Mar 26

Finally the house to Ourselves

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Finally the house to OurselvesLisa and i finally got to get a chance at have anal sex at her parents house. We built up the whole week of sexual desires for this…Saturday finally arrived…I wake up cold since it was still winter. I do my daily routine of breakfast,shower, and dress for the day. But, today was gonna be exciting. I waited all morning for a text from Lisa(gf) who would give me the signal for when her parents were leaving for the day…I was sitting around watching t.v. just surfing the channels. Till I hear a buzzing from my cell next to me. Text read “parents just left give me 20mins.” I got ready and told my mom Lisa and I were going to build snowmen at the park near her house and walk back to her house to have hot chocolate and bake cookies with her family. Suprisely my mom dropped me off at the park where I had a pitcher of hot cocoa and Lisa had a shovel so it looked like we were going to be building a snowman. She said to call back when I needed to be picked up and she left us in the cold. My girl Lisa was wearing tight jeans showing off her nice black ass..ugh boots and a jacket(red plaid) with a white scarf and black hat on. She had really curly hair usually but she straightened it..which had her looking good. I stood there staring her down for a good 2mins before saying anything, taking in this delicious and sexy new look. She knew it too, because she dropped her shovel and bent over so I could get a good look at her ass..she giggled after picking up the shovel. She made a snowball threw it at me and said “you ready or what!?!”… I was trying to have fun so I said ” I don’t know building a snowman sounds fun” I ran towards her picked her up and kissed her then fell into the snow..we kissed each other for quite awhile and she and I walked to her house, hands together, ever once in awhile stopping to kiss…I could tell this wasn’t just a fun let’s do this type deal. It was supposed to be passionate and next level relationship stuff. We walked thru a backyard of a house to get to her “backdoor”.. Where she put the shovel next to her garage and I carried in my pitcher of coco..we kissed and playfully touched in her kitchen then..made our way to her room. She slowly started to take off her close and told me to wait in her living room…I did as told and she came back in nothing but a red laced thong.. She was a goddess..her boobs were perky and although she was round her chest was proportioned right. She stopped a few feet ahead of me and started to shake her ass and bend over. I stood up, picked her up and carried her to her room. I threw her on the bed and started to undress…she waited there..touching herself in anticipation.. She wanted my cock bad her fingers were wet..I took of my boxers and my dick was at full mass. She crept her hand on to my cock and slowly rubbed it laughing and grinning with every shiver I made..she told me to move over and she pulled a pillow with her…she set the pillow on the ground knelt down and started to lick the head of my cock and stroke it..she spat in her hand and started to work my shaft faster and faster while she kept the head of my dick in her mouth…the whole time she was staring at me. She then started to put my cock deeper in her mouth sucking I took my hand and placed it on the side of her head moaning. Her tongue and mouth felt great on my dick..I türbanlı istanbul escort don’t know what came over me but I grabbed the back of her head and started to push deeper and deeper making her gag on my cock which she started to spit and let streams of saliva fall out of her mouth..she pushed back and looked up at me… eyes watered “if we are gonna do it this rough, you better make it rough.” She laughed and I am not gonna pass it up so I took a handful of her hair and started to facefuck her. She took it, gagging a lot and her eyes watered but she kept going till I was spent on thrusting into her mouth it was to good for me to pull out so I moved over to her bed and laid down with my cock still in her mouth..I let go and she leaned over the bed and shook her pussy in my face asking “69?!”.. I grabbed her ass and started licking her pussy…. If she would deep throat I would licked fast if she stroked my cock I’d finger her pussy..almost a game of ‘Simon says’… just we never said anything just kept doing that back and forth till we had fun trying to trick each other. We were a little tired and i told her before we get into anal I wanted to cum. So she got off me, turned on her radio put in her favorite singers CD and grabbed a box of vaseline and rubber it over her ass and asked me to help her so I rubbed it around her ass, by her legs, and to her mid back. Her ass looked fine when it had a shine to it..she pushed me to lay on her bed and rubbed my dick..she spread her pussy on my dick and slide it across my shaft I could feel her wet pussy on my dick and I said ” you said u wanted to wait for actual sex right?!!”..she laughed and replied ” I’m not inserting just gonna grind on top of you…got a problem with that?!?” I shook my head no..she started grinding on me again..my dick pulsing with the feeling of her wet pussy on my cock. She turned over and started grinding with her ass. I had my dick sliding in between her cheeks…she would grind on me to the rhythm of the music..it was a slow song..but then a dance song came on and she moved faster and faster..I finally lost it and got up and spewed my load into her mouth which she gladly accepted..she swished it around in her mouth to show me my white cum in her mouth…she looked at me gulped it down saying “ahhh” sticking out her tongue to show me she she wanted to swallow now. Looked like a forceful swallow because she was getting use to cum..but she did it for me and that’s what mattered most. She turned over on her bed and asked if I’d like to put my dick to use for her.. I took my fingers and slipped them in her ass..1 then 2 then 3..slowly moving in and out which she winced a few times in pain..but I knew she wanted it..I was about to slip my cock in until she leaned over grabbed the Vaseline and told me to lube up…I wasn’t to sure about using it for that kinda lube but it worked..I took two fingers full..lathered up my cock and slide my dick in with easy..for me at least..Lisa let out a gasp as I was entering..but into a sigh and a laugh.. i laid on top of her and started to slowly put my hands around her and grabbed her tits she moaned loud in approval..I started too thrust faster and faster..I was sliding in way faster then I ever did but I couldn’t feel much but Lisa was going wild..grabbing türbanlı istanbul escort bayan her pillows and screaming into them with delight..she took her hand and smacked the side of her wall and said in a stutter I’m “cu cu cuuumming baby”… I took my hand and massage her pussy as I felt a fountain of liquid seep thru my fingers…I was happy but I still kept going while she laid there collecting herself she said ” please please do that again!!” I wasn’t gonna turn an offer down so I got on my knees and started to thrust deep into her making her bed shake. She moaned louder and louder. I got into the froggy position trying to get that deep.. I still had a hard on but couldn’t feel much..but her screaming,moaning, and laughing kept me going..I did that position for while then got into a push up position and used my whole body to slam into her ass..deep.I did this hard and out of nowhere so she wasn’t expecting it…I did this slow but deep..she loved it up until I slammed my head into the bar/head board…I stopped took my dick out stood up to check my head I was actually bleeding..Lisa started to laugh I was upset I thought it would kill the mood..but she said “my poor baby” and she kissed my stomach, an gave me a hug..she slowly got out of bed and stroked my cock as we stood around kissing..she bent over the side of her bed and didn’t say anything I knew what she wanted so..I stuck my cock in her ass,,which was loosened a lot so now I couldn’t feel anything at all but I have a curve to my dick so she felt it rub against the top inside of her ass..when we did it doggy style.. But I kept pumping and thrusting feeling nothing..I finally figured out i could feel my cock when I fulling exited her ass and entered..so i started doing that..first slow..to slow for Lisa who kept telling me to not stop..so I quickly did that a few times till I felt an overwhelming sensation on my cock..never before have a felt it…I built up a crazy amount of pressure and I gave a thrust hard into Lisa’s ass which she knew what was happening so she yelled “fucking fill me babe!!”.. I came so hard I thought in was gonna faint..the first shot felt like multiple orgasms in a row and Lisa screamed ” omg I feel that splashing into my ass omfg!!”.. I Just stood there leting load upon load fill her.. I swear it had to be 8 times I felt a load get released but I stood there and Lisa kept saying “ooh I feel it in me baby yes”… I finally took my dick out and Lisa stood up as a large amount of cum fell out of her ass…she looked back at me stunned. I looked back at her with the same reaction..she turned around and knelt down and played with it ” omg I’ve never seen so much even the stuff I’ve seen online and even then it looks fake but this, this is real” as she held a hand full of cum…I stood there kind of what the hell happened and she walked out of the room and came back with a towel to wipe up my cum.. She started to wipe up and I fingered her pussy she stopped and turned around and we made out on her floor…she stopped and we had a nice chat about love and how this is fun…She said we should take a shower and clean up..so we got up and we went to take a shower..which we hopped in and my dick was still rock hard and she kept saying she wanted to hug me but my dick kept türbanlı escort istanbul poking her. We laughed and kissed in the shower and we helped clean each other off we started feeling each other again and I got really horny so I turned her around and said into her ear “you said u wanted to squirt again right”.. As I slide my cock in her ass..she was surprised and just nodded so standing up I put my arms around her one across her chest and grabbing her boob then another wrapped around her waste. I slowly grinded into her to get my dick inside..I kissed her neck and then took her hands and placed them against the the shower wall…moved the shower head above her and started to drill her into the wall as water flowed down her shoulder and ass…I smacked her ass which made her jolt but she let out a sigh..so I smacked her ass harder..she turned her head back and said “this is what i wanted..rough!”.. I took my dick out of her ass and smacked hard she let out a moan and she got on her knees and started to suck my dick bouncing her body and head I grabbed the back of her head and pushed down hard..hearing her gag and gargle till she tapped my leg..I let go and she took a big breathe..she laughed and turned off the shower we started to dry off but I wanted more…we kissed and grabbed more but she said she was really tired and patted me on the chest and said to get dressed..I put on my clothes, she did too…we started to walk out of her room and a grabbed a little bit of Vaseline, unzipped my pants and rubbed the top of my cock with it…Lisa was in the hallway and walking ahead of me and I quickly pushed her against the wall and pulled her jeans to her knees she started to laugh and say ” we are done today OK?”..but I stuck my cock into her ass anyways and pinned her against the wall..I said “we agreed to have u cum twice right!?!” She laughed an said “I came in the shower!” With a giggle..but I knew it was a lie so I went to town rubbing her pussy while sliding my dick in and out till she bucked and let out a loud moan and I instantly came inside her ass after feeling her do that.. She quivered and shook as she let out her fluids dripping on to her jeans I let me dick sit in her for awhile… She looked back and smiled “OK OK you did a good job now we gotta get you outa here”.. I waved my dick around..an I took out my phone to call my mom..she got on her knees and said ” call her babe ” so I dialed as I got out the phone and pout it up to my ear Lisa crammed my dick in her mouth as I answered I let out a loud moan followed by “Oh shit”.. My mom replied ” are you OK?”..I said “yeye im good can you p p p p pick me up I need u to cooome, oooh get me!”.she said she’d be there soon.. Lisa was still sucking me while I was on the phone I hung up and I said “babe..ur gonna blow me till my ride is here!” She scrambled “yewewesbababe” while she still had my cock in her mouth..she blew me till my ride was there I guess she took this chance to try different technicques but mostly sh tried deepthroating without my help…my ride was here so i zipped up snd we laughed, I kissed her goodbye and told her to call me later.. She jokingly said “I will I promise, but how did u not cum I deepthroated you for like 8mins?!?!”..I laughed “you know I came in your ass when u squirted right?”..she looked at me with a shock and I saw her put her hand behind her to check and I opened the front door and yelled back “love yea babe!” and slammed the door….I got a text few seconds later “I didn’t mind when u cam in me in the bedroom but u got 2 stop”.. I replied with ” lol”……… those kind of things you remember THE END…this was another true story part 3..leave any feedback I’m still new at this…cheers!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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