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Subject: Getting Close Part 4 This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal or private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. *** Nifty is an awesome platform for so many different typed of erotic fiction. Please consider making a donation to keep this archive open for as long as possible. fty/donate.html *** I have been completely bowled over by the response to my writing. I’m in awe of you wonderful people who have emailed me asking about the story and what’s coming next and such. I love seeing responses in my inbox and would love it if I received more. Questions, thoughts, ideas are all super welcome, so thank you all very much. Hope you enjoy this next installment. ——- I woke the following morning in my Dad’s bed. It was pretty early as I could still hear the morning birdsong and a distinct morning light creep through the sides of the blinds hanging in my Dad’s Master Bedroom. Dad’s light snoring was a constant, reverberating throughout the room. I’d heard it thousands of times in my life. It got to the point that when I tried to fall asleep and I couldn’t hear it, I needed some white noise in the background to help me drop off. With one eye open and another buried in the soft pillow below me, I remembered that I wasn’t alone in the bed. Well, it wasn’t that I forgot. I felt that I wasn’t alone in the bed. We’d turned around in our sleep, I was now on my side and I could feel Dad’s body dwarfing me. Our legs were entangled, his chest filled out the crook of my back, his warm breath on my neck sent shivers down my spine. Dad’s left arm ran the length of my body and his hand landed perfectly on my fuzz covered cheek. His right arm held me in a tight embrace, going under my own arm and his hand clutching onto my left shoulder as if he was scared to let me go. I had slowly stirred earlier than Dad. He was quite obviously asleep, especially considering his snoring. The weird thing is that I didn’t freak out. I was comforted. I wasn’t in my own head. I was home. After ten minutes roughly of laying in Dad’s arms, I began to notice the snoring slow down and eventually fade. As the snoring slowed, I felt something else. A pressure began to build on my butt. It took me a few moments to realise what it was. Dad hadn’t put clothes on after we wanked next to each other. He’d just rolled under the covers and fell asleep pretty much straight away, he hadn’t bothered to put anything on. I was feeling his growing morning wood in the cleft of my cheeks. My eyes burst open at this realisation. I had sobered up. I wanted to run. I wanted to hide… I wanted to grind up on it. Fuck. No. This is wrong. I can’t. I need to get out of here. But I didn’t. I didn’t move. I wouldn’t have been able to if I tried. My Dad, for all my cracks about his beer gut, he was a super strong dude. He had biceps that I was insanely jealous of. And he hand me clutched in tight. I opened my mouth to try and say something to wake him up out of his sleeping state. Nothing came out of my mouth, I have no clue why. I was trapped. I felt movement behind me, Dad’s face was moving against my neck. I heard a small smacking noise and a tiny speck of wetness and another, and another. A dawn of realisation washed over me. Dad was fucking kissing my neck. The hand the cupped my arse cheek squeezed lightly and spread it a tiny bit. Dad’s throbbing cock slipped in further into the cleft. He was way too big for his cock to be touching my arsehole, but I could tell that his shaft was running past it. I panicked. I began to hyperventilate. I had to force myself to take deep, long breaths, or otherwise I’d have a full on panic attack. That wasn’t gonna help anything. I focused on breathing properly while Dad continued to kiss the back of my neck. As he did this, his right arm ever so slowly stopped gripping on the shoulder that was digging into his mattress. It slowly travelled past my chest to caress my flat, hairless stomach. As he lightly rubbed me, I felt his hips lurch forward and a stickiness on the back of my ballsack before he retreated his hips slowly. With every soft caress of my stomach, Dad would slowly thrust his hips and left a small amount of what I was assuming was his precum. Even though it was freaking me the fuck out, I couldn’t help but feel wonderful, comforted, desired. I felt more movement. Dad’s strong muscular arm descended lower on my body. It landed directly in my pubic hair and continued to caress me while the thrusts continued in their slow, forceful fashion. After a few moments of stroking the, admittedly small, patch of pubic hair that I had, Dad thrust his hips yet again and his hand slid down a couple more inches and landed on my own raging erection. Time stopped as he grabbed onto my own throbbing member. I couldn’t help myself and a loud gasp escaped my mouth. Except, time didn’t stop. Dad had stopped thrusting. He’d stopped clutching my arse cheek. He’d stopped kissing the back of my neck. “Rach?” He croaked, quiet as anything. “Dad?” “Holy fuck! Ryan!” His hand flew off my cock and his dick whipped out from between my cheeks. He jumped out of the bed, taking the duvet with him. I was just laid on my side, as naked as the day I was born. Realising that I was hard as a rock, I quickly tried to cover myself and to gain some form of modesty, but my situation was kinda exposed. “Uh” I grunted. “Fuck! I’m so sorry, kid. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise. I forgot you were in my bed, I’m so used to Rachel being here that I didn’t realise that it was you. I’m so sorry.” He stood at the other side of the bed, using the duvet to cover himself. He was tenting through the duvet, so it wasn’t really helping much, but I guess it made him feel better. “Oh fuck. I can’t believe I did that, I don’t know if I can apologise enough. I’m so sorry, Ryan” He was in a state of shock. He was babbling over and over again. I kinda just ignored him while I stood up and and bent over to pick up my shorts and shirt. I wasn’t gonna put the shirt on. It was covered in our dried cum from the night before. As I was bent over for that split second, picking up my clothes, I noticed that Dad had gone quiet. I quickly put my shorts on that I was wearing the night before and turned round to him. Dad had been staring directly at my crotch. But then… I realised. I’d been bent over, indirectly showing him my arse, when he’d gone quiet. “It’s alright, Dad” “No, no it’s not. It’s fucked up. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you somehow. I’m sorry… I just get kinda carried away in the mornings.” And at nights, I remembered about the camping trip, where he’d got horny in his sleep and dry humped my arse and came all over me. “I went too far. I’m so sorry. Do you think you can forgive me?” “Uh…” Then I remembered the one thing I’d wanted in a long time. “If you wanna make it up to me, there’s something I want. I was gonna ask for it for my birthday or something, but…” “Yes! Anything, new PC parts? New trainers? Leeds Festival tickets? Name it” He had a izmit rus escort look of relief on his face as he loosened up and his grip of the duvet loosened and began to show the top of his pubic mound. “A good pair of noise cancelling headphones?” He looked confused. “You and Rachel… you get kinda loud” “Oh shit! Yes! Of course. Yes. Wait, you can hear us? I thought we were trying to be quiet.” He laughed, I think the awkwardness had dissipated between us. I left his room and went to my own to grab some new clothes before I hopped in the shower. Before I’d even gone into the bathroom, I stood in the hall, next to the closed door of Dad’s bedroom and heard him grunting. The familiar `Aw fuck’s signalling that he’d just spilled a load of cum all over himself. I chuckled to myself and I stepped in the shower. Before I’d even thought about cleaning myself, I had something else to take care of. *** For the first time in so long, I wasn’t being a moody little fucker. I was relatively cheerful. Not because of waking up in Dad’s arms, but because I knew he freaked out when he realised he’d been feeling me up. It gave me cause to realise that everything was in my head a little and I was just over analysing things. I didn’t really see much of Dad as he’d started spending a lot more time at work, so we were just passing ships living in the same house. The rest of the summer passed as quickly as it began. With wild variations to weather and not much to do. When September arrived, so did school. I was in my final year of highschool and pressure to perform our final exams and coursework would be upon us. I knew that it was gonna be important for me to focus and make sure I got decent enough grades so I could study what I wanted at sixth form. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, there were a bunch of new people in my year at school. I was seeing a bunch of new faces and at least two or three times the first day, I thought I’d accidentally gone to the wrong school. I know I’m an idiot at times, but that wasn’t actually the case. There’d been a closure of another school relatively close by and some of the students moved to our school and some had gone elsewhere. I’d started a new Media Studies course this year and one of the new guys sat at the desks near me, Alex. He’d played Rugby Union at his old school and was hoping to join the team this year. He was tall, but not as tall as me. He was about 6’2″ to my 6’5″, roughly the same height difference between me and my Dad. He was super broad as well, he constantly drank from one of those water bottles that guys from the gym use to drink their protein shakes from. He was actually pretty cool. After that first class together, we started hanging out at school. Shooting the shit while waiting for classes and stuff. After a couple of weeks of hanging out at school, Alex asked if I wanted to hang out after school. I was down, it was either that, or hang out in my room and have to hear Dad and Rachel compete to see if they can outdo my new headphones. Luckily, the last class of the day was PE and I always brought a spare change of clothes. There’s nothing worse than working up a sweat in gym gear and having to put on a school uniform, just to go home and get changed anyways. I sent a cursory text over to my Dad just to let him know I was hanging out and we headed over to Alex’s place. “So this is it, Casa de Alex!” He said flamboyantly as we walked into his bedroom. It was a typical teenage room. Clothes everywhere, posters of half naked girls on the walls, the distinct smell of unwashed feet that seems to follow every teenager around. “Sorry about the mess, man” “Don’t worry about it. It’s pretty much the same as my room at home anyways. Where are your parents anyways?” I asked as I sat down on his bed as Alex rummaged through some of his drawers. “Oh, they’re out. They’re always out. Working or some shit, I dunno” He laughed. He had his back to me as he bent over slightly looking for something. “What are you even looking for?” “This!” He turned round and held up a small bag with a giant grin on his face. Weed. “Oh… I’ve not smoked before” “You’re gonna love it! Really mellows you out, man. Nothin’ better than finishing school and just lazing out with a joint” He studied my face, trying to see whether or not I was cool with what was happening. “I mean, if you don’t wanna, that’s cool, I guess” “No. Nah, it’s fine. Why not? Might as well try it at least once, right?” I wasn’t really bothered about trying it out, but this guy was pretty cool and we clicked pretty much instantly, I didn’t really wanna get ostracised at the beginning of the school year and stuff. “Fuck yeah!” Alex jumped on the bed next to me and crossed his legs and started rolling a joint. I watched as he got it all together, rolling the roach, grinding the weed, carefully rolling everything together. All in all, it took him about 5 minutes of rolling the damn thing before he was ready to light it. I figured that the act of rolling it and being so precise would have calmed someone down enough when they’re stressed that they might not even have needed to smoke it… But I didn’t say anything. I just listened as he told me what he was doing and why he was doing it. “Ok, so I’ve never smoked anything before, what do I do?” “I’ll show you.” Alex put the joint to his lips and lit the thing. He told me to inhale deeply, hold it and then exhale. Needless to say, I nearly coughed up a lung after the first time, to rapturous laughter from Alex. “Holy shit, that is the funniest first time I’ve ever seen.” “Fuck off!” I said passing it back to him and punching him in the arm. “Where’d you even get this stuff anyways?” “My brother. Drew and I used to smoke together before he went off to Uni. Hooks me up every now and then. I’m gonna be a bit hard up now that he’s gone for a while though” Alex looked wistful as he took another drag and passed it over. “Well that sucks” I took my second try, luckily I didn’t make a complete fool of myself, but I was definitely feeling the effects. Whereas I’d been drunk a bunch of times before, the headiness of smoking weed felt completely different to that. “Yeah, he’s like my best friend. We did everything together” “Everything?” “Everything.” “What do you mean, everything?” I didn’t know, I never had any brothers or sisters. It was pretty lonely, I guess. I stopped hanging on every word my Dad said a couple of years ago and retreated into myself and relished my own space. I couldn’t exactly imagine doing stuff with someone all the time. “Well, we’d hang out at weekends, we’d go clothes shopping together, he’d tell me what I couldn’t wear unless I wanted a beating at school, he’d help me with homework and shit. We game together, he hooked me on some of my favourite bands, he took me to parties, he was even there when…” Alex went quiet. His eyes looked like they were slightly glassy but he had a smirk on his face “When what?” “Nah, it’s alright” “Don’t be a dick and leave me hanging like that!” I pleaded as I took another small izmit escort drag and passed it over back to Alex. “He… He was…” He took a drag. I think he was trying to muster up the courage to come clean. I was just in suspense. “He was there when I lost my virginity.” “Whoa.” “Yup.” “How’d that come about?” “Uh, He took me to a party that he and all his friends were at. There was this girl that he’d been seeing there. They kinda went missing half way through the whole thing. I went looking for them. I found them in one of the bedrooms just as he was finishing fucking her.” He kept the joint in his mouth as he rearranged his crotch in his gym shorts. “He told me to come in and close the door. He whispered to her and she giggled and nodded. He got up, stark bollock naked and brought me over to her as she was lying on the bed. Told me that today is the big day and that his girl is gonna be my first.” “Wow. You fucked her?” “Yeah” He grinned as he finished up the last of the joint and stubbed it out in the ashtray. “It was fucking awesome. I was being told what to do, when to go in deep, when to speed up. It was weird… but it was amazing. Drew just sat in the corner and gave me pointers” “Damn. I’m kinda jealous” “Well, it was only one time. I don’t even know if she remembered the next day. I haven’t done anything with a girl since. What about you?” “I ain’t done shit” I grunted. “I mean, I got a couple of handies, but that’s about it” “I’d kill for a handy right about now” He groped his crotch. “Weed normally makes me super horny, y’know?” “Nah, I don’t know. I’m just horny all the time anyways” I laughed. “You ever wank off with another bud?” “Uh” I looked directly at his face. Wondering where this was going. In the back of my mind, I knew completely where this was going. “Kinda, once” “You wanna do it now? I haven’t gotten off all day and I won’t be able to focus unless I blow or something” “Uh, you won’t tell anyone?” “Why the fuck would I tell anyone? I’d be telling people that I wanked off with another dude” He had a point. “You got stuff to watch?” “Hell yeah!” He grabbed his laptop and put it between us. Immediately he was scrolling through folder of stuff that he’d downloaded and picked a video. Almost immediately he put on a gang bang scene where one blonde was surrounded by a bunch of well hung black guys. Definitely not the sort of stuff I’d whack off to. “So… Do we just whip it out?” I asked, not really trusting myself to go first, fearing that this was some sort of trick. He didn’t really say anything. He just pulled his waistband down and fished out his hard cock and fuzzy balls. At that moment, I felt sorta bad, I was rock hard but my piece was a lot bigger than his. I knew I had at least an inch, maybe an inch and a half of length on him. But I also had the girth. His cock was a lot thinner than mine. But, in for a penny… “Ok, here goes” I mumbled. I whipped out my own meat and made sure my balls hung free too. “Dude! You’re packing heat!” “Fuck off! Watch the video, not me.” I laughed. We both started slowly stroking ourselves to the video of the small petite blonde being massacred by a bunch of fucking huge cocks. He was being railed constantly. I bet she had trouble walking the next day after that. Not much was being said, Alex was casually scrolling through the video to get to the parts he liked. Out of an 50 minute video, we saw maybe 5 minutes? When he’d got bored of it, he started scrolling through his collection and picked another video. This time it was a red headed girl, with a decent pair, and a couple of guys, one with brown hair and one with blond. “Now this is one of my favourites” Alex said as he scrolled to the midpoint of the video. He’d skipped the `pointless’ foreplay as he said and got straight into the fucking. The red head was in the middle of these two guys, being fucked on all fours while gingerly sucking the other guy. Before long, the guy who was being sucked moved over and started fucking the girl. The blond guy stayed there and started to rub his back. I looked over at Alex and he had a grin on his face. I was still slowly stroking myself, but Alex had fully stopped. He just laid next to me with his hard cock, bouncing along with every heartbeat. I glanced back at the video and saw that the two guys were now kissing. Whoa. I hadn’t signed up for this. I’d definitely not seen anything like this in porn. If anything, I still tried to stay away from having too many guys in porn as it is. The video took a turn. The brown haired guy stopped fucking the girl and pulled his cock out. The very friendly blond guy sunk down to his knees and started sucking on the cock in front of him. Whoa. Uh, what the fuck am I watching? I began to shift a bit, feeling slightly uncomfortable with what was transpiring. I glanced back over to Alex and he’d started slowly stroking again. Biting down on his lip as one hand held onto his balls and the other slowly stroked his foreskin over his bulbous head. I didn’t want to watch two guys hooking up in front of me. It wasn’t that it disgusted me, in fact… No. I just didn’t want to see it in front of my face. I decided to close my eyes and stroke my cock, bring myself off and just be done with it. This was getting a little bit too weird for me. I picked up speed on wanking myself, hearing in the background the grunts of the guys who were still messing around, apparently. The girl was cheering them on beside them. That made it kinda hard to focus on myself. Normally, when I put my mind to it, I could bring myself off within a few minutes, but after a couple of minutes of stroking quickly with my eyes closed, I wasn’t anywhere close. Maybe it was just the new environment. Maybe it was just the fact I was laid next to a buddy. Maybe it was… I felt something new. Something unbelievably warm on the head of my cock. I slowed down my stroking and shivered as the warmth engulfed the whole head. I gingerly opened my eyes and saw that Alex had leant over and had my cock in his mouth. “WHAT THE FUCK?!” I yelled out. “What? Doesn’t it feel good?” “What the fuck are you doing?!” I’d let go of my cock in shock and Alex had grabbed it by the base. “You said you’ve only had a handy before, and I thought maybe…” Alex didn’t finish his sentence. He licked the head of my cock and took it back into his mouth. I was freaking again, which seems to be a common occurrence for me these days. I couldn’t deny how amazing it felt though. His mouth was warmer than I’d ever felt before, the wetness of his tongue that was slipping up and down the length of my shaft was insane. “Alex, come on man, you should stop” I mumbled. I don’t think I sounded too convincing. Evidently, neither did Alex as he didn’t stop. He just started to take me deeper into his mouth. I relaxed into the bed and all the tension in my body just floated away. I felt transcendent. I don’t think I could have stopped him at this point even if I wanted to. Alex’s hand at the base of my cock stayed firmly in place while his left hand reached over and took kocaeli escort hold of my balls, lightly stroking them as his head slowly bobbed on the top three quarters of my dick. His lips rose to the head of my cock and I heard him inhale deeply for a moment and then I felt it. His lips sank down past the halfway point of my dick, past the three quarter mark and then… The most amazing feeling I’d ever had in my entire life. Alex’s hand moved and were quickly replaced by his lips. The head of my cock was suddenly engulfed in the tightest space I’d ever encountered. His throat muscles were massaging my cock head amazingly. I’d gasped audibly when I felt it. This… This is what I wanted. I never wanted it to stop. I didn’t care how the fuck it happened again, but in this moment, I wanted more. Alex spluttered around my cock and quickly removed my cock from his gullet, gasping for air. “How was that?” “Don’t stop man, I was almost there” I panted and Alex grinned and dove back on my cock. He’d picked up speed and was heading straight for the goal. I just laid back and enjoyed the ride. This is something that I could definitely get used to. Alex had started to bob down on my rock hard prick and went the full length every time, allowing my cock to enter his throat and then be ripped from that amazing cavern, only to be reintroduced to it moments later. I couldn’t believe how amazing this felt. I’d heard stuff about it before and I loved wanking myself but this was inexplicable. My legs were twitching, I could feel my balls, in Alex’s hand, pull up. The moment had arrived. I was almost there. “Aw fuck, aw fuck. You’re gonna make me cum, get off me, you’re gonna make me cum” Alex kept at the exact same pace and didn’t look like he was bracing himself to get off. “Seriously dude, you’re gonna, you’re gonna… “AW FUCK!” Alex held his head down at the base of my cock as my legs jerked and I leant up. My hands trying to pull his head off my cock. But it was too late. My cock throbbed and pulsed out my teenaged load directly into his throat. I was making ungodly grunts, I couldn’t help myself. I felt like I had cummed my brains out through my cock. My legs were twitching involuntarily. After I’d stopped twitching and I’d relaxed back onto the bed, panting, gasping for air. “Whoa. That was… Whoa” “Yeah?” Alex had let go of my cock now, and slapped my stomach as he returned to his previous position. He started stroking his cock super fast. My own cock was laid, deflating and super wet, but not a drop of cum was to be seen. I didn’t know what to do. The video was still playing but I’d barely noticed it while Alex was servicing me. Should I return the favour? Should I at least give him a hand. I didn’t really want to. I just wanted to fall asleep at this point, I was completely spent. Luckily, it didn’t matter. Within a few moments of returning to his own cock, Alex was spewing his own load over his stomach. When the final drops had been extracted, Alex just started laughing. “Sorry man, I couldn’t help myself.” Alex chuckled. “Uh” “Don’t worry about it. I ain’t gonna tell anyone. Just helping a bud out, y’know?” “Yeah, I guess” I mumbled as I started to stuff my softened cock back in my underwear, a little weirded out by the fact that it was pretty moist. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything but water and cum on my cock before. Things went back to normal after we’d blown our loads. Alex rolled another joint and we didn’t mention anything about it. We spent the evening hanging out, smoking, watching YouTube videos and such. *** I’d left Alex’s place and walked home. It was only a 30 minute walk, but I was glad. I needed to figure some things out. I was still elated by how good the blowjob felt, but it was from another guy. Alex was good looking but he was a guy. I wasn’t even attracted to him? Was I? I liked girls. I still fantasised about girls… Most of the time anyways. Sometimes my Dad crept up in my thoughts. But that was normal right? He was this big strong dude that I admired so much. It’s normal to think of him like that… right? I hadn’t figured out anything by the time I’d got back to my house. My cock was still throbbing from it’s attention earlier and I was just as confused. The house, though, the house was pitch black. I could hear some grunts and whines coming from the living but the lights were all out. I instantly assumed that Dad and Rachel were fucking somewhere in the house, not expecting that I’d be returning so soon. “Ryan?” “Dad?” His voice came from the living room. I turned the corner and saw him dimly lit sat on the sofa. He was half dressed and surrounded by beer cans. His face struck with fresh tear marks, he looked devastated. “What’s wrong? What’s happened?” “It’s Rach.” He snorted and tears started running down his face before getting lost in his usual five day stubble. “I think. I think she’s cheating on me” I walked over and sat beside him. He instantly cuddled up to me and began crying on my shoulder. I hugged him tightly trying to soothe him and make him feel better. No one ever likes to see a man cry. But, he’d done a ton of stuff for me, so I wasn’t going to abandon him right now. My hands just held onto his naked back. He’d gotten a little too heavy for me to hold up and we gently slid down the sofa so that I was on my back and Dad was laid on my stomach. His tears had penetrated through my shirt and I was feeling them directly on my skin. His sobbing hadn’t let up. He’d just cried in my arms while I tried to soothe him. After about twenty minutes of him just laid on my chest, he calmed down a bit. He was still shedding tears, but he wasn’t completely beside himself. “I’m sorry, Ryan.” Dad lifted his face from my shoulder and moved up so that his rough, bristled cheek rested on mine. He held me tightly. “Thank you for being here with me.” “Any time, Dad. I’ll always be here for you. You should have called me” “Yeah.” He mumbled. Dad moved his face from my cheek and looked at me from above. “You’re a good kid, Ryan” His face was only a couple of inches away from mine. I felt a tear drop on my cheek, but I don’t think Dad noticed. He was too busy looking at me directly in the eyes. I felt uncomfortable with this eye contact, but I wanted to make sure he knew I was here for him, so I kept it up. Dad’s face inched closer to mine, his swollen eyes closing. His lips met mine. Instinct took over and I parted my lips and closed my eyes. Tender, slight kisses were being shared between us. The bristles on my face shocked me. It hit me. Dad was fucking kissing me. I didn’t want to run though, I wanted to be here more than anything. I was boned up and Dad’s weight on me turned me on more than ever. I felt Dad’s tongue brush against my lips, snaking through slightly, as if it was trying to see if my tongue was ready to join. It was. My tongue reached out and began to dance alongside my Dad’s. And then suddenly, it was gone. Dad had jumped up in a startled fright. He wasn’t laid on me any more. He’d got to his feet, stumbled and walked out of the living room. I sat up and expected to hear his heavy footsteps on the stairs, but instead I heard the front door open and slam shut. I ran after him, but I couldn’t see where he’d gone. Dad had left. He just walked away. He’d kissed me and walked out. Fuck.

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