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From the Pages of Carmyn’s Diary: A True Story 3

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Beautiful Girls

June 14, 2007 11:27 a.m.Dear Diary,Sorry for missing entries for such a long period of time. The worst thing happened.After arriving safely (and horny) to camp two weeks ago, we all attended the usual introductory brief orientation in the cafeteria where we discovered who our roomies will be. One of the coaches began the roster.”In cabin 1, we have…”I tuned her out as I focused on this beautiful black girl with incredibly large boobs, exposing her cleavage in this small v-neck tank top. I was like a dog panting for food as I just couldn’t keep my lustful eyes off her silky dark skin.”In cabin , we have Melissa Brown…” My trance was broken when she stood up. “Carmyn Delioz…” the coach called my name and instinctively I stood up. I cheered on the inside as I realized we were roommates. Now I was listening attentively to discover who our other two güvenilir bahis roommates would be.The coach announced, “Carrie Parham…”Yayyyy, I thought. It was a party in my head. It was Carrie, my pregnant roommate from last year. I looked behind me to see Carrie stand up. Just as I waved at her, I noticed a frowning familiar face sitting at a nearby table. It was Wendi. I smiled and waved at her. She shook her head no. I knew why she was upset. She didn’t want me to be friends with Carrie. I turned back around to await the final name for cabin 4.The coach called, “And Amber Ryans.”I got assigned to a cabin with the bitchest of them all-my obnoxious, snobby cousin Amber. The worst thing that could ever happened. On our way to our cabin, all she did was complain.”I’ve gotta talk to the coaches and find out when we’re going to get first-class cabins with güvenilir bahis siteleri luxury furniture and massive clothes for people like me. I can’t be tolerating this low-level shit. I don’t know how you do it, Carmyn.”I just smiled falsely. I couldn’t let her know that she was getting to me. That was exactly what she wanted.”Oh, and Carmyn, no pussy-munching and ass-licking in our cabin. K?”All this time, I was struggling to remain calm as Amber’s ranting and insults mounted. We argued constantly, because she was always judging me for being bisexual and trying to embarrass me in front her best friend Tammi who lived in cabin 7 with Wendi.Every time I tried to get my diary to write something, Amber would stand over my bunk, trying to read it. I knew that would be the icing on the cake for her if she ever discovered the context, so I just locked iddaa siteleri it away until today. Finally, something good happened.The bitch is gone. Apparently someone reported to the coaches about our constant bickering and potential chance of physically harming one another. So, they switched her and another camper this morning. Amber is gone and someone new will be coming soon. I prayed it would be Wendi, but I thought that’s not going to happen because of Carrie. It would be like Amber and I all over again. By the way, pretty sure she doesn’t want to room with me anyway, considering I was always flirting with Melissa, trying to get her goodies.I’d been with a white girl and an Asian. Now I wanted Melissa’s chocolate to keep the diversity going. But she didn’t seem interested at all. That still wasn’t stopping me; the chase was the thrill. I wanted it so badly. My fingers had been great for the past few weeks, but another girl’s fingers would be spectacular.Signed,Carmyn, The Sexually Frustrated Leslut…June 14, 2007 6:15 p.m.Dear Diary,OMG. Guess what happened :-)I didn’t get Melissa, but I got some.

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