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Subject: Fly Eagles Fly Disclaimer: Hey folks, this story is just a fantasy and I have no evidence that this actually happened, but we can all dream. Stay healthy and practice safe sex! Happy reading. Fly Eagle Fly Zach laughed, “bro, you can’t do that!” shaking his head at his friend who tapped the waitress on her arse as she left to get their drinks. The waitress threw a flirtatious look towards Zach as she passed, returning a short while later with their drinks. “Here you go Zach.” She beamed, “Also tell your friend if he touches me again then I’ll have security break his wrists!” She whispered. “Loud and clear.” Zach replied, he shot his friend a disapproving look, “keep your hands off the waitress man, if I end up in the news I could end up getting fired!” “Chill man, chill.” Zach threw back another beer, [Fuck it, I’ll get a taxi home.] “Wahey, Zach’s in the game.” “Yeah, well you guys are stressing me out!” He replied through gritted teeth. Zach threw back a couple of beers which filtered through him nicely. “I’m going to the bathroom..” he explained as the table watched him leave. Stood at the urinal Zach relieved himself, but in the quiet he could feel eyes on him. He fixed himself up before turning to the sinks, “hey dude, how are you?” Zach beamed with his softening expression. “Bro, I’m pretty good. How about you?” The innocent smile of Philadelphia Flyers’ goaltender, Carter Hart shone back. “I’m ok man, the boys are stressing me out though. I swear I will be on the back of the Philly Inquirer tomorrow!” Zach replied bitterly. Carter sniggered, “I hear ya, well if you need to get away, come join us.” Zach’s frustrated expression softened again, “I may take you up on the offer!” He chuckled. [I wish you would!] Carter sighed to himself grinning to the (former) Eagles tight-end pleasantly as he left the bathroom. Carter returned to his group of friends, “you’ve been gone a while, taking a shit?” “Ha, nah I saw a friend.” Carter replied innocently, “if you say so bro. I’d take the shit excuse over the `gay bathroom hookup’ any day.” His friend replied, a couple of the guys sniggered, Carter banged his fist on the table angrily “two things!” He snapped, “there’s nothing wrong with being gay so I don’t know why you think that’s a joke, and secondly if I were hooking up with a guy, I would expect my `FRIENDS’ to support me, so at least I know what sort of `FRIEND’ you are!” Silence fell on their table, they swapped nervous glances avoiding Carter’s glare. A few nearby tables peered across as the hum around them resumed. “Woah, not cool bro. I was joking.” Carter glanced at his dumbstruck friend, “think about your jokes before you make them. I would rather not be friends with people who think homophobia is funny. I’m gonna get some air.” The hockey star finished, grabbing his beer and heading out of the front door. “Way to go Chase.” The table rounded on the embarrassed youngster as Carter stormed away. The front door swung open, Carter glanced sideways expecting to see Chase’s apologetic face. “You good little man?” Zach asked him tentatively. [Oh shit, move out of the light and hide your face!] Carter panicked feeling a tear trickle down his face. The Flyers star coughed to buy himself a second to think. “Yeah, just some personal stuff yunno?” Carter replied [that’s the best you could think of!] He spat to himself in disgust. “Yeah I think I heard, your friends are causing you a bit of grief then?!” He asked, looking concerned. “You heard?” Carter suddenly felt very self conscious. “Yeah, were you talking about yourself or someone else. And before you answer, just remember I’m a pro sportsman like you, so I know how you feel.” Zach replied, placing his hand on Carter’s shoulder. Carter knew Zach thought he was going to say [“nah, I was talking about a friend” chuckle, chuckle problem solved] Carter also sensed that Zach wouldn’t believe a word of it. The youngster exhaled and looked up at Zach, “yeah maybe, I don’t really know.” he replied in a dull tone. “Good for you.” Zach chortled, pulling Carter in under his arm. The young hockey star held Zach’s side and nuzzled him tenderly whilst the big tight-end hugged him before releasing him. “Right, I have to head back in there, but stay positive dude.” Zach beamed offering a fist pump, “thanks.” Carter replied, blushing in the soft light. Zach headed back into the bar leaving Carter standing outside, the 21-year-old smiled to himself, he felt so much better as if a weight was lifted. Carter returned to his table, an awkward silence greeted him. “Let’s get more beer” he smiled, a collective sigh of relief followed as he called over the waiter. Holding his drink aloft, he nodded across Zach who caught his eye and nodded back. “Ok sorry bro, I didn’t mean to offend you.” Chase offered sheepishly, “don’t worry about it.” Carter cut in dismissively changing the subject in order to resume the fun. The Canadian woke the next morning, his forehead pounding viscously. After 10 minutes of self-motivation, Carter finally dragged himself out of bed. Guzzling down a pint of water, he made himself some toast and a pot of coffee. The flashbacks from last night flickered through his mind. The drinking, the laughing, the arguing, the consoling, [eventful night] he grinned to himself. Munching down his toast he wondered to himself how his friends were talking about him today, how was Zach thinking about him today, nah, Zach wasn’t thinking about him, Zach was just being cool. Carter shrugged thinking of a plan for his free day. [Workout, gaming, chill]. “How are you feeling today bro?” Flashed up on Carter’s phone screen just as he went to lock it. He checked who it was from, surprisingly he was on the big tight-end’s radar. “I’ve been worse, how about you?” Carter replied. “I’m good. Dicy drive home though.” Carter’s jaw dropped, [bad Zach] he thought to himself. “Cool, good you made it back alive.” “What are you doing with your day?” Zach asked. “I’m just gonna chill all day, how about you?” “Yeah, probably the same. The wife is out of town with the kids so I’m gonna have some Zach time.” Carter chuckled assuming Zach meant what he thought he meant. “Jacking off to some porn eh?” He replied. “Probably at some point. You got any decent links to share?” Carter straightened up reading the reply twice. “Maybe, what do you like?” “I’m easy bro, whatever you’re happy to share (wink).” Carter took a moment to think. [Well he seems very cool about this all.] He sniggered whilst scrolling through his history. The young skater found a bit of amateur twunk porn and hit forward. bursa yabancı escort “Try this (wink).” Zach followed the link and a smile crept across his face. The two guys in the video very much resembled both Carter and himself. The bottom was a tall slim thing with blatantly obvious abs. His legs were up in the air resting on the top’s shoulders as he got fucked on a car bonnet. The top was a little taller and had a little more beef to his stocky frame. Zach didn’t even watch the video, deciding to reply straight away, “something tells me that this video is supposed to be us?” Carter beamed at his phone, [hell fucking yes I wish that was us!] “Ha, I was just sending a vid. That’s a hot idea though I think.” He replied. “So let’s do it?” Zach replied instantly. “I’d love to!” Carter replied then followed by sending his address. “I’ll be there in half an hour!” Carter was beside himself, he remembered a dream he’d had a few months ago with him and a tight-end. A big tall man who could give him a good hard workout. “Yeah, fucking A!” The 21-year-old replied then went to get himself cleaned up. 30 minutes later wearing nothing but a towel the slim skater sat on his couch with his feet up on the table. Carter heard the sound of a car’s engine idling outside before it juddered and there was silence. He smiled to himself and waited, moments later there was a buzz from his phone. “I’m outside I think.” from Zach, Carter grinned, “Ok, come in through the garage.” Carter instructed, he jumped up from the couch and headed to his carhole, flicking the switch for the door. The big tight-end approached the garage door watching it rise slowly. As the door rose, he could make out two slim pale legs, a cream coloured towel, hard abs, tight pecs and a cute smile. Zach’s face turned into a wide grin and strode towards the slim Canadian. Carter stood his ground, pressing the garage door button to close it as the American approached. The 6’5″ tight-end moved right up to the toes of the young skater and smiled. Carter opened his mouth to say hello but before he could, the 29-year-old’s large hands took him firmly, pressing just under his shoulders and pulling him in for a kiss. Zach’s lips closed around the 6’2″ Canadian who melted in the older man’s mouth. Carter’s arms opened to reach around the back of the big tight-end, their lips brushed along each other’s sensually before slipping open. The sports stars’ tongues crossed into the other’s mouth and began to roll along each other’s probing gently. Zach lifted the 21-year-old and turned towards Carter’s car, placing him on top of the bonnett with his legs over the side. Carter’s fingers slipped under Zach’s shirt and began to slide up his muscular frame. The 29-year-old tight-end had a nice trail of hair leading up his torso and as his fingertips rolled towards Zach’s pecs, Carter was sure he could feel a generous covering of hair. Zach’s firm hands took hold of Carter and slid him further along the car’s bonnet then the Eagles tight-end climbed up to join him, compressing the car’s suspension with a combined weight of 430 pounds (200kg). Carter lifted Zach’s shirt over his head then fell on to his back as the 29-year-old moved over him pinning the skater’s head to the cold metal with a firm kiss. Zach’s fingers reached down to his jeans, unbuttoning his fly then peeling them open. Carter craned his neck to see what the footballer was up to and he found Zach’s jeans wide open revealing a pair of check pattern boxer shorts which were strained by the tight-end’s hard cock. Carter’s fingers released Zach from his boxers, unbuttoning the fly and pulling through a beautiful piece of meat. Zach’s cock was long, thick and cut, Carter guessed 8.5 inches once they were free of his boxers. The skater placed Zach’s thick purple head on his lips, closing them and sucking Zach gently. “Oh yeahhh.” Zach agreed with a low growl as his fingers wandered down Carter’s slim body. The 21-year-old fed himself inch by inch, the throbbing piece of meat in front of him. Zach’s thick Californian shaft advanced into Carter’s throat sliding across the youngster’s tongue, the skater felt Zach’s head reach his tonsils and relaxed, resisting the urge to gag. Zach’s eyes appreciated the slim skater’s body, the Canadian’s milky white skin was beautifully smooth against his fingertips. His dark brown hair was thinly spaced along his tense thighs leading up to a dense bush of dark pubes around his young balls. The tight-end huffed happily as his cock sank into Carter’s throat, the 29-year-old’s swollen head stroked against the warm skin inside the goalie’s mouth. Carter’s cock stood rock hard as he did his best not to choke on the heavy piece of meat penetrating his skull. Zach exhaled a long groan of satisfaction as his cock throbbed within Carter’s throat. The Californian carefully turned his body so that the pair of them were top to tail, placing each of his large hands on the car’s bonnet outside Carter’s slim legs. Peeling Carter’s towel open, the skater’s cock teased him invitingly and as his hips began to rock gently into Carter’s face, the tight-end craned down to kiss Carter’s beautiful head. The Canadian’s semi pulsed causing it to gently slap Zach’s face, the tight-end grinned to himself then kissed Carter’s head again, same result. The 21-year-old’s tight body responding to his every touch made Zach feel special, the big tight-end thought himself to be decent in bed, but this boy was clearly begging for it, throbbing hard with the anticipation of Zach’s touch. Carter’s throat stretched around Zach’s fat cock, the tight-end’s girthy meat tasted insanely good. [He’s gotta fuck me with this thing] the goalie told himself, as his nose buried itself deep in the tight-end’s curly man-bush. Taking Carter under his thighs, Zach lifted the Canadian’s legs into the air, then pulling them all the way around, he pushed Carter’s legs against his torso. Zach then lowered his tongue to split Carter’s milky cheeks, tracing along the firm pink ring of the skater’s hole then closing his lips around the 21-year-old’s entrance he sucked gently [I’m gonna murder this ass!] Zach grinned to himself malevolently, his cock pulsed in agreement. The slender Canadian agreed with Zach’s synopsis as he gargled the footballer’s hard meat. [He’s gonna destroy me] Carter grinned to himself whilst Zach’s 8.5-inch cock continued to run in and out of his mouth. The skater felt himself pulsing in reaction to Zach’s bare cock pulsing between his lips, however it was the attention the 29-year-old bursa sınırsız escort was paying to Carter’s ring that the goalie found particularly arousing. Zach’s tongue slathered between the smooth dimpled mounds that were Carter’s pale cheeks and sucked at the 21-year-olds moist entrance. With a loud final slurp, Zach pulled his face away from Carter’s arse and straightening up, Zach removed his cock from Carter’s throat. Then in one swift, dominant motion, taking the slim skater by his right arm and leg, Zach spun Nolan around. The 21-year-old’s arse lay exposed and gripping both thighs, this time Zach pulled Carter towards his crotch. Carter’s eyes watched Zach busily locating his hole, The 29-year-old’s saliva-lubed head pressed against Carter’s hole and began to pierce its way inside. The skater exhaled with a soft groan, his ring stretching around Zach’s raw, cut cock as it burrowed its way inside him. Carter’s ring slowly sneaked it’s way up Zach’s thick rod edging closer and closer towards the bushy nest of dark brown pubes that characterised the bottom’s crotch. The top moved his grip from the skater’s thighs up to his sides, tightly pulling the 21-year-old in while pushing his crotch forward slowly but surely. The tight-head had already stuffed 3 inches inside the bottom, but with so much more to go, he couldn’t thrust yet, he had to be patient. Zach could feel Carter doing everything in his power to allow the beefy top into his hole. A deliberate inhale was followed by Zach’s cock slipping further inside the skater now surpassing 5 inches as the Canadian pushed his muscles out determined to allow Zach’s girthy shaft inside. Skidding further inside Carter, Zach’s raw cock stretched the young skater until his dark pubes pressed against the bottom’s pale skin. Pausing for just a couple of seconds, Zach began to swing his hips back and forth, making sure to drive straight. Carter cooed softly, emitting light shallow murmurs of appreciation as his tight tunnel squeezed the thick slab of meat filling him up. The bottom’s cock lay hard against his abs, twitching with anticipation as the tight-end rocked his weight back and forth from his heel to his toes and back. The cool steel of the hood of Carter’s car rubbed against the bottom’s back, squeaking slightly with Zach’s weight sliding him over the smooth paintwork. Zach began to press forward with more weight and power driving his raw 8.5-inch cock into the young bottom, his 6’5″ muscular frame thudding into Carter’s twinkish body in comparison. The 29-year-old top rocked back and forth into the sexy youngster glancing back and forth between Carter’s face and the Canadian’s hole. The bottom’s wide mouth groaning gently, told Zach to keep doing exactly what he was doing. The way Carter’s blue eyes watched him, staring intensely at the top as his body slowly opened up to allow the tight-end to fuck him nice and deep.. Zach threw his head back and gave a long happy groan as he pressed his crotch hard into the young bottom’s arse. The Canadian’s tight, warm insides were perfect around his thick, raw head. The way Zach’s outer skin slid up and down his shaft as he fed it into the smooth bottom drove the tight-end crazy. “You like that D?” Zach grinned. “Yeah big boy.” Carter replied, beaming wide as he stroked his own 7.5 inch, cut cock. The big top squeezed Carter’s skin tight as he really began to increase the power with which he fucked the slim Canadian. Zach’s helmet plundered deep into Carter’s smooth insides, destroying the hockey star’s innocence and making his body shake. Below them, the car rocked on its suspension, swaying with the power of the humongous tight end. Slamming 250 pounds (115kg) of meat into the Canadian’s tight little hole, both men moaned, begging for more as the heat began to rise. The Canadian’s tight ring squeezed, pleasuring the top who growled with happiness. Placing a hand on Zach’s furry pec, the smooth bottom appreciated Zach’s manly body, his bulging pecs and the fine, dark hairs which coated them. “Ahhh yeah.” Carter agreed, feeling Zach’s raw head bury itself 8.5 inches deep into his smooth cunt. Carter’s agreement with his cock spurred Zach on, the top changed up a gear and hammered even harder into the sexy skater. Carter gave a long groan as Zach plundered hard down into his tight belly, the Canadian’s own hard cock squeezing out pearls of clear, shiny precum to glaze Carter’s abs. The feeling of Zach’s furry body plunging hard into his bum cheeks, filling his tight hole with that long, thick D, Carter felt as though he was in heaven. Carter’s toned frame looked so good around his cock but without warning, Zach pulled his entire length free from the Canadian’s hole with a pop. “Ughhhhh.” Carter gasped as his ring tried to seal itself. Pulling Carter by his legs, Zach pulled the skater across the car bonnet and then upright. Carter followed Zach’s guidance and sat up breathing through the trauma his ring had suffered and knowing that trauma wasn’t over yet. Zach pulled Carter off the bonnet entirely and up to stand on his own two feet. Carter followed Zach’s overpowering guidance which spun him to face towards the car, then reaching down Zach’s hand found Carter’s hamstring and pushed it up until the Canadian’s foot rested on the bonnet. Zach glanced down at Carter’s perfect round buttocks before taking hold of his shaft and guiding it back into the bottom’s crease. Zach’s fingers located the Canadian’s loosened ring and pressed his thick head against it. Carter braced himself and pushed out once again allowing Zach’s cock to pop back inside him with ease. Sliding as far up as he could go, Zach stepped an inch closer to the bottom then took a handful of Carter’s hair gently pulling it towards him. Zach kissed Carter and simultaneously resumed fucking the youngster’s sweet ring. The break to change positions was perfect for Zach who had felt the pressure in his balls building. Carter’s back pressed into Zach’s burly chest as they kissed, the 6’2″ skater who would be big compared to most men felt so small against the 6’5″ footballer. Zach held the kiss a few minutes longer as he quickly built his rhythm, slamming his 8-5 inch shaft into Carter’s wonderful hole. Once Zach had begun to thud into Carter’s sexy frame, the top pushed away from their kiss. Carter leaned forward and gave another long groan as the sound of Zach’s crotch slapping his smooth skin echoed around the garage. Zach’s eyes looked down at his raw cock spearing into the tight young bottom and he smiled proudly. görükle escort Zach wasn’t the only one who was proud of his skills in (or out of) bed. The horny bottom slut in Carter began to match Zach for power of thrust backing his arse into the American top. Every time Zach’s crotch came forward, plunging his thick 8.5 inch cock into the skater’s tight body, Carter reversed, thrusting his smooth, pale arse in the opposite direction. The powerful sportsmen egged each other on, going pound for pound and groaning with the power to match it. The pure animal passion drove them on, the need to compete, to be better than the other guy. Zach’s fingers squeezed tight, pushing Carter’s cheeks together as his cock slammed into the bottom’s tight belly. Zach’s thick, hairy balls slammed into Carter’s crotch while every ounce of his 250 pound (115 kg) frame crashed into the goalie’s firm, milky white cheeks. The young bottom’s warmth around his bare, sensitive head started to transmit through to Zach’s balls which were full and ready to unload. For Carter, the weight of the big top pounding the air out of him was exactly how he had imagined it. His smooth tight ring felt neither smooth nor tight anymore, rough and loose Carter imagined with a smile as Zach’s fat cock buried itself into his slim, muscular frame. Zach’s length filling his insides, slamming into his soft prostate felt wonderful to Carter, there was no other way to bottom but take it deep and hard. Carter had long forgotten to jerk himself as Zach moved into top gear, concentrating on making Zach cum was Carter’s motive and that was enough to make the young Canadian hard and ready to blow himself. The power of Zach behind him, filling his belly with that raw 8.5 inch cock made Carter’s head weep. “Yeah, pound my hole.” Carter begged. “Harder big boy, harder!” The goalie demanded. Zach needed no invitation to show off his brute strength. The powerful tight-end held Carter’s slender hips as tight as he could and swung his body back and forth with as much force as his thick hairy legs could muster. Carter’s hole fast turned from a tunnel into a cave as Zach’s body ploughed mercilessly into him. The filthy bottom loved it, he loved the feeling of Zach’s raw head curving up into his warm chute, stroking his sensitive insides. Carter’s hard 7.5-inch cock smacked his smooth abs with the ferocity of Zach’s pounding. The Flyers goalie could feel his sticky precum, glazing his crotch each time it smacked his abs. Zach grunted, “shit, mother ficker.” He cursed blindly as his balls unloaded with a powerful explosion. The top’s fuzzy nuts were full of his hot cream, cream which began to squirt into Carter’s warm belly. Zach jabbed his cock into the 21-year-old’s tight arse as he unloaded, taking every opportunity to feel the bottom’s tight walls pleasuring his cock. Carter felt Zach’s warm juices squirting deep inside his body, the Flyers’ goalie groaning with joy feeling cum spraying into his tight tunnel. Carter’s own nuts tightened in response to the warm cream filling his body, the bottom turned back to Zach and breathed, “fuck me.” To the faltering top, whose orgasm was weakening with each throb of his thick cock. Determined to satisfy them both, Zach pulled his hips back once more and piled his cock home. Carter groaned as Zach’s head pleasured his entire body in one long stroke and with that the bottom began to shoot across his own car bonnet. The Flyers’ goalie took deep, heavy breaths between squirts as his cock unloaded like a hose, sending streaks of his cum shooting across his car’s glossy red finish. With his orgasm subsiding, Zack buffeted Carter’s body with a few more sharp, deep slams. Zach’s thrusts forced a final squirt of cum out from Carter’s hard boner and the pair of them sighed, exhausted but ecstatic. Exhaling deeply, the Philadelphia sports stars sucked in oxygen. Neither had the energy to make another move yet and for what felt like an eternity they remained connected whilst their bodies left the realm of sex and returned to the real world. Zach glanced down at Carter’s smooth, sweaty back and smiled to himself. Another 15-20 seconds passed, Zach’s cock softening within Carter felt the Flyers goalie’s ring pushing him out slowly. The 29-year-old leaned back gently and watched his cock sliding free of the sexy bottom’s hole. With a pop they were disconnected, Carter placed his hands back on the car bonnet for support while he continued to take deep breaths feeling his ring trying unsuccessfully to seal itself following Zach’s orgasmic assault. With Zach’s weight off his back, Carter pushed himself up off the bonnet and turned to the top. “Fucking A dude.” He beamed, throwing his hand up in the air for a high five. Zach reciprocated with a chuckle, “glad to see you enjoyed yourself.” He smiled nodding back at the cum covered hood of Carter’s car. “Ha, don’t worry about that, I’ll give her a good wash later. You need a drink or something?” Carter chuckled, “Sure.” Zach nodded following Carter as he beckoned the tight-end to follow him from the garage through into the living area where they enjoyed a relaxing afternoon before returning to their elite sports training the following day. END Thank you for reading, I really hope you enjoyed the story. If you like what you’ve read please let me know by emailing me ail. I write these stories for fun, but I would greatly appreciate any contributions you are willing to give as a result. If you would like to make a donation then feel free to contact me on the email above. Here is the rest of my collection: Sticky Blinders, After party at the OSCARs, Cole Me By Your Name, Happy 18th Bro, Coffee for John, An Audition to Remember & Breakfast Booty. 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