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Friends sexy ais part IV

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Friends sexy ais part IVNow it was 01.00 pm and still I was on bed and I found Sandhya was not there. Still I was felling lousy and not ready to move out from bed. I have done a good fucking breakfast with Sandhya. By glimpse of though made some movement in my sleepy cock again but she was not in room. No cloth put on my body as per terms fixed between Sandhya and me.I felt pee pressure in my shaft and moved to toilet after coming out from toilet when I reached to the door I heard some voice from Drawing room and I stopped there only as I had not wear anything and my cock was still semi-erect. I concentrated on the voices and found that another voice was also female one. I recognise one voice of Sandhya but other was unknown to me. After arriving in this flat I heard only Sandhya voice.I tried to sneak the view oooh my god, Sandhya was still nude and was chatting with her age group girl and by the comfort in talking while she was nude it appeared that she was her close friend and on the dining table some food item were wrapped in polythene bag from the smell I noticed it was food item. Now I remember the morning chit chat she was doing on her phone. Oh god she has invited her friend also on lunch.Now I was really one side impressed by her wild ideas and also surprised that a virgin girl could have so wild and imaginative sex ideas. Although both were slow in their voice but it could be heard some time from that I got an idea that the girl was Radha and from sneak view her age appears to be around 18 and looks a fresh girl. All of sudden Sandhya turned toward my room I returned back to bed and tried to show her I am in sleep.She came near to me and called and I know you was listening our chit chat. So get up and don’t try to make fool yourself. I stand up and I noticed that Radha was staring my shaft straightway and she said hey Sandhya, you was right and he have very big cock. Sandhya told he can fuck both of us at one time you know. I was surprised by their frank güvenilir bahis chat but also enjoying. Now I was also staring Radha and assessing her assets.She was good looking charming girl and milky while skin her boobs were 32 approximately in size and curvy waist in short she was damn good and sexy better than Sandhya but I was not sure about her fucking pussy whether that bud was already plucked by someone else. Sandhya came to me and gulped my penis in her mouth though shaft was also semi-erect by the time. Only fucked by two times her impression and act appears to be more experienced.I was just feeling her hot lips and my cock started got erected and coming to its full length. When Radha saw the entire length her eyes were fully opened by surprise and she just shout, Oh my good it is very big Sandhya. How you get full in your small pussy. Still it is not fully fit in your mouth then Sandhya ask Radha to come near and told her not to worry. Now after getting her hand she gives my cock in her soft hand.Radha said it is very hot. Simultaneously she start pushing my shaft to and fro motion. By touch of her soft hand my cock was just like a rock. And was ready to fuck the pussy but I know that she may also be virgin than it is not good to show any hurry. All of sudden I got an idea. I ask Sandhy to come near and I just get her on bed and was sucking her pussy no time and she was also responding in moaning aaahhhhh please Sam do it, my friend also want to give her cherry to you oohhh please do it fuck me nowShe came in 69 position and start sucking my cock in full motion. I was also noticed that though Radha was standing near but her one hand was on boob and another was on pussy and she was rubbing both in ecstasy. This was my plan to make her horny without touching her when she got fully warm she came near and undressed her and came near to her friend and both friend start licking each other and also licking my shaft. I was in heaven and als surprised on türkçe bahis my luck that two beauties are ready to fuck.Both were very good friends it also appears from their sex behaviour also. The were licking and sucking my shaft one by one and also moaning with similar passion like aahhhh lovely shaft, oh what a cock. The Sandhya turned to me and pushed me to the bed and my hard cock was facing roof. she came near to my mouth and pushed her pussy. I was sucking her pussy which was just get her first fuck last night and her pink inner made me more hungry to fuck her pussy through my tongue.I was pushing my tongue to maximum of her pussy. In between I also lick her pussy as well as ass hole. I find that she was much sensitive while I licked her asshole and by licking through my hard and rough tongue she cam heavily on my face and breathing heavily after getting orgasms she lay down inside on the bed while I was sucking Sandhya, Radha was keep sucking my shaft with full zeal and enthusism and from the core of eyes.I also noticed that she was also pressing her boobs those were semi developed more than Sandhya. Now I called Radha to came near to me and start kissing and smooching her. I pushed my cum soaked tongue to her mouth which she hesitated first but slowly she also give her tongue which I sucked very much. I lay down her and kissed her earlobes, face, lips all over the face and going down. I also pressing her boobs while I was sucking or I was kissing over the face.I came over to her boobs and start encircling her tips of boobs one by one. In response to that she was moaning heavily and respond ohhhh god. I was also got excited by her moaning sound and my shaft was ready to enter but I keep cool and control as I know she is virgin and to be handle softly. I start licking her boobs one by one and also biting softly her tips which were making her more mad and hot and she was shivering and turning her face left and right.She was crying Please fuck me I’m impatient güvenilir bahis siteleri to fuck me now even she was begging to her friend please ask Sam to fuck me now. I can’t bear any more. I know she was fully hot and I reached to her pussy which was clean. She make her pussy clean in morning told me later. I start licking her g spot and encircling her pussy and also entered my tongue into her pussy hole which was very small and tight.I decide and ask Sandhya to brought oil for her friend she brought oil bottle and I put some on mine tool and a lot of oil on her pussy passage. Now I was ready to enter. I pushed my cock into her pussy which was damn tight. I could enter just tip of my cock. She cried in pain and start shouting hhhhh, it’s very painful, leave me, I don’t want. Please leave me but I could not deprived my shaft from such lovely pink pussy to fuck. I just make a eye contact with Sandhya.She understood and she starts kissing Radha and pushed her tongue into her mouth and now Radha was unable to speak and shout. I also start fucking her slowly so that her pussy could accommodate although she was tearing apart and a few drops of tears came onto face after getting slowly fuck and got rhythm, she also starts enjoying and licking Sandhya tongue.Now, I was in full mood and fucking her with moderate pace when i felt that she is more accommodating I start giving big shots which she was also replying positively by pushing her back to upside to get maximum. I was also pressing her boobs hard which was got erected fully and her nipple tips were damn hard. All of sudden she start shivering and shouting I’m coming aaaeeee. She came heavily on my cock. I was still fucking her but I was also feeling that I m also cuming.I also came in her pussy very heavily. I was in heaven as I have fucked two virgin in 24 hours and both were awesome in response. Later I came to know that both of her plans for ramming their pussy by my 8¨ cock. Sandhya told me that she perused her bro’s chatting conversation and my views about her fucking dreams after discussion between them both have planned for that. It was also part of their plan to not to move with their family to outstation when I reached to Mumbai.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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