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Frank’s Holiday Part 5

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Frank’s Holiday Part 5I slept like a log and was only woken up by the knock on the door, “Room Service” said the male voice as the door opened and Gary walked in with the trolly with mine and Jeans breakfast, I was still laying on top of the bed totally naked with the customary morning wood. Gary giggled under his breath as he looked at me laying there in all my glory trying to focus, “Morning Frank” he said pleasantly making no reference to my aroused state, being a guy himself he knew the score although he did look.“Thanks Gary” I said as he put my plate and coffee on the table, “Fancy a quick rub down before you go out today?” he asked and I thought maybe that would set me up for the day so told him it was a good idea and I will pop down after I have eaten. “Great” he said, “I will get the room ready” and he went on his way.The breakfast was good, the coffee was good and I was ready for the day, I slipped my shorts on and headed down to meet Gary in the health suite.Gary greeted me with a smile as he finished setting up the small room, it was tight in there so I was interested in how a guy dealt with it, Gary had taken his tee shirt off and had a smooth chest and he had changed his shorts to a pair that quite frankly only just covered him, I could easily see the outline of his cock underneath.“Slip your shorts off Frank and lay on your stomach please” he said and I did as instructed and made myself comfortable. He lit the candles and then gently ran his fingers up and down the entire length of my body which did make me tingle, I was keen to see how different his technique was opposed to Sam’s.“I don’t use a modesty towel” he said, “Are you ok being naked?” he asked, I didn’t care, “Sure, we are both men” I said with a giggle, “Good man” he replied, “Put your arms by your sides for me” and I did as instructed.He stood at the foot of the table and such was the tightness and the fact my legs were together I could feel his cock with my feet which was a bit uncomfortable and realising that also her widened my legs so that my feet were in each corner of the table.The sound of the ocean waves coming from the CD deck was very relaxing in the low light and the first thing Gary did was run his oily hands up each leg slowly right up to my buttocks and then his fingers turned inwards and I felt his fingers run very slowly into my crack and down the inside of my thighs and back to my feet, I was already starting to get aroused and to aid my discomfort he very kindly put a pillow under me which sure helped however it did raise my arse up a little.Being comfortable again her then repeated the process but this time ran his hands up the inside of my thighs slowing right down as he got to the top and lingered as his fingers touched my balls, his touch was amazing as he then came up and around my raised arse cheeks and very slowly his fingers went down my crack again although this time with my arse raised he lingered quite a while with his fingers at my arsehole and I let out a soft sigh as it felt so good. He then moved around the side of the table and again such was the tightness of space and his positioning his groin was pressed against the back of my hand I definitely felt him getting hard as he continued to massage my glutes, he spent quite a while on my buttocks kneading in a swirling motion constantly running his fingers up and down my crack, boy I was tingling and very bloody hard.We didn’t speak much as I was totally in the zone as he went about his work, this was a totally different feeling than the one I experienced yesterday with Sam and when he then moved up to the top of the table her raised the angle bahis şirketleri of my head and OMG I had his groin right in my face as he worked my shoulders and back. He was hard and his cock was angled due to the lack of space inside them as he leant forward with downward strokes his cock pressed harder into my face and as his slow stokes continued I think at one point I had the head of his cock in my mouth through his shorts. He was amazing as he slowly ran his hands down my back to my buttocks and then slowly back up again and then repeated it and I thought how uncomfortable he must be having an erection is such small shorts.He told me that my back was tight and he needed to spend a bit of time especially on the lower back and I told him to just carry on and then with the next slow downward stroke his cock popped out the top of his shorts and the only place it could go was in my mouth, he apologised blaming the lack of space but stressed the importance of sorting out the knots, I mumbled something as I couldn’t speak so he continued with his slow strokes which happened to push his cock in and out of my mouth, made me wonder if Jean got the same treatment as I remember how she glowed after her massage yesterday.He reached right down to my arse again holding it there and I nearly gagged on his meat as he kneaded my buttocks again pulling my cheeks wide and then running his fingers in a circular motion around my hole, OMG what an experience, I wonder if he and Sam practiced this way I must say though that although he was more or less fucking my face and I realised that was because space was tight his cock actually tasted good.“Turn over please Frank” he said softly as her moved back round the table removing the pillow as I did so but now I was laying on my back with a raging hard on in full view, I decided to just relax and close my eyes and enjoy it.He stood at the end of the table and widened my legs so that my feet were in each corner again and reaching forward slowly ran his hands up both legs up to my hips and then back down the inside of my thighs to my feet, his touch was so tender and relaxing. Then reaching forward he ran his hands up the inside of my thighs slowing right down when he got to the top and I could definitely feel him cup my balls, Mmm it was so gentle and it seems he held my balls for what seemed ages until he then ran back again.He then moved around the side of the table and as I had my hands by my side he couldn’t help but press up against it, I could feel his cock was still hard although it was inside his shorts which being a guy I knew would be uncomfortable but if he was ok with it then so be it. He massaged my chest and stomach and only touched the tip a couple of times which he did apologise for however my hand was still pressed against his cock.“You’re abs are tight Frank” he said as he continued to work my stomach but now his hand kept rubbing under my erection and at one point he held his hand on my belly button and slowly lowered it to the base of my cock which forced it to stand upright, he held that position for a few seconds before returning to my belly button, my hand was flat pointing upwards and in order to repeat the last stroke comfortably he tiptoed which inadvertently left his testicles laying in my palms and I could feel them under his shorts as her run his hand back down to the base of my cock again and held it there, I don’t know why but instinctively my hand squeezed his balls as my cock stood upright.Still in the same position his other hand ran up the inside of my right thigh and again seemed to cup my balls and it was if he was trying bahis firmaları to get his hand up and under my arse and I could feel his finger searching in my crack, don’t ask why but I seemed to raise up to allow this and even brough my knees up so that I could raise my butt to allow him access and while one hand now gripped the base of my cock the other was fingering my hole, I could only respond by squeezing his balls and grabbing the base of his cock, Mmm.I knew I was leaking precum as I could feel it and I think Gary noticed this as he accidently pulled the skin back and thought he didn’t want this to mix with the oils, suddenly I felt his warm mouth solve the problem as her lent down and taking the swollen head into his mouth removed the offending liquid, I nearly died such was the tingles that ran through me as his mouth stayed there and I could feel the suction, I am sure a paper towel would have done the trick but I wasn’t going to complain.“have you had your prostate massaged before Frank?” he asked and I had to say that I hadn’t so he asked me to scoot down the table a bit and returned to the foot, he told me to put my knees up and widen my legs which I did and then I felt his oily finger slide into my arsehole and surprisingly it went in quite easily as he wiggled it about, the feeling sent shockwaves through my whole body as he made contact with my prostate, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed it as he slipped another finger inside me and started to work it, Wow!! I was on cloud nine at this point and then I thought he put 3 fingers in until I realized that his hands were on my knees running down the insides of my thighs but the feeling was immense as he slid his stiff cock inside my arse, OMG did it feel good and as his hands reached my groin one hand cupped and squeezed my balls while the other wrapped around the base of my shaft.I wasn’t sure what was happening really as I was so zoned out with the experience but as he pushed his cock in me he seemed to change his mind and half withdrew before pushing back in and so it went on, luckily he still had hold of my cock and was doing a good job massaging it that it took my mind of the prostate issue which he seemed to know a lot about which could only be a good thing. Bless him, he did explain that by working the prostate like he was would ensure longer life and told me that I would soon feel a warm sensation and explained that he needed to work it harder which he started to do, at this point I had lost all control and he then told me that it was ok to ejaculate as this would then show my prostate was in good order, he continued to massage my cock but explained that as he pushed harder he had to massage my cock harder so that I would ejaculate more or less at the same time as I felt that warm sensation he was talking about and bugger me if he wasn’t right, poor boy was working so hard he was nearly out of breath and made a real strange groaning noise just at the point I felt that warm sensation he spoke about. Right at that moment I felt my ejaculate shoot out my cock and most of it landed on my stomach and chest but Jesus was it good, crazy thing is that just after the first warm sensation he grunted again and I felt another on which he told me was perfectly normal and showed I had a healthy prostate.He gave me a few minutes before helping me to sit up and asking if I was OK, I was awesome and thanked him for a great massage. He told me that he hoped I would come see him again before I left and I told him there was a good possibility that I would. He suggested I take a shower to remove the excess oils before hitting the outside sun kaçak bahis siteleri and I did exactly that, I felt great.I went back to my room to change and met Sam in the lobby, she smiled at me and asked if I enjoyed Gary’s massage which I told her was awesome as was hers, she smiled warmly. She looked nice in her tee shirt and short denim skirt which I noticed was button front and I even offered to carry her cleaning kit up the stair which was appreciated, she went first and was a few steps ahead of me which gave me a perfect opportunity to check out under her skirt, OMG the cheeks of her beautiful arse were again on display as she was again wearing a little white thong, maybe if I play my cards right I will get another souvenir before I leave. She thanked me and told me to enjoy my day and that she would invariably see me later.I slipped on a clean tee shirt and shorts and headed off across the road to the beach, the sound of the sea and the fresh sea air was breath-taking, it really was a lovely area with only a handful of people mulling around, so peaceful and quiet. I walked along the promenade for a few minutes and came across a small bar/café just inside a little set back cove, there was seating outside where I thought would be a nice place to grab a beer and take in the scenery. It was still early so nobody was there so I walked in and was pleasantly greeted by the young lady behind the counter, “Are you open?” I asked and was told yes but food wasn’t served until 12 which was fine as I wasn’t hungry. She was very pleasant and poured me a beer and I went out to a small seating area and sat in the shade.I was half way down my pint when the young lady came out to check I was alright which I was and as I was the only customer we struck up some small talk just out of politeness, she had sat down opposite me so she could see if any more customers arrived. She was about 20ish at a guess, long mousy brown hair and had a nice tan which was no surprise working where she did, she was relatively plain looking with nice brown eyes and although she was no stunner she certainly wasn’t ugly, she had a button front flowing summer dress on and at first glance had lovely smooth tanned legs and all in all was a pleasant girl.When I told her I was staying at the guest house up the road she smiled, “Are you Frank?” she asked which kind of blew me away as how would she know that but my concerns was soon answered, she giggled and told me she went to school with Sam and Gary and Sam had told her about me and that I would probably pop in for a drink. I came to the conclusion that this was a small place so everyone knew everybody’s business, “Can I get you another Frank?” she asked and took my glass to get a refill, I watched her walk into the bar and when the sun shone through her dress it became transparent and gave me a good view of her figure and the outline of her panties which based on the white dress were obviously white.“That ones on the house” she said smiling as she returned with my drink and I thanked her and sat back in my chair enjoying the sun, sea and views. “Sorry, I don’t know your name” I said and she was very apologetic for being rude, “Kelly” she said, “My name is Kelly and it’s nice to meet you Frank” she continued. It was quite warm in the mid-day sun so I asked about the dress code and wondered if I could take my shirt off, “Of course” Kelly said with a giggle, “You want to see how some people dress here” she said laughing and I raised my eyebrows to learn more as I slipped off my shirt, her eyes widened as she eyed up my chest and I definitely saw her eyes look further down, I couldn’t complain as I had already checked her out. “Bikinis are the norm here Frank” she said, “And you should see how some of the guys dress” she continued with a giggle, “I can imagine” I replied and she then informed me that it was all very casual.

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