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Games We Play

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My wife and I are very happily married with a fairly active sex life but I always seem to want more. So once every couple of months we play a sexual “game” for about a week that is designed to get me hornier than hell and keep me hard and without allowing me to cum.

Have I mentioned I like to crossdress? My wife doesn’t totally embrace my crossdressing but she does tolerate it and is a good enough sport that she’s sometimes willing to participate and enhance my experience. Out of respect for my wife I only dress up when she’s not home or when we play the “game”.

I’m also an exhibitionist. But not the type that likes to streak or flash women with a hard-on. No, I like to go out in public dressed as a woman. I’m not passable so most of my excursions are early morning or late at night when there’s a chance of being seen but no guarantee. The thought of being caught while I’m dressed all feminine really turns me but I’d die of humiliation if I was caught.

I usually select pretty conservative outfits when I go outside. In fact sometimes when I’m wearing women’s low rise jeans or shorts with a woman’s polo top someone might mistake the clothing for men’s from behind but wouldn’t mistake me from the front. That’s because I always wear a stuffed bra but the amount of stuffing varies with how risqué I want the outfit to be. I have bras with cup sizes of B through 40DD and when my bra is filled with my 40DD breast forms they can be seen from a block away.

Other times I will wear a skirt or dress with heels but again they’re pretty conservative and not designed to attract attention. That’s not say I don’t have a lot of very sexy and revealing clothing but I usually don’t leave the house when I’m dressed like that.

I say usually, because when we play the “game” and my wife participates in my crossdressing, she sometimes orders me to dress like a slut, or even worse, only in sexy lingerie then sends me outside.

The “game” my wife and I play has very specific rules that I must follow or the game ends. As I indicated the game lasts for a week and if I follow every order then I’m rewarded with an entire week and weekend of crossdressing. My wife’s goal is to end the game early by ordering me to do something and I refuse.

The game starts with me e-mailing my wife with an activity I want her to force me to complete as well as what woman’s outfit I want to wear the following weekend. The outfit must be feminine enough it can’t be mistaken for men’s clothing — so much for going out in pants! The activity must be away from our house in a public location where there’s a better than even chance of me being seen.

Also, the activity must be one I’ve never completed before and one I’d only complete if I was horny enough. Meaning if I’d complete it without a week of build up and blue balls, then it’s not risqué enough.

My wife then comes up with some activities in risqué outfits that are challenging for me to complete during the week. Only if I successfully complete every activity she give me will she order me to complete the activity I initially told her I wanted to do and then be allowed a weekend of crossdressing.

This also gives my wife has a week to think about what she can change about my upcoming weekend’s activity or outfit to make it more risqué. Yes she has authority to modify the activity or outfit as she sees fit. I’m normally the dominant in our relationship but when I crossdress I become very submissive and it’s my wife’s turn to be in charge.

It must be my good Catholic upbringing that gives me so much guilt over pleasure because I could never perform the activities dressed the way my wife orders me to on my own. But being ordered by my wife I have no guilt and get turned on beyond belief.

For instance, I once wanted to be taken for a ride in the car early one Saturday morning with her driving and I dressed in a skirt, top, bra, pantyhose and heels. I’d be forced to sit in the passenger seat of our car dressed as a woman while she drove me anywhere she chose and I’d be completely at her mercy. Perhaps another driver might pull along our car and see me or my wife would drive on the highway and then along side a truck keeping pace with it till the driver noticed me. I’d have no choice but to be seen, embarrassed and humiliated! The ultimate turn-on for me!!

I performed every activity throughout the week and was looking forward to my reward — the drive in the car. With a week to think about it, my wife came up with a few enhancements to my fantasy to make it more risqué.

Instead of pantyhose and B-cup bra, my wife ordered me to wear a garterbelt with stockings and the matching panties and 40DD bra. The skirt was a mini skirt vs. the one I wanted which came to my knees and the top she chose was sheer. She also had me put on make-up, clip-on earrings and a long blonde wig.

As soon as I sat in the car I knew I would attract the attention of anyone who glanced my way. Besides the sheer top over the red bra, my skirt elazığ escort was so short the tops of my stockings and garters showed. As we backed out of the driveway and headed for the highway, I just kept telling myself I asked for it and to enjoy the ride (yes, a play on words).

I swear my wife hit every red light intentionally so we’d have to stop and allow other cars to pull alongside. I refused to look at another car’s passengers but out of the corner of my eye I could see some drivers or passengers do a double take when they looked at me.

I said “Mistress, are you slowing down to hit all the red lights on purpose?” When I’m dressed as a woman I’m not allowed to call my wife anything but Mistress and she calls me slut. It’s a constant reminder that she’s in charge and I must do whatever she orders me to.

“Yes slut, you do want to be seen dressed as a woman don’t you? Otherwise why did you pick this activity?

She continued talking without giving me a chance to respond. “I’m going to spend the next couple of hours showing you off as much as I can. But if you want me to stop, just say the safe word and I’ll drive you home. But remember what happens if you use the safe word.”

“Blue balls” was my safe word and it was also very descriptive. According to the rules of the game, which stupid ass me created, if I chicken out and refuse to do whatever my wife orders me to, then the game ends immediately and without me cumming, my wife will lock a chastity device on my cock. For the next four weeks I must satisfy her every sexual want and need but get no sexual release — hence the safe word blue balls.

Only after the four weeks have passed will my wife give me a chance to have the chastity device removed. And per the rules of the game that I wrote, I must perform the same activity I refused to do four weeks prior only in a more risqué outfit. If I refuse again, then its four more weeks in the chastity device till I’m allowed the opportunity to perform the same activity. My wife will not release my cock from the chastity device until I perform whatever activity she originally ordered no matter how long it takes me give in and perform it. Talk about blue balls!

This is definitely a great incentive to do whatever risqué things my wife dreams up. And since my wife would never order me to do something that would get me arrested, there’s no reason not to do whatever she orders other than my complete and total embarrassment and humiliation. To date I’ve always done as ordered but she is making it more difficult every time we play the game.

Needless to say I didn’t use the safe word and she continued to drive me around. When we got on the highway my wife did pull along side a couple of big rigs and even a tour bus. Because of the tinted windows on the buss my wife couldn’t tell if anyone was looking at me so she honked the horn a few times to make sure I had everyone’s attention. She ordered me to smile and face the buss then wave until we passed the bus.

How humiliating! I couldn’t see who was looking at me but they could sure look down into the car and see all of me. And I had to smile at them and continue waving for the three minutes it took my wife to finally pass the bus. I know my face was as red as the color of the lingerie I was wearing.

By this time we were out of town and into an area that wasn’t heavily populated. My wife took the next highway exit and pulled over and stopped.

She turned to me and said “OK slut its time for you to get out and go for a walk.”

“What do you mean go for a walk?” I asked.

“You’re going to get out of the car and walk across the overpass to the other side of the highway where I’ll pick you up.”

I thought about what I as wearing and said “Oh Shit” to myself. Granted we were out of town but occasionally there were cars on this overpass. And anyone on the highway looking up would see me.

I knew I didn’t have a choice so I reluctantly got out of the car.

As soon as I closed the door my wife locked it then rolled down the window a couple on inches. She said “If I drive across the overpass right now I’ll have to wait for you. So I’m going to get back on the highway and drive up a couple of exits then get off and turn around. It may take me 15 or 20 minutes but you don’t mind waiting do you slut?”

Of course I minded waiting! I was dressed like a slut and if anyone used the overpass I was guaranteed to be seen. There was no place for me to hide!! What if a person driving passed me stopped? What would I do? What could I say?

My wife burst out laughing at the worried look on my face and said “Have fun slut and I’ll see you soon.” And with that she drove off and back onto the highway.

I was abandoned dressed like a slut and I just knew I was going to be caught. I had no choice so I walked across the overpass and waited for my wife to return. Numerous people driving on the highway must have looked up and saw. I just hoped they were driving too fast elvankent escort to see I was a man dressed as a slut!

Almost as soon as I got to the other side of the highway a car exited the highway from the same direction my wife and I did. Thank God it turned right vs. left or it would have driven right passed me. Now I was worried. What direction would the next car take and would I be caught?

I finally saw my wife’s car coming down the highway but looking the other direction I also saw a pick-up truck exiting the other side of the highway. I willed my wife to drive faster but no to avail. I bet she was going under the speed limit based on all the cars that were passing her.

I knew she was driving slowly on purpose to leave me exposed as long as possible and give me the most chance to be seen.

The pick-up made it to the end of the exit and made a left. It was coming towards me and there was nothing I could do. Oh my God!

My wife was now on the exit ramp but it looked like the pick-up was going to get to me before my wife did. Damn couldn’t my wife drive any faster?

I stood there frozen not knowing what to do — not that I really had any choices. The driver of the pick-up could not miss seeing me and sure enough he slowed down and stopped next to me. The passenger window rolled down and I saw there were two men in the pick-up.

They both stared at me then must have concluded I was a man dressed as a slut because they started laughing and making obscene comments. I was so humiliated!

About that time my wife pulled up and stopped about 20 feet behind me. Why didn’t she pull up along side me so I could jump in the car? It only took me a second to figure out why. She finally forced me into a situation where I was caught and she wanted to make the most of it.

I started walking towards my wife’s car as fast as I could in heels and one of the men yelled “Where you going slut? We’d like to talk to you.” I didn’t stop, I didn’t turn around and I didn’t answer.

I reached my wife’s car and tried to open the passenger door. It was locked. My wife used the button on her side to roll down the window an inch. We could talk but I couldn’t reach in and unlock the door.

She asked “Having fun slut?”

“No!” I yelled “Let me in.”

“But your fantasy is to be seen and now you’re being seen.”

“Please let me in.” I pleaded “This is embarrassing.”

“What will you do to be let in the car?” She asked

“Anything, just open the door. Please!” I begged

“You’ll do anything?” She said with an evil grin

I knew I was in trouble.

My wife thought for a minute or two then started giggling “You are to walk back to within an arm’s length of the truck and apologize to the nice men for not answering their question.”

“I can’t do that!”

My wife continued as if I hadn’t even spoken “Then you’ll ask what they wanted to talk about. You will stand there and talk with them for at least five minutes or they leave whichever comes first.”

“I won’t do that!”

“Yes you will or I’m going to drive off and leave you. I’ll come back for you but it won’t be for at least two hours. What’s it going to be slut?”

I knew my wife wasn’t kidding and would drive off and abandon me. I learned this the hard way once when I thought she was bluffing to get me to do something. Well stupid ass me called her bluff and she drove off. Needless to say this time I chose the lesser of two evils and said I would go talk to the men.

She said “I knew you’d see it my way. But because you didn’t immediately do what I told you to you need to be punished. Don’t you slut?”

Damn the rules of the game! If I ever say “no” then give in and do it anyway I get punished.

“Yes Mistress. I need to be punished.”

I looked over at the pick-up and saw it was still parked there only the driver had shut off the engine. The men weren’t going anywhere till they saw how this played out. I’m sure they couldn’t hear our conversation but it was obvious I was locked out of the car with no place to hide.

My wife said “Listen carefully. You will do exactly as I say or I will drive off. You are to walk back to truck and apologize to the men for not answering their question. Then you are to ask the men if they’d like to see your sexy red lingerie to make up for it. I’m sure they’ll say yes. And when they do I want you to take off your skirt fold it and lay it on the hood of their truck. Then take off your blouse, fold it and lay it on top of your skirt.”

“Now you may ask them what they wanted to talk about. Only this time there will be no five minute rule. You are to stand there in just your bra, panties, garterbelt, stockings and heels and talk to the nice men for as long as they want. Only when they drive off are you allowed to come back here. Oh, and don’t forget to get your skirt and blouse before they leave.”

Oh fuck! I didn’t want to do this but my only option was to use the eryaman escort safe word and that just meant I’d be back here in four weeks with the same task. My wife had me and she knew it. I had no option but to walk up to two strange men and humiliate myself beyond belief.

I said “I’ll do it. But what if another car comes along?”

“Then another car comes along. I hope they stop so you can talk to them too. In fact I hope a dozen cars come by and stop. After all, the goal of your game is to get you seen isn’t it?”

I stood there frozen afraid to move.

“Slut, you better be on your way before I count to three or I’m going to make you offer them blowjobs. One, two…”

And I was on my way. Sure I’d fantasized about giving a blowjob and had even shared the fantasy with my wife but it was only a fantasy. I’d never sucked a cock and never would.

I slowly walked towards the truck getting more embarrassed with every step. The two men just sat in the cab and grinned at me. They couldn’t know the reason why but it was obvious I couldn’t get into the car and I was reluctantly walking back to them. Who knew what was going through there minds. I just hoped they stayed in the truck and drove off after a few minutes.

When I got within an arm’s length distance (as ordered) I said “I’m sorry I continued walking to my Mistress’s car without answering your question.” My face was as red as the lingerie they would soon be seeing.

They both got shit eating grins and I immediately knew I made a mistake. I referred to my wife as Mistress as I always do when we play the game and now they knew I was a slave and had no say in matters.

My cock immediately got hard. I couldn’t help myself. After a week of cock teasing by my wife I was ready to do almost anything to cum and being dominated turned me on. At this point it didn’t matter that my wife’s domination was forcing me to humiliate myself in front of two men I didn’t know.

As horny as I was I still couldn’t believe what I was about to say, but I had no choice if I didn’t want my wife to abandon me. “Would you like to see my sexy red lingerie to make up for me being so rude?”

“Hell yes!” they both said.

If it was possible, my face got even redder with embarrassment. I glanced back at my wife who was now out of her car and sitting on the hood watching me with a big smile on her face.

I turned back to the men and thought I better get this over before another car comes along. I slowly pulled my skirt down till it was over my hips and fell to the ground. I stepped out of it then bent over to pick it up. I kept my legs straight not bending my knees like my Mistress had taught me. But I just couldn’t bring myself to pick up my skirt with my ass facing the men. My Mistress hadn’t ordered me to but I know she would have wanted me to so I would humiliate myself. I just hope she didn’t punish me for not doing it.

I carefully folded my skirt then took a couple of steps and laid it on the hood of their truck. I walked back to the passenger window and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. The two men knew I was a man but they still couldn’t keep their eyes off my 40DD breasts. I took off my blouse, folded it, put it on top of my skirt then stepped back and stood before the two men.

They stared open mouthed. Yes I was a man, but I kept my body as feminine as possible. No body hair and a figure I worked on all the time — slim, toned but not muscular. Here I stood in my matching red bra, panties, garterbelt, white stockings and four inch red stiletto heels. I was every man’s dream if only I didn’t have this hard cock tucked back between my legs.

The more they stared the harder my cock got. I don’t know why being humiliated like this was turning me on so much but it was. I was so horny I was fantasizing about doing the unthinkable — suck their cocks if they ordered me to.

I finally asked “What was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

“So that’s your Mistress sitting on the car?”


“She’s making you do this?”


“Why don’t you be a man and say no?”

Shit! How do I answer this question without humiliating myself even more? I couldn’t be sure if my wife could hear the conversation but I knew I couldn’t take a chance. Per the rules of my stupid ass game, if someone ever catches me dressed as a woman and asks me a question, I must answer it truthfully. Just one more humiliating experience I never thought I would encounter.

“Because it turns me on.” I answered.

“So you’re getting all hot and horny standing here in front of us?”

“Yes” Damn I hated my game!

“So what did your Mistress order you to do?”

“Stand here and talk with you till you leave.”

“Even if we stay here an hour?”


“What if another car comes by and stops?”

I repeated what my wife said “Then another car comes by and the occupants see me.”

“Will you do whatever we tell you to?”

How did they know the right question to ask? Per the rules of my stupid ass fucking game I must do whatever someone tells me to unless it’s illegal or cause me harm.

I had no idea what they had in mind but I had no choice but to answer “yes” since my wife might be able to overhear the conversation.

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