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Fucked at the BBQ by sons friends BBC

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Fucked at the BBQ by sons friends BBCIt was the middle of summer and our BBQ season was in full swing. My husband loved to have people over to eat drink and be merry. I would run around keeping everyone’s happy whilst my husband and his friends drank loads of beers and cooked food on the BBQ.My son Mark and his friend Paul would often help me with the plates, glasses, cups etc bring them into the kitchen so I could wash them ready for the next round of drinks or food from the BBQ, people always seemed to put their plate down then wonder off and forget where it was.I noticed Paul would always walk behind me checking out my big ripe ass, or stand just in front of me as I bent over so he could see down the front of my top and get a better look at my very large white volumptuous breasts. I would quite often stay bent over for longer periods than needed when no one was around to allow him to get a better view of my assets.I thought it was a harmless bit of fun, and I wasn’t hurting anyone as he didn’t have to look if he didn’t want to.Things changed halfway through the day as I noticed Paul would keep sending my son off to the far end of the garden to collect things so he could follow me into the kitchen and get me on my own for a while, first he just rubbed his hand or arm lightly against my butt cheeks or breasts, but then as I bent over on one occasion he actually ground his cock into my butt cheeks as he squeezed past me. His cock felt large and long as it pushed deep in between my half open butt crack. I didn’t move or say a word. I just kept loading up the dishwasher as if nothing had happened.About an hour later I could tell my son had been drinking, he was unsteady on his legs and his speech was slurred. I helped him into the kitchen and asked who had let him have a beer, he just laughed and said he had been collecting the half empty ones when he cleaned up and just poured istanbul escort them into a glass.I looked at his friend who was not hiding the fact that he was now checking out my breasts as they pushed out from under the work apron. I asked if e had been drinking and he smiled and said no chance he was enjoying himself without the need for booze. I told my son he should go lie down for a while until the booze wore off. Paul said he would help him and grabbed his arm and helped out of the kitchen and off upstairs to his bed room.After about 3 minutes I felt Paul move up behind me as I was clearing off the plates into the bin, he wrapped his arms around mine and pushed his semi-hard cock deep into my semi open butt cheeks. He startled me which caused me to jump, allowing him to rub his hands over my breasts and give them a quick squeeze whilst doing so. It also caused my bum to push backwards onto his cock, which now started to grow at an alarming rate.I turned my head and told him he shouldn’t be doing this and he needed to move away before someone came in and they both ended up in trouble. He just said everyone was out in the sun enjoying themselves, so it was only right that I should have a little fun. I looked out of the window over the top of the half curtain that gave a little privacy when doing the dishes, and could see my husband and friends all stood around laughing and drinking whilst his loving wife was in the kitchen looking out at him whilst her young sons black friend was squeezing her large breasts and shoving what felt like a baseball bat up her butt crack. I held his wrists and tried to pull his hands away from my breasts, begging him to stop what he was doing. He said if I reached around and rubbed his cock for 10 seconds while allowing him to feel my breasts he would leave me alone for the rest of avcılar escort the day.I turned my head to look him in the face and said he needed to stop this now before I called my husband in from the garden. He just said please just rub my cock for a couple of seconds as a thank you for helping me out today, then he said I promise I will leave you alone. I allowed my hands to reach around behind me and start to feel his now rock hard throbbing cock, this caused my breasts to push out further and allowed him to slide his hands down and into my blouse which was under my apron, the buttons popped open as he forced his large powerful hands down into my blouse and under my bra. I was shocked and dazed for a couple of seconds, not fully understanding what was going on.I could feel his gently kissing and nibbling my neck as his large hands searched to fill them fully with my very large round breasts. My hand was rubbing away at his cock all this time without me knowing I was doing it. I leaned my head back into his chest as he moved his mouth lower to kiss my lips. I think we stayed like this for a good 5 minutes before loud laughter from outside startled me back to reality, by this time he had my blouse fully open with my breasts out of my bra only being hidden from view by the apron I was wearing, he had pulled down his shorts and allowed his cock to pop out into my hands, he had also lifted up my skirt and was pushing his cock through my hands and in between by butt cheeks with only the thin material of my thong style nickers stopping him from sliding into me.I realised that if I didn’t stop him now he would be fucking me over the counter top whilst I watched my husband drinking with friends in the garden. I twisted as quickly as I could which broke his grip on me and allowed me to get free from his grasp. I walked away from him towards the door to şirinevler escort the hallway and tried to adjust my clothing to cover my large hanging breasts. Paul just walked towards me with his large black cock swinging from side to side as he got closer and closer to me. He pushed me through the door and into the hallway grabbing at my apron causing my large breasts to escape and pop out of the sides making the apron slip between my large deep cleavage allowing him to have full access. I turned and tried to run up the stairs but he grabbed my legs and pulled me down. I landed flat on my face halfway up the stairs with Paul now lifting my skirt over my waist and pulling my nickers down, as I tried to lift and move up the stairs this just allowed Paul to remove my nickers and gain access to my pussy lips and bum.I felt his face between my legs and his tongue forcing its was into my lips. I froze for a second as the feeling washed over my body, he had sent me into orgasm with one deep lick of his tongue, my body jerked and flexed for several minutes as he worked his tongue deep into my folds sending me deeper and deeper into my orgasm. I have no idea how long he licked my pussy ad ass for but my mind was in the clouds for most of it. I then felt him start to climb up my body knowing he was going to fuck me and there was nothing I could do about it.Then I heard the door open to my sons bedroom and could hear him making his way down the landing hallway. I pushed off from where I was on the stairs and ran to the top and dashed into the bathroom before my son got close to the top of the stairs. I heard him shout hey I need to pee hurry up. I sat on the toilet and cleaned up my sopping pussy lips. I adjusted my clothing and tucked my breasts back into their bra, buttoned up my blouse and adjusted my apron to cover everything. I thought better of it knowing Paul still had my nickers, then I opened my top up again and removed my bra. I thought if he attacks again this will only get in the way, and I knew then that I would let my sons black friend fuck me later if he got the chance to get me alone.if you like this and would like part 2 please let me knowYou know who you are, did I get this right?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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