped him. Heavy pants filled the restroom as Tristan stroked him, jerking his cock from root to tip, thumb dipping into the slit.

“Does she make you feel like this?”

A hot palm cupped his balls and Damon threw his head back, his lips parting to let out a silent scream. He thrust into Tristan’s palm, fiery heat flooding his body. He knew Tristan wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Knew he had to stop him, but Damon didn’t have the willpower to bring himself to do that. He couldn’t have stopped Tristan even if his life had depended on it.

“Are you thinking about her now? Maya? Look at me Damon.”

Damon did as commanded, opening his eyes to stare at Tristan. His blue eyes, filled with passion, clashed with Tristan’s green ones, which were so…cold. What had he done to Tristan? Where did all the fire that filled those eyes just a few days ago go?

“I gave you my heart and body and what did you do? Trampled upon it. Now you have the fucking nerve to come in here and expect me to fall into your arms?” His lower lip trembled. He knew he was not far from breaking down. But he was determined not to give Damon that satisfaction. He went down on his knees, opened his mouth and swallowed Damon down.

Damon had to shove his hand in his mouth to keep from screaming.

He couldn’t breathe under the onslaught of pleasure. Tristan had never been able to take him into his throat like that before. No one ever had. Damon’s heart rate accelerated out of control. He was going out of his mind. When the hell did he learn to do that? Didn’t matter, all that mattered was the wet heat of Tristan’s mouth and the way he was swallowing around the head of his cock. Bracing his hands on the vanity, he watched as Tristan bobbed, taking his cock into the back of his throat. Those lips stretched around his thickness was simply amazing and the pleasure from it stripped his control.

Tristan heard Damon hiss with pleasure as he took him into his mouth and bobbed his head, taking him in even deeper, sucking hard, feeling the thick cock hit the roof of his mouth before sliding back to hit his throat. His eyes watered. Shit he was huge! But he didn’t stop. His cheeks hollowed as he found a rhythm, taking him as deep as he could. He needed to give Damon this, needed to watch him come apart in his hands one last time, needed to remind Damon what exactly he was missing. His own prick was hard and throbbing inside his jeans, aching to be touched. He ignored it.

“God Tris.” Damon panted. Tristan hummed his response and the vibrations ran down his length and tickled his spine, drawing up his balls. Damon almost came on the spot. He thrust into Tristan’s mouth, his hips moving without any conscious effort. Tristan gagged.

Tristan released him with a slurping popping sound, working him with his hands as he spoke, never breaking eye contact. “Am I doing okay? Am I pleasing you?” Face red, eyes wide and wet, Tristan smiled innocently, as though he didn’t know he was driving Damon out of his fucking mind. Shit he never thought he could ever be able to take Damon down his throat. He had to take it out so he could breathe.

“Don’t stop. Please!” Tristan heard the whispered plea. He stared into blue eyes that glittered with lust and tenderness, eyelids that had grown heavy as if Damon was drunk on pleasure. He had a feeling Damon thought he was going to leave him with no relief.

“Do you want to come down my throat and watch me swallow?” He shifted, taking Damon inside again. This time Damon cried out.

He bucked as Tristan’s throat contracted around him. Harsh groans filled the restroom as he rammed himself down Tristan’s throat again and again, fighting for control but not succeeding. Tristan took him almost to the base of his cock, and his tongue worked faster, tracing just under the head of his cock, over the pierced tip, and pressing into the tiny slit. Damon whimpered as his fingers sank into Tristan’s bangs and they stared each other down, neither willing to look away as Tristan pleasured him. His hands tightened in his hair, his body tensing as a ragged groan tore out of his throat.

Tristan felt his warm pre-come dripping onto his tongue. It was salty, rich, making him realize how desperate he had been for bursa escort bayan Damon’s taste. He wanted it all, wanted to feel the hard hot spurts of his semen filling his mouth, coating his tongue as he found his release in his mouth. But that wasn’t going to happen. Damon watched, looking down at Tristan, half crazed by the look in Tristan’s eyes… so much pain. Shit!

Then Tristan took his balls into his palm and squeezed them. Damon groaned and threw his head back, squeezing his eyes shut. Tristan’s mouth was working on him with wet precision, his fingers on his balls, creating a burning insidious pleasure. He gritted his teeth, and surrendered to the impending explosion. He just couldn’t hold it.

“Tris…gonna…” His voice was hoarse as his body convulsed and his thrusts grew increasingly vigorous as his excitement got the better of him and he lost his rhythm. Tristan sealed his lips tighter around him sucking with purpose, and Damon surrendered to a mind-blowing orgasm and shot…into the air, coming so hard he saw dark spots.

He opened his eyes and watched his fluids splatter across Tristan’s partially opened lips. Oh fuck, that was hotter than having him swallow it. To see the evidence of his release on Tristan’s face and lips was so hot. But it still hurt. And his gasp was due to the sharp pain that slashed inside his heart and not the pleasure that had been given him. Tristan not swallowing was more painful than Damon cared to admit.

Tristan saw the hurt that crossed Damon’s features and was surprised at the answering hurt in his own heart, instead of the triumph he was supposed to feel at that particular victory.

Getting to his feet and taking a tissue from the holder, Tristan nonchalantly wiped the cum off his lips and cheek, ignoring a trembling Damon who was slammed over the vanity.

“You’re never going to get that again.” Tristan swallowed past the emotion clogging his throat. His tortured voice was barely audible. “I wish you the very best in your marriage.”

Tristan’s heart was heavy, his emotions jumbled together. He was filled with a wave of pain so intense, he nearly doubled over. But he stifled his warring emotions and headed for the door.

“Oh and Damon, tell the other that I had to go. I’m sure you can come up with a…good reason.” And with that, Tristan turned on his heels, unlocked the door and walked out.

Damon couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe. The searing pain that gripped his chest made him want to scream in misery. God help him, he needed Tristan. But for his sake, he had to stay away. Shit!


Tristan sat in the lounge at the airport waiting for his flight to be called. He had left home earlier than necessary because his parents had invited Damon over for Dinner. His mum claimed she wanted to discuss some ideas she had for the hotels with him. What was she going to talk about anyway? Scented sheets? He didn’t want to see Damon so he had left. Now here he was, waiting with a couple who obviously didn’t want to be parted. They kept making out like there was no tomorrow and Tristan couldn’t keep his eyes off them. They were acting like they couldn’t stand to be parted. Jeez it wasn’t like they were never going to see each other again, Tristan mused. It was a mere trip. But then love could do that to people right?

He felt a pang when he thought of Damon. How he wished he could have what the couple had with Damon. But he couldn’t. He was about to get married. He envied Maya so much though he didn’t know her. It didn’t matter…she had Damon. Tristan’s misery knew no bounds. How the fuck was he going to survive this? He always felt a sharp pain in his chest whenever he thought of Damon and Maya together. Adriana claimed he now acted like a zombie. There was no ‘life’ in him. He had to start living again somehow. But he felt he could only live if he had Damon in his life.

“Hey are you ok?”

Tristan looked up to see the couple who had been making out, looking intently at him. The lady had asked the question.

“Sure. Why do you ask?” He smiled wondering why they would bother with him in the first place. They had been too engrossed in each other to notice someone else.

“You…” The lady made gestures on her face that signaled there were tears on Tristan’s.

He quickly reached up and felt the wetness on his cheeks.

“Ow shit!” He wiped at his cheeks furiously and blushed. “Don’t mind me. Go ahead.” He told the couple who looked at him with concerned faces.

“Woman trouble?” The guy asked.

“Yeah you could say that.” Tristan muttered.

“Life is short you know. Make up with her and forget about everything else.” The lady chipped in, smiling so sweetly but sadly at Tristan.

“Thanks.” He told them, just as they were called to board. He stood and walked towards the boarding gate.

Make up? Ha! How about Maya? Well how about her? He fucking didn’t owe her anything right? Tristan stopped walking and stood still, lost in thought. He had the sick fear in his gut, the horrible insecurity that told him he escort bursa didn’t have any reason to live if he lost the man he loved more than anything. Damon had made it clear he didn’t mind having Tristan in his life too. He wanted Damon. And by God, he was going to be with Damon. He was going to have him any way he could and damn the consequence. Though there was still a little voice in his head cautioning him to guard himself from getting hurt, he ignored it. What had the lady said? Life was short right?

Tristan looked around him and realized he was almost to the gate. His luggage had already been taken on board but he didn’t care. He was going to Damon and damn the trip.

“Thanks guys. I’m going back to make up.” He paused long enough to tell the couple who were saying their final goodbyes, and rushed out of the airport to loud cheering by the couple.

Tristan called the contractor who was to meet him in Paris to tell him there had been a change in plans. He told him to schedule a conference call for all the stakeholders the following day and expect him in Paris at a later date. Then he hailed a taxi and was on his way back home, where he knew Damon was. He couldn’t keep the excited grin off his face. Damn he was going to have a hard time keeping his hands off Damon. He knew he was going to have to make a conscious effort not to give their relationship away to his family.

Tristan was almost home when he heard the breaking news on radio.

‘STAR-BO144 Crashes Immediately After Take Off.’

He froze! According to the news, airport workers were trying to rescue people from the wreckage. The newscaster went on to say that the front part of the plane had suffered the main crush. It was therefore feared that most people flying first class and the pilots were probably dead. Tristan was meant to fly first class. He started shaking. All the blood drained out of his skin…he turned as white as a sheet. He had almost died but for his decision to go be with Damon. God!


“Then she decided to turn the water hoes on the poor old man.” Stephanie Thomas finished her story to howls of laughter from the people at the table.

Adriana, who was bent over in stiches managed to point an accusing finger at her mum.

“Mum it was your fault. You always told me to be helpful to people remember? I was probably only trying to help the…” She broke off into more laughter.

“Well at least you know you’re marrying a very helpful lady Paul.” Damon couldn’t help teasing Paul, Adriana’s fiancé.

Stephanie Thomas had been giving them stories about a younger Adriana and how terrible she had been. They were all having fun. The food was great and in abundance. The only thing missing was Tristan. Though Damon knew it was better this way, he felt empty inside. He couldn’t help but miss Tristan. If all had gone according to plan, he would have been on his way to Paris with Tristan after all. He had come to the Thomases’ home early, hoping to catch Tristan before he left for the airport. He had been told on reaching that Tristan had already left. He didn’t have to be a genius to know why he had left for the airport way before time.

“Your phone is ringing Darling.” Stephanie prompted Caleb.

“It’s Tracy.” Tracy was their eldest daughter. “Hey little lady.” Caleb greeted his daughter fondly. Then he listened for a while and went white. “Go turn on the TV Adriana.” He said urgently.

The anxious way Caleb spoke told Damon something was terribly wrong.

“Oh God No no no no.” Caleb kept chanting whilst rushing to the living room. Everyone stopped eating and followed him to see whatever was causing Caleb to lose it. “Come here Honey.” He said to his wife who quickly rushed to her husband’s side.

Adriana cried out and sat on the floor. On the huge TV screen was the scene of the crush. Stephanie started screaming.

“Was that the flight Tristan was on?” Damon bellowed. He felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest, like he’d gulped down an entire pot of coffee. His hands were trembling and his heart was beating too fast. He actually felt a physical pain within his chest.

“Yes Damon.” Caleb said quietly with a tremor in his voice, moving quickly towards where his car keys hanged.

“Fuck!” Damon took his cell phone out of his pocket, ready to get some answers whiles moving urgently towards the door when the front door opened and a zombie looking Tristan entered. Everybody froze.

Someone finally screamed his name but Tristan couldn’t summon the interest to look in the direction of the scream and see who. He was focused on getting to just one person. And that was Damon. He didn’t pay attention to any other person in the room, he just walked.

As Tristan moved toward him Damon braced himself, opened his arms and caught him as he rushed into them, needing him. Relief flooded Damon as he pulled Tristan close and held him tight. Tristan buried his face in Damon’s neck and wrapped both arms around his waist. Damon locked him in a firm embrace, one hand cradling the back of Tristan’s head to press his face against his neck. Tristan’s trembling intensified, but he didn’t cry. Damon was glad because he didn’t think he could handle that. But Tristan was trembling so much Damon was getting scared.

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