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I bit his plump lower lip and he moaned. My hands traveled down his narrow waist, under his shorts. He pushed his plump ass back into my hands. I kissed my way to his ear and ran my tongue around his lobe. The young man moaned again, arched his back more and pressed himself into me. I trailed my finger across his ass hole and found that he was already lubed up. He let out another moan, his hot breath tickled my ear.

I pushed him down onto my cobalt satin sheets. He looked up at me with gorgeous dark green eyes. His cool white skin was dotted by pale pink freckles around his eyes. I ran my hand through his curly auburn hair, he kept the sides shaved clean down to the skin. I took his shirt off, his soft chin and hairless slender body made him look much younger than the twenty-two-year-old he actually was. I checked his ID twice when he first arrived. I had already forgotten his name. It wasn’t important. Only our need to get off mattered, that’s what the app was used for.

The man ran his hands over the bulge in my black skinny Jean’s, I pushed my hips forward. He put his mouth over the bulge and went back and forth over it. I smiled back, he didn’t need to know this annoyed me. I pushed him back onto my bed and got onto my knees. I pulled off his shorts to reveal his lime green jock strap. I had specifically requested this article of clothing. Unless I was in a relationship, their cock did nothing for me. He said he wasn’t into getting touched there, a perfect pair.

“Hold your legs back,” I commanded as I took off my semi-sheer pink tee. My skin was a deep tawny bronze. I trimmed my light chest hair to accentuate my pecs. I had a fair amount of definition, but still had just enough fat to make everything look smooth. If I flexed you could make out my abs, which I did for him.

“Yes sir,” he moaned and pulled his legs back with ease, exposing his tight pink hole.

My rigid clock twitched at the sight. Usually I would bury my face between his meaty cheeks and tongue him for a good five minutes until he begged me to fuck him. I didn’t much care for lube, so instead I ran my tongue across his ass, biting each cheek softly as I pulled my jeans off. My cock sprang from its denim prison. I kept my pubes shaved down with a hair clipper. I got on the bed and slapped my cock against his hole, the warmth of it inviting. The boy moaned again, his green eyes filled with lust. He needed me to pound him right then and there.

I took time to put on my condom. A lot of guys won’t use them; they don’t want to break the flow. I used this time to build anticipation. I used my mouth and one hand to free the condom, I used my other to finger him. The boy didn’t lie when he said he was tight. His squeezed his ass around my middle finger and arched his back again. His moans got loud enough I wondered if my neighbors would here him. I almost always heard my neighbors through the apartment walls.

After I had the condom secured around my cock, I slapped it against his hole again. “Please sir.” He begged in an almost not there whisper. As I pressed my head against his hole I wondered how much louder he would get. My dick is on the longer side of average, but it’s thicker than most guys I’ve met. I leaned forward, placed my hand next to his neck for balance, used my other hand to keep my cock straight as I pressed into him. His ass put up a slight resistance before I popped into him. He moaned louder than before. His warm ass tightened around my cock as I went deep. I could feel my balls tighten already. Once I was firmly inside of him I adjust my weight back onto my hips so I could wrap one hand around his neck. I could feel each breath he took as I slowly started fucking him. His nişantaşı escort chest and abs bounced with each of my thrusts. As I got faster his breaths got shorter. Sweat beads dropped from my forehead onto his chest. I moved my hips faster and deeper, he started to moan. I fucked him harder and he started to squeak.

His head rolled back as a weak shot escaped his gaping mouth. I pulled out, ripped off the condom. The boy flipped forward onto his knees, wrapping his mouth around my cock. It only took a few strokes of my hand before I shot thick ropes of cum down his throat. I was exhausted and ready to collapse, but I had to make sure he left. “You like the taste?” I asked as he got up.

“Yes sir,” he rejoiced with a smile. He licked his lips and got himself off my bed. “Where are my shorts?” He looked like a puppy looking for a lost toy.

“Here ya go,” I replied handing him the gray basket ball shorts.

“Thanks, what was your name again?” The boy asked.


“That’s an interesting name.” he said as he finished getting dressed. “alright I have my wallet, my phone and my keys. Maybe we can do this again?”

“Maybe.” I was sincere in that moment. There were nights where I could use him again. But as soon as I shut my apartment door, I knew the chances were slim. I rarely ever reinvented someone.

I walked through my one bedroom apartment straight to the shower. I always showered before and after sex. Sweat was never something I looked forward to. The sides of my mohawk were getting long, I’d have to get those shaved down again.

After getting clean I noticed it was still only eight. I turned the TV on to resume watching John Oliver’s show, I continued scanning over my magic deck. The weekend was always coming up, the Saturday commander tournament was always coming up. My deck wasn’t bad, but I could always improve it. Cody Newman, a regular player, said that you were never done making your deck. I was inclined to agree with him. Each released set added possibilities.

Eight became nine. Nine became ten. It was midnight before I noticed that John Oliver turned into vine videos. I cursed at myself, I even set reminders to go to bed on time. Reluctantly I turned the TV off and retired to my rook, removing the cobalt sheets before falling asleep.

“Late night?” Gloria asked after I had gone through three cups of coffee before lunch.

“Only because I didn’t go to bed.” I poured the liquid cream until the black became beige.

“What no guy?” She asked as she filled her own cup.

“There was a guy. We finished before eight though.” I walked to our normal lunch table.

“Was he cute?” Gloria asked she sat across from me.

“Gimme a moment.” I opened the app Gaytes. I ignored the two new messages and found the guy’s profile. “Apparently his name was Lucas.”

“You didn’t remember this cutie’s name?”

“He wasn’t worth remembering. He mentioned something about going to school for business. Whatever that means.”

“Honestly, I don’t know how you get so many guys.”

“You’ve seen my nudes. I’ve been told tops are a rarity in Phoenix.”

“Eddie said bottoms were in short supply.”

“Eddie is… he doesn’t know how to talk to people.”

“You’re just saying that because he’s fat.”

“I’ll admit gays can be very shallow, but that doesn’t mean fat guys don’t get laid. Eddie is the gay version of a fedora fella.”

“How do you know?” Gloria clutched her chest in an overdramatic way.

“He said hi to me, I said hi back. By the time I came back from break he had sent sixteen more messages.” I stared her down in an overly serious manner. şişli escort

“Ooo… that’s not good. Eddie needs him a life coach.”

“The coach would need a restraining order.”

“Girl, you are nasty today.”

“I’m always nasty. Did the mohawk, black nails and lips not tip you off?” I retorted with a chuckle.

“No but your face did.” We laughed. “When you getting your hair done again?”

“Saturday, Alicia had an opening. I think I’ll get my nails redone as well.” The nail polished started to chip, and the growth started to show.

“I suppose we should go back to taking calls.” Gloria said getting up from the table.

“You’re not wrong.” I joined her back into the cave of cubicles. The only source of light in the section we worked were the humming fluorescents. The benefits were good for a call center. The bosses were more on the understanding side. Even still, working there felt like I was working in a coffin. Hours and a one rideshare later I was finally home.

I fell on the good will couch and opened Gaytes. It was habitual for me to check and see who had messaged me? The two unanswered messages were joined by five more. I reported the three boys instantly, blocked the sugar daddy and blocked the under age one. I was left with a self-described muscle bottom pig and a twenty-three year old.

Dorian Takehiro was the twenty-three year old’s name. He had large soulful brown eyes, a rich beige skin with golden undertones. His shaggy green hair hung just over his eyes. He had a strong chiseled jaw and high cheekbones. His full soft pink lips had a well defined cupid’s bow. My dick got hard as soon as I opened his profile. He seemed smaller than me, but his profile didn’t list height, weight or any other particulars. The only thing that it said was his name and he was looking were friends.

Just friends was something that usually meant the guy was afraid to say he wanted to bang. I opened his message expecting to see him prone. Instead it was a simple question.

You like magic?

I was a little shocked. It was pretty rare for someone to actually read my profile. I did list all my sexual needs, but I also filled out the profile section explaining I was a bit of a pink who liked magic, video games and binge watching Netflix. No one actually read those things, they usually just asked me for ass shots, which I gave. I’m a top, but confusing the people who cant use filters or read is fun.

I play the card game

I exited his profile and started looking for other people to message. It got pretty boring after a few minutes so I turned on my laptop. The phone bleeped. It was him, he actually replied.

Me too. I just moved here from California.

A conversation. A conversation that lacked emojis and had punctuation.

Really? Why did you move?

I moved out here for school. I’m going to be a doctor.

Well try really.

Where do you play magic?

I play at the Basement. I go every Saturday. I heard medical school is a bitch.

Medical school is a bitch. What formats do you play?

What do you like to binge on Netflix?

Bleep. The muscle bottom pig messaged me again, this time him bent over with the word cock slave written on his ass. I blocked him.

I’m a commander player through and through. I love watching legacy lands and dredge decks though. I’m currently watching maniac.

I’ve been watching maniac. Well the first episode.

Would you mind if I showed up at the Basement?

I need a place to play

Preferably gay friendly

The Basement is pretty welcoming. There’s a trans person who plays regularly. Plus there’s mecidiyeköy escort me. I’d enjoy playing with another gay. Do you have a commander deck?

Brrt. Another new guy messaged me. No username, just listed that he was an athletic power bottom. His profile pic was of his bubble butt in speedos that seemed two sizes two small. His flesh spilled out of the dark blue swimwear. My cock went rigid. The guy asked for my address. I sent him the address as well as my request for his sluttiest jock strap and to not prelube. He’d be here in thirty minutes.

Brrt. Dorian messaged me.

Alright, I’ll see you at the shop tomorrow.

I’ll bring my shitty commander deck.

I’ll probably be there at two.


I look forward to playing you. Goodnight. I’ll bring an extra commander deck.

Dorian seemed to be a sweet innocent thing. Would he be any good at magic? I’d have to wait till tomorrow to find out. I’d also find out what the guys thought of him. I showered quickly. Bleep. The swimmer requested that I be naked upon his arrival. I obligated, leaving my body unclothed after I cleaned myself off.

A knock at my door. I opened it slightly ajar. He had smoldering narrow gray eyes, shaved down black hair, smooth deep brown skin with red undertones. “You gonna let men in?” he asked, grabbing his cock through very short black athletic shorts.

I opened the doors for my temporary guest. He was taller than me, his clothing clung to his every muscle showing off his large square chest that narrowed into a narrow waist. He grabbed my leaking cock and shut the door behind him. He pressed himself on me, running his tongue over me ear. I squeaked. It wasn’t often that the guys I fucked did this sort of thing. “Go get on your bed and lay on your back.” He commanded and I abided. He took off everything but his blood red jock strap that barely contained his massive member.

I laid back on my bed, cock pointing straight up. He quickly got on top of me, straddling his massive ass over my face, resting his back against my headboard. I buried my face between his cheeks, swirling my tongue around his hole. My arms wrapped around his hips pulling my closer. “Yeah just like that.” He said with a breathy gravel. “Go deeper”. He commanded as he sat down a little further. I stretched my tongue into his right pink hole. It twitched around my tongue. He grabbed one of my hands and wrapped it around his turgid cock. My hand was shortly covered in precum. I usually didn’t like playing with a guy’s cock, but this man was in charge. I ran my hand over it softly, he was uncut.

He leaned over. I heard him unwrap a condom. When he slathered the lube over my cock, electrical currents ran through my body. I moaned into his ass. “You like that.” It wasn’t a question, it was just the truth. The swimmer got on his knees, I pulled his jock down over his bubble butt. He spun around and lubed himself up and wrapped the condom on me. He sat back, I popped into him. “Oh you feel so good.” I smiled at him. I raised my hips to meet him. “God.” He moved his hips back and forth, squeezing and releasing himself around me in tandem. I didn’t move. He had complete control. I rose up, balancing on one elbow, my opposite hand grabbed his cock. He was longer than me and as about as thick. As I slowly jerked him, his massive balls rose and fell. “Fuck yeah.” He shouted. “Fuck me.” He commanded and grabbed his cock. I balanced myself on my hands and started thrusting up into him. His square chest bounced as his breaths became shallow. “Fuck”. I thrusted harder. “Fuck.” I thrusted faster. “Fuuuck.” I thrusted deeper. His muscles contracted, he tightened around me. Thick volleys of cum hit my head bored than soaked my chest. My cock pulsed, releasing my cum into the condom. “That was good.” He said getting off of me.

“I want a round two.” I pulled him back on my bed. “This time I’m in control.”

“Yes sir,” he said with a smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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