Mar 25

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned

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Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinnedbymajukes©”Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been one month since my last confession.”Father Mulroney recognized Tommy Reynolds’ voice clearly and smiled to himself with the expectant sweetness of this innocent boys’ latest confession. Would it be looking at a girl across the quad again? Perhaps he felt guilty for eating too many sweets before bedtime. The Father chuckled lightly and waited for the naïve eighteen year old to speak.”F… Father?” Tommy said slowly. “I’m in desperate need of confession Father?””You sound troubled my son, would you prefer to speak in the rectory?” Father Mulroney said.”I feel better saying it here, if that’s ok.””Very well, take your time and ask away.” The Father settled in; he had a feeling this was going to be good.”It all happened on Friday evening, after school. I’d stayed late after class to clean up the equipment room so by the time I got into the locker room everyone had already left.”Like normal I stripped down and went to shower. Nothing out of the ordinary, I just did what I’d done all year. That hot water felt good on my body I can tell you that Father.”The priest coughed silently as he tried not to picture the petite young lad who he, himself had christened, under the torrent of water in the locker room showers.”But then Father, just as I was soaping my hair, I realized I wasn’t alone. I couldn’t quite make out who was there with me. I must admit I was scared for a moment until he spoke; it was Coach Masters.””‘You’re in late’ he said ‘Get the equipment room all sorted?'”‘Yes’ I said as the soap began to cover my eyes. ‘You scared me Sir.'”‘Oh I didn’t mean to scare you boy, just getting in a little last minute training before my big race this weekend’ he said”‘What race is that Sir?'”‘The annual Peninsula Marathon, tomorrow morning. I’ve been training for it for the past six months.’ He said gargling water.””At this point Father I didn’t know what to say, you see I’ve never been very sporty and talking to someone like Coach was tough. So I kept quiet and let him continue.””‘In fact now I’ve got you here Tommy, you could help me with my last minute training.”‘Oh really?’ I said, in truth I was just excited to help. ‘What do you need me to do?'”‘Well Tommy, my body is so highly tuned right now.'”‘For your big race?'”‘Yes exactly, for my big race. Well, even the slightest awkward stretch could cause me to suffer a muscle pull, which could end my race before it starts.'”‘Oh no, that would be terrible. Just think about all those months of wasted work if that happened.’ I said seeing his difficulty very clearly. ‘Well you know best, just tell me what to do.'”‘Are you sure Tommy? I don’t want to be a pain’ he said””I think Coach was feeling a little embarrassed about asking, so I made absolutely sure that he felt more comfortable. ‘Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it Sir.'” I said”‘In that case, would you mind washing my back for me? I’m worried that the twisting might jar something loose in a shoulder or something, it’s very easy to do when you’re an athlete like me.'””He was right Father. I had never seen him without clothes before but when I stepped into his cubicle, I could see all the muscles in his back rippling as the water rolled down over each contour. I could see how easy he might pull a muscle if I’d not been there to help.””Is that what you came here for today my son?” the priest said.”Oh no Father, there’s lots to tell you about.” Tommy said.”‘Just take the soap and rub it in circles on my back. Make sure you cover every inch mind you.'””I took the soap from the tray and began to lather up his shoulders. I must have been doing it right because Coach began to sigh quite loudly. It must have been a relief to find someone who could help him with this awkward task.””I bet it was” Father Mulroney said, if he had said that to anyone else the smile on his lips would have given him away, but Tommy ankara escort plodded on with his story oblivious to the priest’s sarcasm.”I was determined to do a good job. As I said before I’m not too sporty, so I thought this might be a good way to get a good grade in Coach’s class. I soaped up every inch of his back Father. I made sure my fingers covered every taut muscle and I even slipped under his arms. He was like a piece of stone, a shiny, polished piece of marble as I kept rubbing my hands over his back.””‘That feels great Tommy, thank you, no need to go any further’ Coach said as I reach the base of his spine.””Now Father I’ve always tried to be proactive and go that extra mile to help, as you know from your church fete each year, so without Coach asking I dropped to my knees and began to soap up his legs.””‘It’s fine Coach’ I said, ‘We can’t run the risk of you pulling something before the race.'”‘You’re quite right boy, you do what you feel is necessary.””I ran my hands up and down his thick calves, one at a time, covering every inch. Even rubbing the front, reaching around to make sure I washed him thoroughly. Coach must have been ticklish because he began to fidget and moan loudly. So I made sure to go slower as not to agitate him too much.”After about five minutes of rubbing, I reached the top of his muscular thighs, but I did not stop. My hands continued on their way, nudging the seat of his butt and up over the large round orbs of his behind. The Coach moaned very loudly when I did that. I think he might have actually pulled a muscle that he hadn’t noticed. So I thought I should make a point to rub his butt extra hard to try and work the kink out of his muscle.”Satisfied that my job was done, I sat back on my heels and watched as the water gently rolled the soap suds into big balls and led them snaking down his hairy legs, and finally down the drain.””‘All done Sir.’ I said holding the soap up in the air to hand it back to him.”‘And didn’t you do a good job Tommy.’ Coach straightened from his position of leaning against the wall and began to turn.””What I saw next surprised me if I was to be honest Father. I’d never seen one before, not that close, and certainly not that hard. Come to think about it, I’d never imagined they could be that big either.””Please continue.” The Father’s voice had turned somewhat husky as he tried to speak with an ever increasingly dry mouth.”‘Oh my Sir.’ Was all I could say, I think I actually put my hand over my mouth at the same time. He didn’t say anything at first, he just stood there with his hands on his hips in front of me.”‘An unfortunate side effect of training is increased libido, I’m sorry Tommy.’ Coach said.””I did try to look passed it, I swear I did, but it was so big that I couldn’t focus.””What was it Tommy? Tell me. Describe it for me.” Father Mulroney said leaning his head back against the confessional wall and taking a deep breath. With the faint sound of vestment buttons, being softly tugged free in the background.”Oh yes I’m sorry. It was his penis Father. It was hard and sticking out from his body. It was big, very big it almost hit me in the face. As thick as my wrist, no, even thicker. It had three veins spiraling around the length of it. They even throbbed while I looked at it. It was red. Very angry looking, but the tip was purple, very deep purple. I didn’t see any foreskin though. Maybe that was because he was hard? I don’t know.”The priest in the next booth cleared his throat quietly and said, “He was circumcised Tommy. His cock was circumcised.”Tommy wasn’t sure what that meant so he paused for a moment before nodding an acknowledgment to the grating and continuing with his tale.”I tried my best to act normal, just like any other jock in the shower would do. That is how they act isn’t it? I don’t know. ‘It looks painful Sir.’ I said.”‘Not in the least, the only pain is my wife taking a fortnight to ankara escort bayan visit her mother and not being here to take care of things like this.’ Coach said with a swing of his hips which again almost hit me in the face.”‘W… Why Sir, what does she do?’ I said.”‘Well you see Tommy, she’d massage me before the race. She’d take her hands and rub slowly like this.'””Coach began to slowly massage his penis with both hands Father, and there was still some poking out. He really was big. Up and down the length, showing me what his wife would normally do for him.””Tell me everything. Don’t leave out a single detail.” The Father said, as a slight, rhythmic creaking, and quiet moan, came from the priest’s side of the confessional.”Well it was clear to me why Coach couldn’t do it himself. The repetitive nature of his movement could easily jar a muscle. Naturally, I felt terrible for him ahead of such an important race. So I did the only decent thing I could, I offered to do it for him.””‘Would you really? Tommy, I didn’t like to ask, after you’ve helped me so much already.'”‘As you’ve told us before Coach, preparation is key. So if I can help you train and prepare then I’ll gladly do what you tell me to.'”‘Let’s get started then. First take a hold of my cock, um, penis, just like I showed you, and start to stroke, er, massage it like I was.'””I reached up and tried to grip his cock Father, but it was really so much thicker than I could hold. But I knew the importance of it so I quickly grabbed it with my other hand and began to massage it up and down, slowly, just as Coach had taught me.””‘That’s a good boy. Just like that. Stroke Daddy’s big dick.’ Coach said”‘Sorry Coach?'”‘Oh, that’s something else my wife would do. It’s positive reinforcement. Calling me Daddy makes me feel strong and dominant. It all helps my mental outlook before the race. Don’t worry I wouldn’t ask you to do such a thing.’ Coach said.”‘Oh I understand. It makes sense.’ I said, ‘After all, Daddy’s such a big strong man.'”‘That’s a good boy, keep stroking Daddy’s big cock baby.'””I have to admit that I did feel a little uncomfortable, but Coach knew best, didn’t he Father?””‘Yes, I will keep stroking Daddy. I will keep stroking until you tell me to stop.'””My hands soon became a blur as my pace increased. Looking back now, I know that I was doing it too fast, but at the time Coach didn’t stop me so it must have been good enough. I just figured when he put his hand on the back of my head for balance, that he was in quite a bit of discomfort, so I better hurry.””‘Is there anything else Daddy needs?’ I said as I once again squeezed his fat tip between my fingers.”‘Oh if only we had some… on second thoughts never mind…'”‘Had some what Co… er Daddy, had some what?'”‘My wife has special lubricant that she uses, sort of like a massage oil that she can use to really help with release of tension, but I don’t have any with me. I guess we could… No that’s too much.'”‘Daddy, it’s ok, you can tell me, if it will help you prepare for the race then it’s important.’ I said, as the beginnings of tiredness crept into my arms.”‘Well when she runs out of lubricant she often uses saliva as a good alternative, but the best way to apply it is a little personal.'”‘Umm ok, well tell you what Co… Daddy, there’s no need for you to get embarrassed, whatever it is I can do it, just like your wife does. There’s no one else here so no one will ever find out that you needed this help.'”‘Oh thank you, that’s very good of you, well let’s start off slow, first stick your tongue out for me.'”‘Li dis?’ I said trying not to bite my tongue.”‘Perfect, now let me just move you into position. Ahhhh yes, that’s it, lube up Daddy’s big cock.'””I couldn’t believe the heat of his penis Father, it was so hot, but straight away I understood why he needed the lubricant, it was to stop him from overheating. It was so obvious, so I kept licking escort ankara as he told me to.””‘There’s a good little boy, suck Daddy’s hard cock.’ Coach said, ‘open wide for me now boy, Daddy needs more lubrication.'””I did open wide, I didn’t want Coach to start getting embarrassed again so I just did as he told me. Besides, even I could tell the best way to get the lubrication on to his penis was with my mouth. So I opened as wide as I could and waited for him to slide his penis in.””‘Oooooh, nothing beats a nice tight teen mouth. You’re doing well boy. Your Daddy’s proud of you.’ Coach said as he pushed gently on my head once again.”Almost immediately I felt my mouth watering like a faucet and I looked on with pride as tiny rivers of saliva began dribbling down his penis to his testicles making my hands slick with every passing massaging stroke.”I had to fling my arms around his thighs and actually grabbed hold of his muscular butt because he started to bounce my head up and down on his penis very quickly Father. My throat began to convulse but I didn’t complain because it was clear he was in a great deal of discomfort. I remember thinking at the time that Coach was trying to choke me with his penis, hehe, but that’s just silly isn’t it Father? He was just eager to get it over with would be my bet.”Again and again he grunted and moaned with his penis several inches inside my mouth. He must have been in so much pain. I really felt sorry for him. So I returned to massaging his penis while my mouth kept him lubricated. He even told me to massage his testicles too, just to ‘help him train’.”Then all of a sudden he let out this deep, guttural roar, and held my head still with his penis touching the back of my throat. I was just about to cough when I felt something warm and creamy hit my tongue. Then there was another and a third. I tried to look up to ask what was happening when I began to cough, but instead I swallowed and whatever it was that had coated my tongue was gone. As I knelt there wondering what this strange sensation was, more hit my throat and tongue, and I must admit I liked it, it was like a salty syrup or cream. The more I swallowed the more Coach roared and I could just about see he was smiling, so I just kept swallowing.”It carried on like that for a few minutes until he finally let go of my head. He began to pull his penis from my mouth and I let it out with a pop. I looked down at the strings of saliva hanging from my lips connected to his penis and thought what a frightful mess I’d made.”‘I’m sure glad we’re in the showers Daddy, I bet your wife doesn’t make such a mess, hehe’ I said feeling rather embarrassed that I was so bad at doing it.””Coach said nothing but patted my head and smiled as he sighed deeply. He leant forward and pressed his penis to my lips. I opened up once more and let him slip inside one last time until he pulled back and let his soft penis fall free again. Naturally, I did what I understood he wanted, and began to rub and lick his penis clean, letting the shower water wash my saliva off his penis. He smiled at me once again gave his penis one last small massage, picked up his towel and left.”I must admit that I was happy with the work I’d done to help him finish his training. I do hope he wins now.””So is that what you wanted to confide in me? That you did that with a grown man?” The Father said after a lengthy pause.”Oh no Father, I was worried that doing it had made me erect. I mean I was helping Coach with a serious sporting situation and I took pleasure from it. I feel terrible. What should I do? What if he asks me to help him again?”Father Mulroney composed himself and tried not to laugh, “My son, it was probably a reaction from the warm water, no need to worry. As for any future ‘help’ he needs, I think you should do what he asks. But please, promise me, to come straight here and tell me all about it…””Yes Father, definitely Father. I will remember. I promise.”Tommy pushed open the confessional door and danced down the church steps relieved that he hadn’t done anything wrong, and secretly wished for the next time he could come and tell the Priest what a good boy he’d been.

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