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foaI wrote this one for someone I chatted with on ICQ. It isbased on things she told me she had done in the past.FOA(Fucked All Over)by the shootistI married shortly after graduating from high school. I became pregnant and everything started going to hell in my marriage. He no longer had the desire to do anything like he used to. It was as if my becoming pregnant was a giant stop sign on me for him loving me. I used to cry myself asleep wishing he would just turn to me and tell me he loved me or just to acknowledge I was even there with himAfter giving birth by c-section, I thought it would be better but it only became worse. My birthday was coming up after our daughter’s birth but I told my friends to not say anything to Kevin about it. I really wanted to see if he would remember on his own. Well true to form, my 21st birthday came and went without a word being said. I was so heartbroken and being in post-partum depression I was devastated.I decided to keep going, hoping for the best until finally after a few more years of neglect on my husband’s part I told him I wanted a divorce. It was as if a giant block was lifted off my shoulders and I was able to breath again.Before the divorce became final I went on a trip with my brother and his friend. They are truck drivers based out of Atlanta and I told them I wanted to go with them on the their run the next time they were in the area.Well that time came real quick for in three days I was on the road with them in their eighteen wheeler. We were all cutting up with each other and having a good old time. Dave even talked me into flashing some of the other drivers as we went past them or they passed us. I took off my shirt showing them my 38D tits which caused the nipples to get harder. My cunt was also getting wet but they couldn’t see that.After about a dozen or so truckers had seen my tits with my nipples poking out like erasers, Dave talked me into flashing them even more. I took off my jeans and shorts and sat in the passenger seat facing the window and played whorishly with my cunt which was dripping already from me showing off my tits.This one trucker saw me as we went by and he had the biggest cock out of his pants and was stroking like he was trying to start a fire!. We stayed next to him for a few miles while I moved closer to the window and spread my cunt while working on my clit and putting some fingers in me. All of a sudden, his cock gave a jerk and I could see his cum flying everywhere in his cab.He slowed down after cumming so we went past but we heard him on the radio asking if we would stop at the rest area coming up. I looked at my brother and Dave in surprise but I said to tell him we will stop. At the rest stop, I got dressed and we all got out of the cab and walked back to his truck as he parked. I said hello and asked if he had enjoyed the show.He said hell yes and asked if he could have another one only a bit closer this time. It was my turn to say hell yes as I opened the door to his cab and started climbing in. On the way in, güvenilir bahis he thought he would run his hand over my ass and onto my cunt. I paused for a minute, then looked back and said “I’ll give you three hours to stop that”. He got a giant shit eating grin on his face as he practically picked me up the rest of the way into the cab and climbed in himself.On the way into the cab, I felt something wet on the seat when I realized it was his cum. I licked at my hand licking it off while looking him in the eyes. His eyes bugged out as he reached for me, well my tits. I hadn’t put my bra back on thinking (and hoping) this is what he had in mind when he asked us to stop. He grabbed a handful in each hand as I also reached out for his crotch.That man was STILL semi hard and it felt like a tree had fallen in his jeans. I told him to go for what you want and I’ll go for what I want while unsnapping and unzipping his jeans. He wasn’t wearing any underwear (I love when a man does that!) so his cock just about hit me in the face and breaking my nose. That would have been so funny to go to the hospital and filling out the forms….I broke my nose on a cock! HahahahahaHe only had my top off by the time his cock was free so I told I’ll help him. I unbuttoned my jeans and very slowly, pulled the zipper down. He made a grab for me but I told I’ll do it for him. I slowly pushed my pants down my ass and legs making sure my panties didn’t go at the same time. I sat down on the passenger seat and pulled my pants all the way off making sure he had a clear shot of my panties, especially my wet crotch. He sat in the driver’s seat and pulled his pants off but had forgotten to take off his boots so he was struggling to get his pants off over them. I told him to calm down and I will help him again but all I did was reach over and grabbed that giant piece of meat hanging down from its own weight. It must have been at least ten or eleven inches long and as thick around as a pop can. I couldn’t even get my hand all around it. Well that did calm him down as he sat there and let out a long, low moan.I got on my knees between his legs and in front of his pants which were all bunched up on the top of his boots. I leaned over and licked the underside of his cock while looking up at him. He had his head back when I started licking but when he looked down he saw me looking right into his face. When we made eye contact, his cock jerked in my hand as if it had a life of its own and was saying hello.He took off his shirt and threw it on the dash as I continued to lick up and down that trunk of a cock and feeling how heavy his balls were in my hand. He said let’s get in back (into the sleeper) and I asked what was the hurry, didn’t he like what he was getting. He said he was loving it but wanted to be more comfortable.I reluctantly released his cock from my grasp and reached down for his foot. He raised his leg as I pushed his pants back up so I could get to his boots. Pulling up his pants, I “accidently” grabbed his cock which türkçe bahis was bobbing and weaving in front of my face. He again moaned and told me we have to hurry. I released him once more and helped him take off his boots and his pants which now slid down and off with no problem.We climbed into the sleeper where he immediately started licking and sucking my tits. I reached down to play with his cock which felt like a baseball bat on my thigh. His cock throbbed in my hand as I felt how big and hot it was even after he had already came about 15 minutes before. My husband was never like that. After my husband came the one time, he rolled over and went to sleep if I was satisfied or not which was usually not.I still had my panties on which were a soggy mess by now. I started to reach down to remove them when he stopped me and said he wanted to do it. He moved me up closer to the top of the sleeper and slid down. I could feel his breath on me as his mouth moved down my body. When he got to my crotch, he spread my legs out and started to lick on my cunt through my panties. This man was so fucking good. He moved his tongue all up and down my cunt, pressing slightly in on my panties as he passed directly over my hole. He would force my panties into my cunt with his tongue and breath out hot air into me. I was going fucking crazy as I reached down andforced his head into my cunt. He reached with both hands to grab my tits. One hand was pinching and squeezing a nipple as the other hand ever so gently twirled a finger around the nipple. How in the world he did that and still kept working away with his tongue on my cunt and clit I’ll never know but I know I wanted it to never stop!After I came for about the umpteenth time, who the hell counts when it’s so good, he asked if I was ready for the main course. I told him anytime. I thought he was going to fuck me with his tree branch but boy! I was wrong! He released both nipples and shocking the hell out of me, he ripped open the crotch of my panties, baring my cunt to his gaze. He then dove back down, spreading out my lips with both hands and proceeded to devour me!I thought I had it good before but now he had full access to my cunt with the panties out of the way and both of his hands at his disposal. I started screaming as he flicked and pinched my clit with his fingers as his tongue burrowed into my cunt. I thought it would never stop but eventually it did. Instead of withdrawing his tongue as I thought he would, he commenced to have his tongue spread out and go back to a point inside my cunt. He was driving me absolutely crazy as I continued screaming.I must have passed out shortly after that treatment began for the next thing I knew, I could feel him on top of me with a tremendous stretching in my crotch. I could feel his cock in my cunt giving me the feeling of being stuffed beyond belief. He was just laying on me with his cock throbbing while he nibbled on my neck. That alone was driving me wild.With each lick of his tongue on my neck I could feel güvenilir bahis siteleri my cunt get even wetter. I tried to squeeze my cunt muscles around his cock but was so far out of it and he was so damn big I couldn’t even move them a bit. I just lay there with his cock in me and his weight on me, not heavy, but enough to know he was there. He was playing with my right tit, rolling, pinching, and twisting my nipple then running his fingers all around the entire breast so lightly I had to look to see if he was still playing or if were a fly or mosquito.Then he pulled back with his cock. It felt like he were siphoning out my insides! He immediately thrust back in and I could feel my clit and my lips being pulled with his cock. I started cumming again and started screaming again. He put his mouth on mine to try and quiet me down but I continued to scream as I could feel him start driving in and out of me. I’m sure he thought I was in pain but when I wrapped my legs around his ass and my arms around his back he realized I was in ecstacy. I was even beyond that as he slammed his meat up into me and withdrew then slammed into me again. I could feel his balls slapping my ass each time he drove in deep. I was having one continuous orgasm as his cock worked my cunt into a lather.I found the strength to push him up a little bit and down between my legs. What I saw gave me an even more intense orgasm so I collapsed back down. I saw his cock come out to the head, totally covered with my cream, leaving a bright white shean on the entire length, which looked to be now about 12 or 13 inches in length and even thicker than a pop can.He continued to pound into me for the next 30 minutes. He moved me on top but I didn’t have the strength to hold myself up so I lay on his chest breathing wildly. He used this position to reach down to get some of my juice around my ass hole. He then stuck a finger into my ass up to his second knuckle.I tried to scream out but was just too tired so I just made a whimpering sound. It must have been too much for him also as I felt his hands grab my ass, pull me down as he thrust up hard into me. I could feel his cum shooting into me, feeling like someone had stuck a garden hose up me. I passed out again at this point with the feeling of his cock shooting his cream into me and him biting my left breast.I woke up after about two hours with me still on top of him. As I moved off, feeling his cock still thick but softer pulling out my cunt with a slurping sound. I moaned as the pain in my legs and crotch reached my now clear brain. I looked at his cock and it laying in a puddle of mine and his cum. I thought about licking and sucking it as I love doing that but thought best to let a sleeping dog lie. He woke up at this point and groggily looked at me. I was glad to see that I had fucked him out as much as he had me.I slowly put my clothes back on and climbed back down out of the cab, almost falling. I went back to my brothers truck and climbed in. I only made it as far as the passenger seat when I fell back to sleep. I awoke later with the feeling of the truck moving. My brother and Dave both looked and said “Good afternoon, welcome back to the real world.”I looked at them and said “Next!”.But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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