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Girl Talk

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Authors Note – This tale contains traces of D/S. If you don’t like that sort of thing, don’t bother with this one.

Heather walked into the quiet little coffee shop that day to meet her best friend Shannon, noticing immediately that she had claimed a booth in the back.

“Heather! I’m so glad you could come and meet me on such short notice! Please come and sit down.”

“No offense, Shannon, but this had better be as important as you said it was. I had to reschedule some very important meetings to come here today and my boss is oh, so pissed.”

“I’m sorry, dear. I really don’t mean to be such a bother. It’s just that something happened to me last night and I desperately need to talk to someone about it – someone I can trust to be very, very discrete. This is something I can’t even talk to Tom about, so of course I turned to my best friend of twenty years.”

“Don’t be silly, Shannon. Whatever is going on, I’m sure he would understand. Your husband absolutely worships the ground you walk on. You can talk to him about anything. You just need a little reassurance. When he comes back from his business trip . . .”

“No, believe me, I can’t talk to him about this.”

“But why not? What happened last night?”

“. . .”

“Come on, Shannon. Spill.”

“. . .”

“Shannon, you’d better start talking fast. When you called me, I set my career back by three years and nearly got into two traffic accidents racing to come and be here for you. I’m going to be very annoyed with you if it turns out I did all of that for nothing.”

“Do you promise not to tell anybody?”

“Of course, I do.”

“. . .”

“Shannon . . .”

“I cheated on Tom last night, Heather.”


“Shhhh! Will you keep your voice down please?”

“Sorry, but I never imagined that I would hear you say such a thing. You and Tom always seemed so happy together, so madly in love. What happened? Are you two having some kind of trouble that I don’t know about?”

“That’s just it. We’re not! I still love him today as much as I did on the day I married him. I can hardly believe I did it, but I guess I just got swept away. It all happened so fast! Before I knew what was happening, I had been whisked halfway across town and taken to bed by someone other than my spouse.”


“Exactly. That’s why I can’t talk to Tom about this! How can I tell the man I love and cherish more than life itself that I was so willing to jump into bed with someone else the minute his back was turned? Especially when I can’t figure it out myself!”

“Well, what exactly happened?”

“Do you remember how I called you up last night? Said I was bored with sitting around all alone at home while Tom was gone and how I wanted to go out and do something? I suggested that we go out and get a bite to eat and then go see that new play they were putting on down at the community theater.”

“Sure, I remember. I couldn’t go with you because I had a date with Mark. I told you I just couldn’t bring myself to break the date because I felt guilty over how many times I’d had to cancel on him lately because of the endless disasters at my office.”

“Right. Well, I just couldn’t bear another night of sitting around the house and so I went out anyway. I got tickets to that show, but when I saw that I was a couple of hours early, I decided to go over to this cozy little pub I’d noticed just down the street to have a few drinks.”

“Wait, I think I’ve seen this movie before. Is this the one where the heroine gets blind drunk one evening and then wakes up with some strange man the next morning?”

“No, not exactly.”

“Then, what did happen?”

“I was sitting at this little table and minding my own business, nursing a drink and reading this paperback I’d brought, okay? I’d dressed up a little since I was going out, done my hair and make up, you know, and evidently I caught someone’s eye. You should have seen him, Heather. He was fat and had this terrible comb over, but he was clearly convinced that he was God’s gift to women. He stank of booze, too.”

“Yeah, I know that kind of guy all too well. Thank God I finally found a sweetheart like Mark.”

“Anyway, he must have hit on me a thousand times and let me tell you, he had the cheesiest pick-up lines ever! Naturally, I told him that I was married, waved my wedding ring in his face, and kept telling him I wouldn’t be interested if he was the last man on earth, but he simply would not leave me alone. I was beginning to think I would have to leave just so I could get away from the guy, but I then I was suddenly rescued.”

“A knight in shining armor?”

“Something like that. From out of nowhere, this hand lands heavily on the creep’s shoulder and a deep, husky voice tells him to beat it. Let me tell you, Heather, the guy took one look back at who it was, went white as a sheet, and almost tripped over his own feet trying to get away as fast as he could.”

“So then I’m guessing your hero was the muscle bound weightlifter type? That bar’s bouncer, maybe?”

“Nope. As a matter Ankara escort of fact, it was a woman!”


“That’s right – a woman. Apparently she’s pretty well known in there and the bar flies have figured out that they do not want to mess with her.”

“So, this woman rescued you just in time for you to meet that man you cheated on Tom with?”


“What? Did she introduce you to the guy, then?”

“No, again.”

“What then, Shannon?”

“Heather, that woman is who I spent last night with.”

“What?! You slept with another woman?!”

“Yes, I did. Now, will you please keep your voice down.”

“But you couldn’t have slept with a woman, Shannon. You’re not a lesbian.”

“I know, Heather, and yet I did. Trust me, I know because I was there.”

“But how on earth did it happen?”

“Well, first, let me tell you about this woman. Heather, she was fabulous! From the first moment I laid eyes on her I thought she was spectacular! And remember, this was before I was even considering having sex with her.”

“Why? What was the big deal about this girl?”

“Her face was unforgettable. She had this sort of swarthy complexion, you know, full lips, and the most startlingly blue eyes I’ve ever seen, all framed by an incredible mane of curly and jet black hair. She didn’t have that kind of super model, movie star beauty, but she was still the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met.”


“The impression I got, fairly or not, was that she had some Italian blood in her. There was just something about her face that reminded me of the ones on all those classical statues of the old Roman goddesses. She . . . Hey! What’s so funny?”

“Oh, nothing, I guess. It’s just that I’ve heard of girls saying their guy was built like a Greek god, but never that a woman was as beautiful as a Roman goddess.”

“Well, like I said, that was the impression I got.”

“Okay, okay. So what else? What was she wearing?”

“She was dressed in black leather – soft, supple and so form fitting that it looked as if it had been painted on her.”

“Leather? Kinky.”

“What was that?”

“Oh, nothing, Shannon.”

“She was wearing this incredible bustier. It was strapless so her shoulders were left bare, and it had lacing up both sides under her arms. There were some vividly red floral accents along the front that I just know where only there to draw the eye to her cleavage, but let me tell you that this woman needed no help in that regard. She had this incredible pair of big, full boobs, you see, and that bustier pushed them up and out.”

“So, she had some huge tits, huh?”

“Well, not porn star big, but they were pretty generously sized, yeah.”

“Okay, got it. Carry on.”

“Well, her pants seemed incredibly tight, forming themselves to every fluid curve of her long legs and sculpted bottom . . .”


“. . .”


“What? Huh?”

“Talk now, fantasize later.”

“Oh, sorry, Heather. Um, where was I?”

“Tight pants.”

“Oh, yeah! Get this, she also wore a belt that was decorated with little silver studs. The buckle was silver too, but was inlaid with a big piece of turquoise. On her feet were an incredible pair of boots with zippers up the sides and these tall, almost stiletto heels.”

“Wow. I could never wear shoes like that. Really high heels are just too uncomfortable and it’s so hard to keep your balance on them.”

“Well, I’m guessing she’s had a lot of experience at it. They certainly didn’t seem to be causing her any discomfort and she was able to move around with complete confidence and the utmost grace.”

“So, bustier, tight pants, belt and boots, leather and all in black. Anything else?”

“A black leather jacket, decorated with a short fringe.”

“She sounds like a member of a biker gang.”

“Actually, she said she was an attorney, if you can believe that.”

“A lawyer?! Who goes out for a night on the town dressed up like that?!”

“Uh-huh. Oh, and she had on only one piece of jewelry – a sterling silver crucifix hung around her neck by a chain. That chain was just long enough to let that shiny little cross nestle right in her cleavage.”

“Okay, I think I’ve got the picture now. She was an incredible looking woman and she was dressed to kill. So let’s get back to your story now, okay? I’m dying to find out how this woman was able to turn my happily married and completely heterosexual best friend into an adulterous lesbian.”

“Oh . . .”


“No, it’s all right, Heather. It’s the truth, after all. I’m a cheater now. But I’ll tell you something – the sex was the best I’ve ever had! It was just so intense and intimate. It was . . . it was . . .”


“It was . . . it was . . . indescribable.”

“Uh-huh. Did you manage to get her name?”

“She said her name was Rose, but she didn’t offer a last name.”

“Hmmm! How mysterious!”

“Well, I can’t tell you how delighted I was when she got rid of that creep who had been hassling me. She Ankara escort bayan may have been able to scare that drunk so much that he almost peed his pants, but she was nothing but warm and friendly with me. At that moment, I was so happy to be rid of that guy that I offered to buy her a drink and invited her to join me at my table. She accepted both and sat down.”

“You just invited a perfect stranger to join you just like that?”

“Of course. On the one hand, I was a bit concerned that guy might return if my guardian angel left me alone again, while on the other, I was very curious about this woman. What had she done, or what could she do that would send a man running for his life when he earned her glare?”

“From the sound of it, she must be a very dangerous woman.”

“You have no idea. Anyway, that hint of danger only made me more interested in her.”

“How about that. Some girls go for the bad boys. You go for the bad girls.”

“I guess so.”

“And what did you find out?”

“She’s got a black belt in karate. She didn’t give too many details – as a matter of fact, she seemed a little embarrassed to talk about her heroics – but apparently she stepped in to help a few months ago when a woman was being molested in that place. That guy wasn’t as smart as my admirer and actually picked a fight with her. Rose wiped the floor with that jerk.”

“Man, this woman really is dangerous! I have to say, Shannon – you sound awfully proud of your girlfriend.”

“Don’t call her that! It was just a one-night stand sort of thing. I’ll probably never see her again. But why shouldn’t I be proud? With absolutely nothing to gain, Rose put her own safety at serious risk to defend a woman who was being assaulted! That’s definitely behavior that should be admired.”

“Okay, okay.”

“So, we’re sitting there, sipping our drinks and talking about everything under the sun and before you know it, we’re like old friends getting reacquainted after a long separation. She was so smart and so friendly and it was just so easy to talk to her! The time simply flew by and before I knew it I had completely missed the opening act of that play I had been going to see at the community theater.”

“You mean after buying your ticket, you didn’t get to see the show?! Were you able to get your money back?”

“Focus, Heather. We’re talking about me and Rose right now.”


“Anyway, all through the conversation, I kept getting distracted.”

“Distracted? How do you mean?”

“Well, one moment I would be listening to her tell some story, but then I completely lose track of the conversation and drift off into my own little dream world. Sometimes, I would catch the glint of light reflecting off that little crucifix and would stop for a bit to admire it. The effect was actually kind of hypnotic, you know? Other times, I would be admiring her face. Like I said before, it was as ‘interesting’ as it was beautiful and I found it completely fascinating. And don’t even get me started on those incredible eyes . . .”

“So, let me see if I understand this. You spent the whole time either gazing deep into her eyes or into the depths of her cleavage!”

“Will you please keep your voice down! But yes. Sort of. I got so lost at one point that she had to snap her fingers in my face to wake me up.”

“Let me guess: Seeing you get all dreamy over her and staring at her tits, she somehow got the impression that you were romantically interested in her.”


“How odd that she would get that impression. And were you romantically interested in her?”

“. . . maybe.”


“You have to understand that I wasn’t really aware of it at the time, Heather. I mean, had anybody asked me, I would have still claimed that I was a one hundred percent heterosexual woman who was happily married and had no interest whatsoever in committing adultery. As I look back now though, I guess it is pretty clear that I was very attracted to Rose. It must have been so very obvious to her, as well. I must have made such a fool of myself over this woman.”

“How did she react to it?”

“Looking like she does? Dressed like she was? I’m sure she’s used to having people drooling over her. She was cool with it.”

“Sorry, that was kind of a dumb question. Considering that you two ended up sleeping together, I suppose it’s pretty safe to assume that she liked it.”

“She did start flirting with me at about that point. Nothing overtly sexual, though, so I told myself she was just being sweet when she started talking about how nice I looked and all of that. I was eager to respond in kind and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful and gorgeous she was. As a matter of fact, in the end, I think it was me who really turned the conversation in a sexual direction.”

“So, you were finally starting to figure out what was going on?”

“Slowly, but surely. Still, it was kind of a shock to have her leaning forward over the table to talk to me in soft, hushed tones, depositing all of that cleavage right in front of my eyes, and to realize Escort Ankara that I was leaning towards her as well, sort of trying to get closer to her over that little table. She reached out with one hand to play with my hair a little and then to stroke my face, but I didn’t really stop deluding myself that this was all perfectly innocent until her other hand reached across to cup one of my tits.”

“Oh, my God! She grabbed your boob? Right there in a public bar? Right in front of everyone?! No way!”

“Yes, way.”

“So what did you do then?”

“Well, I was pretty shocked at first and it must have shown. I distinctly remembering her laughing at me just a little. However startled I might have been though, I was too fascinated by this incredible woman to even think about getting away from her now. When I didn’t try to escape, she knew without question that I was her’s for the taking. More importantly, so did I.”

“What happened next?”

“She hesitated a moment, I guess to let me calm down and figure things out . . .”

“Also probably to enjoy the feel of your breast!”

“. . . and then she started to unbutton my blouse.”


“Heather? Are you okay? Don’t forget to breathe.”

“Are you seriously telling me this woman started to undress you right there in front of everyone?!”

“If you don’t start keeping your voice down, I’m not going to tell you anything!”


“But, no, she didn’t undress me. Not really. All she did was open the top couple of buttons so that she could see my chest and just the tiniest bit of my boobs and the bra I was wearing. I show lots more than that without any problem whatsoever whenever I put on my bikini, but I felt so utterly and completely naked at that moment. I didn’t resist her though and just waited with baited breath for her to tell me whether or not she liked what she was seeing.”

“I think I can guess what the verdict was.”

“Yes. I can’t even begin to express how overjoyed I was when she smiled and said, ‘Nice.’ I mean, the happiest day of my life has always been the day Tom and I got married, but that’s all changed now. I . . . Um, Heather?”

“. . .”



“I’m up here, Heather. What are you doing – looking at my boobs?”

“Uh, yeah, I guess so. Sorry about that. It’s only because we’ve been doing so much talking about them, you know? It’s pretty obvious what kind of feelings the memories of last night are stirring up inside you though.”

“What do you mean . . . Whoops! Sorry, I didn’t even realize that I had the ol’ high beams on.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’m actually kind of enjoying . . . Uh, I mean, what happened then?”

“That hand she had in my hair? She used it to pull me across to her and kissed me hard full on the mouth.”

“From that dreamy look on your face, I’m guessing it was good?”

“Fireworks! I just melted.”


“And then she just announces that we’re going back to her place. I mean, she didn’t invite me to go home with her, she didn’t ask if I would like to go home with her. She just told me that we were going to her place. Just like that. Like I had no say in the matter whatsoever.”

“Did you?”

“No, I guess I didn’t really. At that moment, I was only too happy to agree. If I’d only known where she lived, I think I might have grabbed her and broken every traffic law there is to get us there as fast as possible. I was simply aching to be with this woman.”

“But what about Tom?”

“In all honesty, I never thought about my husband even once. I was just consumed with desire for Rose and nothing else mattered but her.”

“Man, I wish I could have that kind of power over someone. Even if it was just for one day!”

“You’d like to spend some time dominating Mark, huh?”


“Mark. Your boyfriend.”

“Oh, Mark! Oh, yes! That’s who I was thinking about. Mark. Of course, I mean who else could I have possibly been thinking about.”

“I’m sure I have no idea. No idea at all. So anyway, Rose took me by the hand and started to lead me towards the exit and the parking lot. Well, you’ll never believe this, but that’s exactly the moment when I start to regain my grip on reality. I don’t know, maybe it was because I could suddenly feel my wedding ring pressing against my fingers when she gave my hand a little squeeze.”

“Yep. That could probably do it.”

“All of a sudden the full weight of what I was about to do landed on me. I have a good marriage and a happy home! Why would I want to put everything I have at risk just because this woman wanted to get laid tonight? I mean, like you said before, I’m not even a lesbian!”


“But when I looked at her, I could feel my resistance slipping away. I can’t imagine how she suddenly got so much power over me, but I knew that all she had to do was give me a wink and I would still put out for her even then. I knew my only recourse was to get away from her and fast.”

“So . . .”

“So, I jerked my hand out of her’s and made a dash for the door. Once I was out in the parking lot and a little ways from the building, I slowed it down to a very fast walk. She wasn’t a rapist, I reasoned. Surely she would get the message that I wasn’t interested anymore and not come chasing after me.”

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