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First Timers

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The following narrative is an event that took place several years ago. I mostly forgotten about it, at least as far as retelling it, until more recent events prompted me to. Unfortunately it’s a long story with an introduction that is particularly long. But it couldn’t be helped as it was necessary to put everything into proper context and perspective. While parts of it might be tedious to wade through, please bear with it. Thank you.

As always, comments are welcome as long as they are constructive.


Not long after my husband Walter and I first started sharing with other couples, only two at the time, he came up with the unexpected idea to search the internet for other like minded local couples. Initially out of curiosity, but that changed in time. And he rightfully assumed it wouldn’t be an easy task since we live in a rural part of the state, but still felt it was worth a try.

After establishing a profile on a number of sites, with no pictures or real names, his search began. But it didn’t go well at first. Probably due to the lack of pictures, but he wasn’t desperate enough to post any. Or willing to take a chance to be discovered by family or friends, he didn’t want to know about our new life style.

After a while, months actually, I’d nearly forgotten about his endeavor. He rarely mentioned anything so I figured he gave up on the idea due to a lack of potential possibilities. Especially mature couples. That’s until over dinner one night when he proclaimed he thought he found another couple.

“No kidding”…I said. “Took you long enough.”

“Very funny. But when you consider we don’t live in a populated area, I’m surprised I found anyone. Not that I have as there is still a lot I don’t know about them, and them us. Odds are it won’t work out, but at this point it’s worth pursuing.”

“So what can you tell me about this couple, and why you think they might be a good fit for us?”

“Not much really other than they’re local, and while a mature couple, younger than us. Mid to late forties. Plus they’ve never swapped before with another couple. Newbies I guess you’d call them. Or at least curious.”

“Really. Since they’ve never swapped before why are they searching for another couple? Forget that I asked. Stupid question since I assume it’s something they’ve fantasized about and are looking for the right two people.”

“Yes, but the odds are they’ll never go through with it. Many people fantasize and discuss it, but get cold feet when the time comes. Besides, there’s still a lot we don’t know about each other. That’s where you come in. But only if you want to pursue it further.”

“Where I come in?”

“All my online communications have been with the wife. While we have a good rapport, it’s been kind of awkward discussing certain things in ways I’m sure you can appreciate. So I suggested passing the baton to you so to say. She loved the idea, and can’t wait to hear from you.”

“Oh wow…I’m not sure I know how to handle something like this.”

“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I thought you couldn’t. For now all your communicating should be done on the computer or iPad via the internet. No phone calls or any texting with your cell phone. It’s best things are kept as discreet as possible until we both get to know each other better. There’s still a lot we don’t know about each other and the more we learn the chances increase either of us will opt out. Either way, I’m sure she’ll be a lot more comfortable dealing with you.”

“Sounds like I don’t have much choice since you already suggested the idea and she’s all for it. Not that I blame her. And thanks for handing the baton over to me at such an early stage. Now what’s the best time to communicate with her?”

“During the day seems to be when she’s most readily available. Noon to one o’clock mainly. Which I’m guessing is her lunch hour. I’ll give you the site and password for it where you can find her. And their account name is ‘First Timers’. Good luck and keep me informed. By the way, there’s something about her that I can’t quite put my finger on and it’ll be interesting to get your impression of her.”

“Before I forget, what’s her name?”

“We didn’t get to the point of sharing names. Even just first names. Or anything personal which might give an indication of who we are. She was very careful about things, which I was equally with her. Once again…good luck.”


The very next day I logged onto the site and found the account for “First Timers”. After which I left a short message of who I was.

Wasn’t two minute past noon before I received a reply. Just a simple hello and I’m so happy to meet you.

I wasn’t sure where to go from there so I decided to plunge right into things by mentioning my husband informed me they never swapped with another couple, but were interested. The question was why.

There was a brief pause before I got a long complicated answer, which after deciphering it istanbul escort came down to two things. Her husband wanted to watch her having sex with another man, and her wanting to have sex with someone with a bigger cock than her husband.

When I wrote back stating my assumptions she replied…Exactly.

Her husband fantasizing about her having sex with another man was understandable since it’s one of the reasons Walter and I began swapping. Not so much him seeing me have sex with another man as him wanting to see if I could please another man as well as I do him. I can’t tell you how often I heard while giving him a blow job how he’d love to watch me suck another man’s cock. Always claimed I was the best cock sucker in the world, but what husband doesn’t while his wife is sucking his cock. As for the big cock thing, I simply asked about it.

The short answer was her husband isn’t very well endowed. Nor was her previous husband. And I didn’t get the impression she had much, if any, extra-marital sex outside her marriages. Both of whom were in their second marriage. While she loves her husband dearly, and claimed she would never cheat on him for a bigger cock, just once she would like to experience one. But only with his consent and involvement.

When I asked about his cock size, she stated it wasn’t much bigger than a “hot dog”. Those were the exact words she used, but she didn’t put it in a demeaning way. More a case of being frank and honest as though she wanted me to know up front about his small cock. Still, I felt she had to be understating things and made a mental note to inquire further about it. She obviously asked about my husband’s cock. When I told her about his eight inch dick all I received for a reply was…Oh Wow!

Right afterwards she wrote she had to go offline for a while and asked to reconnect in a half hour. Which was fine since it gave me the opportunity to think about potentially swapping with another couple where the husband was somewhat limited in the penis department.

After I thought about, it wasn’t a show stopper since we were a long way from actually swapping yet, and if and when the time came, a small penis wouldn’t be a big issue. Besides, anal sex is my first preference as far as intercourse and when it comes to being fucked anally, any size penis feels good. Plus in comparison to Walter, the two couples we presently were swapping with were Bill and Rita and David and Cindy. Bill has a six inch dick and David five. Both average. But what David lacked in length he more than made up for it in girth. Fattest cock I’ve ever seen, and had the pleasure to do me.

A half hour later we were back online together. Both our goal was to get to know each other better, but without revealing anything personal which might indicate who we were. We started off by exchanging our likes and dislikes relative to sex. Of which you can learn a lot about a person, and neither of us had little in regards to the latter. Or what we’d be willing to try at least once. The only difference was yours truly being bi-sexual versus Mrs. First Timers being just bi-curious, which most women start out as first. Especially those who swap. But for now she’s never had sex with another woman. Although she’s fantasizes about it and was propositioned once. When she was, she felt it wasn’t the right person since the woman was very domineering.

One last thing we discussed our first day was our age difference. As previously mentioned, her and her husband are ten to fifteen years younger. Obviously I had to ask if it would be a problem, of which she assured me it wouldn’t. She was more concerned we were experienced, but still relatively new to swapping, which caught her attention in our profile. She also mentioned she always had an attraction for older men, as well as her husband for older women.

After our first session, we met online daily for about an hour, and always at noon so Walter was probably right about it being her lunch break. Sometimes we’d connect twice a day, but rarely. And never on weekends. Next thing we discussed in general terms was our respective physical characteristics. Weight, height, attributes, shortcomings, etc. I purposely kept ours vague while she went into a bit more detail. After she did, it got me thinking. Mostly because of how she described her husband. Someone we knew came to mind. Her description fit him to a “T”.

As for her and I, our descriptions of each other could be one of a hundred other women. But if her husband was who I thought it was, I obviously knew who she was. And she described herself exactly as I would. As for my husband, he’s pretty much an average middle-aged man, which is the way I described him. Six foot two, 185 pounds buck naked, good looking, but no facial hair or distinctive features. All except for his eight inch uncut dick…which only a few get to see.

After we completed our first week online I couldn’t comprehend the fact she and her husband were who I thought they were. But had to be. There weren’t many people that esenyurt escort would fit the description of her husband. They’d be far and few between if there were. But more importantly, the likelihood of two who did being in the same generally low populated area was pretty remote. No doubt I needed to do more probing to be sure. And if I was right, it was going to leave Walter and I with a huge dilemma.

During the next two weeks I made sure to poke around the edges relative to her husband to insure he was who I thought it was. One additional piece of information I learned to confirm my suspicion was when I asked if he was self conscious about his small penis. Claims he was until after being in the military where he took a lot of ribbing for it, albeit in a friendly way since he’s six foot five. Now he isn’t bothered by it…at least from other men. When I inquired about which branch of the service, she replied Air Force. Bingo! It was the answer I was expecting. Another tip off was when I asked where they lived. Not specifically as in a street address, just a general location. As I also shared ours with her. After she did I was 99.9% convinced who they were.

At about the middle of the third week she asked if I wanted to share pictures. But no faces, just body shots…and naked. Even of having sex. After thinking about it I felt it was a logical next step. But I decided not to advise my husband about it. If I did, he’d want to see the pictures of her and if she was who I thought she was and things didn’t work out, it might be best for her that he not have seen nude pictures of her.

Personally I felt exchanging photos was her way of assuring I wasn’t exaggerating about my husband’s eight inch dick so I made sure to include a pic or two of me holding it in my hand, and one with my feet wrapped around it as in giving him a foot-job. Between the two it would give her a good sense of scale relative to girth and length respectively.

Naturally she reciprocated and the pictures proved she wasn’t understating her husband’s cock size by much. His cock looked to be about five inches long. Length was fine, but it was slim. Not much thicker than a hot dog and had a small cockhead. Albeit proportional to its diameter. While it would be perfectly fine for anal or oral sex, it would leave a lot lacking as far as vaginal intercourse. Of course I never expressed my concern about it.

I was actually more turned on by the pictures of her. Especially since I was all but sure who she was. Seeing a variety of views of her naked, along with some wide open shots of her pussy made me wet more than once. Simply put, her pussy looked delicious and I wouldn’t hesitate to go down on it. I was also impressed by her small and very tight asshole. Couldn’t ask for a prettier bumhole, and it was all but hairless. I was hoping the pics of me had the same affect. Especially since she inquired numerous times about me being bi-sexual and what it was like having sex with another woman. It seemed her curiosity was more fervent than she originally led me to believe.

Friday of the third week finally rolled around and I was thankful for the weekend since it was time to have a long talk with Walter. By now Mrs. First Timers and I had discussed just about everything we could. We shared an amazing amount of information between us without revealing who we were. And quite a few pictures. She knew as much about my sex habits and sexual desires as my husband, and me of hers. Bottom line it was decision making time and no doubt in my mind she, along with her husband, were ready to take the plunge. At least I got the impression she was…and with us if they could. I fully expected the following week she would ask about meeting. Maybe not to swap just yet, but at a minimum for the four of us to meet in person.


As we usually do late Saturday afternoon if we’re not busy with other things, Walter and I spent it in the hot tub. After he had a couple of beers and I a glass of wine he asked how it was going with Mrs. First Timers.

“You haven’t talked about it much lately. I hope it’s going well.”

“As a matter of fact it is. Very well, and things have moved along a lot faster than I anticipated.”

“How about an update.”

“Well, there’s good news and bad news.”

“Give me the good news first.”

“The good news is I expect sometime this coming week Mrs. First Timers is going to suggest we get together. Then again, it might be bad news when you actually hear the bad part. Or the part that concerns me.”

“What’s that?”

“In spite of the fact we’ve both been very careful not to share or disclose who we are, I’m pretty confident I know who they are.”


“Seriously. Jeff and Nancy.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. Not the Jeff and Nancy who work with me?”

“One and the same.”

“Hard to believe, but it wouldn’t surprise me. And it explains why something about her seemed beylikdüzü escort familiar. The words and phrases she used. What makes you think it’s them?”

I then explained in detail about the description Nancy gave me of her husband, where they live in general, the fact he served in the Air Force, and a couple of other pieces of information such as they worked together, and in town.

“While I can’t be absolutely positive it’s them, but based on what I just told you, I’m almost 100% certain it is.”

“I agree. And Phil Marlowe would be proud. The question is, what do we do now?”

“I’m going to leave it up to you since you work with them. I’m pretty confident Nancy doesn’t have the slightest idea who we are so if we simply say we’re not interested no harm will be done. Except maybe to her, or their ego.”

“What a dilemma. I think you know how fond I am of them. Terrific employees and a great couple. Good friends too, albeit on a casual basis versus being very close. And Nancy thinks the world of you. Not forgetting the fact what a lovely lady she is. And I mean in more ways than one.”

“You don’t have to tell me. I’ve seen how you’ve looked at her, and her at you at company functions. If I didn’t know better I’d be concerned about you two already doing each other. But I know it’s not the case…not that you wouldn’t like to.”

“I can’t imagine there isn’t a healthy heterosexual man alive that wouldn’t. And you’re right…it’s not the case, nor her doing it with anyone else I know about. Her and Jeff haven’t been married long. Five years maybe. So why the interest in swapping?”

“The usual reasons. Besides their sex life probably getting boring, the two main reasons are her desire to be fucked by a bigger cock and Jeff’s fantasy seeing her having sex with another man.”

“I can appreciate their sex life needing to be reinvigorated, most married people do after a period of time, and Jeff’s fantasy. But what’s with the bigger cock thing?”

Of which I explained about Jeff’s penis size, but didn’t mention anything about the pictures as proof.

“Hard to believe…he’s such a big man. But obviously it wasn’t a show stopper for her since she had to be well aware of it before they married.”

“Her love for him obviously out weighed any limitation as far as his penis. Besides, I’m sure they have a perfectly fine sex life otherwise. Who knows, he may be fantastic at eating pussy to make up for it. Regardless, based on what Nancy shared with me she’d love to get fucked at least once by someone with a cock your size. But back to the dilemma at hand, what do I say if she asks when we can get together?”

“Good question. If it was anyone else from work I’d say you’d need to gracefully back out before they did. But since it’s Jeff and Nancy, and since it would be their very first foursome, I’d want it to be a memorable one. I couldn’t think of a better person for Jeff’s first time than you.”

“That’s nice of you to say, although I’m not quite sure how to interpret it. But are you sure?”

“Yes, but with one proviso. It would be the one and only time we’d swap with them. I’m guessing before they’re done they’re going to find a couple to explore with and the odds are it might not go well. With us, their first time has a better likelihood of being the experience they’re hoping for. With anyone else it’s at best a 50 – 50 proposition. Especially if it’s with two people they don’t know personally…or at all. Which can lead to other problems like the other couple not being discreet. You know as well as I do our new life style would never have gotten off to a good start if it wasn’t with personal friends. For some people it’s just the opposite, they’d rather do it with relative strangers the first time. That’s fine if it works for them, but I know it wouldn’t have for us. Plus I’m looking at it as a way to get them off on the right track as far as swapping. Then again, after the first time they might never want to swap again. It just might not be what they expected. Who knows, one or both of them might get insanely jealous seeing the other having sex with someone else. As long as they are agreeable to a one and only with us, I say let’s go for it. And I’m sure they will after you explain why.”

“It’s going to be tricky on my part springing on Nancy who we are. Who knows, when I do she and Jeff might want to opt out of swapping with us. Which would be embarrassing, although unlikely. Plus there’s always the slim possibility it isn’t Jeff and Nancy. I’m going to have to give some thought to how I go about it. Any suggestions?”

“Not really. I’ll leave it up to you. I trust you since you can be very creative handling sticky situations when you have to be.”


Come Monday I pretty much decided how I was going to handle things if and when Mrs. First Timers asked about getting together. But until then there were a few things I wanted to discuss. When we connected online Monday, I made sure to address them. One for the second and last time, and it being almost important as being totally discreet about things. How she thought they’d react seeing each other having sex with another person the first time. Him, with seeing her sucking another man’s cock. Her, with him fucking or going down on another woman.

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