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First Time: Slick&tyg:Part 3.

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First Time: Slick&tyg:Part 3.The rest of the weekend went along without me flipping out again. We spent time in clothes out on real dates with food and activities but as soon as we got into the motel door my clothes were off and I was his slave.On one of our outings Slick took me to an adult toy shop. It catered to big women and cross dressers I think because most of the clothes were for larger framed people. We toyed with outfits and he tried to talk me into some roleplaying clothes, school girl or something, I wasn’t feeling it. We browsed the toys, we had tried the clamps he bought me and discovered I didn’t like them and the metal cuffs hurt me and were really too tight for my chubby wrists. Slick decided we were going to go on the lighter side and he picked out a nice beginners bondage kit with soft blindfold and fur and velcro cuffs with long ties you can tie around anything. We stopped at a convenience store and he ran in and came out with another bag he wouldn’t let me look into.This was our last night together and I had decided that even though he was wonderful, I wasn’t ready for it to be my first time for sex. I had been feeling a little bad about things anyway because I couldn’t seem to get him hard. I thought I was doing something wrong but I had been determined to not let it affect my head space. When I confessed that he told me he understood my decision and let me know that it wasn’t my fault that he hadn’t achieved an erection. He had been meaning to pick up some Viagra but he hadn’t done that and he was just hoping I understood. He told me, if it helped, that I had gotten him the hardest he had been in years. After that pressure was gone and there were no more secrets between us we had a great sexual evening without sex. He let me pick our nights activities, anything I wanted to have done to me or to do, was my decision.I wanted the belt. I wanted to use our new bondage kit. I wanted to know what was in that bag!!! I think the old devil planned it that way because that seemed to be exactly what he had in mind. When we got back to the room he stripped me, kissed me, brushed my hair, gently stroked my skin, really made me feel worshiped and pampered. Maybe that isn’t how a ‘slave’ was supposed to canlı bahis be treated, but it is still amazing to me how submissive I will get if I feel I don’t have to be submissive.As soon as the pampering was over I wanted to do something for him, I pulled his underwear off and sucked his cock. I did it in every position. I sucked on his balls, I rubbed his ass, I worshiped him with my mouth and loved every second of it. He got hard and even ejaculated a little. It was nothing compared to the hard cocks I have given blow jobs to since, but at that point, I felt pretty good about myself. Slick got out the kit and tied the ends around the legs of the headboard and foot of the bed. He patted the bed and I climbed obediently into place on my back. He wrapped the cuffs around my wrists and secured them tightly. He spread my legs and fixed the bigger cuffs around my ankles. When I struggled too hard testing them I ripped the velcro open which earned me a smack to the thighs with a warning to kept still. Slick put the blindfold on me and I didn’t know where he was until I felt his hair tickle my thigh. The next thing I felt were his fingers digging into my thick thighs and his tongue wriggling into my pussy. Never had a man’s mouth ever been there… I was struck with sensations. I could feel the coarse burn of his five o’clock shadow, I smelled his cologne, the leather jacket he had worn that day, I felt his fingers peeling my lips open, his lips and oh my god his tongue…his tongue licked and lapped, fast and slow, over my clit, into my tight pussy, brushed against the skin between my pussy and ass, then it was him kissing my asshole, I was squirming and struggling but I never let go of climax and I was starting to get sensitive again. Slick sensed this and stopped, he climbed up my body and started kissing my neck, telling me it was ok and telling me how delicious I was. Slick got off the bed and when he came back I heard the unmistakable click and shosh of a polaroid camera spitting out a photo. (No, no true digital cameras for consumers in the late nineties k**dos)”Slick, was that a camera?””Yes tig, you look so precious I needed to take a picture””What? No. Stop, no pictures, oh my god No!””Relax, they’re polaroid. bahis siteleri No one is going to see them but me and you”He took off my blindfold and showed me the picture of myself spread out, naked against the ice blue bed sheets. I looked sexy. I smiled at him. “How much film do you have?”I bought a box. I wanted something to take back home and remember. The camera is mine.” So that’s what was in the bag.”Can we take some more?””Yes babydoll, we can.” He kissed me on the forehead and snapped a few more photos – all of these he took with him but that is where my love of taking naked pictures was born. You can all thank Slick for me being here!!Then we changed positions and Slick had my hands tied spread out but kept my legs free.”I want you to be able to thrash around if you need to” he told me, because it was time for the belt.He put the leather belt to my nose and had me kiss it. Even though I had it in my possession for a few months it still smelled like him. He doubled it over and dragged it against my skin. I could feel my skin prickle and respond to the soft leather. He wrapped it around my belly and pulled the excess up through my pussy lips using the belt to jerk my body up by my cunt. It felt amazing. He untied it from my waist held the buckle end and trailed the other end along my legs. I was ready to feel it and Slick let me have it.WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! he didn’t let up, three whacks in one spot, two in another spot, I was starting to really feel the sting and he was really laying it into me. My fingers were gripping the cuffs and my ass was writhing on the bed. It hurt!! Really really hurt. For the first time all weekend I was really in pain. There was no distracting cunt rubbing, this wasnt any sort of soft otk, this was the belt and it was hard, and it was what I asked for. I cried out and Slick didn’t let up. I felt my ass was on fire. I started to think maybe I didnt want this after all… and then he stopped and my ass felt warm.Slick leaned over and rubbed the sting into my ass. He kissed the back of my neck and trailed kisses down my spine… he pushed his finger between my legs and slid his middle finger along my clit.”Did you like that tig?””No!” I huffed out, I didnt think I did.”Your pussy güvenilir bahis says different, you’re a faucet tig.”He rubbed my pussy and my ass simultaneously and now my ass just felt warm.”Is it red?””What? Your ass? Nah, its just a light pink. You dont color so easily.””WHAT?! You’ve got to be k**ding, it MUST be fire engine red with how hard you were hitting me!””Oh tig, don’t be a baby, it wasnt that hard, whats wrong?””Nothing, just… for that much pain I want to be red.””I’ll take a picture and show you”Slick snapped the picture and I don’t know if you’re familiar with polaroids.. but they aren’t the brightest and truest most colorful things. I was disappointed with what I saw.”But.. but.. why isnt it red?”Slick laughed at me and looked at the picture. “Your ass is actually a little pinker than this photo.””But it should be red””Do you want more”I thought about it. It hurt a lot, but if I was going to hurt, I wanted some color dammit.”No, but I want it red””Should I get the crop?””No.. belt is fine.” This I practically muttered in a near whisper.”What was that?””More belt please Master””You got it, my little brute” Slick rubbed my ass and took up the belt again. He placed a pillow under my ass to raise it up and a pillow under my head to prop it up. Then he began with the belt again. The top of my ass, the bottom of my ass, my thighs, the sides, the chubby sit spot. That belt hurt like a bitch but I wanted it. I clenched my teeth and cried out at every few swats especially when he repeated them in the same spot. Some sort of slave pride thing I didn’t know I had in me, didn’t know even existed, I wanted to be RED. I had no idea I was going to have to work this hard to feel everything I wanted to feel. It was an awakening I’ve never forgotten.Slick stopped when his arm got tired and I was practically whimpering on every stroke. He touched my ass and it felt so tender and sore. “Is it red now?””Yes babydoll, its red.” He took a few more photos, these I got to keep. The color still wasn’t fantastic. I look at the pics now and it still looks just pink, but I know that that day, I took a belting but loved and hated every second of it. I wanted this life and reality could be just as good as fantasy.——-The End———-Slick and I met up 3 more times during my college years.. but those are stories for other days.I have just uploaded the photo from Slick & tyg part 3. One of the few pics I got to keep. It is in my ass album.

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