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Big Tits

Subject: Freddy’s Happy Homodays, Part 5 (gay/incest) This is adult FICTION. It is not intended to encourage or condone any similar activities in the real world. It is merely ENTERTAINMENT, for which Nifty could use your donations! http://donate./donate.html. Don’t read this story if you’re not old enough for this stuff, if m/m stories offend you, or if “family fun” isn’t your kind of fantasy. On the other hand, if that’s what you’re looking for, then unzip and get busy! FREDDY’S HAPPY HOMODAYS PART 5 I was sad when it came time to head back to college, especially because my car wouldn’t start! Fortunately, Mom ordered Dad to give me a ride back to school. I asked how I was supposed to get my car, and she said we’d worry about that when and if it was running again. So, I piled my stuff into Dad’s convertible and we headed off for the long drive. Even though we hadn’t been on the road for long, I was so horny that I convinced Dad to stop at the first rest area along the way. Unfortunately, it was too full of people to go inside and have the fun I wanted to have, so we got back on the highway and continued on our merry way. It was fun driving with the radio blaring, the top down, and the wind blowing in our hair, but eventually, the horniness overwhelmed me and I couldn’t wait any longer. “What are you doing?” Dad asked with surprise as I reached over and unzipped his jeans. “What’s it look like?” I replied, slipping my hand inside. “More what it feels like,” Dad chuckled as my hand worked through the front of his underwear and reached his rapidly expanding cock. “That’s it, Son.” “You always feel so good,” I sighed, slowly jacking away on his growing dick. “I hear I taste good too,” he grinned. “One way to find out,” I replied as I worked Dad’s stiff cock out of his underwear and jeans. In a flash, I leaned over between the seats and wrapped my lips around the oozing cock head. “Don’t eat it all at once,” he laughed. “Mmmmmm,” I moaned, savoring the heat of Dad’s dick and the sweet taste of his precum. “Sure makes the drive go faster,” Dad said, taking one hand from the wheel and rubbing the back of my bobbing head. “Mmmmmm,” I agreed, sucking harder. Just as I worked his balls out of their confinement as well, a semi started to pass us. Then it slowed down and drove along beside use for a while before finally blowing the air horn. I pulled off of Dad’s cock and asked, “Should I stop?” “Because of some horny truckers?” Dad laughed. “No, just keep giving them a show.” So, I licked the head of Dad’s cock. Swirled my tongue around the ridge. Dipped the tip in his piss slit. All while stroking the shaft firmly and working up more precum to devour. Dad let out a long moan when I deep-throated him and gave his balls a firm squeeze. “Not yet, Son,” he moaned. So, I just pulled off and stroked his saliva-covered shaft for a while. “I guess someone’s enjoying the view,” I said, since the truck was still keeping pace with us. “We’ll see how much,” Dad said, nodding his head toward a sign indicating another rest area was coming up. “Hold on, Son.” He’d hardly finished the warning before he stepped on the gas, shooting us out ahead of the semi. When he was finally well ahead of the truck, he turned on his turn signal for the rest area. And just to make sure, he stuck his arm up and made a motion that was clearly a signal for the truck to join us. “What are you doing, Dad?” I asked, just a little surprised…and a lot excited. “Arranging some fun, it looks like,” he said as he confirmed in the rearview mirror that the semi was pulling off to the rest area as well. “Better tuck me away for a bit.” “Okay.” Fortunately, his cock had softened when I stopped sucking it, so I didn’t have too much trouble tucking it back where it belonged. Dad pulled into the parking for cars, and we watched as the truck pulled into the separate parking for semis. There were too many other people around to use the toilets. “You up for this?” Dad asked. “Definitely,” I said, with my fingers crossed that the trucker was as hot as Dad. “Then let’s get going,” Dad ordered. He got out of the car and immediately headed toward the semi. I followed him and got a little nervous when I saw two men getting down out of the cab. A driver and a co-driver. They stepped around side by side in front of their truck and watched us approach. “Nice day,” Dad observed as we drew nearer. “Especially for a blowjob,” the co-driver said. He was the younger of the two and he had obviously been the one looking down at our road show. “Oh, you saw that, did you?” Dad asked innocently. “I didn’t,” the driver said, “but I sure wish I had.” “He a hitchhiker paying for his ride?” the co-driver asked. “He certainly knows how to guarantee he gets where he wants to go,” Dad replied without actually answering his question. “Too bad you got to him first,” the driver said. “We could have taken turns keeping him busy for the whole trip.” “Yeah,” the co-driver chipped in. “Blowjobs are nice, but fucking is even better.” “You take it up the ass, boy,” the driver asked bluntly. I looked at Dad, and he looked at me as if he was as interested in the question as the truckers were. “Do you?” he asked innocently. “If it gets me where I’m going?” “Where’s that?” the driver asked. I told him the name of my college town, and he confirmed that it was on their route. “You wanna switch and ride with us the rest of the way?” the co-driver asked with an eager istanbul travesti grin. I looked at Dad and asked, “Would that be okay with you?” “If it’s what you want,” he replied. “As long as you finish paying me for the ride first.” “A man after my own heart,” the driver laughed. “Climb on in. We’ve got plenty of room for you to finish your transaction. Unless you’d rather take it back to your car.” “And cheat you out of the end of your show?” Dad laughed. “I like an audience.” I looked at Dad with a bit of surprise mixed with admiration. “So do I,” I said, smiling at the truckers. “Then let’s stop wasting time,” the co-driver said, quickly opening his door and holding it for us. Dad climbed in first and I followed him. Over the passenger seat and into the roomy sleeper. The truckers followed us as well. Dad pushed his jeans and underwear down to his thighs and leaned against the back of the sleeper. I knelt in front of him and started stroking him back to full hardness as the driver and co-driver climbed in and positioned themselves on either side of Dad. It was a tight fit for all four of us in that sleeper, but it didn’t seem like a problem at the time. “Damn, if you don’t wanna finish that, boy, I will,” the co-driver said, licking his lips. “Thanks, but I always pay my debts,” I replied, leaning down and licking the head of Dad’s cock. “Well, at least this is a better angle to watch from,” the co-driver laughed as he undid his jeans and released his growing cock. “Definitely better than not seeing anything at all,” the driver said, as his hard cock sprang into view as well. “Come on, son, I don’t think these men have all day,” Dad said. He tossed off the “son” so casually that the truckers didn’t even think of there being any real family connection. “Yes, sir,” I replied, slipping my lips over the head and smoothly gliding down to the base. Deep throating him in one motion. “Holy fuck,” the co-driver moaned. “Yeah, I’m surprised I was able to drive a straight line with him working on me,” Dad laughed. “You won’t be disappointed.” As I continued devouring Dad’s cock, sucking and slurping it as noisily as possible to turn the truckers on even more, I reached out to either side. It wasn’t long before I had a trucker dick shoved into each hand. “Mmmmm,” I moaned around Dad’s cock as I began steadily stroking the two warm shafts of meat as well. “This kid should be a pro,” the co-driver grunted. “I just wanna know if his ass is as hungry as his mouth,” the driver muttered. “If it is, I’m sorry I agreed to hand him over to you two for the rest of the trip,” Dad moaned, pressing my head down on his cock with more urgency. “Wish I could fill him at both ends.” “He’s gonna get filled, anyway,” the driver said, and I felt him working his rough hand into the back of my jeans. I released their cocks just long enough to undo my jeans, then I grabbed them again and started stroking. I loved the feeling of warm, velvety flesh encasing such hard shafts. “More than once, if I have anything to say about it,” the co-driver said, and I felt him working his hand into the back of my jeans as well. “You won’t be too rough on him, though,” Dad declared, nervously. “The better he feels, the better we feel,” the driver assured him. “Like to keep a willing hitcher happy for the full ride.” “Easier than trying to catch another one,” the co-driver laughed as I felt their fingers delving into my sweaty crack together. “Sure is moist.” “Yeah, this is a good one,” the driver agreed. “Imagining you two working this boy over. Can’t last much longer,” Dad panted. The idea got me even hotter as well. I released the trucker cocks to give Dad my full attention. Gripping his balls in one hand and wrapping the other around his shaft to slide up and down with my lips. Adding pressure. Adding speed. Sucking harder. Faster. Bobbing eagerly. “He wants it, man,” the driver hissed. “Feed him,” the co-driver ordered. “Come on, boy, you can do it,” the driver coaxed. “Almost there,” Dad panted. “OH FUCK, HERE IT CUMS, BOY!” “Mmmph!” I roared as the driver sudden drove a finger into my asshole and Dad’s cock erupted in my mouth. Shot after shot of the familiar flavor coated my tongue and tonsils. Dad thrust his cock up and the driver thrust his finger in. They worked me in unison, and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I had a cock in my ass as well as my mouth. “FUCKING PAYDIRT!” Dad yelled as he continued feeding me the jizz he knew I loved. He grabbed my head tightly and continued fucking my mouth as the loads dwindled. “Oh shit,” he finally grunted as he let his ass rest back down on the mattress and he released his grip. “You definitely earned that trip, boy.” I pulled my mouth off of his cock and panted, “Thank you, sir.” I smiled at Dad as I continued stroking his spent cock. More cum oozed out, and before I could lean down for it, the co-driver swooped in and sucked Dad’s cock and oozing cum into his mouth. “Oh shit!” Dad grunted with surprise as his tender cock was being devoured again by a stranger. “He likes cum,” the driver laughed. “I’m surprised you need to worry about hitchhikers,” Dad panted. “They’re a change of pace, not a necessity,” the driver replied. “You ready for your first payment,” he asked me as he wiggled his finger in my butt. “Whenever you are,” I replied, flexing my hole on his finger. “Mind if I watch?” Dad asked as the co-driver released his cock and slid kadıköy travesti his tongue down the shaft to discover the cum that had run down over Dad’s balls. “Oh yeah,” Dad moaned. The driver spun me around so my ass was toward him, my face was in the co-driver’s crotch, and Dad had a side view for the impending action. The driver then pulled my jeans and underwear down onto my thighs. It wasn’t much longer before a lubed finger started working its way into my hole. It felt better than the dry finger had, and I was glad to discover they had a supply of lube. Before I could respond to the finger in my ass, the co-driver, who had apparently cleaned Dad’s cock of all remaining cum, grabbed my face and lifted it up to kiss me. It wasn’t so much a kiss that he gave me but a quick penetration of the tongue. He was looking for more of Dad’s cum. I relaxed my jaw and let him explore. He moaned as he tasted Dad’s cum and my saliva mixed together. I was so focused on the co-driver that it was almost a surprise when I felt the driver’s dickhead sliding between my butt cheeks in search of my hole. “Oh yeah,” he sighed when the tip met my pucker. “This is gonna be good.” “I’m jealous of you, man,” Dad said. “Yeeeeeeessssssss,” I moaned into the co-driver’s mouth as the driver’s cock easily entered my ass and slid smoothly and quickly into me. “You’ve done this before,” Dad laughed. “Once or twice. Yeah, that’s it, boy,” the driver hissed as I tightened my ass on his buried cock. “Nice and tight, son.” “Looks like he enjoys it,” Dad observed as I pushed back to force the driver’s cock even deeper into me. “We definitely have a winner here,” the driver said as he grabbed my hips and slowly pulled his cock out…and then just as slowly started burying it inside me again. Suddenly, the co-driver pulled away from me and scrambled to a kneeling position in front of me. His cock was hard and red and oozing cum. “Come on, boy,” he said eagerly, grabbing his cock and waving it in my face. “You know you want it,” he added, swinging it sideways to slap me on one cheek and then the other. “Feed me,” I panted as the cock in my ass started to reach a steady plunging rhythm. “He’s as big a cockhound as you are,” the driver laughed, thrusting his full length into me. “We’ll see about that,” the co-driver grunted as he finally aimed his cock into my gaping mouth and slid it across my tongue. My stretched lips glided down the shaft until my nose was buried in his pubes. He then grabbed my head to hold me in place as he pulled his cock slowly out. I sucked firmly on the shaft and played along the underside with my tongue. I moaned, feeling the driver’s cock pummeling my ass, and the moan sent vibrations and shivers along the co-driver’s cock. “Oh shit,” he grunted. “You cumming already,” the driver laughed. “Not quite,” the co-driver responded, “but he’s good. Very good.” “This is the best sight I’ve seen all day,” Dad whispered as he watched two total strangers filling his son’s ass and mouth with cock. “Can’t believe it.” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Dad struggling to rub some life back into his cock. It was plumping up again, but slowly. He finally gave in and knelt beside me. I groaned as he ran his hands over my back, and my quivering mouth sent shivers through the co-driver’s cock. My ass squeezed the driver’s cock even tighter as well. The two of them let out a simultaneous moan and they started pounding me even faster and harder and deeper. Dad’s hands separated. One continued on up across my back to me head, and the other slid down toward my ass. As one hand slid down over my face and discovered the cock in my mouth, the other slid over my ass and discovered the cock boring into me at that end. Dad split his fingers into the Vulcan salute and let the two cocks glide in and out between his spread fingers. “Oh yeah,” he moaned as he felt the cocks spit-roasting his son. I also felt Dad’s cock recovering enough to press firmly against my side. “Glad you were putting on your show,” the driver panted. “Never expected this kind of rest stop today.” “He’s even better than he looked,” the co-driver panted in return. “Fuck him, boys,” Dad growled, and I hardly recognized the voice. It was rough and animalistic…and it really turned me on. No more back onto one cock and forward onto another. The truckers began plunging their cocks into me simultaneously. Both slamming in. Both jerking out. Again and again and again. Pinning me between their thrusting cock. I could feel Dad’s fingers tightening on the dicks as they slid into me. His cock was drooling on my side. “You want cum all over your fingers?” the driver finally panted. “It licks off,” Dad assured him. “Fuck,” the driver grunted. “You’re as horny as he is.” “Driving does it too me.” “Good think you’re not a trucker,” the driver panted, digging his fingers into my flesh as he plunged deeper and harder into me. Forcing me open. Filling me with cock. “Wouldn’t mind having a third partner,” the co-driver grunted as he drove his dick deep down my throat until I almost gagged. “Got a job,” Dad confirmed, but I could hear the desire for a life like this on the road. “Come on, fuck him, boys. Fill him with that hot trucker cum he wants.” “Almost there,” the driver grunted. “Me too,” the co-driver moaned. “Gonna fill this ass.” “Gonna drown this mouth.” “Do it, boys,” Dad hissed. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. Still bakırköy travesti in unison. They pounded me. They slammed me. They filled me with cock. And then they filled me with cum! “I’M CUMMING!” the driver was the first to yell. “BREEDING HIS ASS!” “FUCK IT, BOY!” the co-driver bellowed. “EAT THAT LOAD!” And they pumped their jizz into me. Together. Filling me at both ends. Cum oozing around the cock in my ass and running down my thighs. Cum oozing over my lips and down my chin, because I couldn’t swallow fast enough. Cocks firing seed into me. Cocks driving cum deeper and deeper. Churning it. Again and again. The two men huffing and puffing but not willing to stop. Dad withdrew his hands from my ass and my face, and a moment later, I heard him slurping as he eagerly licked and sucked them clean. “OH FUCK!” he suddenly groaned and his semi-hard cock started oozing out more loads of cum. No powerful shots, but cum is cum. The co-driver reached over to catch Dad’s cum in his palm, then he moaned as he licked his palm clean. “Hot and fresh. Mmmmm.” “Damn, boy, that was good. You’ve definitely earned your ride,” the driver moaned, then he reached around and grabbed my swinging hardon. “I’m good,” I said, quickly knocking his hand away. “You sure?” he asked with surprise. “The hornier I am, the more entertaining this ride will be,” I assured him. “Sounds good to me,” the driver replied. “Well, I gotta get back on the road,” Dad said as he finally tucked his cock in his jeans and zipped them back up. “Thanks for sharing, boys. You too, son.” “Any time,” the driver laughed. “The number’s on the door if you’re ever on this road again and want to check our whereabouts.” “I’ll make a note of it,” Dad assured him. “You definitely sure you want to switch rides?” Dad asked me. “If you don’t mind,” I replied. I was enjoying the truckers and wanted to enjoy them more. “No skin off my cock,” Dad laughed. “Have fun, boys,” he said. “We will,” the truckers replied in unison and then laughed. “I know I will,” I laughed. As Dad climbed over me, he whispered, “I’ll be right behind you all the time,” then he climbed out of the sleeper and disappeared from view. “What did he say?” the driver asked curiously. “That he wanted a shot at my behind next time.” “Dirty fucker,” the co-driver laughed. “Bloom and Son?!” Dad called out. “That’s us,” the driver called back. “And that’s our number under the name.” “Got it,” Dad replied. “I’ll definitely be using it!” “He drives this route all the time too,” I volunteered. “He said so earlier. And now he has my number, along with yours. Are you two really father and son?” “Yep,” the driver replied with a grin. “That a problem?” the young co-driver asked. “Not for me,” I laughed. “So, who’s driving and who’s riding?” “Since I’ve already had a ride, I guess it’s my turn to drive again,” the driver said with a wink. “I’ll spell you as soon as I’ve recovered and had my own chance to ride,” the co-driver said. “Sounds good to me,” the driver replied as he climbed out of the sleeper. “And me,” I assured them. “We should have time for quite a few rides between here and there.” “Our log sheet is gonna look like shit for this trip,” the driver laughed. “Fuck ’em,” the co-driver replied. “Some things are more important than being on time.” “That’s your dick talking again, Son,” the driver laughed as he started up the engine. “Hold on, Dad, I need to run in and have a piss before we hit the road.” “Should have thought of that sooner,” the driver replied as he put the semi in gear and started pulling out of the parking lot. “You know where the bottle is.” The co-driver looked around and held up a bottle brimming with what was obviously piss. “It’s full!” he yelled. “Then you’d better hold it,” the driver laughed. I gulped and then said softly, “I can help you out there.” The co-driver looked at me and then a grin spread over his face. “Fuck yeah.” He scrambled onto his knees with his still-plump dick in his hands. I flipped over on my back, propped myself up on my elbows, and let my head fall back with my mouth wide open. It didn’t take long for the co-driver to slip his dick into my gaping mouth. As I waited for the flow to begin, all I could think of was that Grandpa and Uncle Jack were going to be surprised the next time we played…assuming I could get used to it. “Gulp fast. There’s a lot of it,” the co-driver warned, just before my mouth began to fill with his warm yellow liquid. I gulped and gulped and gulped, trying not to gag. Not letting the pungent fluid stay in my mouth for long. Not tasting it. Just feeling the warmth flowing into me. “No need for a bottle this trip,” he laughed when his flow finally started to dwindle. After I gulped down the last of the hot piss, I wiped my mouth on the back of my hand and then rolled over onto my belly. “Not too bad,” I said. Still not my drink of choice, but with enough practice, I figured I might acquire the taste in time to really please Grandpa and Uncle Jack during Spring Break. I eventually climbed up to the passenger seat to let the co-driver have the sleeper to himself to recover. I knew he would let me know when he was ready to have his first crack at my ass. As the truck barreled down the highway, I looked in the mirror and saw Dad blending into the traffic right behind us. All through the ride, all I had to do was look in the rearview mirror to know Dad was watching out for his horny son. ——————- I hope you enjoyed this little bit of family fun. There’s still more to cum! Remember, always play SAFE in the real world; you never know where that thing has been! You can check out my other stories fty//authors.htmlhotfordads

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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