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Floating on the Lake

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May 30, 2007


Please note, the following story has graphic sexual content. If you are younger than 18, please do not read any further. This story I kind of long. Copyright by the author, May 2007


I was on the couch with Crissy.

We had grown up together, she was my next-door neighbor, and, and our families were super tight. We had spent a lot of wonderful times together – as really close friends. Crissy was a few years younger than me, and there was even a time when I was her baby-sitter.

Now – I don’t live at home anymore, I’ve moved away for college. But Crissy was just about to graduate from high school. She just turned 18.

I was watching her drift toward sleep. She looked so much like she always had, like a little angel. Besides her new short haircut, she was – in a way – the same little girl that I had known all my life. But she wasn’t a girl anymore. She was growing up.

It was late and it had been a long day for both of us, especially Crissy.

She was in a bathrobe, and nothing else on underneath. And so was I.

Crissy took the train from home to visit me here at my college. I don’t have a car so a friend had dropped me off at the train station with my bike, and a friend’s bike. It seemed easy enough to ride the four miles back to my little apartment together.

Well, anyway, the train was late, and it started to rain – and we rode those four miles in a cold, wet storm. It was late and the sun was down for the last frigid mile.

By the time we got home, we were soaked to the skin and freezing.

We took turns taking showers, and I built a fire in the fireplace. And we each had on a big white bathrobe. All of Crissy’s clothes in her backpack were soaked. With nothing else to wear, that’s all we had on, just flannel robes.

Now, on the couch, in front of the glowing fire I could look at my little friend as she slept.

Crissy had a hard time with life over the last year or so, since I left home to come here to college. I know she has been really tense, and she’s tried to tell me in phone calls and letters. I feel so bad, being away means I can’t really be any help.

It hurts me to know that Crissy needs me, and I haven’t been there for her.

There is something so gentle, and at the same time naive about Crissy. I mean, she has such a sweet way about her, and I worry that the meanness of the world is just too much for her. She can be so sensitive, but in a way – that makes me love her that much more.

And right then, something about her totally captivated me.

My eyes were scanning her bare legs. Her smooth pale skin highlighted from the soft light of the fire, coupled with the tender thoughts I was having, had me thinking things that I didn’t know what to do with. I mean, Crissy was young and really pretty, and she seems so much more like a grown up now.

But I wasn’t sure what I was thinking.

At some point, I concluded that it was okay to stare at Crissy next to me on the on the couch, and to think these thoughts – as long as these thoughts remained just thoughts. There was certainly no harm in that.

The way she was laying, and with the thick bathrobe on, her breasts seemed so delicate. Even though she’s getting older, her chest is still so small. It’s funny, I haven’t seen her in a long time, and I actually wondered – before she arrived here – if I would notice a difference – I mean, she IS 18 now, and I thought that maybe her breasts would have been a little bigger. And, I know this is going to sound weird, but I was worried – I didn’t want them to develop – I wanted Crissy to stay exactly the same.

And when we got to my apartment tonight, and we were both soaking wet and freezing. When Crissy took her jacket off, her t-shirt was wet and clinging. And I was, well – I was relived to see her breasts we still so tiny. What I wasn’t prepared for was how hard her nipples were. I was worried she saw me staring.

Anyway, let me just say the obvious, that there is something very pretty about Crissy.

And at that moment on the couch, she looked so tender and beautiful.

It was a good long while that I let my mind run wild before deciding that I had gone as far as I could go. It got to the point where my heart was pounding in my ears. My apartment was tiny, and I spent so much time alone and it’s been normal for me to, well – to masturbate if I want to, and maybe that’s all I was feeling.

And I thought about it – I mean, pleasuring myself. But, with Crissy here there wouldn’t be any privacy.

I whispered. “Crissy – it’s late, let’s go to bed.”

She replied in a sleepy voice, “Okay, Katherine, it was a long day.”

I said, “I think we’re both sleepy.”

Then she sat up and looked at me, “Katherine, I haven’t said it yet – But I’m so happy to finally be here with you, I’ve missed you so much.”

“Oh Crissy, It’s so good to have you hear like this.”

And Crissy was quiet for a moment, and finally said, “Katherine – I really love you, I want you to know that.”

I smiled and said, “I love you too.”

She smiled Ankara bayan escort warmly, and lazily dropped her feet to the floor and pulled herself upright. She leaned over to grab her glasses just out of reach on the table next to her. As she extended herself, she unknowingly revealed her bare bottom to me, and my heart leapt.

I was shocked at how excited it was to see that brief view. I mean, her bottom is cute and all, but it really left me feeling thrilled.

She quickly stood up, adjusting the robe. I didn’t have time just yet to dwell on what I had just seen, as we both stood up to go to bed.

We walked silently down the hall and into the bedroom, and then we stood on either side of my small little bed.

I said, “Well, here’s my bed, its kind of small, but we should sleep okay. But if, I mean – I can sleep on the couch if you want me to…”

She smiled and said, “Oh no, this is nice.”

Crissy looked sleepy and nervous as I pulled back the blankets.

She looked worried, I knew what she was thinking, we had never talked about pajamas.

Now, I always sleep naked, and until that moment it never occurred to me this could be awkward. What should I say? It felt weird not to ask, but I didn’t know what else to do. So, I untied my robe and let it drop to the floor, and then quickly slipped under the covers.

There was a half a second where she saw me naked. She looked briefly stunned, I could see it in her eyes. She just stood there.

I was snug under the covers when I finally spoke, “Oh god, Crissy – I’m sorry, was that okay?”

“What?” She asked sheepishly.

“I mean, I just climbed in here naked, should I have…”

She interrupted, “Oh, that’s fine.”

“I – I just, I mean – I always sleep like this.”

Crissy nervously replied, “Oh no, don’t worry – it’s okay – really…”

I said, “Should I have…”

And Crissy interrupted, “No, no – it’s okay…”

And she stood there for a moment, she took of her glasses and set them on the night stand. She looked at me and then hesitantly began to untie her own robe.

I turned away from her, trying not to make her feel nervous or self conscious, and soon felt the covers lift, and her weight on the bed as she slid in next to me.

I rolled back to face her. She had the blankets pulled up to her neck, her hands clutching them tightly and her arms pulled tightly up to her chin.

The tiny bedside lamp was next to her, but she made no effort to turn it off. The soft glow was nice.

Crissy looked a little nervous.

I asked, “Are you all right?”

“I’m a little cold, that’s all.”

“I know, but the blanket is nice and thick, and it’ll get warmer, just give it a few minutes.”


“And usually the heat comes on in the middle of the night, then it gets too hot.”

She let out a quick shiver.

I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t even think about it when I came to bed, but do you want something to put on?”

“Oh No, I’m okay.”

“It’s just that I usually never wear anything to bed… If you’re uncomfortable…”

Crissy replied, “No, I’m okay. I usually don’t wear anything either.”

“Well, if you need a nightgown – I think mine are all in the laundry, I’m sorry.”

She giggled. “I’m fine, thank you.”

We sat in silence for a long time.

I was surprised how totally awake I was. For some reason, knowing she was so close made me feel really good.

I whispered, “You warming up yet?”

“A little.”


And in this tiny little girl voice she asked, “You wanna cuddle?”

I was a little surprised, and said, “No thanks, I’ll be okay.”

She said, “I’ll be warm soon.”

I whispered, “Good Night Crissy…”

I rolled away from her again, and we were both silent for a few minutes. It felt so good to be with her.

One of the things that made me feel so close to Crissy, and we talk about it on the phone a lot – is our problems with boys. Neither of us has ever really had a boyfriend. It’s funny, in a way, because she’s super cute, and I can’t understand why boys don’t go crazy over her. But, I guess maybe I have a similar story.

I feel like I’m attractive too, and I guess there’s some barrier in me, and boys sense it, and I just end up spending a lot of time alone.

Anyway – both Crissy and I are virgins, and we feel the pressure from everywhere. But at the same time, it just feels so burdensome, and – well, we sure have confided in each other about it.

So, right then – I felt so happy to have Crissy visiting me, I’ve missed her terribly.

But at the same time, I was all absorbed with thoughts of myself. Of trying to have a climax, and it was really oppressive. I thought – maybe – she would be sleeping soon, and – maybe – it would be a chance for me to satisfy myself.

It was a strong feeling, and I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought I could maybe try and reach a climax undetected. But I was so close, next to her, and this bed isn’t all that big.

Maybe, as long as I did it slowly, and she was asleep, then Escort bayan Ankara just maybe…

It felt beyond my control, as I cautiously let my hands glide down between my legs.

This was so strange, and it was weirdly tense. I mean, It would be the first time I masturbated while someone slept unknowingly so close to me.

Crissy whispered, “Katherine? You awake?”

I cautiously answered, “Yes.”

“Can I ask you something?”

I rolled back towards her, aware how strange it felt to be delaying my pleasure.

“Anything. What is it?”

“You know how – well, how tense I’ve been lately.”

“I know – I’ve been worried about you…”

“I know you have, and I have been trying really hard to – well, to get better.”

“You seem so much better, you seem really good.”

“Well, maybe, but I still feel so – I don’t know – so fragile sometimes.”

I said, “I know you do, and I wish I could be home more, so I can be a better friend.”

“I know – And I’ve found, well – something that, well it helps me a little, it helps me calm down…”

“Oh Crissy, you have something to help you, that’s great – What is it?”

And there was a long pause.

Finally, Crissy spoke in a guarded way, “Yes, there – there is something that helps. It sort of calms me down – And actually, it really helps a lot…”

“Tell me…”

And Crissy whispered, “Well, sometimes…”


“Don’t be upset if I say what I am going to say, please…”

“Oh Crissy, don’t worry, I won’t”

“Oh – I don’t know if…”

“What? Please…”

“Crissy, lately – when I’m alone, I’ve been touching myself – and it helps sometimes, but at the same time – I feel so guilty.”

I could hear it in her voice – I knew this was hard for Crissy. We have talked about everything over the years, but we’ve NEVER mentioned this.

As kindly as I could, I asked, “Do you mean you masturbate?”

She meekly answered, “Yes.”

“It’s okay, you can talk about it if you need to…”

“Katherine, for some reason – I just feel ashamed.”

“Crissy, just so you know, I think it totally okay, if it makes you feel good, then there is NOTHING to feel bad about.”


“Crissy, You’re doing something that’s nice, and it’s nice for yourself, and if you say it helps – I think that’s good”

“Really, you think it’s good?”

“Crissy, its a perfectly natural and normal thing. Yes, if it helps you – I think it’s wonderful.”

This conversation was surprising to me, and in a very real way – it was getting me excited.

She said, “Thank you so much, this really helps, talking like this…”

“I’m happy to talk about anything that makes you feel good.”

Crissy looked at me, and she smiled. Her hands were still nervously holding the covers, and she looked like such a tiny little girl.

She smiled said, “Oh Katherine – that really helps…”

I smiled back, and my hands were hidden under the covers, and I was gently touching myself, and I could definitely feel myself getting wet.

“Oh Crissy, don’t feel bad at all – I think it can be really beautiful.”

It felt so strange to be talking to my best friend, like this – with my hands pressing and rubbing, slowly against my slippery vagina.

“You are so special to me – and you deserve something that beautiful and nice, it’s something that you should treat as joyous – Okay?”

I was moving my fingertips slow, and with the dim light – I felt pretty certain, she couldn’t tell, but I wasn’t sure.

“Thank you Katherine,” she whispered.

“Oh Crissy, I love you, it’s all okay.”

“I love you too.”

And then we both lay there in silence, the light was on, and I could see that Crissy was looking up at the ceiling, lost in thought.

We were both quiet for a few minutes, and my fingers continued to slowly rub my plump little clitoris. I was getting pretty turned-on.

I was really confused about how I was feeling. If Crissy didn’t fall asleep soon, I was just going to have to stop – but it just felt so good.

I felt myself start to shiver just a little from the deep sexual sensation. And I was praying that she didn’t notice.

And she immediately asked, “Are you cold?’

Oh god – She felt me shiver – I was suddenly scared she knew what I was doing.

As calm as I could, I whispered, “Just a little chilled, but it’s okay.”

“I’m a little cold too.”

There was an awkward pause, and I thought she must have known.

Then she whispered, “Maybe we should cuddle a little just to warm up.”

Oh my god, for some reason, the thought of it, of cuddling and being naked, just aroused me in a way that I had never felt before. It was too much to contemplate.

I carefully spoke, “Oh maybe – but it’s okay for now…”

My voice sounded so shaky, did she hear it?

“Katherine? Do you do it a lot?”


“You know, do you masturbate a lot?”

And right then I laughed, it seemed so funny. It felt like all the nervousness and worry just vanished.

She Bayan escort Ankara seemed to brighten up and asked, “Hey – What’s so funny?”

I answered, “I’m doing it right now as a matter of fact!”

She laughed. “Shut up! Seriously! How often?”

I answered, “I don’t know, it depends. Sometimes just a few times a week. Maybe…”


“Yeah, sometimes more.”


“What about you?”

There was a nervous pause and she said, “Well – I guess – Lately I’ve been doing it a lot.”

Suddenly, I was just flooded with an image, a lovely image, of Crissy – and how beautiful she was – and the thought of her actually touching herself was just so wonderful – it was sensual and stimulating.

I rubbed myself at the same time I said, “Oh please, don’t sound so upset. It’s okay. That’s good…”

“Is it? I worry so much…”

As I got a little faster, I told her, “Crissy – No, don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with it. Really – I think it’s a beautiful thing, and it can be really positive.”

“Do you really think so?”

Oh god, what was I doing? I mean, I was talking to Crissy, who can be SO sensitive – and masturbating at the same time. It was just too much.

I quietly said, “Yes – Yes I really think it’s beautiful. It’s perfectly natural – it’s a lovely thing.”

“But – Lately, I can’t get to sleep unless I do it.”

“That sounds nice, I mean – bedtime is a really nice and quiet time, so don’t feel bad – that sounds good.”

By now my fingers were rubbing steadily on my clitoris, and I was Aching with an intense sexual arousal. I couldn’t stop thinking about Crissy masturbating, and what she must look like. It was so forbidden and thrilling to me, knowing that we were lying just inches apart, completely naked and talking about masturbating.

She whispered, “You sound so happy about it.”

I said, “Crissy, I am happy, and you need to be happy too. It’s a very beautiful and life affirming thing.”

“Oh god, Katherine, you make it sound so nice – thank you.”

“It is nice.”

“That helps me so much, just to hear you say that.”

“Good, you should feel wonderful whenever you do it – always.”

“Oh Katherine, I really need to hear that it’s okay – this is wonderful – that I shouldn’t feel bad. I really need that.”

I paused and let that sink in. I felt like she was telling me, very clearly, to keep talking. And to talk in a way that made masturbation seem gratifying and nice.

So I kept talking, “Oh Crissy, that kind of pleasure is so important, so you should appreciate how perfect and how joyous it is.”


“It should be beautiful and exhilarating and delicious – always…”

“Yes, that’s so right…”

I was shocked at how receptive she was to all of this. I wanted to try and say something more extreme, just to hear how she responded.

“Crissy, I think that the feeling of the final orgasm, and the intense way I shake when it happens – can be so beautiful, and such a exquisite release.”

She immediately said, “Yes! I know!”

Oh god, she sounded so glad. And it just made me more excited. I kept at it, all the while I was stroking my self, and getting hotter and hotter.

“Oh Crissy, sometimes I can cum so hard and the wetness and even the wonderful smell – all of it – it just feels like the world is perfect at that moment.”

“Yes! I know just what you mean – thanks for just saying it like that. It really does feel like the world is perfect. I mean, I’m so tense sometimes, and it feels so good to know it’s okay to just talk like this.”

“Oh Crissy – you can always talk to me. I’m your my best friend, and I love you…”

“I know, this is really nice – it’s making me happy.”

“Please know, it’s totally okay to talk about it with me, always.”

“It is. You’re right.”

“Yeah, we should be able to share our secrets. Really, it’s good to talk. Don’t be shy about anything so powerful and lovely.”

And, as I said this – it felt like my own arousal was MAKING me talk about it. I was so excited, that it was coming out in the stuff I was saying.

Then Crissy said, “You’re right, it really can be SO powerful.”

Just hearing Crissy say that, it just felt like I wanted to hear more, like I wanted to try and push her to say more.

I said, “It can feel so good.”

Crissy said, “Oh god, yes…”

“Crissy, it can feel so good, and at the same time I just LOVE the heightened sense of…” and I trailed off, I was worried she would hear the arousal in my voice

“Of what?” she asked.

“I just LOVE the heightened sense of LOVE, the intensity of all the sensations.”

“Yes – I know.” Crissy whispered, and she sounded like she was in a trance.

I couldn’t imagine that our conversation was not affecting her, even a little. I couldn’t hold out much longer. It felt so perverted talking like this and rubbing at the same time too.

I said even more, “And after rubbing and letting the sensations build, and there’s that point – and I get pretty wet, that it just so – I don’t know, so moist and – and – so slippery. The sopping feeling just feels so beautiful”

Crissy paused, and I was scared I pushed it to far in saying that.

Then she whispered, “I know, I get really wet too – and it feel so good…”

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