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First time mom

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Big Tits

First time momFirst sorry for bad English :)I was very young when I get interested in voyeurism, I have 12-13 yr…..I am spying girls on the lake beach changing cabins many many times in next few years. That was metal cabins 3-5 in a row with metal plates between. Somebody smart 🙂 make little holes between cabins. When summer comes uh lucky me. One summer day we go on the beach, whole my family and neighbors go. I have 17 yr. I usually go to change a few times a day, For others I was bad health and don’t like to be in wet pants, in reality I was going to watch some tits and pussy. I always do the same, get in the middle cabin slowly changing and waiting to some girl comes in the cabin next to me. Somethimes I get lucky, somethimes I don’t. That day I don’t have much luck. We decided to go home at the end of the day. I go to showersand to change one more time.I was nearly finish changing when I hear my dad’s voice saying ” I will hold your bag, go change” and someone entered cabin next to me. I know, I was sure that the person come in the cabin was my MOM. Before that day güvenilir bahis I never looked or thinking on my mom in any sexual way. But that day I freeze and something start to happen in my stomach. I don’t know why but I look through hole.YES it is my mom putting her hair together trying to lift it, still dressed in her swimsuit. My breathing stopped and somehow I freeze. She have one piece swimsuit. She started to take of straps from shoulders and started to push the suit down. She push suit fast to her waist. Her breast particularly jump out from wet suit, I gasped and take a loud breatth, jumped back thought everyone’s hear me, it past through my head that my dad is in front of cabins. I stand and realized that I have hard on like never in my life and that many people walking around and probably nobody hear nothing. With mixed feelings of fear and “something” I back to the hole. Her hair fall down and she again trying to lift it up, her medium size breast is there in front of me with beautiful long nipples and her suit around the waist. I can’t believe what I see I türkçe bahis think “hey this is my mother what I am doing” but With that thoughts my dick just become harder. I put my hand on my dick and just hold it, I feel if I move him just a little it will burst cum.just watched that beautiful breasts. When she finishes her hair, continues with pulling her suit down. I saw her hips and then she bend and the top of her head was in front of the hole. she lifted and I saw my mother’s pussy for the first time. I forget everything, forget that my dad is a few meter away, Forget how long I am in there. Everything stopped. Most beautiful pussy I ever seen. Very meaty and clean shaved. She used towel to dry her skin, Tits waiving left and right,. I think all my blood is in my dick, she then dry her pussy and then split her with her hand and look in her like she is looking for sand or something. I never saw such big and beautiful pussy,to inspect it she must stretch her meaty pussy good like a little book, I can’t hold myself anymore I moved my hand twice and bursted cum in my towel. güvenilir bahis siteleri I think in that few minutes didn’t blink at all just watched most beautiful thing I saw in my life. She then put her white panties and shorts, she didn’t put bra just some black shirt and live the cabin. I stand up and look in my dick, he was red I probably hold it very strong but didn’t feel it, cum still dripping. After two minutes I go out and put my head under faucet to cool off a little. I looked towards beach they finishing packing, I go there in silence grab some stuff and we all go in are minivan. Dad started to drive, I looked all time down and thinking what was happened. Did that really happen.I am seating behind Dad I move my head up and look in my mom on passenger seat and realized that I really saw her naked. I saw it all mmmmmm, then put my look down on her black shirt covered breast and get instant hard on. She turned look at me and say ” are you all right, you are a bit red” I just smile and say “I am ok mom never better, maybe it is because sun” We came home fast and I think that I cum that night 5-6 time thinking on her… That was 17 year ago, she had 47 and that’s first time I saw her and started to look her different. This year I want to start share it with the world my experience and fantasies…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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