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Foursome – 2 Shemales, 1 Female and 1 Male.

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Foursome – 2 Shemales, 1 Female and 1 Male.One day me and my girlfriend Sarah were discussing sex and I had brought up the subject of anal sex. She was against it. “There’s no way I’d take it in the ass, I’m sure it’d hurt too much to enjoy it” she said.”Not if you do it right” I told her.”Oh, yeah? How many girls have you fucked in the ass and did they enjoy it?” she asked, trying to make a point.”One or two in the past, before I met you and I think they enjoyed it” I explained.”Very well but have you ever taken it in the ass?” she exclaimed.”Actually, I have and I did” I told her.”No way” she said disbelievingly. “Since when have you been gay?”.”I’m not gay but there was a time a while ago that I met someone…….” I went on to explain.”What was his name?” she interrupted.”It was actually someone named Vitress Tamayo…………a shemale” I told her.She gave no answer, just a confused look.”I guess it was an experiment and one that turned out OK” I explained. She looked at me with a confused look on her face and I knew that I had her attention. “I had met her by chance and I knew who she was and we got talking and one thing led to another and before I knew it we were in her hotel room and she ended up fucking me in the ass and I kind of enjoyed it. One of the best orgasms I’d had in a long time” I went on to explain.”You enjoyed it? It didn’t hurt?” Sarah asked.”Sure. The first time was something a bit different for me but I began to enjoy it. I think I still have her number and I could call her up if you want” I said.”OK, call up this Vitress chick and maybe she can elaborate some more” she said.So I rang Vitress and I began chatting with her and I was explaining about the conversation with Sarah about anal sex and one thing led güvenilir bahis to another and Vitress told me that she was in town again and that she was with someone else……..another shemale: Venus Lux. I knew of Venus Lux and I had found her to be very attractive and Vitress had said that they had the evening free and they could come over.Later on that day, Vitress Tamayo and Venus Lux had come over and they had bought a couple of bottles of wine with them.I explained to them about the conversation between me and Sarah. Vitress smiled and giggled, she remembered the times between me and her and I could see Venus imagining what had happened between us.”It’s not as bad as you think” said Vitress. “Your boyfriend didn’t mind being fucked in the ass and he enjoyed taking it as much as giving it to me”.Sarah thought about it for a moment before giving her thoughts. “But I know that you’re shemale and it’s pretty much the only option for you, isn’t it? To take it in the ass, I mean”.Vitress and Venus laughed. “Not all shemales take it in the ass, it depends on who we’re into fucking……..sometimes we fuck women in the pussy or we give and receive blowjobs as well……but I have taken it in the ass and I really love it”.Sarah pondered this for a moment and couldn’t think of anything to say.”But if you’re curious, we could help you out and show you what it’s like to take in the ass” said Venus. “We’ve both been fucked in the ass and fucked others in the ass. It’s a part of our jobs and we have a lot of experience” she explained.Sarah thought about it and agreed and one thing led to another and all four of us had ended up in the bedroom. I didn’t think that things would end up the way they did.Before long we were all naked and me and türkçe bahis Sarah had lay down on our double bed and we had lubed up and we presented our asses for Vitress and Venus.They had lubed up as well and Vitress climbed on top of me again and as Venus climbed on top of Sarah. I could hear Sarah breathing hard with anticipation, like I did the first time Vitress had fucked me in the ass.Vitress had guided her hard cock to my ass and began to gently push it deep inside me. “Oh yeah, that’s it” she said as her cock made its way into my ass. “Reminds me of the last time I had my cock in your ass”.I breathed in deeply as Vitress began to gently thrust as she began to fuck me in the ass. I looked over to look at Sarah and she was grimacing as Venus began to push her cock in Sarah’s virgin ass.Sarah didn’t seem to be resisting nor did she give any sign of unwanted distress.”How is it?” asked Venus. “Is it hurting your virgin ass?”.Sarah tried to catch her breath. “It’s OK. Just give me a second”.Venus waited a moment and Sarah gave word to continue. Venus knew how to handle a virgin ass, just as Vitress had known.Side by side, me and Sarah were being fucked in the ass by two hot shemales. Vitress knew that I had taken it in the ass before and she could feel that I was a little more used to it and she had began to fuck me a little harder while Venus took her time as she fucked Sarah in her virgin ass.Both me and Sarah groaned as we both took a cock in the ass. I could feel myself close to a massive orgasm again and Vitress was fucking me as a good speed, not too fast though and I could feel her breath up against my neck as she thrust her cock deep inside my ass. She was close to finishing and she soon shot her hot load in my ass again güvenilir bahis siteleri and she withdrew. She sat upright and she let me turn over on to my back, revealing my extremely hard cock and she clasped it in her hand and she began stroking my cock. Venus was still fucking Sarah. I looked over as Venus lay on top of Sarah as she was face down and she gently thrust her cock in her ass. I could see that Sarah was a little unsure but it didn’t seem as bad as she thought.Vitress began to stroke my cock faster and I then had shot my load in her hand it went all over me with a deep sigh of relief. Vitress giggled and she dismounted me.We cuddled up as we watched Venus continue to fuck Sarah in the ass for the first time.Sarah groaned as Venus fucked her deep in the ass as me and Vitress watched. This was a fantasy situation that I thought that I’d never be in a million years.Venus had picked up some pace but she was still going slow and a considered pace as this was Sarah’s first time having a cock in the ass.Soon, Venus had withdrawn, sat upright and she began jerking off as Sarah still lay face down on the bed. Sarah had looked over her shoulder as Venus rubbed her cock until she shot her load over Sarah’s ass and back. Sarah giggled as Venus gave a deep sigh as she cum all over Sarah and Venus lay down on the bed as well.I looked into Sarah’s eyes as Vitress and Venus lay on either side of us and I gave Sarah a kiss. “How’s your ass?” I asked.Sarah laughed. “It’s OK. How’s yours?””Not bad” and with that we embraced. The thought of me being fucked in the ass with her had helped her and it turned her on massively. Venus and Vitress laughed and I could see that there were very pleased to have been involved in this first anal experience for Sarah and me.Now we regularly invite Vitress and Venus over for foursomes. Sometimes Vitress and Venus would fuck us in the ass while me I fuck Sarah in the pussy or sometimes me and Sarah just fuck either Vitress or Venus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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