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FOUND A BEAUTIFUL STRANGER IN MY SHOWERI came home one afternoon after a nice bike ride. I grabbed a cold soda from the fridge and went to my room. As I past the bathroom I heard the sound of the shower running. I wasn’t expecting anyone to be home, Mom and Dad were at work. Maybe it was my sister home early, she didn’t ussualy come home till a bit later. The door was partly open so I quietly peeked around it, thinking I might sneak a peek at my s*s.When I looked in I was surprized, it wasn’t my sister at all. I had not idea who this woman was but she sure did have a smoking hot body, nicely tanned all over, very fit and had a cute butt. I watched as she stood in the tub rinsing her curvy body with a hand held spray head. She turned slightly showing me her profile as the water ran over her breasts, she moved the sprayer around rinsining off the soap bubbles. She switched the unit to give a gentle pulsating massage and held it just in front of her pussy. The water jets gave her intense pleasure as she rubbed her hand between her legs. I knew from my own experience masturbating with the sprayer how good it felt and my cock began throb. I watched her for just a bit more as I rubbed my growing hard-on, then went to my room closing the door behind me.Stripping off my clothes I lay on the bed to masturbate. Riding my bike often made me horny as my cock and balls were constantly rubbing against the seat, but now I was super horny! I slowly worked my hard pulsing cock as I thought about the woman in the bathroom wondering who she was, she had to be a friend of my Mom’s surely. grandbetting yeni giriş Who ever she was, I was thrilled to have seen her naked in the bathroom. My mind drifted off as the images of her flashed by while I stroked, I hadn’t noticed that the sound of the water stopped. A few seconds later my bedroom door swings open, I had forgotten to lock it. I look up as this woman entered totally naked holding a towel. Time suddenly stood still as our eyes met, then she looked at my cock with my hand wrapped around it. I looked up and down her gorgeous body, not a tan line anywhere. I honestly expected her to scream or something and run out of the room.Cassually she said “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was in the house. I must have forgotten which room your Mother said I should use. My name is Donna, I’ll be staying here for a couple weeks. You must be Richard her son.” I said “Yes but you can call me Dick, everyone does.” I was so surprised that she acted as if nothing was wrong, both of us naked meeting for the first time and walking in on me as I jerked off. I didn’t give a thought to trying to cover up being mezmorized by her beauty. Gradually my erection faded and my cock laid across my thigh. I said “I’m a little embarassed being caught like this. You won’t say anything to Mom will you?” She smiled at me and said “There’s nothing to be embarassed about, I’m perfectly fine with nudity, I’m a nudist myself. And don’t worry I won’t say anything.” I could hardly believe my ears. My eyes were glued to her scanning her nakedness. “Do you grandbetting giriş like my body? You haven’t stopped looking at me for even a second since I walked in.” I tried to think what to say for a moment. “Well yes Donna I like your body very much. You are very beautiful, I’m sorry for staring, I can’t help myself.” She laughed and said “That’s OK, I’m used to people looking at me in the nude when I’m at the beach. I like seeing how fast men will get arroused when they look at me.” I felt my cock begin to throb once again and it quickly grew rigid and stood at attention. “I see I’m having the same effect on you too. That’s so sweet. Can I do anything to help you get some relief, you must be in agony about now.” I looked at her in disbelief as she sat on the edge of my bed and ran her hand across my chest then down across my belly. “You have such a wonderful young body. Do you mind if I explore a little?” No man in his right mind could refuse. “No, I don’t mind at all. Is it alright if I do some exploring too?” I said stupidly. She laughed a little and took my hand up to her breasts.They were incredibly firm and prefectly shaped like a martini glass. Her small nipples hardened as I tweaked them with my fingers. My cock throbbed as she teasingly ran her fingers around the base of it and down to my balls before wrapping them around the shaft with a firm grip. “Your penis is so big and hard, I want to suck it. Is that OK?” I couldn’t answer her, I just reached out pulling her up onto the bed bringing her 69 on top of me. She put her mouth around grandbetting güvenilirmi the head of my cock swirling her tongue around it. I spread the cheeks of her ass apart and began licking at her pussy sliding my tongue between the lips to her clit as she went all the down on me. We licked and sucked each other for about ten minutes, I thought my cock was going to explode it was throbbing so hard.She raised up and turned around stradling me as she rubbed her pussy against my stiff rod. “I’m dying to feel your hard cock in my pussy.” she said as she put the tip of it into her hot wet hole. In one swift movement she sank completely down on me letting out a long low moan. “Oh my God it feels so good. It’s so big and hard.” she said as she moved up and down on me. “I haven’t had my pussy so full of cock in a long time.” Faster and faster she rode on me leaning over me as I sucked on her nipples. She was like a wild a****l in heat, pumping her cunt on my cock for several long minutes. I was ready to cum any second, I grabbed her ass with both hands and pounded into her deeply as she brought me to the best orgasm I’d ever had. “Oh Dick! I’m going to cum too!” she screamed as she ground her pussy dowm on me. She collapsed on top of me still wiggling on my cock milking the last squirt of cum from me. We were gasping for air as we lay motionless for several minutes, my cock still throbbing inside her.We got up and went to the bathroom together to wash the sweat and cum off our bodies. Later when my Mom came home we were in the living room watching TV. “I see you two have met. I’m sorry I forgot to tell you Donna was coming. I hope you got aquainted while I was gone.” I said “Oh that’s OK Mom, we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well.” During Donna’s stay the next two weeks we got to know each other a lot better and spent the time we had alone fucking like newlyweds.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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