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Friendzoned Foot Cuck

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Sunlight beamed through the window blinds, streaks of bright light illuminating the room. Traffic and voices of people occasionally walking by the only sounds. Near the window sat a makeup table, strewn with all manner of brushes, applicators, creams, foundation, tanning products and more. To the left of it, in the corner farthest from the door, stood a tall and broad wardrobe. The doors lay wide open, a mixture of clothes crowded on the railing, in some cases doubled up on hangars. At floor level, catching my attention, lay a pile of women’s shoes. Sexy strappy heels, work ballet flats, casual sneakers, gym trainers all lying in random order. A separate collection, smaller but clearly the favourites, were arranged in a slightly neater row along the floor to the left of the wardrobe. I was sat on the left-hand corner of the bed, directly opposite the bedroom door. Obediently and attentively awaiting the return of my Goddess.

Shannon and I had settled into a new cuckolding relationship. Ever since her first taste of it the previous Christmas (See ‘Merry Cuckmas Foot Bitch’) she had been hooked by the idea. I, as her eager slave, had been more than happy to follow her obediently. She had opted to keep the arrangement quite low key for a long time. We kept things strictly professional in the office, with only the occasional moment where Shannon would dangle one of her ballet flats from her dainty foot in the break room to tease me. She also claimed that she had not told her housemates of our arrangement and that as far as they were concerned, we had split up but were still just friends. However, the occasional wry glances from them on nights out or when I visited their shared house to meet her, led me to believe otherwise, especially when they saw Shannon going up to buy rounds of drinks. I felt they must have worked out it was my card footing the bill.

For most of the rest of the time our relationship consisted of my occasional worshipping of her flawless feet after work or after one of her intense gym sessions. As good as my word I had been paying for her gym membership as well as pedicures, dresses and heels. On the rare nights out she would invite me on, I would pay for her drinks, taxi and takeaway pizza afterwards, helping her home to massage and worship her tired sore feet whilst she texted her friends. Whilst foot worship and funding her lifestyle were mainstays of my cuckold role, I had not yet seen Shannon taken by another man since Ryan. Though little did I know that was about to change.

She had asked me to meet her at her shared house that afternoon. I had been waiting over an hour though naturally as her cuckold slave I could say little to complain. Suddenly, there was the familiar metallic click of the keys turning in the lock downstairs and the front door to the house creaked open. Through the walls I could hear the distinct chirping rhythm of Shannon talking. Today she had asked for my card to go shopping and get a pedicure. I had done so without question but was to find there was a reason behind it. Her voice drew closer and there was the familiar sound of her steps on the stairs.

The door to the bedroom flew open and Shannon strode in, shopping bags draped in her arms. She didn’t make eye contact as she walked across to the corner of the room and threw down some of the bags. She even walked differently since we began the lifestyle. More purposefully. Commanding. With most of the bags deposited, she turned and walked towards me on the bed, throwing the last two bags on the floor beside it. Without making eye contact, she climbed onto the bed and raised her feet onto my lap. She clicked her fingers and pointed down at them, all whilst continuing to talk on the phone. I obeyed her implicit instruction, slipping off her flat shoes and beginning to massage her bare tired feet. The hint of their aroma wafted to my nostrils and my cock began to twitch in my boxers.

“…Yeah, I know, I mean that place has just got so expensive. It’s ridiculous. But anyway, I got a few nice things…Do you have much planned tonight?” Shannon continued to chat on the phone. She was gently wriggling and flexing her toes and soles between my fingers as she spoke, looking out the window away from me.

“…Sounds good. I tried to get into that nail bar you recommended but they were busy. I got booked in for later this afternoon though. Yeah actually, I do have plans tonight…”

At the utterance I responded by raising my head. Shannon clocked my attention and made brief eye contact, smirking down at me. She raised her free hand and pointed to her feet with a finger. My heart surged as my attention returned to eagerly massaging her feet.

“…Yeah, I actually have a date tonight…”

My heart fluttered again and my eyes locked with Shannon’s as she spoke. Every syllable raising my heart rate further.

“…Well, we’ve been talking for a while on one of the apps and then exchanged numbers this week so have been texting most of the time. What’s he like? Well, it’s funny bahis şirketleri because I actually know him. He is a Personal Trainer at the gym I go to. I have taken a couple of his circuits classes and I recognised him. I mean, Zara, you should see this guy. He’s over 6 foot. Built like a brick wall. Nicely tanned skin. I mean, doesn’t get much better…”

As she spoke, Shannon flexed and wriggled her toes between my fingers. My cock began to grow in my boxers.

“…I know. I reckon he will be good fun. What? I’m not sure, but I mean it would make sense, wouldn’t it? Well, I’ve seen the outline against the shorts he wears so I guess pretty big. I mean between you and me Zara I’ve thought about him before. There’s a steam room at the gym I go to and I thought about how hot it might be if we happened to be in there alone at the same time. I would just love to see that body dripping with sweat and only a towel between me and his you know what…What’s that? What would he say?”

Shannon looked down at me smiling, the conversation had obviously turned to me. She raised one foot and flexed it just inches from my face as she replied.

“…Oh, I don’t think he would mind too much. I mean, it is like I told you Zara, I had to friendzone him. He is a nice guy but I want something more. Besides, what he doesn’t know can’t hurt him right? He’s sweet enough and it seems clear he still has a crush on me, but sometimes a girl just needs big and muscly you know? And he was always a bit weedier than my type…What? Zara! I can’t believe you asked that! Hmmm, maybe. I haven’t made my mind up yet. I am pretty horny at the moment but will see how things go. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted. Talk later Zara, bye.”

Shannon hung up the phone and placed the phone by the bed beside her.

“Well, you got a little sneak preview of my exciting news foot boy.”

“You’re meeting someone?” I replied.

“Well, more specifically, we are meeting someone. I was hoping to surprise you later, after my pedicure. But now you know.”

“A PT from your gym?”

“Oh, you heard that? Yeah, his name is Aaron. I’ve been eyeing him up at the gym you’ve been paying for. It was bound to happen eventually. Working out in front of all those hot, muscular, guys. But yeah, we matched last week on one of the apps. I guess it was fate I had caught his eye. So, I was thinking he and I go out for a few drinks, grab a bite of dinner and maybe even head for a dance somewhere. You will pay for all of it of course. Just like you did for my shopping trip earlier and my pedicure later today…”

I listened intently to every word Shannon purred, as my hands and fingers continued to wrap around each of her dainty toes and creamy soles.

“But I mean. It sounds like a big step Shannon. I don’t even know the guy and, does he know about our…arrangement?”

“Honestly? That is your reaction? I try to do something to spice up this arrangement of ours and you think I am being too forward?”

“It is not that Shannon, it is just a big step. I mean, I know it is a big secret we have both been sitting on. Well, at least I think it is a secret. I know how your friends look at me sometimes on our nights out.”

“Look.” Shannon sighed. “I will admit my friends are maybe not as ‘in the dark’ as you think, but what did you expect? How was I supposed to explain all the new heels, sexy dresses, pedicures and buying round after round of drinks on nights out? I haven’t exactly got a sudden pay rise in work so they were bound to ask questions. After a few drinks on Zara’s birthday night out I may have let a few things slip…”

“Like what?”

“Oh, just that we aren’t dating anymore but are still ‘friends’, or a sort of ‘friends with benefits’ just not as they would know it. That you still fancy me but are kind of into me seeing other men. That you like to pay for things for me. That sort of thing.”

“Do they know anything…else?”

“Like what? That you like to sniff and lick my feet? That you get off to the idea of watching me get fucked by other guys whilst sucking my feet? No, none of that. They just think you are kind of like an innocent obsessed puppy who follows me about. They find it kind of hilarious to be honest.”

“I just thought we were keeping it under wraps is all.”

“I don’t think you get to sound like the one who is hard done by here. I am the one who agreed to go on a date with the ‘nice guy’ from my office who turned out to be a little foot perv. So that is why I am looking to rebalance things a bit more in my favour tonight.”


“Look, I am sure you have been having a great time these last few months. Sucking my toes, licking my sweaty feet, sniffing my shoes and wanking yourself off. I admit, it is kind of fun watching you do it, the power play. But, as fun as it has been for me having clothes, shoes and nights out paid for, I do still have other needs. That is the rebalance I want. Your mate Ryan may have opened the door for us, or more specifically me in terms bahis firmaları of how much I get turned on making you watch and worship me whilst I get fucked by another man. But that was a passing opportunity. He is married now and living elsewhere and I want to explore other avenues.”

“I guess it is just a change is all, doing this with a complete stranger.”

“Aww, nervous cucky?” Shannon purred, removing her feet from my grip and pressing them into my lap. “There shouldn’t be any need. I tell you what, I have planted the seed with Aaron, but I was thinking you could tag along tonight, at least for the early cocktails. We can all get a sense of each other, float some ideas and see where the night takes us. Sound fair? Oh, and I almost forgot what I bought for tonight…” Shannon chirped.

She reached over and rifled into one of the shopping bags by the bed. She removed a shoebox and my heart fluttered. She opened the lid and out slid an utterly flawless red suede strappy pair of heels. They had a rounded toe, with small bows adorning the back of the ankle straps. The shoes were backless, with only one strap above the ankle and one running diagonally down to the sole of the shoe.

“Do you like them?”

“Yes, very much.” I replied with a dry mouth.

Shannon climbed off the bed so she was standing over me and placed one finger on my chin, raising my gaze to hers. She spoke softly as my gaze locked with her steely blue eyes.

“Thought so. I can model them properly for you tonight before we go. You can watch me get ready and then give me your card. After our little round of introductions, I want you to come back here. I want you knelt in the corner. Waiting for me to return, except I won’t be alone this time. Not like my usual nights out. You’ve been such a good boy funding me. Paying for pedicures, shoes, nights out, my gym membership and even the balance on my holiday with the girls. And, since we are coming up on what would have been our one-year anniversary, it seems only fair we both get a nice treat. You get to watch me get fucked into delirium by another man again and worship my feet…sound good to you?”

My cock surged in my boxers and began to leak as Shannon purred the final sentence. My heart fluttered and I felt dizzy. The idea of watching Shannon again with a superior Alpha man sent my mind into a frenzy.

“It sounds perfect Shannon.” I said.

“I thought so!” She giggled in response. “I’ll build you up first though. I’ll start with sharing some pictures of him whilst I go out for my pedicure. Then, whilst I get ready, I will model my new sexy shoes as well as my gorgeous body. I haven’t been slacking in the gym these last few months and the new dress I bought that you paid for looks incredible. Then, after our little meet and greet, when I send you home, you can wait here sniffing my worn heels and gym socks. Getting yourself into a frenzy. I can help by sending you some pics from our date. Enjoying some drinks, having dinner, dancing in a club. All whilst you sit here at home. Waiting for us to come back. We can explain everything to him. An Alpha stud like him shouldn’t have a problem with an audience. In fact, it will probably make him perform even better as he pounds me into the bed. All whilst you sit down there, sniffing my shoes, nibbling my toes and playing with yourself. Sound good?”

“I am too excited for words Shannon.” I mumbled in reply.

“Good boy. I am going to grab a quick shower before going out for my pedicure. I will send some pics of Aaron to your phone so you get an idea of what you’re up against. But, really. There is no competition.” Shannon smirked.

She picked up her phone and tapped on the screen adding several photos to the text before sending it to me. She then patted me on the head as she walked past before slipping out of the room. I heard the shower start in the bathroom down the hall. I slid my phone out of the pocket and opened the text from Shannon. Her words had been no exaggeration. Aaron was a true Adonis. She had sent screenshots from his dating profile as well as his social media. For added effect, she sent some of the reaction messages from her friends when she had shared the photos with them. ‘Hot’, ‘God-like’, ‘ripped’. All of their messages told the same story, a true superior Alpha.

He had chiselled good looks with short well-groomed stubble, dark eyes, olive complexion and immaculately shaped hair. His chest was broad, with hulking shoulders and immense biceps. Photos from a holiday the year before showed rippling 8-pack abs creating a flawless v shape down to his groin. Shannon had not exaggerated about the outline in his shorts. His manhood was surely a fitting size for such a herculean figure.

His profile CV might as well have read like the story of a hero from Greek myth. A rugby captain in his spare time, running his own Personal Trainer business, competed and won prizes in body building and weightlifting competitions as well as marathons and triathlons. Muscle, stamina kaçak bahis siteleri and most likely a heroic cock. A perfect Alpha bull for my Goddess cuckoldress.

Shannon finished her shower and hastily got ready before leaving for her pedicure booking. She gave me one last kiss on the cheek before leaving me to wallow in my inferiority. She took my card and gave one last smirking glance down at me before shutting the door behind her. The next time I would see her feet they would be freshly polished and softened from her pedicure.

I waited obediently for her return, my feverish thoughts imagining how the evening would unfold. The intense surge of emotions as I gaze greedily at her and a superior lover. My frenzied fantasies were cut short a couple of hours later when she returned. She had opted for a divine shade of red on her dainty toes to compliment the new heels and her soles were looking so soft, supple and sensual. She stopped me as I leaned in for a closer look.

“Not so fast, I don’t want you to spoil your appetite. You can wait until our evening of fun foot boy…” She purred.

I sat obediently on a stool in the corner as Shannon got ready. She modelled her new silver sequined dress that hugged her figure perfectly and was sufficiently short to display her divine legs. She left the best until last, slipping on her new red strappy heels I had funded. Finally, she stood up before her bed, turning and modelling towards me knelt in the corner.

“So, what do you think?”

“Perfect Shannon.” I replied. My semi erect cock was bulging in my boxers practically answering for me.

“I know, thought so. I have pretty good taste. My hunky date should love it. And the shoes?”

“They look flawless on your feet. Truly incredible.” I replied.

“Come over here and kiss the tops of my feet.” She ordered.

I crawled obediently over so Shannon was towering over me. I gave soft kisses to the tops of each of her feet before leaning back so I was knelt before her. Shannon placed one of her fingers softly on the underside of my chin and raised my eyes to meet hers.

“You’ve been such a good little cuck. I know you’re looking forward to tonight as much as I am. You must be on your best behaviour though, as we don’t want to scare him off. But I imagine once he meets you and with my gentle encouragement, he should see how little of a threat you are. After all, you are perfect at playing the little nice guy puppy. Then, once I send you away, I want you back here knelt in the corner, eager and ready to worship these heels and my feet as I command. You’re going to have so much fun watching me get fucked by a man who is so much better than you will ever be. You will watch us please each other. And if you’re a good boy, I might give you a special treat after. Understood?”

“Yes Shannon.” I said, as her divine perfume wafted into my nostrils.

“Oh, almost forgot. I want you to refer to me as Goddess when we meet him. Don’t worry, the bar we are going to is intimate enough that you shouldn’t be overheard. But I think it will add a bit more excitement for him, what do you think?”

“If you are sure…”

“Oh, come on cucky. I know how much you like being put in your place…”

Shannon’s phone buzzed to say her taxi had arrived outside. Before going to leave, she lifted my card before turning towards the door. She turned back briefly to face me, looking resplendent in her short tight dress and heels.

“I will text you from the bar when it is time to join us. Make sure you are ready.”

With that she turned and strode out, closing the door behind her. I listened to her heels clicking along the hall downstairs before the front door shut. The following couple of hours went by in a blur. I listened intently for my phone buzzing. The first message came about an hour later sent from her favourite cocktail bar in the city. Shannon had taken a photo under the table of her crossed legs, one heel clad foot dangling in mid-air. The text read that her date had gone up for another round, but she was bringing up the subject now.

Next, she sent a picture of the cocktail bill I funded followed by a selfie of her looking stunning. The text read that she had told him who was paying for their drinks and her date was intrigued. Before too long the inevitable image landed. Shannon had taken a photo of her dainty hand resting on the thick brawny bronzed forearm of her date. Her heel clad foot tantalizingly in view sticking out from under the table below. The caption simply read ‘he knows the gist…come join us’ with a wink and devil emoji. My heart skipped a beat and I felt the heat rising in my face.

Her bull knew our secret and was happy to cuck me. There was no reason not to. Why should a pathetic foot slave get in the way of another conquest for him?

I got myself gathered up and dressed into a decent shirt, jeans and jacket before hopping in a taxi of my own. The vibrant city life flew past as my mind raced. I had texted Shannon I was on my way and she replied saying they were in one of the booths at the back of the bar. I hastily paid the taxi driver and made my way past the bouncer. The bar was one of the trendy ones with a rooftop terrace so I made my way up in the elevator.

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