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From the chat room in my bedroom! A hot fuck!!! Pa

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From the chat room in my bedroom! A hot fuck!!! PaHi all, its my 1st story in here, i hope you will enjoy it (be kind i am not an english native speaker)I met this woman in a chat room and asked her for a date after some long chats!At the first date i invited her to my place, so i can cook something for her and have a glass of wine.She accepted and i knew she wasnt there for my cooking skills. She was 1.65 with red long hair ,a pair of medium sized round breasts, regular weight and a super hot ass, a dream of every man!After we ate the spaghetti a bottle of wine and some funny and erotic conversations, she asked me with a naughty voice “and now what” ?I looked her directly into her beautiful blue eyes and knew what she wanted! I came closer to her and touched with one hand her leg softly and placed my other hand first on her chick, then touched her softly and “fixed” her hair while my lips touched hers. I kissed softly her under lips, teased her with my kiss, after some soft kisses our lips melted and our tongues where dancing. I could feel her hot breath getting heavier with every kiss, could feel her moaning so sexy in my mouth while i started exploring her body with my hand! I touched her hips, moved up her belly, teased her running my hand around her beautiful breasts and could feel her nips getting hard when i run 1 finger over them!I broke up our kiss and started to kiss her neck while my hand was touching the inner side of her legs now! I almost touched her pussy lips and i could hear her moan from pleasure! I run my hand along her pussy lips over her tight jeans and i can feel the hit from her pussy, while i start biting soflty her ear be4 i take it in my mouth sucking and licking it! Her breath heavy and her moans so hot, my cock was allrdy rock hard pushing against my jeans.I took her hand and placed it on my fat erected cock! She grabbed it with pleasure and started to rub it over my jeans.i was doing the same now with her hot pussy! Could feel her wetness under her jeans!we where kissing now again and with our hands trying to get the jeans of. I placed my knee in between her legs and bend over her.our jean erzurum escort buttons where loose. I started to kiss her belly and slowly moving her tshirt up and every naked spot of her body i discovered i kissed and licked it, while my knee was rubbing against her pussy! Finally i reached her breasts! I grabbed them softly with my hands and teased her by touching them and feeling her allrdy hard like my cock nips! I unzipped her BH while we started kissing again, she helped me with that and took her top off. I started to kiss her neck again, moved down to her breasts, started to lick on her nips getting them even harder ,gave them a small suck and a bite and moved down to her belly and the uper area of her pussy! I can tell she was enjoyed every single touch of mine by the way she was moaning and by the way her body reacted on every single touch of mine! I grabbed he jeans and took them off her with a single move! She was now under me with only her sexy and wet from her juices panties! I looked at her , she was full exposed to me now ,while I was still dressed, she tried to pull me on her but I pushed her soflty back to the bed and grabbed her legs. I spread her legs apart and went in between them, started to kiss the inner side of them bite them sofly moving by licking her close to her pussy lips! she grabbed my hair and tried to pull my face on her pussy! She was moaning and her beautiful nips where rock hard when I touched them with one hand while with the other one I moved her panties aside and had a look at her beautiful juicy pussy! It was pink with fat pussy lips and her clit already so swollen…mmmm! I licked her along her pussy lips from both sides up and down and placed a finger over her clit.my tongue in between her pussy lips now tasting her pussy juices ,touching her pussy hole teasing it with my tongue while my finger presses against her hard clit!i move my tongue up and start licking her clit while my finger moved down and teased her pussy hole,from time to time running it down just touching her asshole, that made her moan even louder! I started sucking on her clit and in the eskişehir escort same time I was also licking it with my tongue and one finger easily penetrated her pussy hole! could feel her hands on my hair pushing me down and her legs closing around me while more and more juices where running in my mouth! A 2ond finger slid inside her, I pushed them as deep as I could and started finger fuck her deep and slow!I continued to suck on her clit and licking it at the same time. i could feel her pussy getting tight around my fingers, her juices sunning down my mouth, her legs tight around my ears, she started breathing heavy moaning loud ,telling me that she is gonna cum….she took a big breath while I started finger fucking her fast deep and hard and started squirting all over my mouth while I kept sucking like wild on her clit! Her whole body had an orgasm, she was shacking …I stood up removed all my clothing and looked at her trying to catch up her breath with her legs closed and a hand over her breast and the other one over her pussy!I went in between her legs and bend over her! I stated to kiss her with my wet from her juices mouth! She was kissing me back and I could feel my cock head touching her wet and warm pussy! that made her grab my ass chicks and pull me on her, but I instead spread her legs wide with my legs and started moving my hips up and down rubbing my fat cock in between her pussy lips, hiting her pussy hole and clit with every move! Every time I was hitting her hot and wet pussy hole I could feel stretching it more and more, I was sure my cock head would pop in soon!I took her ear in my mouth and unexpected, while she was begging me to fuck her my cock head pops inside her! Mmmm that feeling was so good! Could feel her tight around my cock head almost burning it!i started moving my hips slowly fucking her pussy only with my cock head!She was moaning like crazy, begging me to fuck her! I whispered in her ears and asked her “where is my cock”? No answer came ,only some moans…I took my cock head out and started to rub it fast against her clit!I spat on her pussy hole and escort bayan placed my cock head back inside her! mmmm her pussy so wet and tight! I bite her ear softly and ask her again “where is my cock”? She moaned this time again and finally said “in my tight juicy pussy”…that made me so horny that I pushed, unexpected for her, my cock all the way inside her with all my weight! That made her moan loud and I could feel her nails on my back! I could feel her pussy spasm around my fat cock and her juices running down my balls! I had my elbows over her shoulders and around her beautiful face! I looked her in beautiful blue eyes and started fucking her deep and slow feeling her pussy walls with the tip of my cock, feeling her pussy juices running down my balls, I started fucking her a little faster now and my thrusts where longer! i started to feel her pussy getting tighter again and my cock had resistance while moving inside her! She was milking my cock with every move of mine! she closed her legs around my hips and hold me tight while our tongues where dancing and my cock was fucking her deep hard and fast!She then told me “fuck me.fuck me harder, fuck me like a slut, I am gonna cum” and I could feel her legs getting tighter around me like her pussy around my cock! I started fucking her as hard as I could deep and hard and could feel my orgasm also building up!Asked her where she want my cum and no answer came, she just pressed me tighter on her with her legs and we started cum together! OH MY GOD I could feel my cum inside of her load after load and her pussy milking my cock so hard with her orgasm,could feel mixed cum juices running out of her pussy down my balls and her legs still tight around me!we started to kiss with tongue while I was deep still inside her with all my weight at her until our orgasm was over!She then let me go and I collapsed on the bed beside her!She came to lay on my chest with her legs wide open and teased me with her nails on every body part she could reach!I was trying to catch my breath and my heart was pulsing so fast and I could see my cum running out her well fucked pussy hole! I sleed 2 fingers in between her pussy lips gathered some of those mixed juices and gave them her to suck on them! She did that without having second thoughts and she did that so good and hot that she made my cock harden again with the thought that she didn’t sucked on me yet!To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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