Mar 14

Gender bent – Dolled up party girl

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Gender bent – Dolled up party girlGender bent – Dolled up party girl“Welcome everyone, Thank you for coming out. I know you see a ton of new faces and a bunch of old ones but this is a fun party were we come to enjoy ourselves” The man said. He was a heavy set guy. Naked as per the rules for all men that attended that party, which was a few. “Ok now the rules. New sluts and drink girls are off limits unless they give you the green light, other than that if they are fucking they are open for play.” He chuckled out. “But first let me introduce some of the new girls.” He started calling out girls by their names, stating how sexy they looked and hoped they would par-take in today’s events as these were the new girls. He introduced a bunch of girls while I stood around holding a drink tray. Soon I heard the man scream out “And Dave’s new drink girl everyone give a warm welcome to NIKKI~” I stood silent as everyone looked at me. The lights were pointing right bilecik rus escort at me. “Come on down Nikki, Don’t be shy”.I walked over in my 8 inch pink latex heels that came up to my thighs, dressed with a pink matching collar with the word “CUMSLUT” attached. I had a Pink corset that didn’t cover my flat newly pieced chest wearing a pink anime wig with matching slut earrings. Make up was caked up like the other time but more pink. I was told to before I put make up on to do the Kylie Jenner shot glass trick to plump my lips to a more bimbo look. They put a bunch of fake tattoos on my exposed butt, one was a tramp stamp that said Fill me and other was an ace of spade on my butt cheek. He extended his arm to get me on stage and I got on. “WOW THAT’S A SLUT” someone yelled “I WANT DIBS ON THAT ASS” another heckled. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. Being a slut for hire. At least I didn’t have to fuck anyone bilecik rus escort bayan and was making money though my lips hurt and my new pieces ached. He spuned me around for all to see “This girl is brand new, a prodigy Dave found. I hope she stays and comes back. I also hope she joins the fun. Also remember this is a drink girl. So Hands off unless she says otherwise.” I sighed in relief when he said that “But remember Nikki, If your fucking. Everyone gets a turn. Club rules.” He chuckled. I knew this time I needed to control my urges at all costs. There was about 20 people here and I knew more were coming. I gulped and kept working on controlling my urges. I got off stage and picked up the drink tray again and listen to the final announcement’s. “Ok guys, Dig in”Once he said that guys rushed to the other room filled with crossdressers and shemales. They all dressed up sexy and cute. I walked around rus escort bilecik passing drinks while everyone around me was fucking. 2 hours went by as I witness acts of sex. One girl was getting split roasted by a couple guys while another was strapped down to a pillory getting fucked. A line of guys waiting behind the last guy waiting for their turn. I saw girls drinking cum and getting fucked all over. I saw one girl get double anal and was thinking if that was me, I would die. Soon I felt a hug and it was no other then Kandi. She was dripping with cum, I could feel it on my corset and latex gloves. “Nikki wow, you look amazing. You need tits. Like bad. Did you and dave talk about getting that done?” I looked stunned. “What are you talking about?” I said. She look worried and then smiled “I am just teasing. Hehe” She was covered head to toe in cum “I just got out the Bukkake room. Like 40 guys in there. Crazy stuff” Licking her lips she grabbed the last drink on my tray. “Looks like you can relax now. You served your quota, Go hang out” as she took the tray put it down and slapped my ass, making it jiggle. “Gonna go back into the Bukkake room, need a sip of something that wasn’t piss or cum haha” as she said walking away. I stood there by myself as I watched the fucking going on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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