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First TimeLooking around the school lunch room, I couldn’t decide where to guide my attentions, the various groups sitting at their own tables, the sports freaks, fit muscular football players and their entourage of cheerleaders, the rich k**s all gorgeous looking but none would fraternise with anyone outside their financial peers. There were the geeks, but I wasn’t going to stoop that low. The rock dudes, but they were all greasy and hairy. My name is Rebecca but most people call me Bex. I think I’m fairly good looking, five two, 92 pounds, 32B bra, dark hair and blue eyes. I was searching for someone to take my virginity, in a high school it shouldn’t be too hard, all the guys are walking hormones, and other than the gay guys, I’m sure not one would refuse, but I wanted to keep my standards at some sort of reasonable level. When people found out, as they inevitably will, I want to be able to hold my head high and say he was cool. Searching through the various groups no one was standing out, occasionally the same face would appear, but I discounted him every time. He’s a year older than me, so probably wouldn’t be interested, he was quite good looking, has a nice smile, didn’t really fit into any of the groups but everyone seemed to like him. He’s tall and fit but doesn’t play sports, he’s funny, I’m not sure if he has a girlfriend, but if he’s not going steady, he must have a line of one-night stands waiting. Jay! If only?It was Sunday and I was sitting in church, Jay was sitting beside me on my right, mom and dad on the other side, I was wearing a dress, mom always insisted a dress for church, my skirt had risen about half way up my thigh, my legs crossed, right over left, was he looking down at my legs? I wasn’t sure, I felt naughty, maybe a little turned on, would he even notice me? I swapped my legs over, left over right, the preacher was droning on about sin, if he looked down, he could probably see most of my bare legs, the inside of my tanned thighs available to him. Would I be brave enough to flash my panties, I was just about to, when everyone around stood for a hymn. The moment was over. But I did make my decision, if the chance arose it would be Jay, my brother jay.Later that night, I set about trying to find out more about him, if I was to try and get him to take my virginity, was there any possibility he would be interested? I sneaked in to his room, finding his laptop I switched it on. One way, I decided, to find out what a guy is into is to check his browsing history, his taste in porn would tell a lot, and all girls know, every guy is in to porn. The home screen popped up, it was password protected, how was I going to figure that out, I tried his birthday and his phone number, but neither worked, then looking around his room, there were several posters of his favourite baseball team. I typed them in to the password, and the screen opened.Flicking through the sites, I did find brother and sister porn, but I also found, mom and son, old and young, inter-rational, basically every type of porn you could think of, he was just addicted to watching porn of any sort. For the next three weeks, I tried to give him the idea that I may be available. I didn’t wear a bra around the house, either wearing tight tee shirts, my nipples visible through the tight material, or loose-fitting dresses, allowing him see my bare breasts when I bent forward in front of him. I couldn’t see if he was reacting, I was hoping to see at least a stiffening in his jeans to give me the signal to continue, but I didn’t spot anything. I found out he doesn’t have a girlfriend so I then began going to the bathroom in only my bra and panties while getting ready for bed, hoping he would “catch” me. Then I would carefully place my panties on top of the clothes in the hamper so he might find them, maybe he’d sniff my panties or jerk off in them, all my plans were making me hornier and hornier, but I couldn’t see any response form Jay. My last plan was to start leaving the bathroom door open while I showered, just a crack, so if he wanted he could peek in. I was running out of ideas, I had been trying for nearly a month. It was a Saturday morning and I was in the shower, the hot water spraying down on my body making my skin tingle, the sharp spray of water against my sensitive nipples had made them stand erect. I needed to shave, as I ran the razor through the triangle of pubic hair, my normally tidy little bush was getting smaller, I was getting turned on, and soon realised my complete bush had been removed. I aimed the shower head towards my now bald pubic mound, the spray of water caressing my already excited pussy. Running my fingers between my pussy lips I could feel how wet I was. I pushed a finger inside, my pussy felt hot and I began rubbing my thumb against my clit. Within moments of first touching my pussy I could feel the build-up of an orgasm. I had to grab on to the wall to balance myself as the electric shocks ran through my body. Biting my lip to silence my moans, I could still hear my own gasps over the sound of the shower. The more I directed the spray of water the more I kept cumming, finally I had to shove the shower head away before I collapsed in a heap of erotic spasms.I had just got out of the shower, I was towelling my self dry, mom and dad were in the kitchen, when I heard Jay’s bedroom door open. “Jay is that you” I called. He grunted positively. “I forgot to bring my clothes in, would you get them from my room and pass them in. normally I would wrap a towel around me and run for my room, my bra and panties were on my bed, ready to be worn. He grunted again, I could feel my breath quickening. I was so turned on form my recent orgasm, I felt nothing could stop me. I lifted a bottle of lotion from the counter, standing in the corner of the room, so my reflection couldn’t be seen from the door, I waited for jay’s return. The few seconds I waited felt like hours, but finally there was a knock on the door.“Come in” I stood with my back to him, my bare ass on display, holding one arm over my breasts, supposedly to hide my nakedness, I looked over my shoulder and smiled. He was standing in the open doorway, my bra and panties in hand, I reached out to take them off him, he moved towards me slowly. “Thanks” I tried not to show any emotion on my face, as if standing stark naked in a room with my brother was totally normal. “Would you mind putting some lotion on my back? Please?” I handed him the bottle. He was slow to react as if he was trying to work out what was going on. Slowly he took the bottle, and I felt the cool lotion dripping güvenilir bahis on to my shoulders and back. His touch was very timid at first but as he massaged the cream in to my skin he seemed to start to build up confidence. Slowly he moved down my bare back, his hands nearing my ass, I could feel the excitement building in my own body, as his fingers brushed against the round top of my naked ass. I was trying to concentrate on him trying to hear a change in his breathing or any clue that might give away his feelings. His hands them moved up my sides, rubbing lotion into my skin as he neared my breasts. He stopped, my hands still covering my chest from the front. I dropped my arm, a second passed, then his hands moved am inch more, and I could feel his fingers against the sides of my breasts. He paused again, was he waiting for me to scream at him, or slap him away. I let out a sigh, just loud enough that he could hear. His fingers moved forward, tracing my breasts.Another little sigh, and I arched my back slightly. I could feel his pants against my bare skin, he was so close to me my slightest movement brought us together. I looked over my shoulder, staring in to his eyes, his fingers still moving against my breasts. I sighed again, this time a little louder. I moved my ass slightly sideways, and I felt it. His cock was hard, straining against his loose pants. I reached behind me, tugging at his pants I felt them drop to the floor. I turned to face him, neither of us spoke, I threw my arms around his neck, and placed my mouth on his, I kissed him, he immediately responded. I could feel his cock, like a steel bar pressing against my stomach. I raised my leg on to his waist, reached down, and with just two fingers I guided his cock towards my pussy. I felt the tip press against my pussy lips, they parted as his rocket shaped head found my opening. He moved forward, I was waiting for pain, for an ache or at least some uncomfort as his cock penetrated my opening. I gasped as he slipped inside me, the feeling was exquisite as my pussy accepted him. I was moist. I lowered myself down, I could feel his cock inside me, our bodies fully connected as my body fully accepted him. I moved my hips, he gasped, I started rocking back and forward, his eyes looked glazed, both of were breathing heavily, I could feel his hardness being caressed by every nerve ending in my hot pussy. He had only been inside me about a minute, when I felt an orgasm build, his cock fitted me snugly, feeling much bigger than my fingers ever had. I was cumming, trying to balance on one foot, then he grunted, I felt the hot sting of his cum hit the walls of my pussy. He was cumming inside me, he had taken my virginity. From start to finish, he had only been in the bathroom no more than five minutes, he had only been inside me for no more than two minutes, but the whole episode felt special. I hadn’t expected hours of love making and romance, but what had happened more than satisfied me.Jay grunted “sorry”, he looked embarrassed, but had a huge grin on his face. He pulled up his pants and ran out the door. As I pulled on my own clothes I decided that my first time was better than I knew it might have been, it was a little quick, but he had made me cum.I wanted to talk to Jay all day, but never got a moment where we were alone, either mom or dad were always around. I though of texting him, but then thought that would be a bit immature, particularly after what we had done. Later that evening mom and dad told us we all had to go over to the preacher’s house, they had volunteered to help with some event, and had said we’d all help. They spent about an hour planning, when they told us to wait in the car while the adults prayed.Jay and I were in the car alone, for the first time since the bathroom that morning.“jay”“Yeah”“Thanks, that was my first time.” He went red, looked embarrassed, then I realised it. “It was your first time too wasn’t it” he nodded.“I’m sorry I didn’t last longer” he said.“that’s ok, we might have been caught if we had lasted longer, but it was wonderful, much more than I expected for my first time” I leaned over and kissed him, in the dull evening I thought no one would spot us, his tongue slipped in to my mouth. I started rubbing his crotch, his cock was already getting hard. I opened the button of his jeans, leaning over him, I freed his semi hard cock. He raised his butt so I could slip his jeans down. I lowered my head, and slid his cock into my mouth, the head immediately began to harden as I kissed him. It felt weird as I fed his cock hardening cock into my mouth. I used my tongue to explore every vein and ridge of his erection, trying to take as much of his length in to my mouth. His cock wasn’t huge, probably average size, but it felt the perfect size for my first blow job. Slowly I was able to take his full length before I felt him against the back of my throat, I gagged slightly, my saliva soaking his cock. Remembering every porn blow job I had ever watched, as I sucked him, I ran my hands up and down in a circular motion. Jay was groaning loudly, his hands on the back of my head, guiding me up and down. Then he let out a loud moan, I could feel the spasm of his cock in my mouth, he mumbled “cumming”. I lowered my head down, he had released his hands, but I waited, my tongue pressing on the underside of his cock. Then I felt a twitch from his cock, and a rush of hot cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed, and a second ribbon of cum hit the back of my throat, I was able to swallow each ribbon, my mouth was filling up, as he pumped cum in to me. I could feel the warm sticky goo leaking from my lips when his orgasm finally stopped. As I raised my head, a light came on in the porch of the house. I sat up, jay quickly pulled his jeans up, and was just closing his button as mom and dad approached the car. I sat back up on the seat, gulping the salty cum down my throat, it slid down in one long hot glob, then wiped the dribbles from my lips on the back of my sleeve. Mom and dad sat into the car, and we turned for home.As dad drove, he and mom were discussing the church event. I felt Jay’s hand brush against my leg, in the back of the dark car, his hand moved up my thigh. I could feel his fingers at the waist band of my leggings, they snaked under the tight material. His pushed his hand towards my vagina, only the thin cotton of my panties between his fingers and my pussy. He rubbed his finger against my pussy, I could feel my moisture building, the dampness and heat between my legs intensifying as was my horniness. My head was spinning, türkçe bahis I was aware of mom and dad asking both of us occasional questions but was unable to answer, Jay was answering for both of us. I picked up a magazine I had been reading on the way over to the preacher’s house, and laid it on my legs, in case mom looked back at us. His hand moved around, finding the top of my panties his finger slipped under them, his finger rubbing my clit, made me gasp. I bit my lip, but mom and dad didn’t seem to hear the noise. Jay’s finger slipped inside my pussy, he finger fucked me as he answered mom and dad, I did everything I could to keep quiet.His finger slipped in and out of my pussy teasing the entrance to my vagina, each stroke bringing me nearer the precipice of my orgasm. If he brought me to orgasm I knew I wouldn’t be able to control my self. Mom and dad would definitely know, and of course. I was on the brink, when Jay pulled his finger out of me, his hand slipping out from my leggings, just as we were pulling up outside our house, I could feel myself panting, virtually gasping for air. I heard mom’s voice, “Do you guys want to come to a restaurant, dad and I wanted steaks but I didn’t get to the market”“No thanks mom, but pizza would be great if that’s ok, I can walk down to Dominos, Bex might tag along?”. I could just nod.Minutes later Jay and I were walking through the streets, going for a pizza. Side by side, nobody paying any attention to the two of us, we were just like any other couple out for a walk. I felt Jay’s hand touch mine, our fingers entwined as we walked.“Bex, why did this happen?, you know, in the bathroom, and now?”“Because we wanted it to Jay, well I wanted it to happen”“So did I!, a couple of weeks ago, we were in church, I was sitting right beside you, and I noticed your skirt had risen up your thigh, I was thinking what a great pair of legs, when suddenly you shifted your legs, crossing them in the opposite direction, I don’t know if you realised but I got a full view of your legs, your thighs, I even got a glimpse of your panties under your skirt. If the hymn hadn’t suddenly started, I think I would have blown my load right then, right in church”“Do you think that was an accident, that I didn’t know what I was doing” I squeezed his hand, “I wanted you to see”“Then there was loads of times you had no bra on and I could see your nipples through your tee shirt, or even your boobs under a loose top” I squeezed his hand again, grinning at him. “Then a couple of days ago, you were coming out of the bathroom in just a bra and panties, my cock was so hard”“I wanted you to see me, to make a move on me, I did it all on purpose”“Then you were in the shower, with the door open, I sneaked in and saw you washing, I thought you had caught me, I thought you were trying to set me up to get me in trouble with mom and dad. You turned the water off and I ran down the stairs so you wouldn’t know I was watching you” He had a huge grin on his face. “I was coming back up the stairs, and you asked me to get your clothes, your bra and panties, I had to stop my self jerking off or I thought you would realise why I was taking so long, and when I got back you were naked, and the rest….. “We entered the store, and ordered our pizza, the assistant said it would be about ten or fifteen minutes, so we went back outside. We found a quiet doorway, an started making out, dozens of people passing us, none of them realising we are brother and sister. As we were kissing each other a group of guys passed us, wolf whistling, jay looked up, they were from our school, but they didn’t recognise us. We ate the pizza as we walked home, the hot pie on a cold evening tasted better than I can describe.We were home just in time to see mom and dad drive away from the house, closing the door behind us, we began kissing in the hallway. I could feel Jay’s hands exploring my body, my back, my breasts and my ass. The bulge in his pants was growing, pressing against my stomach. “Will we go to my room or yours?” I asked.Moments later we were both in my room, Jay was kissing and nuzzling my neck from behind me, his hands playing with my tits. His cock stiff pressing into my ass. I kicked off my shoes and struggled to pull my shirt over my head, having to push Jay away while I removed my clothes. I wriggled out of my leggings, Jay was fumbling behind me, trying to unhook my bra, I stepped out of my leggings and reached back to remove my bra. Jay turned me to face him, his mouth clamped down on my breast, he sucked hard on my nipple, my breasts were so sensitive he was hurting me, “Go easy Jay, that hurts, it’s a nipple not a lump of chuck beef”, he stopped biting me, sucking me gently, my nipples felt so hard, I was so turned on. Just in my panties I could feel Jay’s hands on my butt, “Jeez Bex, you have an amazing ass, all my friends are right” I giggled. He pushed me forward so I was fell on to the bed. I could feel him behind me, his warm breath against my thighs, he was kissing and nibbling me, working his way to my panty clad ass. As he pulled them down he gasped, in my prone position I was completely open to him. “Wow, that looks wonderful” his tongue swiped at my vagina, I could feel my juices pour freely. Jay lapped them up, making sucking sounds as he did so. I could have cum in a second, but I wanted to last, I wanted to edge myself, and hopefully him too. “take your time, they wont be back for at least a couple of hours”. Jay backed off from my pussy, I was disappointed, I wanted to cum so badly, but I was also glad I was keeping some control over both of us. “Take your clothes off” Jay was naked in seconds, and climbing on to the bed beside me. We were kissing again, our hands exploring our naked bodies. I moved my head down to his cock, his meat was solid, droplets of precum leaking from the tip. He was moaning loudly. “Fuck me Jay, I want to feel you inside me” Jay rolled me over, guiding his cock to my pussy, I was so wet he slid in easily. His full body weight on top of me, he back humping me. I had been so turned on since he had fingered me in dad’s car, that I was already on the brink of cummimg.“Bex, can we stop, I feel like I’ll cum in seconds, can I taste your pussy again, just till I’m you know ready again”I smiled and pushed his down between my legs. His tongue was licking my clit, and he pushed a finger in to my hot pussy, I came immediately, thrashing about on the bed, panting barely able to catch a breath. He finally released me from his tonguing. He had the hugest grin on his face, he turned me on my stomach and pulled my hips güvenilir bahis siteleri up so I was in the doggy position. I could feel Jay behind me, the anticipation building, he was moving closer, his cock brushed off my legs, my butt, I felt his hand on my hip, then his cock touched my ass hole. I jumped and squealed. This was only the second time I was going to be penetrated, I wasn’t ready for that, “No, that’s not my pussy”“Jeez, sorry, I didn’t mean….. I was just trying to”“Lie down”, Jay did as I asked, I climbed on top of him, his cock was standing straight up, my pussy was so hot, I wanted to devour him vaginally. I lowered myself down, his hard cock pushing my pussy apart, spreading me. My juices pouring on to him, lubricating his rod as I slid down, until I was sitting on his hips. I began grinding his cock, my own body so turned on that I was only the slightest movement away from an orgasm. Many questions flashed through my mind, would he last long enough to make me cum? Could I cum more than once? Could he cum more than once? Was he enjoying this?I looked down, his eyes were closed, a look on ecstasy on his face. Leaning forward, it felt like his cock had gone even deeper in to me, I kissed his lips, he responded, slowly moving my hips back and forward my pussy clenching his tool. His hands reached up, grabbing my breasts, kneading them, exciting them. I leaned backwards, his cock rubbing against the front of my pussy didn’t feel so deep, then it rubbed my G spot, oh fuck, my G spot, I had never found it with my fingers, but for some reason, Jay’s cock had found it. I came, I exploded, my whole body shook, I grabbed his legs to keep my balance. My orgasm came in waves, each wave, each movement by either of us, increased the intensity. I was pouring pussy juices on to Jay, both of us pumping sweat. I finally found the strength to sit up, to halt the constant orgasms, was body was weakening. Jay looked up, “Oh fuck” he grabbed my breasts hard, his face grimaced, “Oh god I’m cumming” he tensed up, the sudden rush of hot cum sprayed in to my pussy. His cock was spasming inside me. I came again, as if my body was linked to his, his orgasm becoming mine. It felt like he was pumping pints of cum in to me, we both seemed to be cumming for ages, until I finally collapsed, falling on to the bed, his cock deflating quickly, both of us lying in a pool of bodily fluids.We both lay there silently for several minutes, then for no reason we both began to laugh. I don’t know whether that’s a natural reaction when siblings fuck, but we just did, both of us laughing. A sticky mess of human flesh. “We should shower” I said, wiping a ribbon of cum off his stomach.In the shower, we washed each other’s bodies, soaping our sibling, exploring our bodies. We were in no rush. This was our time to learn about each other. We used our hands and mouths, tasting touching, licking. I could feel my self getting wet again, Jay inserting first one finger then a second in my pussy. His cock was hard, I began stroking him. Our mutual masturbation making both of us moan.Jay turned off the water, leading me out of the shower, standing me against the shelf, the place where we had first fucked. He bent me forward, this time the height I was at was perfect, his cock touched my pussy lips. He easily entered me. I could feel his body bang against mine, the slapping noise as his cock pounded in and out of me. I was moaning loudly, each thrust by him bringing me to a new sexual height. As he fucked me, I felt his finger touching my ass hole, just the tip, he was gently pressing. The slight pressure was multiplying the sensations my pussy was experiencing. The on the next stroke, I felt his finger slip into my ass. “Oh god, that’s….” I couldn’t finish my sentence, but it felt amazing.“Can I fuck your ass?” he asked.“It might hurt”, he was still thrusting in and out.“We can use lube, and if it hurts we’ll stop straight away”“Where would we get lube?”. He pulled out of me, his cock nearly purple, glistening with my juices.“One second, don’t move” he was back in seconds, a tube of lubricant in his hand.“Where did you get that?”“Mom and dad’s room, I found it a couple of weeks ago in mom’s drawer” he grinned and I laughed.“What do they have that for?” he shrugged, the cool gel poured on to my ass, his finger massaging it into my hole. Slowly he worked his finger and the gel in deeper. Then he poured a good glob in to his hand and coated his cock with the lubricant.He moved back behind me, I felt nervous, tense, would it hurt?. “Relax, if you’re tense I wont be able to enter you, the more relaxed you are the better it will be.”I closed my eyes, trying to relax as much as I could. His cock was touching the entrance to my ass. Slowly he pushed forward, I could feel my ass widen, the tip of his cock pushing my ass wider as he began to enter me. My ass felt like it was stretching, getting wider. His cock wasn’t huge, it was rock hard, but size wise it was just average. But I was wondering how far my ass could stretch, how wide. Then suddenly he moved forward. My ass slammed shut. The head of his cock was inside me. My ass had clamped down on his shaft. “Oh god Jay, that’s so fucking hot” his hands had reached around my body, caressing my breasts, pinching my nipples. He began thrusting in to my ass, slowly at first, allowing my body to get used to this new feeling. He began to speed up his thrusts. Reaching down he grabbed my hips, his cock was now pounding my ass, as I tried hold the weight of both of us from collapsing on the bathroom shelf. He released one hand from my waist, reaching around, he found my clit. As he fucked my ass and rubbed my clit, I could feel another massive orgasm build.The initial spasm of my orgasm, was met by a yell from Jay, “I’m cumming, I’m cumming” his hot cum pumping into my ass hole. My body shaking, cum escaping from my pussy, every nerve in my body tingling, vibrating. I could feel his legs shaking against mine. Both of us losing all our strength. We both eventually stopped cumming. Slowly I could feel his cock start to shrink, my ass hole closing around his shaft. He pulled out of me, his cum leaking from my ass on to the floor.We kissed as passionately as anybody could. When we finally parted, his cock flaccid, my body totally satiated, we turned the shower on again, this time just washing, washing the most amazing love making session from our bodies, but never form our minds.As we stepped out of the shower, we heard the front door, Jay ran to his room. By the time I walked out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, mom and dad were already walking towards their room. In the corner of my eye, I spotted the bottle of lube, stuffing it under my towel, with a little smile to myself, hoping they wouldn’t go looking for it before I could replace it in mom’s drawer.

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