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Forever Gay, First Glory Hole

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Ass Pounding

My first gay experience was unforgettable but I have tried to make each experience worthy in its own right. This is the first time I found and participated in a glory hole.

I was at a park that I had heard was frequented by gays. It is a quiet suburban park in the city where I live. There is a bathroom facility there that is always open. It was late on a Friday night so no families were about and only a couple cars in the parking area. I went into the bathroom, which was empty and entered a stall. The stall had several pornographic pictures and sayings written and etched into the walls. I sat on the toilet and pulled out my cock and was slowly masturbating when I heard the door open and close to the bathroom. Peeking through the opening I watched a middle aged man enter and take the stall on the right of mine.

Looking through the opening between the stalls I watched him undo his pants and lower them revealing the largest cock I had seen to date. It was at least 10 inches long and thick. The head was purple Ankara bayan escort and blood engorged and the man stroked it for a minute before he put it up to the hole. My mouth was watering and my own cock a small 8 inches compared to his was dripping.

He never said a word just put it through the hole and I leaned over and took it in my hand, feeling the warmth and hardness I stroked him for a bit then let my tongue taste it. I stuck my tongue into the slit and then circled the head letting my spit wet it. I then opened my mouth wide and took him into me. Letting my tongue rest on the head I sucked him up and down for several minutes tasting his salty cum begin oozing more and more. I took him in until I gagged then back out, back down, back out slurping and sucking him. I heard him grunt then felt his cock spasm in my mouth giving me its thick reward. I swallowed fast as I could but because of the length and thickness some dribbled all over my shirt and chin.

After he came he pulled out of the hole Escort bayan Ankara zipped and left. I leaned back jerking my own cock when I noticed another cock to the left hole in my stall. I quickly took it in my mouth and started sucking like the cock slut I am. He was smaller and I was able to take it fully to the back of my throat and sniff his curly crotch hair. I was totally engrossed in sucking this hard cock to completion when someone else came in.

Just as this cock exploded in my mouth my door flung open, startled I turned and was looking square at a cop. He yelled at he guy to get out of here while he stared at my cum covered face. The other guy hurried out and probably has never been back there. Then the cop walked over and locked the door. I was thinking oh my god I am fucked. /he walked back and said, “Now you little fag cock sucker, we’ll see how you really like it. Strip your ass naked slut!”

Quickly I obeyed and was naked, my hard cock pointing out and to the left dripping pre-cum.

“On Bayan escort Ankara your knees prick face.” I knelt and he pushed his bulging pants in my face then took off his issue belt, undid his pants and dropped his drawers.

He was shaved smooth and had a pierced cock head, which turned me on even more. Then he grabbed my head and forced his cock deep in my mouth until I gagged. He face fucked me for what seemed like forever and the ring kept hitting the back of my throat. All I could think of was how would it feel in my now very hungry ass and as if he heard me he grabbed me and pulled me up.

Bending me over the sink he shoved his cock at my asshole, eager to accept it I reached back and spread my cheeks. The ring ripped at my asshole but he just kept pushing until his balls slapped mine. The pain was hot and turned me on as I begged him to fuck my ass hard. He willingly fucked me for several minutes then pulled out and pulled me down. Thrusting his cock in my mouth I tasted my innards and his cum and shot my own load. His cum filled my mouth and I swallowed hard drinking it.

After he pulled out of my mouth I sat there exhausted and sore as he dressed, smiled and left. I dressed and went home exhausted, thrilled and knowing I would be back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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