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Game of Love Ch. 03

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Hello guys and welcome to the third chapter this amazing love story, “Game of Love.” I love you guys a lot and I thank you for the support and love you’ve shown me. Let’s hop on this journey together to make it interesting and fun.

Don’t forget to drop your comments and rate this chapter. I am definitely looking forward to your comments, whether negative or positive because they inspire me a lot. I love you once again.

Raging love, feel the passion…


Sergio’s world was rocking even as he wrapped his arms tightly around the boy, their lips dancing in rhythm. But suddenly, Eric opened his eyes and realized what was really going on. He furiously hit Sergio on the chest as hard as he could and then pushed him, ending their passionate kiss.

Before Sergio even came back to his senses, he was given a really terrible slap that sent him about three steps backwards. He dropped his eyes to the ground without even looking at the boy. He was feeling really nervous and he had no idea why he instantly got confused.

“How dare you!” Eric roared, tears welling up in his eyes. “Who do you think you are? How dare you force your stupid lips on me?”

He raised his finger. “How dare you!” He didn’t even realize that tears were rolling down his cheeks. But for the rain, his entire face would have been flooded by tears. “You stupid, ugly disgusting man. Do you think that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want? Do you think you can have whomever you want? Disgusting!” He furiously rubbed his lips, feeling like something was crawling up his body. “How dare you kiss me!”

Sergio raised his face to stare into the boy’s face and what he saw was a whole lot of anger. He had meant to kiss him but what he saw scared him.

“I am sorry!”

“Sorry!” Eric roared. “What the fuck are you sorry for? Now you listen to me…” He warned. “…stay away from me. Do you understand? Stay the fuck away from me.”

He quickly turned and started rushing out of there without even looking behind him. He didn’t want to see Sergio’s face.

Sergio on the other hand remained standing in the rain like a statue, watching as the boy went further and further away from him. He was supposed to be happy… he was supposed to smile because everything had gone so well. But why did he feel the way he felt. He had kissed several guys before for fun but this one was very different and it got him so confused.

“Shit!” He groaned, furiously rushing to his car. He reached his car and drove off like a maniac.


Eric locked the door behind him, leaned towards it and slowly slid down. He was in so much pain and the tears were now visible on his face. He was rubbing his fingers on his lips as images of the incredible kiss that he had just received slowly formed in his mind.

He remembered the passion with which Sergio had kissed him, the moans, the cologne from the man and those powerful arms locked around his waist. It had been incredible but at that moment, all he got was pain and fear. He’d never been kissed in such a long time and it brought nothing but fear and pain to him.

“You bastard.” He sobbed softly. “You stupid bastard. How dare you kiss me! How dare you!”

Eric was experiencing really bad flashbacks, something that he really didn’t wanna remember.

“Why?” He screamed, gripping his hair. He was wet but he didn’t care about that.


2 years ago


Eric happily rushed upstairs to the gorgeous room, taking in a deep breath when he reached it. He was really, really happy because he had a great surprise for his boyfriend.

“Baby!” He hollered as he opened the door.

But Eric got the shock of his life when he was welcomed by sensual moans that filled the entire room. The two guys that were fucking their brains out on the bed were probably too busy fucking to notice or hear his voice.

Eric didn’t know when his face got covered in tears or when he began trembling. Pain, anger, fear and resentment swept him off his feet like a storm. His heart got broken to pieces right there and his entire strength left him.

Tristan, his Tristan was busy fucking someone else on that same bed were they usually laid together. They were busy fucking in doggy style, crying and moaning like they were in bliss. They didn’t have anything on and his boyfriend had his hands tightly on someone’s waist, hitting his ass cheeks and… God, it hurt so much.

Although he didn’t wanna believe that wasn’t his boyfriend, he could tell from the huge rose tattoo on his back that it was him.

“Tris… Tristan!” He quivered.

That was when his boyfriend and the guy he was fucking heard him. Tristan quickly took a glance behind him and once his eyes locked with the boy standing at the door, he cursed and quickly rose from the bed. He wanted to say something but it was too late, the boy was already rushing out of the room.

Eric was crying… he had his mouth covered and he felt like his heart had died. He was rushing kocaeli escort downstairs as fast as he could because he needed to get out of there. He loved Tristan too much and now this was happening. This was his first fucking relationship for goodness sake.

“Eric!” He heard a voice behind. “Please, my love wait!”

But Eric just increased his pace. He came downstairs and started rushing to the entrance before he was pulled back. He was staring into those beautiful green eyes, the very eyes that had made him to fall in love with the hunk standing in front him. He was sweat and he leaked of sex.

“Baby, please, I am so sorry!” Tristan pleaded, putting his hands together. “I… I don’t know what happened. He seduced me!”

“Sorry!” Eric yelled. “That’s all you can say to me. I just caught you fucking someone else and that’s all you can say to me. How could you do this to me? I trusted you… Didn’t you ever consider my feelings before you decided to cheat on me?”

Tristan shook his head. “Babe… I… I…” He was breathless. “…I didn’t know what came over me. I love you so much. I swear…”

“If you love me, you wouldn’t have done what you did.” Eric sobbed. “You’ve shuttered me. You’ve broken me and you’ve made a fool out of me. I have given you everything, everything that I am and everything that I cared for. But you’ve thrown them right in my face. You’ve totally broken me.”

“Please!” Tristan knelt down, holding Eric’s hand. “Forgive me. I’ll never do this again. You’re the one I love.”

“Don’t touch me!” Eric withdrew his hand. “If you truly love me then you wouldn’t have done this. You can go back. Your guest is waiting but please, stay away from me. I don’t wanna see you.”

With those words, he turned and rushed to the door. But he had only touched the knob when suddenly, he heard something, something that really made him stop and broke him completely.

“Go then!” Tristan said harshly. “Get the fuck out! You think you’re special but you’re not. After all, you’re just a mistress’ child, a bastard.”

Eric’s heart was completely destroyed by those words. He just stood still without even turning.

“Like mother, like son.” Tristan added.

Eric sobbed uncontrollably, taking a glance at the man that he had learned to love so much. He knew everything about Eric and he had accepted him like that. Tristan was three years older than Eric and they’d met in high school. They had been dating for almost 7 months. Tristan’s parents did not about their relationship. In their mind, they were only good friends. His mother did not know because he was at a boarding school away from home.

“Do you think anyone will love you?” He laughed, getting off his knees. “No one will love you aside from me when they realize you’re just a bastard. Me on the other hand, I can have whoever I want so whether you go away or not, it doesn’t make any difference to me.”

Eric closed his eyes, feeling tears rolling down his cheeks.

“You’re not even that good anyway. You’re only good for one thing. You might think guys like you but they only want one thing from you.” He laughed manically, getting closer. “Your best choice is to turn back and come back to me. We can forget about what has happened and start anew. You know I love you so much. Come back.”

Eric opened his eyes, slowly rubbing his tears. He then turned and went back to Tristan, staring right into his face. The guy was smiling.

“You’ve made the right decision now why…”

Before the guy finished his sentence, he was given a really huge blow to the head that sent him flying to the floor. He hit his head terribly and he had a cut on the forehead. He groaned in pain, trying to get up but he couldn’t it.

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought you’d do this, that you’re this kind of person.” Eric chuckled in his pain. “Not even if the devil had told me himself would I have believed. But thank you!” He sniveled. “Thank you very much for what you’ve done to me. I’ll never forget it.

You can have your fake love, your fake pride and your care to your heart’s content.”

He slowly turned, glanced at the guy that was looking at him with a blank face and stormed out of the house. That had been really terrible for him and as he was leaving that house, he promised himself not to get into another relationship again. He promised to try by all means to remain single.


Present Day


Eric rose from the floor and slowly walked to his bathroom. He had a really terrible headache and all the bad memories were back. Tristan was no longer a part of his life. His family had moved abroad like a year ago and he was a closed chapter of his life. This was that stupid Sergio’s fault. Tristan had been the last man to kiss him or get intimate with. Now that stupid Sergio had kissed him.

Eric looked into the mirror as he rubbed on his lips. He could still taste Sergio on them and those images of them kissing couldn’t just go away.

His eyes were red from crying and he was feeling a little bit cold. darıca escort When he looked at himself in the mirror, he froze and just stared at the mirror.

“What are you doing, Eric!” He muttered, slowly starting to rub his tears. “Why are you letting him make you cry like this? You’re stronger than this and you’re smarter than this. It was just a kiss and it meant nothing to you. It’s not like he’s coming into your life.”

He opened the tap and washed his face clean. He looked much better and he knew what else had to be done to be completely fine. He needed to take a really hot shower. And that was what he was gonna do.

‘I’ll not let you get any closer, Sergio.’ He vowed, clenching his fist. ‘I will push you away, far away. You’ll be sorry for that kiss.’

That was a promise.


Sergio kept on turning on his comfy bed, failing to sleep no matter what he did. His heart was racing and his breaths were a bit harsh. He kept on thinking about what had happened that afternoon under the rain.

He could remember the kiss, the moans, the embrace and the way that kiss had taken him by surprise. He hadn’t really planned on it and honestly, he was supposed to be happy. But the effect that it had on him was something he hadn’t expected.

He lay on his back with his head on his palms, staring at the ceiling while images of them kissing played at the back of his mind. At one point, he got so lost that he didn’t even realize that he was smiling and licking his lips.

‘I don’t know what is making you resist me, Eric.’ He thought as he took in a deep breath. ‘But that kiss we had shared was really wonderful. In fact, the way you responded to my kiss has even motivated me to continue pursuing you. It will only be a matter of time before you give in to my charms. And then you’ll be in my bed.’

He didn’t even realize that he was chuckling to himself.

‘If a kiss can feel that way…’ He paused and moaned, rubbing on his lips sensually. His hormones were slowly taking over and he was getting horny. ‘…I wonder how sex with you will feel like. I can already imagine you moaning my name while I drive you insane. It’s a pity you had to be a part of this little bet. But when Sergio is challenged, he always has to prove them wrong.

I am so sorry for this. But like they say, don’t hate the player. Hate the game. Surely, all of us will go our separate ways after this.’

He took a deep breath and continued imagining and planning on how he was now gonna take his plan further. He needed to do it quick because the semester was only like two weeks from being over. He had to act fast.


“Okay like seriously, you guys my boyfriend is the best boyfriend ever.” Riya said, literally moaning. “What he did yesterday was absolutely amazing. I had no idea that when I went to his place, he’d give me such a gorgeous surprise. Isn’t it beautiful?” She asked as she extended her hand to show an expensive looking diamond bracelet.

“Wow!” Eric gasped, holding Riya’s hand sweetly. “This is so beautiful. I can’t even begin to imagine how much this must have cost.”

“That’s what happens when you’re in love.” Smith added, staring at the bracelet. “You’re willing to go miles just to see the one you love happy. That’s what love is about.”

The three friends continued going inside the building. They’d just come from having their lectures and they were a bit hungry. They just wanted to have some food in their tummies . Eric was dressed in a beautiful pure white shirt that was halfway buttoned up and tucked in a sexy skinny trouser with black shoes on his feet. He had his hair tied in a high fashion ponytail that made him look sexy as hell. So many eyes were on him that morning. His friends too were gorgeously dressed but of course, he was the best.

The three were almost exiting the building when suddenly a guard came rushing towards them.

“Excuse me, Sir…” He said, making them stop. “…sir Eric.”

Eric wondered why the guard was calling him. But that was when he saw that he was holding a beautiful red bouquet of flowers and a small expensive looking box.

“Sir, this was left for you by Mr. Alvarado.” The guard said with a smile, handing the small box. “Chocolates and flowers.”

He got the small box and he looked at it. It was truly chocolate, one of his favorite things on earth. And it had a note with it.

“What does it say?” Riya said happily, literally jumping.

‘I hope these flowers remind you of how much I like you and how sweet you are, like chocolates.’ The note read. ‘I am not sorry for kissing you the other day because it was the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.’

Eric felt his anger slowly rising deep within him as images of their kiss flooded him. He looked at the guard and handed him back the chocolates, giving him a stern face.

“I don’t want them.” He said harshly.

“But sir…” The guard gulped. “…what am I supposed to do with them? He specifically instructed…”

“Throw them in the trash.”

Without gölcük escort even hearing what the guard had to say to him, he started going away from him.

“Eric, hey…”

“Riya if you’re about to talk about Sergio then drop it.” He stopped and frowned. “I don’t wanna hear anything that has to do with that sick who is totally obsessed with me. Do you understand?”

Riya raised her hands like she was surrendering. “Yes, boss.” She teased, chuckling softly. “That is a no go topic.”

Eric smiled at her and just as they were about to turn, he got another surprise when he saw Diego rushing to him with a tall dark guy. God! Why couldn’t people just leave him alone?

“Hi, Eric!”

“Hey!” Eric smiled softly. “What’s up?”

“Well, remember my friend, Paul?” He said.

Eric smiled. “Yes, I remember.”

“Well,” Diego chuckled nervously. “Since it’s lunch time, we just decided to invite you for lunch. Are you free?”

Eric gave a smile. “Well, I can’t join you. You should have called first so that you shouldn’t have wasted your time coming here.” He looked at Paul and nodded. “It was nice seeing you again. Bye!”

Diego felt like an idiot when Eric just walked past him and left together with his friends rudely.

“Excuse me man…” Paul said with a frown on his face. “…I am so sorry for saying this but it just seems to me that he just gave you a cold shoulder right now.”

Diego chuckled, shaking his head. “No man. Me, a cold shoulder? He’s the kind that plays hard to get. I have got it under control.”

“Are you sure about what you’re about to do?” Paul asked. “He’s really beautiful and popular and you two are kinda friends but are you sure it’s going to work?”

“Why not?” He frowned and then burst into laughter. “Just take a very good look at me. I am classy, sexy, rich and also popular. And you also know me, I like it when a boy gives me such a hard time. It actually adds to my excitement. Let’s go and have lunch.”

The two men left happily.


Eric was seated at the edge of the pool with his legs in the water, busy smiling at his friends. He was holding a glass of pineapple juice, his favorite. He was only dressed in a sexy swimming trunks boxer that was really tight on him. His friends were in the pool and he was happy seeing them swim.

“Hey, what are you doing?” He giggled when Riya pulled on his legs.

“Trying to get you into the pool. It’s been almost thirty minutes since we arrived here and you haven’t even gotten wet. Let me remind you that you were the one that suggested this.”

“I know but…”

“No buts!” Riya swung her finger in the air. “You just have to come inside the pool. And besides, those guys over there have been checking you out since your arrival.”

Eric glanced at a group of guys that were staring at him with horny looks on their faces. He simply rolled his eyes and sighed.

“Alright, fine!”

He got up from where he sat and dived into the pool. He loved swimming because it always made him so happy. He had learnt how to swim after his maternal grandfather had taken him on a trip six years back at a resort, before he died. Although his grandfather had been mad at his mother for decisions that she had taken in her life, he loved him so very much and had even left a lot of money for his education after his death. Well, he didn’t have to worry about payments.

“Wanna race?” Smith yelled, pointing at his two friends. “Let’s see who’ll reach the other side fast.”

“You’re going down, Smith!” Eric hollered. “You too Riya.”

The three friends laughed and then they started racing in the water. Unfortunately, Riya beat the two of them and she was really happy. They didn’t really get surprised since Riya was great at swimming. Back in high school, she was the best swimmer in school.

After a long time being in the pool, Eric decided to get out and go and get a drink. But the moment he got out, it was to look into the face of Sergio who was standing right in front of him. He had a smile on his face, his hands on his hips and he was wearing a really tight swimsuit and Eric saw the outline of his cock but he looked away.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Eric snarled, staring at the guy. “I thought I told you to stay away from me.”

Sergio chuckled happily. “And hello to you too.” He was so excited seeing that face after almost two whole days. “And I didn’t follow you here. I came here to relax.” And of course, it was a lie. “But now that I have seen you here, perhaps we can swim together. I have missed you.”

Eric gripped his hair, trying to make himself calm. “I can’t deal with this shit!”

He quickly turned to leave but he bumped into someone really hard and was sent flying into the pool.

When Sergio saw that, he didn’t know how he reacted fast but he quickly jumped into the pool and held Eric, gripping his waist tighter. He was swimming with the boy to the edge.

“I got you.” He whispered. “I won’t let you go.”

“Will you get your hands off me?” Eric snarled but the guy was still holding him.

Sergio carefully took him to the edge and Eric got out before Sergio got out. Eric could have sworn Sergio had been checking him out when he was getting out. And he had placed that stupid cock of his directly on his ass.

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