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Friends Sweaty Girlfriend

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My first submission ever, please let me know what you think and how I can improve the story.


We had just gone back to school for our sophomore year, I was still getting settled into my new room at my fraternity house. The house was empty since most people didn’t come back to school until next week, but I was up there early because football preseason started next week. Since no one was around the house, I figured I would go visit my friend at his college since he only went to school 20 minutes away. His school did trimester so they had already begun classes so I figured there would be a lot going on.

I arrived at my buddy’s place Friday afternoon with a bunch of beer and ready to have a good time. My buddy also lived in a fraternity house, so I walked into his room and asked him where I should put my stuff so I could get changed before we go out. I figured he was going to say on my couch or some shitty air mattress, but to my surprise he said at Allison’s. Allison was my friend Joe’s girlfriend that he had been dating for the few months. She was sexy as hell to say the least, at about 5′ 8″ tall, with a tight athletic body and amazing toned legs that can only come from years of playing soccer. She did not have big tits, maybe 32B’s, but with an ass like she has, who need tits. She was on the Varsity Soccer Team last year as freshman, but this year as sophomore she was hoping to be a starter.

He went on to explain that she said I could sleep her in room tonight and she would crash with Joe on his queen sized bed. I wasn’t going to argue since I got an actual bed. We hung around my buddy’s place for a while, then we both took a shower at his place and then we headed over to Allison’s.

We arrived at her house, which she shared with 2 other girls, however when we arrived at her house she was not home yet. Joe informed me that she must still be at soccer practice since they have their first game tomorrow morning. It was the end of August and it had to be 95 out with a lot of humidity, so we were sweating just sitting and waiting. After about 15 minutes later she walks in the door looking like someone had just dumped a bucket of water over her head. Her hair was completely soaked through and the small band of pre-wrap holding her hair back was in rough shape. Her legs still had beads of sweat rolling down and collecting in the soccer socks that are now scrunched down to ankle.

She see me and says hello and starts to give me a hug, but she realizes how sweaty she and starts to pull away, I told her not to worry and she gave me the ass out hug. I have never messed around with a friend’s girl let alone my best friend’s girl, nor would I, but when she hugged me and I felt her soaked hair on the side of my face and the wet t-shirt, not to mention her amazing smell, I got rock hard right then and there. She excused herself to go shower and change for dinner.

Just as she walked away, almost on cue, her two roommates who were also on the soccer team walked in the door looking almost as sweaty as Allison. Her roommate Rose was about 5′-5″ golden brown hair and olive oil skin, but unlike Allison, she had massive tits. They had to be 36DD’s and they were spilling out of her undersized sports bra. She had a smaller ass, but overall was a very attractive girl. Rose did not have a boyfriend now or ever. She was kind of shy but I always had a crush on her although I never made a move.

Her other roommate Sarah was about 5′-7″ with blond hair, with an ass almost as nice as Allison’s. She had bigger tits that Allison, but nowhere near as big as Rose’s. Sarah had a little bit bigger legs than the other two, but just as sexy. Sarah didn’t have a boyfriend either but that was just because she was too busy with sports.

We invited them out for dinner with us but they were already going out denizli escort with some other soccer girls. Finally after what seemed like hours, Ali was ready. She walked out of her room looking nothing like the person that had gone in, but still every bit as hot. She told me to put my stuff in her room to get it out of the way. When I walked into the room, I noticed there on the floor, balled up was everything that she had just been wearing. I started picturing burring my face into the pile of clothes and I got rock hard again, but I knew it was wrong so I dropped my bag and left the room. Then the three of us left for dinner, I rock hard trying to forget about what I just seen.

After dinner, we hit a couple parties, and then ended up back at my buddy’s house. By about 2 am, I was drunk and stoned, with no prospects in sight; I decided to call it a night. Ali gave me the key code to get in their house as she and Joe went to crash in his room. I walked the couple blocks to her place and got changed to go to sleep. As I got undressed I noticed the pile of cloths still in the corner of the room. I knew that I should just ignore them and go to bed, but I couldn’t stop myself from walking over to them. I figured it couldn’t hurt to look.

I checked to make sure her door was locked, then I walked up to them and leaned over to take a closer look, as I got about half way down I could smell them, a mix of old sweat and smelly socks, which got me rock hard. I felt so guilty that I convinced myself to just jerk off in the bathroom real quick and then go to bed. I walked into her bathroom that attached to her room; I sat down, pulled out my phone and started watching some sock fetish porn. I could not get the thought of Ali out my head, and then I looked over and saw her hamper. I told myself no, but I was so horny that I couldn’t help myself, so I opened it up and found a tiny thong and a pair of socks. I looked inside the thong and saw a nice crusty stain from her pussy. I took a big whiff; I almost came right then and there. I put the thong down and looked at her white socks. She had not worn these for soccer since they didn’t have much smell, so I put the sock on my dick and started to sniff her thong again. I was in heaven, pumping away on my cock, but after only a minute I was just about to cum so I removed her sock so I didn’t leave a stain, and then started licking the stained thong. The taste was amazing and sent me over the edge, shooting stream after stream of hot cum all over the floor of her bathroom.

As I came back down to earth, I looked at the mess that I had made, her panties still wrapped around my head, I felt very guilty and couldn’t believe what I had just done. Upset as I was, it was one of the best jerk off sessions I had ever had.

I cleaned up the mess I had made on the floor, then put everything back in the hamper almost exactly where it was before. By this time it was almost 3 am, so I went to bed, trying to keep her dirty cloths out of mind. I drifted off to sleep, waking up only a few hours later. My phone said it was 630 in the morning, and after a night of drinking I had to piss really bad. I stood in the bathroom pissing, replaying last night’s events in my head and I started to get hard again. I tried to forget it, but I couldn’t help myself, I opened up the hamper, and started to pull the thong out again and suddenly I remembered her pile of soccer clothes on the floor. At this point I figured why the hell not, since I had already violated her privacy, going for what I really wanted was no worse.

I take my pants off and walk over to the pile of cloths, my heart racing and my dick throbbing. I picked up the shirt on top of the pile. Her shirt was still damp from being balled up on the floor, so I brought the shirt up to my face and took a big sniff. I was in heaven, dikimevi escort but I had to tear myself away from the shirt for an ever better prize. Next out of the pile was her sports bra, 32B, just as I thought, which was still wet as well and smelled even better. Next I pulled out her panties; they were green and had lace trim. I could not believe how wet they still were, you could even see the wet spot from where the sweat had pooled in her ass cheeks along with her pussy juice. All that was left now were her knee high socks, which were also still wet with sweat.

I was in heaven, I felt my dick might break off I was so hard. I realized I needed this all together at once, throwing caution to the wind; I balled up her sock and stuffed the whole thing in my mouth. It tasted great, there was so much sweat in them, when I shoved it in my mouth, drops of sweat actually hit tongue. Next I grabbed her panties and put the pussy/ass sweat stain right over my nose, then I tied the other sock around my nose to finish it off. I grabbed her sweaty soccer shorts and draped them over my head, took her sports bra and wrapped it around my cock. I was lying on the floor, in what can only be described as heaven, jerking it for all I worth. Just as I was about to cum, I hear Ali yell, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? YOU DIRTY FUCKING PERVERT!”

I froze, my stomach leaped into my throat, I didn’t know what to do, I was so distracted, that I hadn’t even heard her come in the room. Here I am, with her socks, panties and clothes all over my face and dick. I started to say something but I still had the sock in my mouth. I reached to pull everything off my face when she said, “Oh no, don’t move you fucking shit bag.”

I heard her walk over to me, then she said, “I can’t even believe that I was nice enough to let you sleep in my bed and you would do…” She trailed off trying to figure out exactly what I was doing. “This…jerking off with my clothes…What exactly are you doing?” I tried to answer but all I could muster was a muffled sound. I again reached to remove the clothes from my face and again she yelled at me not to move, but this time punch me in the side.

“Don’t move, I want to know exactly what you are doing, so why do you have my shorts over your face” she said as she pulled them off I saw her face change from mad to furious when she her wet panties and sock over my nose. She punched me again in the same spot and called me a sick freak. She pulled her socks and panty off and slapped me across the face. I didn’t know what to do so I kept my mouth closed trying not to make things worse if she saw the sock in my mouth. Then she said, “So what do you have to say for yourself?”

Again I kept my mouth closed, she kept asking, then she notice my cheeks were puffed out and something was in my mouth. She told me to open my mouth; I did as I was told since I was already screwed I didn’t want to make matters worse. She pulled the sock out and held it up with two fingers in front of my face. She said, “My sweaty sock? You were sucking on this sweaty sock while you were jerking off? Are you one of those perverts who like feet…among other things?”

I didn’t answer her question, I started profusely apologizing for what I have done and begged her not to tell Joe. He would go nuts and I would lose my best friend. She asked me one good reason why she shouldn’t tell him and let him kick my ass. I said, “I don’t have one, but I am so sorry, I tried to resist but I could help myself. I will do anything you want, just name it. Please!” I pleaded, almost about to cry thinking of how this would ruin my life and I would lose everyone.

“I should fucking tell him and call the police. Don’t move,” she says and walks into her bathroom closing the door behind her. I didn’t know if I should run, dikmen escort but decided if I left I was screwed for sure, so I didn’t move.

After about 5 minutes she walks out of the bathroom and says, “I am so mad right now, but I am also confused, so I am going to ask you some questions and you better not lie to me. If you lie I will call the cops right now. Do you understand?”

I shook my head.

“First, it’s obvious you have a foot fetish, but with all my shoes and other socks here, why did you go for my gross sweaty soccer sock?”

I looked down and didn’t answer, she picked up her cell phone and dialed 911 and said, “Answer me right now or I will hit send.”

“Don’t, I will tell you. You are right, I do have a foot fetish and more than a foot fetish I have sweat fetish.”

“Wait, like you get off to sweat?” she said.

“Yeah, I don’t know why, but I don’t think anything is sexier than a pretty girl, soaked in sweat.”

“That is so fucking gross you pervert,” she said.

“I know, but I love the smell, taste and feel. I love feet in general and sweaty feet even more, I wanted to not only smell your sweaty feet, but to taste them as well, which is why I had it in my mouth.”

“Ok that explains the socks, but why did you have my panties over your nose, and why these disgusting ones?”

I didn’t want to answer, but she pulled her phone back out. I said, “Because I like to smell them.”

“Smell what? My pussy? My Ass? What?”

“Um both of them I guess. I love going down on girls, I love the taste and smell of a pussy in my face. I also find a nice ass so sexy and I want burry my face in their ass as well.”

“But why those, that I wore at soccer all day. They don’t smell good at all. My pussy was sweaty, so was my ass and it had ass sweat all over…” She trailed off looking down at my dick that was now back a full attention. “You’re HARD! What is wrong with you?”

“I don’t know. I am sick. I have always fantasied about combining my love of ass and pussy with my love of sweat. I have always wanted to lick the sweat right out of a girl’s asshole. Your sweaty panties were as close I ever had gotten and couldn’t help myself.”

“But why did you use mine? Just because they were there? I am sure would rather one of the hot girly girl sluts that you guys hang out with.”

“No, not at all. I find athletic girls to be by far the sexiest. I think you are hotter than any of those other girls. I like girls to be athletic.”

“Yeah right” she said.

“No it true I swear.”

She looked at me, she didn’t look as mad as she did before, then she said “I don’t know what I am going to do, so I won’t say anything right now. I am already running late to meet the bus for our game today. I will decide what I should do with you later, but as a punishment for now, you are going to wear these gross sweaty panties all day, even around Joe, so you can remember what you did when you see him. Now stand up; put these sweaty nasty panties on.”

She threw the wet panties over to me, as I caught them, I could smell and feel her sweat and my cock was again at full attention. I sat there still holding them, trying to hide that I was hard again. She said, “Look, either do exactly what I say without hesitation or I am making the call. This is your last warning.”

I knew I was screwed, so I jumped up to put them on and I can hear her gasp as she sees my hard on. “You’re fucking hard again? You really love my sweaty panties you nasty pervert. Now put them on.”

I slid them up, they were cold from the sweat and I struggled to pull them up, kind of like a putting on a wet bathing suit. I finally got them up and had to struggle to fit my dick into them, but I did it.

She says, “You will wear them the rest of day. I will check when you guys come to the game today. When the game is over, tell Joe you are going home, then come right back here and wait for me. I will tell you then what I decide to do with you, now get dressed and get the fuck out of my room. Oh and you better not jerk it, it is all over for you if you do.”

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