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Subject: First Semester 11 First Semester 11 ©Lacylips@ DISCLAIMER: This is a fantasy depicting sexual acts involving male teens. The story is intended for adult readers and not minors. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS STORY OR IF YOU FIND SUCH MATERIAL OFFENSIVE, PLEASE LEAVE. All characters are fictional and in no way related to any person or persons living or deceased. In no way is this intended to advocate for sex with minors its just my fantasy about growing up. _______________ Oh Hell! This was really happening/ I was about to take Axels’s fence post of a cock up my rather inexperienced ass pussy. Fear and excitement were an odd mix but it had my own sissy cock raging and rubbing the sheets thru the silky front of the panties. Wet spots were anticipated. Then Ouffffffff! Axel, now fully aligned, power drove the battering ram of his cock head against my clenched pucker. “You are taking this no matter what you little cock whore. If you don’t want it to kill you in the process I suggest bearing down some then relax that horny hole and I will wedge that sphincter wide so the rest of super cock can fill your ass cavern up all the way.” I recalled doing that with Bill but still doubted it would work with `the beast’ demanding gaziantep travesti entry. Even saturated with lube my fluttering fuck hole resisted the onslaught until I squeezed back as hard as I could. I felt the full pressure of Axels meaty monster demanding entry and let the muscles go. Oh Whoa! Holy shit! My anus opened and as promised constricted coil of boy cunt sinew was pried open and held that way with Axels cock head leading the way. I was fully munched down on the panty gag while he paused. “There you go bitch boy. Big dick in your tight hole like you wanted. Take a breath cause here comes the rest of it for your `Oh jeez please fuck me’ pleasure. Damn you are tight and so hot.” I felt the probing prong move inward as the glass like shaft took over the hold open action allowing the rest of his 9 inches to worm its way in to the hilt. His saying balls slapped my taint so I knew we were as coupled as far as we could. Still stinging but oH My! so fucking good. Heaven must involve a big cock up your ass I thought. Another pause and the stroking, the fucking, began. Slowly dragging the head along the tender walls of rectum, waiting almost at the entrance then a moderate continuous slide gaziantep masaj salonları inward again lighting my fire to greater heights. Hell. I loved getting fucked! “You good slut boy? You like your roomies massive dong reaming your cute perky rump?” “Yes. I love it. Fuck me, fuck me really good. Deep , Hard, Just fuck the shit out of me!” Axel ramped up the pace of the posterior pummeling while I mumbled over and over thru my panty gag the desire for more. Thought my head would explode each time he bottomed out plastering his groin against my plump buns that acted like fleshy bumpers at impact each time. While it was off the charts great I wished that the panties filling my mouth was a big cock about to spew a massive load in to feed my taste buds. I was reeling in total pleasure. At this point I was squirting my own cum into the front of the tanga panties making a very sticky mess soaking thru the material and wetting the sheets below. “Don’t stop Axel. I am cuming but I love getting fucked. I need more! Please more cock. Hard! Fuck me hard!” He did. Nirvana on my dorm bed. Who would ever have guessed that my first semester at college would turn me into a raging cock sucking, gaziantep escort bayan fuck loving ass whore with a panty fetish? My dream state came to a crushing and abrupt ending in the middle of those thoughts as my lover snatched his swollen monster from my well used puckered pussy. Axel forcefully dragged me to the floor in front of him. My butt on the cold linoleum floor and my head propped against the mattress end he waved his still erect pole in front of my face. Along the entire length globs and string of his cum and lube and whatever began to drip as he lunged forward plugging my agape oral oriface with drooling dick meat. “Clean it off bitch! Make it sparkle. There might be more inside to thrill your throat. Squeeze my nuts and see. Oh You love this shit!” With a face full of frothing fuck stick I could not answer except to get to work with my tongue accomplishing the required cleanup. He was right. Milking his nuts and sucking his dick brought forth a final flourish of warm sperm. Kind of a perfect ending. Axel popped his fence post prick out after the last pulse of gonad gravy had anointed my throat and told me what an amazing fuck I had been. “How did I luck out with the perfect sissy fag sleeping right in my room? Ready any time to drain me with his mouth or thrill me with his ass cunt.” I felt lucky too. My ass hurt a lot. The cold floor was like icing it. Exhausted as I was I could only smile and glow over the thoughts of the weeks to come. Or cum! I loved ail Please consider donating to Nifty. I know that you enjoy it as much as fty/donate.html

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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