Oca 06

Getting Lucky?

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John entered the dark movie house with the sounds of a woman gasping on the screen. He could see she was kneeling before a huge cock and smiling. Then she leaned her head forward and began to suck on it. John froze momentarily.

This is what he had come to see. Two days in the big city and one night to live the life of a swinging single. He would start with the porn movie, move down the street to the strip joint and then find a pickup bar for tonight’s action.

John was actually very new to all of this having gone out with his high school sweetheart for four years and then his wife for five years. Now he was separated because she needed some space and he wanted to try a one nightstand or two. That was why he had taken this mini vacation to the big city.

John moved to the back of the theatre and sat in the dark. He watched the movie for five minutes before he realized a woman was sitting two seats away and watching him watch the film and touch his own crotch. She giggled when he looked at her and he was sure she could see him getting red in the face.

She leaned over and put a hand on his arm saying, “It’s okay sugar. We all need to unwind. My name is Cheryl and I hope I’m not being too forward but you don’t really look like you belong here.” “My name is John and it’s my first time.” he said.

John went on to explain why he was there and his whole life story. Cheryl seemed very interested and easy to talk to. Cheryl moved to the seat next to his and he could smell her perfume which made him light headed. His cock got very hard in the dark.

Cheryl was wearing a conservative dress and nylons. She had a blouse buttoned to the top and she looked very pretty. She spoke in a soft and throaty voice. Near the end of the movie Cheryl suggested they go back to her place and she felt his hard cock and laughed and he said sure in a quivering voice. “Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle.” Cheryl told him.

They walked back to her place which was an apartment nearby in a bit of a rundown section of town. John did all the talking and Cheryl took his hand as they walked up the stairs to her door. As she opened it she turned to John and kissed him pulling him close with an open mouth for a minute.

Cheryl pulled back and looked him in the eye. “Are you sure you want a wild experience, sugar? It might be more than you expect.”

John looked back and said “I want the wildest most far out thing to happen to me tonight.” And he leaned in and kissed her. They hugged and french kissed for a few minutes on the doorstep, then Cheryl took his hand and led him inside.

“Keep the lights off.” Cheryl said. Much more romantic as she led him to the couch and sat him down. Cheryl knelt between his legs and said :”Let me drive, sugar. I know what you need.”

Cheryl unbutton two buttons on her top and licked her lips as she took his pants off. “Strip lover. It will be more exciting.” Cheryl told John and he did.

She was kneeling fully clothed and he was stark naked with his clothes thrown across the room. Cheryl began to suck him off.

John had never experienced a blowjob like this before. It was like she knew exactly how to please him. This went on for several minutes and John closed his eyes and became lost in ecstasy. Cheryl continued and pushed a finger up his ass as she shifted him forward. konak escort

He grunted from shock but let her finger him. This was definitely a new experience for John. As he got closer to climax he tried to shift away but she wouldn’t let him and he felt himself build to the end.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth as he exploded cum all over her face and hair. His eyes closed he noticed a light explosion and then another. John thought he was seeing fireworks but on the third one he opened his eyes.

First he saw two girls with a camera off to the side. He had not heard them come in and they were laughing. Then he looked down and saw Cheryl posing with cum on her face and hair. She licked his cock as they took another picture.

Cheryl looked up and said “My friends are crazy. Hope you don’t mind.” John leaned down and kissed her lips amongst all that cum as they took two more pictures.

“I don’t mind a show for your friends if they want to join us.”

John said. That brought a long loud laugh from all three. The girl with the camera said, “Wrong equipment babe. We’re both lesbians and Cheryl’s a fag.”

John laughed with them now as he said he must be a lesbian too and had heard that old joke. No joke they told him.

John looked at Cheryl who had a grin and shrugged her shoulders as she said, “We don’t all hang out at the YMCA. At least not on Fridays. You enjoyed that blowjob better than any you ever had in your life. It doesn’t matter it was a man who looks like a woman.”

Cheryl stood and lifter her skirt and fished out her cock which was starting to get a bit hard. John went white and couldn’t speak. The camera flashed a couple more times as the two girls laughed. The girl with the camera was Sue and the other one was Tammy.

Tammy looked at Cheryl and said, “You bitch. I never thought you would win. My god I can’t believe how many cocks I’m going to have to suck. Do you know how many guys we lined up? You fucking bitch. I thought you were gay and wanted to lose. I can’t believe you picked up a guy in the afternoon in a porno theatre and brought him home for a blowjob.”

Cheryl was laughing and looked at John to tell him thanks for helping her win a bet. It seems that Cheryl had bet her lesbian neighbours she could do this.

The girls would line up a group of men for oral sex and the loser would satisfy all the men in the group while the winner watched. The girls got to choose how many men. And from their expressions they had a lot. Sue was now talking low to Tammy saying she couldn’t do it. She had never sucked a cock and hated men.

She wanted to punish Cheryl because she was really a man but it wasn’t funny now that it would be her and Tammy on their knees naked sucking cocks all night. Tammy told her not to worry. “Suck it up. We might have a good time. I have a plan.”

Tammy then outlined her plan to all talking directly to John who was sitting there naked and in shock. Tammy asked John if he was serious about having her and Sue join him. John looked at these two gorgeous lesbians and said that he was. Tammy told him she had been with men before and that Sue could learn fast.

They would spend the rest of the night after the bet and all day tomorrow fucking him if he would help with their payment of the bet. No manisa escort one would ever know and with him there it would go one third faster and be one third fewer cocks to suck.

Cheryl thought it was a great idea and told him he wanted new experiences. Here was a chance to do it all. A little gay cocksucking, fucking two women at once, breaking in a virgin pussy (Sue had never been with a man), and watching two lesbians going at it. They would give him the pictures they had just took and copies of all the pictures they would take.

John was starting to get hard and Tammy began stroking him. Sue stood off to the side shyly saying it sounded like a good plan to her and he would be her first.

Cheryl said “I wasn’t so bad now was I sugar?” John knew it was going to fulfill every fantasy he ever had and then some. John agreed to it but said he was still shy and not sure about being in front of all these guys doing that.

Tammy outlined how the bet was to be paid off. They would all be naked. Cheryl would be dressed and watching as well as conducting the ceremonies.

They could not use their hands, only mouths. The men could cum on their faces, bodies or in their mouths. Tammy explained all the men had been tested safe and many were married men looking for a safe avenue. Because of John’s few sex partners and he would only receive, they weren’t as concerned with his status.

The losers would wear blindfolds and headphones taped to their heads playing music so the men would be anonymous and could discuss them freely. They would each receive man after man without a break until everyone was completely satisfied.

They would wear knee pads and be allowed to stretch a bit before each cock. Cheryl would let them know when it was over. Then they would take a shower together and head back to the lesbian’s apartment for the night and tomorrow.

John was nervous but when Sue said it sounded okay to her, he decided to go with it. They were both virgins and if she could do it he could.

Besides, no one here knew who he was and the men would never recognize him with all that stuff on his eyes and ears. John agreed to do it. John would join the losers and please the men. The girls both cheers and Cheryl smiled and said “Sugar, I am gong to love this.”

The men were next door at the girls apartment and they went to get them.

Cheryl already had the mask for his eyes, gauze, tape and the headphones with a walkman ready behind a chair. Cheryl brought them out and also a pair of knee pads.

She told him she had them ready for herself thinking she would be the loser but she had the other stuff in the bedroom for Sue and Tammy and would get it when she fixed John up. John let her do him up and put on the knee pads.

He was kneeling on the floor when the door opened and he heard a lot of people come in. Many male voices laughing and some saying he’s cute. This will be fun.

Cheryl said “John can start while I get the girls ready. It should only take a minute.” John heard a click and loud music started to play. That was all John could hear and could see nothing.

He felt his chin lifted and the first cock brush his lips. He opened his mouth and gently sucked it in. He felt it swell in his mouth and the music clicked off as Cheryl said “No menderes escort teeth, sugar. Just go up and down let him set the rhythm.”

John did as instructed and the music started again. John sucked him until he came all over John’s face and then pushed it back into John’s mouth for one last spurt and taste. It was salty but not bad and John thought he could hear a cheer over the music. The music stopped and Cheryl told him he had done great and to continue because the girls were both each on their third guy.

John took on the next one and then had a stretch when Cheryl told him the girls were ahead of him by three and he needed to work on technique and to really get into it. The music started up and John went after cock with a vengeance to catch up.

This went on for seemingly hours. John’s knees ached, his jaw hurt, his arms felt numb from being tied and his stomach was full.

He could feel his face was sticky and so was his hair.

Finally, the music clicked off and Tammy said “All paid John. Thanks for being so kind as to pay our debt.”

The headphones and blindfold was removed and John saw he was kneeling in a room filled with about 15 guys all naked and smiling. Sue stood off to the side with a video camera fully clothed. Tammy had a camera in her hand and was also fully clothed. Cheryl sat in a chair smoking a cigarette wearing jeans, t-shirt and no wig or make-up.

Cheryl was now Tim and smiling. “Looks like you helped me win two bets.” All of these guys had bet Tim could not find a straight guy to give them oral sex as a group. The video tape was the proof for the win. Tim could now get free drinks for the next year at a gay bar and had won $1000 cash.

The girls Sue and Tammy by helping win the bet did not have to pay off their bet and were free from it. They also would get the bound John for the rest of the night and the next day to fuck.

John grinned at this until Tammy held up a 6″ strap-on dildo and said, “This is the small one babe. Sue’s is much bigger and she really hates men. Especially men who were intent on fucking her. I would hate to be you. She never tires.” John looked at Sue and saw the serious expression on her face and yelled no as the men jumped him and put a ball gag in his mouth.

They carried John to the girls apartment where Cheryl/Tim said “Good night sugar. Have fun.” As the men were leaving they said they would see him in a month at the party.

John was confused until Tammy told him that the video would be returned to him after the party in a month where he would do a gang bang for this same group of men receiving their cocks in his ass.

Lots of time for him to be tested to so no condoms would be needed and he could get all that cum up his ass. He looked over at Sue who had an evil smile and was holding up several different sized dildos and butt plugs.

“We’ll loan these to you for practise and training until you come back John Walters of Pine Street, New York.” said Tammy.

They had found his wallet, knew his name address, workplace and even a short letter from his wife’s lawyer outlining the separation agreement terms. He knew he would be back in a month. As the girls strapped on their cocks and greased them up John hoped that would be enough time to heal.

John vowed on looking at the toys on the floor he would be ready. He would not want to be in pain like he was about to feel again. He close his eyes as they bent him over and groaned around the ball gag as he heard Sue’s evil laugh and Tammy say, “Don’t kill him now. Be gentle. We have tonight and tomorrow.”

By Ebenezer

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