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Subject: Finding a Den of Colorado bears It was my first time visiting back home in a few years. After graduating college I had packed up and moved from New Mexico to Florida. Traveling back to the small town I grew up in, I was expecting a week of visiting family and being forced my my mother to stop at the home of just about anyone everyone that I hadn’t cared to see while I lived there…much less on vacation. Seeing I was just about at my wits end, my dad suggested I take the car and spend the day exploring on my own. Before my mom could argue I was out the door and hitting the road. I spent the morning hiking (by hiking, I mean of course that I had spent the morning hiking a few trails I frequented in college and then finding a secluded space to get naked and lay in the sun for a while.) I was 25 years old and 6 foot with blond hair and blue eyes weighing in at a whopping 150 lbs, skinny as a rail with 8 inches that looked even bigger on my small frame. Despite needing to cum, I was hoping to find a little more than just jacking off. I stopped for lunch in the small tourist/College town nearby where I had gone to school. After not shooting my load for a week I was at that crazed point of horniness where I would have jumped on just about any dick I could find, but it wasn’t looking good. I had spent most of the morning without a signal so I wasn’t really expecting much to fall into place in the way of big plans. Since the cell signal was crappy I spent a about an hour pirating a wifi signal from a near by shop. Alternating between every potential sex site and app I knew of. The pickings were thin, college town on a holiday break and most guys appeared to be out of town. A few obvious flaks or guys that couldn’t host. I was about to pack things up and find something else to do when I heard a notification from one of the sites on my laptop. Normally I went guys around my age and size, not really because that was my preference, but that is who normally paid attention to me. I really tended to go for older hairy guys but they rarely gave me the time of day, despite everyone telling me to watch out for chickenhawks etc …. the guys I was interested in always seemed to go for older beefy guys as well. I was therefore excited when I saw the response from a guy staying in a nearby motel. He was 45, just shy of 6 foot with dark hair and hair everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. We sent a few messages back and forth and it turned out that he had been visiting the area from back east for a week and had just checked into the hotel after spending the week road tripping to various local tourist attractions. We exchanged pics and it looked like we were a match. He was a total top with a nice 7 inch uncut dick with a nice thick bush that seemed to extend everywhere. I was hooked…but after several flakes I didn’t have my hopes up too high. He said that he already had some plans that afternoon…and there it was. Another dead end. I let him know that I was just in town for the afternoon but hopefully I could make it back up if he was going to be around longer. A few minutes passed and he responded that his plans were with a local couple that he had met earlier in the week. Did I want to join? Yes. I didn’t even ask for pictures of the guys or what they were into. I was just horny and wanted to be on my knees swallowing kocaeli escort that dick and inhaling his bush. Since I had been out that morning and was a little ripe from hiking he said I could swing by his motel and clean up in about an hour. We could meet, mess around a little and then the other couple would be stopping by about 4pm. I stopped by the local convenience store and grabbed a douche to prepare and an hour later I was knocking at his hotel door. He had quite a bit of scruff going on and after inviting me in he ordered me to strip and get on my knees. He unzipped and whipped out his hairy cock. My clothes flew off and I was on my knees looking up at him as he aimed his cock for my open mouth. I hadn’t yet been able to manage to get him down my throat when he gave me a break and had me work on his hairy nutsack for a while. I spent a good half hour between his legs working on his balls and swallowing his dick when he decided to introduce himself as Anthony and sent me to the shower to prepare for the afternoon. I cleaned up and prepped for what was turning out to be good afternoon. Even if it ended there I was grinning from ear to ear after getting my mouth used. Coming out of the bathroom, no one else had arrived yet so I returned to my place between his legs nursing on his cock for about another 20 minutes until there was a knock at the door. He had me stay on the floor and introduced me to the couple as they walked in. They were both in their early 50’s and were beefy bear type guys one was latin (Joe) and the other a ginger (Mason) with a bushy beard. Immediately following them was a friend of theirs that had apparently been added to the invited list while I was in the shower. I would guess he was 60+ or so but that might just be because of his totally white hair that didn’t quite match the rest of him. He had a body that you could tell used to be absolutely built but had softened up a bit with age. When he entered Anthony exclaimed that he was glad they had found another guy that was up for using my holes, he introduced himself as Andy and he was another local that was a regular playmate of theirs. I was excited but hadn’t really expected a full on orgy when this all started, especially when 3 of the guys complete unknowns and Anthony was only slightly more acquainted. Each of the guys chatted as they stripped and started a joint going around. I remained on my knees on the floor and chatted with everyone as they got settled in. There was something hot about already being stripped and on my knees waiting for these guys and they seemed to be just as happy about it. Anthony moved back to his place in the hotel chair and I started back to work, occasionally taking a break to take hit of the joint. He then spun me around and I found myself at face level at the Joe and Mason’s cocks. Joe’s was thick and uncut almost as big as Anthony’s. Masons was 8 cut and had a nice red bush, with a huge mushroom head that I wondered if I could even get in my ass. I took turns on each while I caught Andy out of the corner of my eye laying on the bed jacking what appeared to be a 9 inch cut cock. As I throated Masons dick Anthony started working his tongue into my hole and getting my ass nice and wet. I had finally managed to get the whole thing down my throat when Anthony started to get into position. I kocaeli escort bayan heard him unwrapping a condom and in one movement pushed his whole throbbing piece of meat into my ass. I panicked and tried to pull off but he held me in place and Mason also kept himself all the way down my throat until he could tell I was no longer panicking about the dick but needing to breathe. I came off his cock gasping and that is when Joe and Mason started swapping back and forth both using my throat while Anthony. For the next few minutes I was lost in the sensation of Anthony’s cock stretching open my hole and the flavor of two cocks alternating in my mouth. I was in heaven and didn’t want things to stop. I guess it was time for a change in positions because Anthony pulled out abruptly leaving me craving to be filled again and told me to lay on the edge of the bed with my legs in the air. This time Anthony came and sat on the bed just above my head and started feeing me his nutsack again. I noticed that I didn’t see the condom and wasn’t sure when he had a moment to take it off. I looked around and saw only a packet of lube and realized that while I was swallowing dick I hadn’t actually checked. Anthony had been fucking me raw the entire time. I was about to say something about wrapping up but when his nuts lowered on my face the hunger took over and I went back in the zone as I sucked on each of his hairy nuts trying to fit them both in my mouth. With some words of encouragement and him telling my what a good boy I was, I soon had both in my mouth and felt Anthony pulling my legs back towards his chest as he hovered over me. I pulled back to say something about putting on a condom but as soon as I had pulled off of his nutsack he moved forward a bit and sat his ass directly on my mouth. “That’s a good slut, eat daddy’s hole like a good boy” was all I heard and while I struggled a bit I didn’t really have the power or lets face it, the will, to get him off. I used my tongue to dig out his hairy hole and he rode my face forcing his ass on my tongue and spreading the musty taste all over my face. I was vaguely aware that Anthony was still holding my legs up, ass exposed to the other guys in the room. My view was limited to the glimpses I could get of Anthony’s back and occasionally one of the guys walking around and winking at me as they watched him force feed his hole to me. Soon enough I started to feel fingers probing my hole, then a tongue, then fingers, then a “get ready boy” as I felt one of them sliding into me again. This was the second raw cock I had opening me up and I started to panic a bit again and struggle. Anthony quickly forced his hole on my mouth again and I moaned as I felt another stranger opening up my now wet hole. For the next while I felt what I figured out to be mason and Joe both tag teaming me, one switching for the other until both had shot their loads inside me and telling me what a good cumdump I was being for them. I didn’t care anymore, I wanted them to keep filling me with cock and cum until I couldn’t take anymore. And really, with my skinny ass being held down by a 225 lb hairy god feeding me his hole and two bears taking turns on my ass there wasn’t much I could or wanted to do other than make the moment keep goin on for as long as possible. Andy took over when they were spent izmit escort and started to tongue fuck my hole eating their loads out and calling me all sorts of things, most of which I couldn’t really catch since my head was buried in Anthony’s hairy ass. He raised up and allowed my to catch my breath now and then, alternating between feeding me his hole and nuts. When I felt Andy pause fingering my hole I again felt Anthony hold my legs back exposing my hole and sitting his ass on my tongue again. Andy pushed his 9 incher slowly into my hole, letting my get adjusted but at that point it didn’t matter. I was a hungry cum whore at that point and he could have destroyed me and I would have cared. Feeling him long dick me while Anthony continued to sit on my face pinning me down and asking if I was glad I came over. My groans and responses were unintelligible but they got the point. Andy must have fucked me for a good while because I saw both Mason and Joe showering and coming back out into the room enjoying the show. As he started to get close I could feel him tense and Anthony just pulled my legs open wider as the 4 of them watched the 25 year skinny blond twink taking his 4th cock and 3rd load of the day. All of them old enough to be my dad, if not my grandfather. I was in heaven and as Andy pulled out I was already starting to come down and feel that regret that it was over. Anthony lifted his ass off my face and I started to stretch out and get readjusted. I had lost sense of my body after being pinned down and used for so long. While I came to Anthony told me to roll over. I did so and presented him my well used cummy hole looking back in a daze and goofy grin. Without pause he drove his dick into my ass all the way to the base and pounded me hard. The guttural noises I was making must have been loud because I heard pounding on the hotel wall. Anthony told Mason who was nearby playing with one of my nipples to shut me up. He immediately got on all fours and backed his hole onto my face. Joe’s hand forcing my head in hard and leaving me no option. Anthony railed me for a few more minutes until I heard his own groans and felt the throbbing in my hole as his balls slapped my ass. I was spent but rather than pulling out Anthony flipped me back over, keeping his dick buried inside me to the hilt. Anthony instructed mason to get his ass and to come tease my dick. I had been leaking the entire time and there was precum, cum, lube sweat everywhere. I had been working on Mason’s hole for a while so he had no problem as he straddled my 8 inches and began to tease my dick sliding up and down . It wasn’t gonna take me long to blow, not only had I just been fucked raw by 4 guys but this was the first time that I had my dick in another guy raw so with all the sensations it was too much. I began spurting what had to be the biggest load of my life all into his hole. Slowly the rush started to pass and I heard Anthony instructing me to clean up Mason’s hole like a good boy and not let anything go to waste. I didn’t even question and was still so horned and happy to please that I swallowed every bit of cum I could suck out of his hole. The guys left and I headed to shower, Anthony asked me if I was into piss and I said I didn’t think so. He had me get on my knees and let him piss all over me in the shower, occasionally hitting my face and telling me to open my mouth. I wasn’t quite ready for that but regret not swallowing every drop of this studs piss. That was one trip home that I will never forget…and damn I wish there were pictures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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