Mar 14

Fun on the couch

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Fun on the couchCum rolled down Carrie’s pussy and pooled between her ass cheeks and the couch cushion. Her daughter’s left leg was hung over her right inner thigh. They both had their legs spread wide, their fingers slowly working their clits. Krista scooped a glob of white spit off of her tongue and spread it on her pussy, then dipped her fingers inside of her. She whimpered and continued her slow masturbation, sliding her fingers in and out, grinding her clit into the palm of her hand. Her mom’s legs felt soft and warm.”Wanna’ smoke?” Carrie paused her fingering and pulled a cigarette out of the pack on the end table.”Sure.” Krista replied, slightly out of breath. Her mom lit two cigarettes and passed one to her. She took a drag, her lips sticking to the cigarette. She paused before she exhaled, tilted her head back and blew the smoke into the air above her. Her pussy was making squishing sounds as she sped up her fingering. “Wow…” Krista was amazed at the porn playing on the TV.”I know.” Carrie said after taking a drag. “She’s covered in cum.”. They were watching a curvy, jiggly 20 year old getting gang banged. Her face was covered in thick layers of cum that moved and shifted as she would laugh or smile, or suction her cheeks in and out as she sucked another cock. When she opened her mouth, thick strands of cum spread between her lips and teeth. Every now and then, she hakkari rus escort would swirl a few gobs of the cum around in her mouth, then squeeze it between her lips and let it re-drip down her chin and tits. Carrie and Krista had counted around 22 guys so far, there were at least 13 to go. “OK boys!” the horny starlet shouted. “My face is covered, now fill my kitty up!” The starlet scooped some of the cum off of her face and smeared it on her already messy pussy.”Mmmmm…it’s about time they got to the cream pies.” Carrie squeezed her clit.”I want to eat that cum off of her.” Krista said as she blew another plume of smoke over her head. She reached a messy, juice covered hand up to her tits and gave them long, firm squeezes. Her hand stained the thin tank top. “Hold this.” She passed her cigarette to her mom and slid the tank top over her head. Her tits dropped free from the shirt. Krista reached over and gave her mom’s already naked tits a soft squeeze then took her cigarette back.”Look at all those thick cocks…” Carrie’s voice was husky. She reached back to the end table and grabbed the red jelly dildo. She stuffed the toy into her mouth, slicking it up with spit, then slid it deep into her oozing pussy. Carrie lifted her hips to adjust for the big cock filling her up. The starlet on the TV was being plowed and fucked. Her tits hakkari rus escort bayan and tummy jiggled with each hard impact. Guy after guy kept cumming in her fat pussy, turning it into a white, frothy mess. Carrie kept pumping her self with the slick jelly dildo. She could hear Krista’s breathing speeding up as she worked her own pussy harder and faster. She reached over and squeezed her daughter’s thigh, digging her nails into the fleshy skin. Krista whimpered. “Here baby…” Carrie leaned over and kissed Krista deeply, biting her lip as she pulled away. She plopped the dildo out of her pussy and handed it to her daughter. Krista eagerly slid it inside of her and began working it in and out.”We’re gonna’ have to buy a new couch.” Carrie slurped her fingers as she scooped her cum off of the cushion. Krista looked between her own legs and laughed.”Fuck it.” Krista kicked it into high gear and began pounding her pussy harder and faster. She wanted to cum. She wanted to squirt. She wanted to gush all over.”Don’t hog it!” Carrie playfully scolded her daughter and pulled the dildo away from Krista. Her daughter squealed and giggled. The dildo was dripping and sloppy from their cum. Carrie tilted her head back and dangled the red cock over her mouth. Pussy juice slid from the dildo in gobs, dropping into her mouth. She slurped rus escort hakkari the juice back and forth between her teeth then spit it down onto her pussy. She slid the dildo inside of her once more and began pumping. She felt Krista’s eyes locked onto her.The two women sat there on the couch, fingering and pumping themselves while the porno stretched on. They passed the dildo back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.”I need to cum….” Krista couldn’t handle it any more. Carrie passed her the dildo.”Same time?” Carrie asked, out of breath?”Fuck yesssss…” Krista had both hands on the dildo and was working it in and out as fast as she could. Carrie had her fingers hooked deep inside of her, squeezing her g spot.”I’m close, mommy…””Me too.””Mommy…..Mommy! Mommy!……Now!” The women grasped each others’ hands and their pussies exploded with cum. They gushed all over the cushions and onto the coffee table. Carrie’s squirting was a bit more wild and covered her tits and neck. A large puddle formed on the floor. The starlet on the movie was filled with cum and still being relentlessly fucked. Krista handed her mother the dildo. Carrie sucked it clean, holding all the juices in her mouth.”Feed me.” Krista smiled. Carrie straddled her daughter and leaned over her. She opened her mouth and dribbled the cum into Krista’s mouth. A strand of cum connected their mouths.”Swallow like a good girl.” Carrie stroked Krista’s face. Her daughter swallowed the cum and stuck her tongue out playfully. Carrie leaned down and locked her lips onto Krista’s. The two kissed and ground into each other, listening to the savage fucking on the TV. They broke the kiss and held hands as they moved their fun into the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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