Mar 25

First time at a swinging club

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Dillion Harper

First time at a swinging clubMy beautiful wife and I recently decided to dabble our feet into the thrilling world of swinging. We had discussed it several times in the past. Looked at web sites of swinging or fetish clubs. We would fantasise about it lots. plan a trip bur never went through with it. It is a huge step for a couple to take.We then arranged a long weekend break to Amsterdam. We always had the intention of visiting a sex show but it wasn’t until about a week before that we discussed looking at swinging clubs in the city. We looked at a few clubs and then decided to try a club called “Sameplace”. For no more than the reason that it wasn’t too far from our booked B&B and on a Sunday was free to couples. At least if we went in and then bottled it, it wouldn’t cost us money.I was surprised when eventually the evening came and neither of us backed out. We got ready, putting on some smart wear as defined in the club rules. We eventually arrived at the club around 11pm. An hour after opening. Again I was surprised and very excited that we hadn’t got on the tram and just headed in the opposite direction.We got to the club, where we rang the bell. We were let in by guy wearing just a short kilt. He greeted us well made us fell very welcome. As it was our first time at the club, he gave us a quick tour, explaining the layout. The bar area was obviously ankara escort in front of us, with beds to the right and more beds further to the left in the back. He showed us the door that led to the dungeon downstairs. There was a small changing room just inside the main door if we wanted to slip into something more comfortable.When we arrived there were about 3 or 4 other couples in there. It was a couples only night with single guys only allowed in at the clubs discretion. We went up to the bar and ordered some drinks and sat chatting.A girl was giving a guy a blow job or a wank on a bed in the corner but we couldn’t see a lot. They finished and then came and sat at the opposite side of the bar.A few more couples came in and a few left so it wasn’t very busy. Me and Zoe had a discussion about how far we would go. We agreed that if others approached we might play with them but not to have full sex with anyone else. It was just something that we felt was right as first timers.After about half an hour everyone else was just still sitting at the bar so we were getting really horny. We started kissing and I was feeling Zoe up her skirt. Still no one was doing anything. One couple went downstairs to the dungeon but we didn’t follow. In hindsight maybe we should have.We were getting hornier and hornier so went over to the bed that the first ankara escort bayan guy was having a blow job on. Zoe unzipped my trousers and got my cock out and started to suck me. We were hoping that this might start others off but no one else really took any notice. Another couple came in and the girl came over to have a good look at me getting blown. That was a great turn on and I’m sure i grew an extra inch. I was fingering Zoe and she was getting soaked.She gushes loads when she cums. Eventually we both came hard. She totally swallowed my load but her cum couldn’t be stopped and she got the bed soaking wet. Its a good job it was a waterproof mattress. We cleaned up ourselves and the bed and went back to the bar. There we started chatting to the couple that went to the dungeon. They were Dutch. He was fairly sober but she was off her face on something. They were regulars at the bar. All this sexy chat with them was getting me horny again and so was Zoe. We decided to see what was down in the dungeon.There were a couple of tables, swings, private rooms and a gloryhole down there. Zoe sat on one of the frames with leg stirrups to keep her legs open. It was right by the stairs and I started to fuck her in it, hoping someone would come down the stairs. it would have been the first thing they saw as they came in the room. Me fucking escort ankara her hard. After a while we tried it in a swing but we couldn’t get the hang of that. No pun intended. It has always been one of our joint fantasies to use a glory hole, so i went in the booth and put my cock through for her to suck. It was great. Zoe said that if a girl had come down she would have got her to finish me off.I was already hoping that the other couple who we had chatted to might come down. As it was no one else did. We ended up finishing our selves. It was a great night but a pity no one else was playing.Maybe it was a quiet night or maybe we should have chatted with others more to get them interested. Maybe we were taking it for granted that if we played others would start playing as well. We at least have now crossed the line of actually entering a club and with the experience can take that forward to the next time we go to a cub. We have learnt from the experience even if it didn’t really pan out as we thought it may have done on the night. Despite this it was a great thrilling night and well worth doing again, (yes we have agreed to go to a club in the UK now) But wow, what a fantastic night!!And yes we fucked again when we got back to the B&B.I hope that after reading our experience you aren’t too disappointed that the story didn’t contain a lot of sex. I could have exaggerated the story a lot to include loads of sex and swinging, but I wanted to tell the real story of our first experience of swinging and hope it may help others as to what to expect when you first try this thrilling sexual pastime.

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