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Getting Started Ch. 01: Mentors

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When our kids were grown and out of the house, Jan and I found ourselves sitting and watching TV on too many nights after work. Like many other couples, our lives had centered around raising kids. So, with those obligations done, there seemed to be a gap in our lives.

Jan was very much into socializing. We did go out with friends occasionally. But, Jan really missed the numerous interactions with the kids and their friend’s parents at after-school activities. Our jobs weren’t helping her with her social needs, since she was working from home a lot.

We still stay in touch with the kids, and we see them rather often. But, with the youngest now away at college, and the older ones out on their own, it just isn’t the same.

After about a year of this, we realized we needed MORE. Most of the friends we did go out with or invite over for dinner started to feel like part of the routines. It was somewhat different interacting with our peers instead of the kids. We just didn’t feel as active with our peers.

We knew one couple, Fred and June who were very much into each other, and seemed a lot more fun and open … about … well, everything. They are about ten years older than us. We met them through one of our kids’ groups, when their youngest was still in school. They were so much fun to be around, we stayed in touch, even after their kids were grown.

Fred and June seemed to have a lot in common with each other, and had no problem talking about anything, even about their sex lives. Fred would say something about bending June over the pool table, and she’d respond with a laugh by saying, “You’ll have to put a towel down first. You wouldn’t want to drip on the felt table.” Of course, they never talked about their sex lives around kids. But, once our kids were out of the picture, they opened up a lot more around us.

One weekend, we invited Fred and June over to our house for dinner. I was having a beer at the barbeque with Fred as I grilled steaks. So, I just asked him, “Fred, I have to ask: How is it that you and June are so happy together? Don’t you two fight or get bored? You talk as if you have great sex life all the time.”

Fred said, “We were wondering how long it was going to take you two. Getting bored, aren’t you.”

I said, “What do you mean ‘How long it would take us?’ You expected us to ask?”

“Well, yea. We don’t just go out advertising our lifestyle to the world. But, we could tell you two were showing signs of having an ‘itch” in need of scratching. It’s where you’re both feeling antsy at the same time. It doesn’t happen to all couples. It’s usually the guy who starts cheating on his wife, then she finds out, and there’s a divorce. Or the wife strays, and the guy can’t handle it. But, you two have both been showing signs at about the same rate for months now. So, we started dropping our own hints, too.”

I asked, “Hints about what?”

“We call it ‘the Lifestyle’. There are others out there who enjoy sex, too. You’re probably getting a little antsy of needing sex, but finding with Jan it’s become a familiar sequence of ‘press here, touch there, then put tab A in slot B’. If you were going to cheat on your wife, you would find some willing young lady. And a different young lady might add the excitement of the unfamiliar. But, so far, you two are settling for watching porn together, right?’

“Yea. How did you know?”

“That’s just a guess. It’s an easy way to find ideas for something unfamiliar together. But, let me guess: You two also have different ideas of what’s exciting in porn, right? So, it’s not quite working as well as you’d like.”

“Right again. So, what else did you know we would ask?”

“Jan could easily find another guy to scratch her itch, too. Her itch is missing a feeling of being sexy and desired, not just having sex. I’ve noticed at parties how she likes talking to guys. I doubt that she’s running out on you. But, she’s trying to get to that subtle feeling like she’s controlling a guy who really wants her. In our younger days, we would call her a ‘cock tease’.”

I said, “Yea. She enjoys flirting with guys, And she’ll even admit to me “Oh, I’d do him.’ when she sees a guy she likes. She even points out other sexy women to me, saying ‘In your dreams.’ She’s always been like that.”

Fred said, “I noticed how she’s open and flirty. That’s why we like her. And we see you two as a good fit together. But, as you get older and the family distractions fade, she’s feeling the same itch as you, just a little differently.”

“So, what did you and June do about it?”

“We found others, … other couples, and we share. It gives us that unfamiliar new feeling. And we go home together to enjoy it afterwards.”

I was surprised. “You’re into wife swapping?”

Fred said, “That’s a simplistic way of saying it. But, that’s also just one variation. We call it a swinging lifestyle, or just ‘The Lifestyle’. güvenilir bahis You’ll find all different kinds of people in it. And variations of swapping, including single guys and single women, gays, bi-sexuals, and others.”

“So, you’ve been waiting for us to bring it up. Now, you’ll hit on Jan, and I’ll take June?”

Fred laughed, and said, “No way! We’re friends. And that’s one sure way to ruin a friendship, if things go south with any one of the people involved. All it takes is the wrong words at the wrong time, or the wrong touch to turn someone off, or make someone jealous and fuck things up. So, you two are better off finding your own way. We can help point you in the right direction, and try to help if things do go south. But, it’s up to you two to work it out.”

I was flipping the steaks and timing them on the grill while we were talking. Now they were done. I moved them to a serving plate to set for a few minutes. The women were still in the house getting the sides and other things ready in the dining room.

I said, “So, if not you two, how do we find someone to swap with? Is there a swinger club?”

Fred said. “There are swinger clubs, and I could tell you where. But, those can be a little intense for first timers. I wouldn’t recommend it. I’ll give you a few web sites almost like dating sites to look at. Set up a profile on one or two of them, and start browsing to see what you find. The profiles you read when the two of you are looking at them will tell you far more than I can describe.”

“Then what do we do?”

“Well, you’ll pick a few of those you like, and send them messages requesting to meet. Then it’s just a matter of scheduling, meeting, talking, and see where you want to go with it. Most of the people aren’t too pushy. Sometimes it’s just meeting somewhere for dinner, then go back to your own homes to decide if you want to get back together for more fun, when and where.”

Just then, the kitchen door opened and Jan asked, “Are you ready yet?”

I said, “The steaks are just finished.” as I took the plate in. Fred followed, and we sat down at the dinner table.

Jan asked me, “So, what were you two discussing out there?”

I said, “Fred was telling me about some web sites he thinks we should check out.”

June looked at her husband and spoke up, “So, did you break the ice, or did Ted ask?”

Fred said, “He asked! You know they’re ready.”

She said, “I know. But, like we discussed, you can’t push anyone. Things might go badly.”

Jan asked, “What’s this about. It sounds like I’ve missed something.”

June said, “Oh, you’re ready for it, dear. You know how we’ve been talking about something missing in the excitement? Well, Fred’s been telling Ted about ‘The Facts of Life.’ There are things to do to spice up your lives,… if you want. But, it’s something we can’t say just ‘Do it.” It’s something you two have to decide for yourselves.”

I said, “They’re talking about swinger web sites.”

My wife said to June, “You’re swingers?”

June said, “We like to think of it as living a fuller lifestyle.”

Jan said, “But, you’ll let others guys fuck you. Like Ted?”

June said, “Oh, no way, dear. First Ted’s not ready for me, yet. You two would need more experience with others. And I don’t LET guys just fuck me. They have to WANT me. I play them like a sporting event, until they’re lusting after me. Then I’ll ALLOW them to ‘throw me a bone’, if you know what I mean. But, I get what I want. It’s all about me! Of course, I take care of my guys. It’s like sport hunting or fishing. And I clean what I catch.” June laughed as she said it.

Jan said, “Lusting after me? I think I’d like that.”

June said, “I know you would! That’s why we thought you two were ready.”

Jan said, “But, I take it Fred doesn’t want to lust after me. Because I know Ted would enjoy seeing you naked.”

Fred said, “Oh, I would REALLY like to do you. But, it’s just not the right time for the four of us. Take your time with some others. And feel free to talk to either of us, if you have issues.”

Jan and I spoke at the same time: “What issues?”

Fred laughed as he look at me and asked “How are you going to feel watching another guy stick his cock in your wife’s mouth? Or watching his cum drip out of her? And if you don’t like it, you won’t like the guy who did it. So, it won’t be me.”

Looking at Jan, he asked “And what’s going on in your mind, when you know he’s fucking another woman? Maybe out of sight in another room? Can you handle it? Or are you going to scream at him? And if you freak out, you’re not going to like the other woman. So, it won’t be June!”

June broke in with: “There can be some drama between a husband and wife when the emotions hit one or the other. And sometimes, there’s no predicting when or why. We’ve watched a few problems crop up with other couples. We don’t want türkçe bahis that to happen to you two. And THAT’s why WE don’t want to be in that mix with you two.”

Fred said, “If you two do decide to try it with another couple, let us know if you want to talk about it. If something is bothering you, … either of you, it’s best to talk to someone you can discuss it with. When you’re fucking someone else, that’s not something you discuss with your own parents or kids, either. So, talk to someone who knows, rather than privately getting mad at each other.”

We finished eating as we took turns talking through this. We were all sitting back just talking by now.

June said, “You know, … if you two think your ready, … there is something we could do to ‘dip your toes in the water.’ Do you watch porn?”

Jan said, “Yes. It helps excite me, when we’re feeling like a sexy evening. I think some of it’s rather hot to watch. Do you want to put something on the TV?”

June got up from her chair and went to Fred, who had pushed his chair back from the table. She said, “No need for porn, dear. We’ll show you how it’s done.”

Fred spread his legs, and his wife knelt between them. She added, “When you feel like it, you two can start at anytime, and put on a show for us, too. We call this ‘Parallel Play’ or ‘Soft Swap’.”

June started by unbuckling Fred’s belt and unzipping his pants. He stood as she pulled his pants and boxers down at the same time. His cock was half hard as it sprang out. I noticed right away Fred would be a little bigger than my seven inches. And the way Jan stared at it, I could hear her in my head saying, “Oh, yea. I’d do that!”

Jan and I moved to two chairs away from the table closer to them for a better view.

His wife grabbed his cock with her left hand. Her wedding ring was on display as she stroked her husband’s cock in front of her face. She said in a slow seductive tone, “You told me you suck cock, Jan. But, do you let Ted cum in your mouth? Do you swallow?” She drove her mouth onto his cock, taking it all the way in as she closed her lips around it and sucked as she withdrew. Her head started bobbing back and forth as it stiffened.

Jan was watching her friend sucking that cock, and she put her hand on my crotch to feel mine stiffening.

June pulled her husband’s cock out of her mouth as she looked over at us. She said, “Is this turning you on? Are you ready for it?” She looked up at her husband as she took him back in her mouth and continued sucking it.

Jan reached into her blouse, and pulled one of her tits out as she squeezed it and pulled at the nipple. She started sliding her hand across my crotch, feeling and stroking me through my jeans. Her gaze remained fixed on her friend’s mouth.

Then my wife stood. She unbuttoned her blouse, shrugging it off and dropping it on the chair. She reached around behind her, and unfastened her bra. Dropping her arms down, she easily caught the bra and tossed it to the couch nearby. Her hands went to her 38D tits, as she started massaging them both, holding them up and pointed at Fred. This whole time, she was staring at the scene in front of her.

Sitting there beside her, I reached around her waist. I unfastened her belt, sliding her jeans down, leaving her standing there in her panties. I looked up at her and said, “I’ll leave this up to you, if you want to go further.’

Jan smiled down at me as she hooked her thumbs in her panties, and dropped them to the floor.

Jan and I are nudists, so this was no big step for her. But, sex in front of an audience was another thing.

I stood and undressed, too. As soon as my cock sprang free, Jan wrapped her hand around it and started stroking. It didn’t take me long to be fully hard.

June glanced over at my cock. She took Fred’s cock from her mouth and said “Nice! Let’s see what Jan can do with that one.”

Jan dropped to her knees and started sucking me.

June stood and went to the couch, pulling her pants down to bend over it. Fred stepped up behind his wife, and slid into her. He started fucking her as she remained bent over. But, she glanced over her shoulder to watch us, too.

After a minute in Jan’s mouth, I reached down to her shoulders and picked her up. I kissed her, and we walked around the couch to the living room. She laid down on the carpet where June and Fred could watch, and I knelt between her legs. I shifted her ass around a little to give June a better view, then slid my cock into Jan.

Fred and I were fucking our wives in front of each other. Then Fred stiffened as he shot his load in his wife. He reached over to the table to pick up a napkin, catching the last drops of cum from his cock.

June just stood with her legs together, and looked down as his cum started oozing down her thighs. Fred handed her another napkin, and she caught it, too. Fred stood there with his arm güvenilir bahis siteleri wrapped around his wife watching us.

Jan had her feet in the air, and knees bent, as I pounded into her pussy. I only lasted another minute or two, then said to Jan, “I’m going to cum.”

June said quickly, “Don’t cum in her! Stand up.”

I was surprised by that, but pulled out and stood, my cock ready. I felt like I was about to explode.

June came around the couch and knelt near us. Sitting back on her heels, she looked at Jan. “Don’t just lie there, girl. Get up and grab his cock. I want you to jerk his cock off over my face. Make him cum for us.”

Jan stood and looked down at June, as I stepped closer. Jan grabbed my cock and started stroking it. She was pointing it down at June’s face. June just opened her mouth, and said “Try to shoot it in.” Then she opened wider and tilted her head back.

Jan stroked me faster. As I started to cum, she managed to get the first shot directly in June’s mouth. The second spurt caught her on the cheek. But Jan pulled me closer and kept the remainder dripping into June’s mouth.

Fred stepped over to watch as my cum was shooting into his wife’s mouth. When I finished cumming, my wife cupped her hand around the head of my cock to catch the drips. June just looked up at her husband. She showed him her open mouth full of my cum. Then she closed her mouth and made an obvious show of swallowing it. She opened her mouth to show us it was empty.

Fred just laughed and looked at me. “Think you could watch your wife swallow another guy’s cum like that?” He looked at Jan. “Think you could take on another guy or two, or find Ted fucking another young woman?

Jan’s mouth just dropped open as she gasped a little. “Well. I think I might like to try it. That was really hot, jerking him off in her mouth like that. But, I don’t know about swallowing.”

June leaned over and took my cock out of Jan’s hand. She licked the last drop of cum from it, and kissed it. “Well, Ted. I think you two have some talking to do, … in private. This is as much as you get from us, for now. We’ll get dressed and leave you to it.”

Fred said, “I’ll text you three web addresses to look at. I recommend starting with the first one. It allows setting up a free profile, so you can get familiar with what other people are writing about themselves. You’ll find it interesting. Then if you want to go further, finish your own profile, and let us know about it. Remember, this can be as much fun as you two want to make it. But, it takes both of you, or you’re headed for trouble.”

June said, “One other thing. You both need to shave. We don’t really like dental floss in the Lifestyle. And you’d be surprised what I can do with my tongue under clean-shaven balls. Jan, you should check to see that his balls are ready for another woman to suck.”

Fred said, “And Ted needs to shave you, Jan. Think about it when you’re down there, Ted, finding those last few hairs of hers. Think about how you’re clearing the way there for another guy to fuck her!”

I said, “I like fucking her with one of her vibrators or my hand. I enjoy making her spasm during her orgasm. If another guy can do half the work, that might be fun watching, too.”

Fred said, “That’s the right attitude. And that’s what we picked up on from you two to think you’re ready. I enjoy watching my wife have fun. So, why deny her any pleasure she wants?”

June said, “And I love him for it. At the end of the night, I’m going home with my best lover.”

Fred laughed and asked, “Do I know him?”

June stood and looked at him as she reached to caress his crotch. “You know it.”

June looked at us saying, “Dinner was great tonight. And thanks for the dessert.” She tilted her head up to kiss me. “Let’s try dinner at our house in two weeks, and you can let us know how it’s going.”

Fred was dressed now. He wrapped his arm around my wife’s naked waist. He pulled her in for a kiss, and said “Thanks for the show. And I WILL definitely lust for you. But, not yet, and not in two weeks, either. You two have a ways to go.”

June grabbed her purse as they headed to the door. “We’ll head out, and leave you to clean up, before this gets too awkward. See you later. And text or call if you have any questions.”

I looked at Jan. “Well, that was certainly a different dinner party.”

Jan laughed. “Do you think you can handle it?”

I said, “I think watching you flirting, then taking a guy down might be exciting. You know it turns me on when you say you would do some guy. Maybe it’s time to see if you really will. What about You? Ready to turn me loose?”

Jan said, “Hmmm. Now there’s an image. Maybe just a longer leash.”

Just then, my cell phone dinged with an incoming text. It was from Fred, with the three web addresses.

I told Jan, “Let’s grab a laptop and see what we’re headed for. The dishes can wait.”

Over the next year, we DID have some issues we had to work out. It turned out to be quite a growing experience for both of us. But, it is as much fun as we make it!

To be continued…

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