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Foot Lover?

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Well, don’t I have all the luck? It was the first day of my vacation, and don’t you know I got to my en route stop in Chicago and my outbound flight cancelled. Well, at least United put me up in a decent hotel at the airport. Nova Scotia would have to wait till tomorrow. After I got checked in it was still early, around 3:30 p.m., so I did what anyone traveling might have done. I went to the hotel lounge to get myself a drink or two before dinner. It was a vacation, after all.

I was sitting at the bar waiting to order myself a drink when she walked in. She was dressed to the nines in a very sexy summer dress. It was dressy, but something that could also pass for casual. I think it was probably a coral color, but I’m not great with naming colors. The color accentuated her skin, which i would describe as somewhere between the color of a fine Italian cappuccino and that of a delicious caramel candy. Her complexion was perfect, with deep, piercing brown eyes, long eye lashes, and shoulder length brown hair, looking good and fixed straight with a part in the middle. She had gorgeous legs that were a magnet to my eyes. They flowed down from a pretty, round booty. It was the kind of booty guys get in trouble with their girlfriends for, seemingly always turning their head and getting caught looking at her behind as she passes by. Around her ankle was a gold chain, and on her feet a pretty pair of pumps that matched her dress perfectly. I’d guess she was around 30, maybe a little younger, if anything.

She caught me staring. Hell, who wouldn’t be staring at her? I abruptly turned away, and a second later she was right there next to me.

“I saw you looking at me, do I know you?”

“No,” I replied. “Sorry. You just surprised me walking in. I thought you were a famous model or someone on TV or something. Sorry.”

“You said you were sorry twice. No need, I heard you the first time. Apology accepted if you buy me a drink.”

“Uh… sure, what will you…” Before I could finish asking, she turned to the bartender:

“My friend and I would each like a peach mango daiquiri, made with your best light rum. And make them strong, please.”

While we waited for the drinks, I asked her, “What’s your name, miss?”

“Diamond,” she answered.

“Nice to meet you, Diamond,” my hand extended.

“Miss Diamond. Call me Miss Diamond.”

Immediately, I got ‘the vibe’. My suppressed submissive radar was pinging like mad.

“And your name is,” she asked?

“Mattie. Mattie Secret, Miss Diamond.”

“Pleased to meet you, Mattie. May I call you Mattie?”

“Sure, Miss Diamond, s-s-s-sure.” I stumbled on my words a bit.

We made small talk. Where are you from, where am I from, do you travel often, all that kind of stuff. I told her of my plight with the flight, and asked her what she was doing there. She told me she’d had an audition to model shoes and her feet for a big Chicago ad agency. She was flying back home tomorrow and planned to stay at the hotel that night. We hit it off. There is no doubt there was chemistry and there was some attraction between us, too. And, just as the introductions went, there was doubtless a dominant – submissive vibe in the conversation. Her signals were strong and they were telegraphing me she was a Domme of some sort. I know I was acting submissive, almost as a natural response to the way she carried herself. I’m for the most part a confident guy, but I felt truly submissive in her presence.

The peach mango daiquiri wouldn’t have been my first choice for a drink, but as I started to drink it, it wasn’t bad. It was pretty good, really. I was surely in “go with the flow mode”. I was talking to a beautiful woman with remarkable, almost hypnotic eyes, a killer body, kissable lips, and she was no doubt taking a direct interest in me.

“Would you like to spend some more time with me this evening, Mr. Mattie Secret,” she asked?

“Yes, Miss Diamond, sure I would love that.”

“Well, it’s your lucky day. I think you’re someone I can have some fun with, and we both have nothing else to do tonight but to have fun. Do you want to have some fun with me tonight, Mattie Secret?”

“Sure, Miss Diamond. That sounds fantastic.”

“How old are you, Mattie?”

“I’m sixty-three, Miss Diamond.”

“Sixty-three. Interesting. Do you take erection pills, Mattie? For sex, obviously.”

“Yes, Viagra.”

“Have you got any with you?”

“In my room.”

“Good boy, Mattie. Good boy. Here’s what I want you to do. I want you to go to your room and take off your pants and shorts and make sure your dick and balls and all around them are shaved clean. No hair around the shaft or balls anywhere.”

Speaking of shaft and balls, I was hard and getting harder by the second.

“After you do that, you bring the Viagra back down here with you. Do you think you can do that, Mattie?”

“I, I, I, I think s-s-s-so.” She had me nearly izmir escort bayan speechless and stammering. She had a smirk on her pretty face.

“Go now.”

I tried to conceal my erection as I moved toward to lounge door and the elevators. I went to my room and, well, just as Miss Diamond said, I shaved. It took a few minutes, but my cock, balls, and above on my pubic bone, and the insides of my thighs were all smooth and clean. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, put fresh underpants on, put my trousers back on, got the bottle of Viagra out of my suitcase, put it into my pocket, and headed back downstairs.

When I got to the bar, she was nowhere to be seen. I looked at the bartender and gave him the sheepish ‘palms up’ gesture. He pointed behind me toward the back wall, under a window. She was sitting there looking beautiful on a sofa, her shapely legs stretched out, right leg across on the left, her right foot and shoe rocking slowly above the floor, her pump dangling from her toes. There was an ottoman in front of her, and a small side table with two drinks on it to the left. I moved to sit beside her on the sofa. She shook her head, ‘no’, and pointed to the ottoman, she said, “You sit there on the stool, Mattie.” When I sat on the ottoman, I was seated a lower lower than she was on the couch, and just a foot or so from her foot, with the pump dangling from her toe, her heel out of the shoe. It was a sexy look.

“Give me the pills.” She opened the bottle and shook two tablets out. “Take these now,” she said authoritatively, like a nurse giving a patient their medicine.

“But the proper dosage is one, Miss Diamond. And I need another drink.”

“Two tablets won’t kill you. And you’re drinking water, no more alcohol. You have a big night ahead of you. I don’t want you to miss anything. And you’re taking two, because I want you ready. Take them both.”

So, I took the two Viagra. She smiled slyly.

“Now, I want you to look at my feet,” she said as she kicked off both her shoes and put her feet up on the ottoman between my thighs, about five or six inches from my groin. So, I looked at her feet, then looked up at her. “Why are you looking at me? I said to look at my feet. I’ll tell you when to stop.” So I looked down at her feet. “Tonight, Mattie, you will fall in love with my feet. But more importantly, you will do everything you can to make my feet fall in love with you. You will do your best to make my feet fall in love with you, won’t you, Mattie?”

“Yes, Miss Diamond.”

“Yes, Miss Diamond, what?”

“Yes, Miss Diamond, tonight I will fall in love with your feet and I will do everything I can to make your feet fall in love with me.”

And she really did have gorgeous feet. First of all, it looked like it had to be a brand new pedicure, the French kind with the pink nail and a white stripe across the tip of each nail. The soles of her feet were a beautiful shade of pink, and the top the same lovely color as the rest of her body and face. She had truly gorgeous feet, truly gorgeous. She enjoyed a long slow taste of her drink and let me sit looking at her feet. It must have been a whole two or three minutes, which may not sound like a long time, but when you’re staring at feet down next to your crotch, it’s longer than it seems. But I did as she said and I did like her pretty feet.

“Rub my feet. Don’t be shy. Pick one up, kiss it romantically, like you mean it, and then give me a sweet, loving foot rub.”

I picked up her right foot and started to rub. My glance strayed for a second, and I realized that I could see up her dress. She had on very sheer panties. They were essentially see-through. I could see a sweet little pussy. I refocused my eyes to her foot, and I spent the next twenty or thirty minutes massaging one, then the other, then the first, and back. She made it known when I should switch by wiggling her other foot. I was loving and focused on each like it was the most important foot in the world. And to me, right then, it was. Another interesting thing, she had me place another soft, gentle kiss on her big toe as I started and also when I finished each foot. Since she had me change feet every two or three minutes, by the time she was finished with her drink, I had kissed each big toe at least ten times. And by the time I was done, my cock was as hard as a rock. I don’t think I had had an erection like that in twenty years, maybe more.

“That was very nice, Mattie, very nice. For real. You are a good boy. Now, let’s go up to my room. She slipped on her shoes, got up, and headed toward the elevator. I followed along, my hard-on straining in my shorts. I could feel the wetness of pre-cum as I walked to the elevator. In the elevator, as soon as the doors closed, she took my cock in her hand through my pants, put her other arm around my neck and kissed me. No a soft, lovers kiss, but a strong, firm kiss of possession. All the way up to her floor, she held my rock hard escort izmir cock firm in her hand and kissed me. No woman had ever kissed me like she did. Her lips were perfect and soft and delicious. I could feel and taste her lipstick, and her tongue probed my mouth like it owned it. And at that moment, it did. It was an amazing kiss, but not a romantic one. She was making me hers and her kiss was a sort of marking me as her territory

She broke the kiss just long enough to tell me to pull down my fly and pull out my cock. She went back to kissing me while I fished myself out, then she took my erection in her hand. The elevator stopped and chimed and as soon as the doors opened she quickly led me by my dick to her room, then she left it sticking out of my pants, pointed straight at the door while she got out and used her key card to open the door. Once inside, she didn’t waste any time. “Get naked, now.”

In a minute I was standing there naked, feeling a little apprehensive about my naked and shaved dick. Hard as I was, on my best day it’s 6″. But there I stood, standing proudly at attention. She looked me up and down, taking in my achingly hard cock and balls below. “You will do nicely.” She kicked off her shoes and pulled off her panties. She surprised me when she hung them like a flag on my erect flagpole, giggling. “You’re so much fun, Mattie! So much fun we’re going to have tonight. So much fun!” She took the panties off my dick and handed them to me. “Smell them. Smell me on them. Put them to your nose and breathe my sex smell in.” I took the panties and put them to my nose and breathed in her wonderful, slightly musky woman scent. I could feel a little wetness on my lips from them.

I never felt so submissive in my life. And I can’t completely describe to you how good it felt to be the object of this amazing and gorgeous woman’s attentions and interest, and to feel so much under her influence and control. At that moment I knew I would do anything she wanted to make her happy, to please her. I just wanted to please her. And her freeing me by taking control and letting me just exist to please her, then and there, it just made me happy. It was a happiness that was in my mind, warm inside me in my heart, and it was steely hard in my erection, too. I just wanted to please her, and I wanted to feel that feeling forever.

All the while I was there thinking these thoughts, I was getting more and more intoxicated by her scent on the panties. She knelt before me and took my balls in her hand, and she grasped the shaft of my cock in her other, then kissed to tip of my cock. “It’s such a pretty, little, circumcised cock. This cock is mine until I’m finished with it, it is not yours.” It felt so good for me to hear those words, to feel those pretty hands and sweet lips on my manhood. Her panties smelled so good, too. I was in sexual sensory heaven. “Now, let’s get back to you falling in love with my feet.”

She sat back on the little sofa in her room, set her feet on the footstool, and pointed at them. “Kiss them. Love them. Adore them. Worship them. Seduce them.” And I began the most amazing bit of lovemaking in my life. I’ve never been a foot guy. I don’t have a foot fetish: no special sexual excitement for or from feet. But as I looked at her gorgeous feet, with their pretty pink color, soft, perfect skin, pretty toes, and toenails, I realized I had already fallen in love with her feet. Was the rest of her far behind? Could it be?

I started kissing one foot, then the other. I softly kissed the heel, the arch and instep, the ball of each foot, and one by one her toes, starting big and working my way to her tiny little piggies. They smelled pretty, like some kind of fancy foot lotion or creme. I savored each foot, and every part of each foot, over and over and over. They were delicious. Maybe a little salty, and a little leathery from her shoes, but mostly they just tasted good to me, as if kissing and licking them was the most natural thing in the world. Her legs were parted enough that from where I was I could see I was looking at the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. I kept kissing and licking her feet, in no hurry, but my gaze went from her eyes, to her pussy, and back. She let out a sigh and touched herself between her legs. “Your kisses on my feet and toes are making my pussy wet. Such a good boy! Do you think those kisses can find their way to my pussy?” Oh my, oh my, oh my!

I slowly moved up and kissed her left ankle, then her right. I was in no hurry as I never wanted this to end. I knew soon I would taste her pretty pussy, but there was so much more of Miss Diamond to savor on the way. I felt my lips on her ankle bracelet, and up into the curves between where the ankle ends and the calves begin. Kissing, licking, teasing, slowly, ever so slowly, I paid homage to every inch of those gorgeous legs. I told you they were somewhere between the color of a cappuccino and caramel candy. Neither of those things could possibly izmir escort taste as good as she did. As I got to her knees, she parted her legs further, inviting me into her thighs and beyond. My eyes were fixed on her pussy now. My kisses and my desires making no pretense of going anywhere else. I could see the wetness. She was dripping a trail of wetness from the bottom of her beautiful hole trailed off toward her ass. She was enjoying this as much as I was.

“Your pussy is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. It is amazing.” No Miss Diamond this time, and she didn’t correct me. Looking at her pussy was intoxicating for me. I was in the heaven of desire and wanted to stay there forever. She was either shaved or waxed completely smooth. Her outer lips were a slightly darker brownish color than the skin was on her legs. Her inner lips were the same, slightly darker color, protruding just slightly from her outer lips in her excitement. And the wet hole was a beautiful pink, as was the very top of her inner labia: the hood where her erect clitoris was pushing hard to free itself. She was wet!

I started kissing and licking. I was truly worshiping her. Loving licks, kisses, and suckling her inner lips into my mouth. Kisses and licks, sloppy wet licks, on her outer lips. The taste and smell were intoxicating. I looked into her dark eyes. I could see her breathing was hard. She was excited. And we made eye contact, my eyes telling her I could stay there forever. Licking, sucking, kissing outer lips, inner lips, pushing my tongue into her soaking wetness . On an upward lick, I took her lips in mine, and dragged them gently through mine until I reached her clit. I sucked it and its little hood into my mouth and used my tongue to flick her little bean. Again and again I worked up the length of her lips to end up with her clit and hood in my mouth. I’d suck it gently and flick it with my tongue. Finally, after many repetitions and variations, I stopped where I was at with her clit sucked into my lips and pulled gently back and forth by turning my head a little, pulling her clit this way, then that way. I looked up to her and we made prolonged eye contact as I continued on. My eyes must have looked like the eyes of a puppy dog, lovingly looking at its master. And there, as I gazed into her pretty brown eyes, her little clit in my lips, pulling it back and forth and flicking it with my tongue, she began to cum. It must have been strong. She was trembling and moaning and crying out. I felt her legs tense up and relax repeatedly around me, as she then engulfed my head and made sure my mouth kept on. I realized her hands had taken a firm hold of my head, too. But I wasn’t stopping, even as if I wanted to! I didn’t.

“Make me cum again,” she panted. “Make me cum again.” And I did. The whole sequence was the same, mostly. Except she was wetter and it didn’t take nearly as long. While I ate her the second time, I added my left middle finger, inserting it into her soaking wet pussy. I slowly thrust it in and out as I savored her clit again in my mouth. I had my palm facing up and bent my finger just enough to be sure to rub the roof of her vagina and stimulate her g-spot. And I did. Her second orgasm not only came more quickly, it was more powerful, too. I could feel her contracting on my finger again and again as she moaned. It was amazing. Her sex smelled good, it looked good, it tasted good. Glorious.

As you can imagine, with two Viagra now coursing through my veins, my erection was hard, hard, hard. I had not been that hard, or hard for that long, in a very long time, if ever.

“That was perfect, Mattie. Perfect. You are gifted,” she looked at me with the beauty of afterglow all about her. “Would you like to cum, Mattie?” “

Yes, absolutely… oops. Miss Diamond.”

“I know you do. Go into the bathroom and get the skin lotion there in the bath and bring it back out here,” she commanded sweetly.

My erection led the way as I went into the bath, found the lotion, and hurried back. “Stand right here, at my feet, put some cream on your hand, and play with your cock. Do it slowly. Take your time. Look me in the eye while you stroke. I want to savor watching you masturbate.” I started slowly stroking. I was already ready to explode. “Slow down. Take your time. If you feel like you’re about to cum, stop till you think you can start again.” She started to finger herself with one hand and play with her clit with the other while I played with my 6″ boner. I looked in her eyes as I played and I felt my insides melting to her will and to her affections.

She started to cum. As the waves came over her, she told me to cum. And cum I did. I came in buckets, all over her pretty feet. It was powerful. It was wonderful. Three of the biggest ropes I’d seen in years shot out all across her toes, feet, and ankles and legs. And the spasms kept coming until the cum was spent. I looked at her feet. She was a sticky mess.

“Lick my feet clean.” I had never licked up my cum before, but this felt so natural and so perfect, I didn’t hesitate and got on my knees and licked my cum from between her toes, from her ankles, and from her legs. I cleaned her and ate all my salty mess.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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