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Foursome with my cousins and brother (Oops I fucked my brother – Part 2)

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After my first anal experience, my brother Tom and I began to have a closer relationship in all aspects. I kind of moved to his room as we started sleeping together every night. We would have sex constantly, and we would go around New York holding hands and kissing as if we were a couple.We agreed we could date other people, but Tom immediately broke up with Diane, his girlfriend at the time, as he felt really guilty about cheating on her. Of course, he didn’t confess he had been unfaithful, nor did he tell her he was having an affair with his sister.All in all, I started to feel better in New York, and some weeks later I even got a job with an NGO. That’s how I met David, a guy I started to go out with. He worked in a nice café next to my office, and as I visited the place regularly, I began talking to him more and more each time. He was a really nice, cute, sensitive guy. He was white, six-foot-tall, thin, and he had black wavy hair and a sexy beard.The first time we went out, we ended up kissing, but I had to be honest with him: I didn’t want to have anything serious with anybody. To my surprise, he took it easy and agreed on my terms.I told Tom as well, and even though I could tell he was a little jealous, he said he was fine with that. Anyway, things with my brother didn’t change at all. We continued fucking every time we could, and I must say I was really happy about that.Some days later, I had sex with David, which, from my experience, was the beginning of the end of a relationship, at least in my case. Sex with David was fine, but the problem is that whenever I had sex with guys, they would start to feel attached to me, and I didn’t like that because again, I didn’t want to have anything serious.Anyway, one night I stayed at David’s place, and after having fucked, we started talking about our sex fantasies. He told me about his, which was being part of an orgy. Then, I described mine. I told him I wanted to be fucked by two guys şişli escort bayan at the same time.He didn’t act surprised or anything like that, and he even told me that if I had someone who could feel like being part of it, he would help me make my fantasy come true. Tom immediately came to my mind, and so, I told David about him.Of course, I didn’t say Tom was my brother. I told him that he was my roommate, that he was a very open-minded person, and I confessed that I have had a couple of affairs with him. David said he was fine with that, so now I had to talk to Tom.And so I did. Some days later, I was in bed with my brother, both of us naked after a wild, lustful afternoon, and I decided to bring the subject. Tom looked at me astonished. He remained quiet for a while.”If that’s what you want… It will be a pleasure, dear sis. Plus, it’s a good opportunity to meet the competition,” Tom said, smiling sweetly.I arranged everything for that special occasion. We decided to invite David to our apartment for dinner and… for a good fuck. That was a Saturday afternoon. David arrived at our place some minutes after six. He looked so handsome and smelled really well.”You looked so gorgeous,” he said as he kissed me hello.I thanked him as I closed the door of the apartment. I had chosen to wear a sexy white dress, and I think it had been a good choice considering David’s reaction.I introduced him to Tom, they shook hands, and we all went to the living room. We sat down there, had a glass of wine, talked for a while, and then, we went to the dining room to have dinner. Tom and I had cooked a delicious meal, which David found very tasty. After dinner, we three went to the living room again, drank more wine, and had a pleasant conversation about our lives in New York.Some minutes later, just as we had agreed, Tom announced he was going to the bathroom. David was sitting on our couch, and I was sitting on an armchair in front of him, şişli escort bayan so I decided to get closer and sat by his side.Without any notice, I grabbed his face and began kissing him passionately, sucking his lips, sticking my tongue into his mouth as far as I could. In my mind, that ardent kiss lasted forever until I started to feel I wanted more.That’s when I grabbed David’s erect cock. As I touched the bulge under his pants, David looked at me as if he was questioning my behavior. That just stimulated me to go for more.I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, revealing his cute, hard dick. I got on my knees, pulled down his pants, and got hold of his cock, which I stroked for a while. David’s cock wasn’t as big as Tom’s, but I found it so sexy.David caressed my hair and face as I touched his cock and played with his balls, but when I introduced his head into my mouth, he let out a sweet, soft moan. I began sucking his dick slowly, enjoying the textures of his head and shaft.I had been sucking his cock for five minutes or so when I felt a presence next to us. It was Tom standing behind David.”Oops!” David exclaimed nervously.”Don’t worry! I think I will enjoy the show,” said Tom, winking at me.He sat next to David and remained there just looking as I kept sucking David’s member. I licked and sucked his dick for a couple of minutes more, looking at Tom, first at his eyes, and then at the bulge that had formed in his pants.At some point, I took David’s cock out of my mouth, stood up, and took some steps backward while David and Tom stared at me. I came near a wall and placed my hands on my chest. I touched my boobs, and whispering, I asked them if they wanted to see them. Both of them nodded.I placed my hands on my neck, moved them downwards, and I unzipped the back of my dress. My dress started to fall, and as I wasn’t wearing a bra, I could notice how both fixed their eyes on my big tits.I kept my panties on, knelt down, mecidiyeköy escort and told them to come to where I was. Tom stood up and approached me while David finished removing his pants and joined us.I looked at both of them and told them to touch me. My brother grabbed my right tit and squeezed it while David did the same with the left one.”Tom, can you remove your pants?” I asked as my tongue passed along my upper lip.Tom took off his shoes, pants, socks, and boxers while David removed his sweater and T-shirt. I grabbed both cocks and began stroking them. The firm, solid shafts felt so good, and it felt so much better when I put both tips close together, stuck out my tongue, and began licking them. Tom’s massive cock barely fit my hand.I took turns licking their heads, and at some point, I decided to mess with both of them. So I put both heads together, one rubbing the other for a couple of seconds as I licked the tips. None of them said anything.Then, I put Tom’s cock in my mouth while I stroked David’s. Even after having sucked him several times, I was still impressed by the magnitude of my brother’s huge penis. It was just so immense that sometimes I couldn’t even put it all inside my mouth. After a couple of minutes, I felt I needed them to take care of me, so I stood up and walked towards the couch.”Come here, slaves,” I said smiling sexily.They laughed but obeyed my order. I sat down and told Tom to stand up on the couch to give him another blowjob.”And David… Can you eat my pussy?”David smiled, knelt down, and began licking my sweet hole. It felt so good, just like when Tom and I used to get on a sixty-nine position, and we ate each other’s sex. Only that now I had two guys with me.David did a really good job eating my cunt while I licked Tom’s big balls and shaft. At some moment, my brother stood in front of me, leaving my head between his legs as he began fucking my mouth, thrusting at a fast pace.At some moments, I had to tell him to stop as his big cock was stabbing my throat. On the other hand, David was licking me gently, slowly, as he used his fingers to rub my lips and clit or finger me.”David, fuck me,” I said as soon as I could free my mouth from Tom’s dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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