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Girls Wrestling BoysCONFESSIONS OF A SCISSOR GIRLMy name is Diana. Since I was about ten years old I have had an interest in, not to say passion for, wrapping my legs around men and squeezing them.The whole thing began at a very early age when I started wrapping my legs around various things. I don’t know why I started doing it, but I loved placing a pillow between my thighs and hold it there tightly. It soon became a part of my nightly ritual, as I couldn’t fall asleep without a pillow (or something else) between my legs.Soon I discovered that pulling my pillow really tight into my crotch gave me a strange feeling of pleasure. It was a feeling that started somewhere between my legs and spread through my body. Squeezing the pillow with my scissored legs, pushing it up into my crotch, felt so nice that I started doing it as often as I could. Somehow I understood that this was something naughty and I always did it in secret. Later on I heard the words masturbation and orgasm and realised what I was doing. It only made me want to do it more.Next I started experimenting with other objects than pillows. My mother worked at a laundry and one day when I was at her work I snuck into a small room filled with big bags of laundry. I straddled a bag and started grinding my crotch against it. Then I lay on my back on the floor and embraced the bag with arms and legs. The bag was so big I could just about cross my ankles on the other side of it. I scissored the bag with as much squeezing-power as I could muster and soon had an orgasm. My mother came into the room only seconds after my climax and wondered what I was up to. I tried to breathe normally and got out of there.After that I bought a larger pillow. It was almost as long as the length of my bed and much thicker than my old one. It was big enough to simulate the size of a person. I started to pretend that I was wrestling against someone and started to use various positions to scissor the pillow-opponent. I won every match after a submission that came the second after I came myself.Then one day when I was ten I had my first experience of having a “live” boy between my thighs. He was a cousin of mine and of the same age as me. We were playing a favourite game we called “master and servant”. This day it was my turn to be the master and as he got down on his knees to salute me and lick my shoes I spontaneously straddled his little neck, locked my ankles, securing his head in a standing scissor. I don’t know what came over me, but feeling the first boy between my thighs immediately excited me. If pillows between my legs made me sexually aroused, this was ten times more arousing. I just couldn’t resist the temptation of doing for real what I had done so many times in my fantasies. I forced my cousin down on the ground, still with his head captured between my thighs. Then I lay down on my side, stretched my legs out and relocked my ankles. I was in heaven! To feel the power of what my legs could do to him was completely invigorating and sensual. I was thrilled to feel his helplessness under my scissor hold. I had practised this so many times with my pillow that my legs were very muscular for my age. Even at the age of ten I could feel the power of my legs. I could almost sense the future power of my full-grown legs and couldn’t wait to obtain it. I squeezed my cousin as hard as I could and he started to cry. Somehow it only made me more excited and I got totallycarried away. grandbetting yeni giriş I was pumping and squeezing like mad and just wouldn’t stop until I had an orgasm, no matter what. So I had my first orgasm together with a male, although I’m sure he never understood what happened. We never played together again.A few years later I saw a film called “All the marbles” with women wrestling and using scissor holds. I realized that my own secret squeezing game was being played worldwide. I remember having seen men wrestling and using scissor holds, but now I understood that I was not the only female who liked performing leg scissors. Gradually I became aware that many men found girl wrestlers exciting, especially girls who used their legs to scissor their opponent, and that many men were excited by mixed wrestling, with the woman dominating the man.A big turning point was when I saw the Bond movie “Diamonds are forever”. The scene with Bond and the two girls Bambi and Thumper had an enormous impact on me. The image of Bambi hanging from the ceiling squeezing Bonds neck in a scissor was truly erotic to me. It was the first time I actually saw a woman scissoring a man. From now on I had an inspiring role model for my own adventures in this field. I wanted to do to men what Bambi did to Bond. Through the years I have noted that several movies (Blade runner, Golden Eye, War of the roses, Modesty Blaise, Romeo is bleeding, Shadow warriors) has scenes with women scissoring men, which indicates that my interest is not as exclusive as I first thought.When I was in my mid teens I started practicing various forms of martial arts, though there seemed to be no discipline that satisfied my need to scissor guys. Judo came closest to my desires. Anyway all this made me confident and strong and I soon knew how to fight men and place them in positions where I could wrap my legs around them. I did this a couple of times at school, pretending that it was only a joke. I still didn’t have the nerve to tell people about my strange passion (or is it a perversion?).Then when I was sixteen I experienced something that would make me come out of the closet. I had a meeting in school with my English-teacher to discuss my grades. Before the meeting I had been playing tennis and as there was little time before the meeting I didn’t change clothes after the match. My teacher commented on my short tennis-skirt the minute I got in his room. He was a rather young teacher that most of the girls in my school had a crush on. I was very flattered when he gave me a compliment about my beautiful legs. Once again I reacted spontaneously and told him he could feel my legs if he wanted to. To my surprise he said yes please, caressing my calves and thighs. As he did so he started telling me about this secret obsession of his. He loved women with strong legs who used their legs to scissor and dominate men. I could hardly believe my ears! We never discussed my grades that afternoon. We had other things to discuss. And not only discuss.I asked him to show me what he meant, playing innocent as best as I could. He lay down on his back and asked me to sit over his face in reverse position. Then he instructed me how to lie down on top of him and scissor his head with my legs. As if I needed instructions! I think he was surprisingly impressed with how well I manoeuvred him and how I did it without the slightest hesitation. I gripped him grandbetting giriş tightly with my thighs, without applying pressure at first, just enjoying the moment.This was the first time a man asked me to scissor him. It was the first time I scissored a man as an adult, the first time I had the possibility of really using mythighs the way I wanted to. My thighs had now become very muscular and powerful, capable of squeezing men into total and painful submission and I was dying to get an opportunity to do so. The moment had come at last! I felt my heart beating extremely fast and I had butterflies in my stomach.I tensed my thighs, slowly increasing the pressure. He said that my thighs felt nice against his cheeks. I replied that his cheeks felt nice against my thighs. I seemed to fit him like a glove. Was it possible for two people to share an interest as strange as this?I started to squeeze a little harder to see how he would react.“That’s right, Diana”, he said, “Hold me darling. Hold me tight. And squeeze me baby with all your might. Oh, please stay by me Diana.”His quoting the old song really made me fall in love with him. It was as if he had been only waiting for his Diana as I had been waiting for my squeeze-loving man. I did as the lyric of the song said. Without hesitation I moved him even further up into my ass, scissoring him tighter. I looked over my shoulder savouring the sight of his face between my thighs. Still looking into his eyes I started to squeeze him harder. I noted his pain in his face but he didn’t have to tell me if he wanted me to continue or not. I knew without words what he wanted me to do as we understood each other perfectly now. So I continued to flex and relax my leg muscles.I started rolling over to the side, pulling his head in hard in my crotch, scissoring it even tighter, rolling back to where I had him under me and squeeze even harder. Over and over I kept repeating this, grinding his chin into my sex and moving myself slowly into ecstasy. I squeezed harder and harder as I felt the climax approaching, just as I had done with my pillow a thousand times.After the best orgasm in my life so far, I lay there still for as long as I could. I did not want to let him go. I wanted him scissored between my thighs forever. And he wanted my thighs to scissor him forever. The perfect match! We were so happy we couldn’t believe it. I quoted another song for him: “I only have thighs for you”. It was like a preview of our wedding vows and we got married shortly after our first scissor session.In the coming months I would scissor him almost every day. On occasions we tried some competitive wrestling and I beat him almost every time. Even if he’s generally stronger than me, I’m more skilled in martial arts and once I wrap my legs around him it’s curtains. My legs will always be able to make him submit.Now I’m twenty-four and I am living together with the man who shares my obsession. We have come out of the closet in a big way and done much more than just enjoying our private scissor sessions. We have started a video company called Scissors Galore that makes films about mixed wrestling with emphasis on scissors. I am the star of most of our videos, but we have also found other friends who share our interest and take part in our videos.One video we made is considered a classic among connoisseurs. It was a totally improvised session and just happened to happen when my husband grandbetting güvenilirmi came in and started the camera. I was alone in the studio with a guy who was going to play the victim in our new video. The video was going to be filmed in the fashion of the film “Moulin Rogue” and we were trying our costumes when this guy made a pass at me. He told me how incredibly sexy I looked in my long, green fishnet stockings and thenhe pushed me down onto a couch and climbed on top. I quickly wrapped my legs around his waist in self-defence. I just held him fast as I tried to talk some sense to him. He kept trying to force me to make love to him and I furiously started squeezing him, grinding my thighs on his sides. He started to abuse me verbally and I decided to really work him over with my legs.That’s when my husband came back. He could see that I was handling my enemy without trouble and got so turned on by the sight that he started the camera. I never knew I was being filmed. This resulted in a genuinely violent and extremely erotic video.I turned my victim around sideways in my scissors, enabling me to hold him tighter and squeeze him harder. Reinforcing the hold I pulled him as hard as I could towards me and started squeezing with all might. It excited me beyond belief to be able to use the full power of my legs. I never had been able to use total scissor-power on my husband for fear of hurting him (although I admit having hurt him on occasions) but now I didn’t mind hurting my victim at all. Sadistic pleasure aroused me as I squeezed away for a long time, continuing to apply the terrible pressure of the strongest part of my body. The r****t bastard screamed that he thought his ribs would break if I kept squeezing. What an excellent idea. I gathered my strength and gave him a long hard squeeze screaming out load from the effort and the excitement of using my leg power to inflict such excruciating pain. One last quick jolt and I heard his bottom rib crack. He went limp and silent.I kicked him off the couch to the floor and stood up to survey my legwork. I decided I wasn’t finished with him. I still had more anger to get out of my system and he needed more punishing. Also I was too sexually turned on to let him go without having my orgasm (and humiliate him more). I took aim with my spread legs as he sat up on the floor. Jumping at him with legs wide open, smashing my crotch into his face and scissoring him, I brought him down on the floor again. I trapped his skull in a devastating head scissor, which soon had him quivering and begging for mercy. I lay on my back, squeezing his head with every fibre of my body. After a long spell I leaned up on my elbow to see his defeated face. His eyes showed dizziness and I was sure I’d make him pass out any second. That didn’t stop me. I wanted my orgasm. I released him, rolled him over to his back and sat down hard astraddle his face. I started riding his head violently, jumping up and down, grinding back and forth, and feeling my climax coming soon. As I was close to an orgasm I scissored his head under me. This made it possible for me to alternate between squeezing him with my thighs and keep riding his head pressing down hard against it, rubbing my sex into his face. When I felt the climax coming I yanked his motionless head up as hard as I could into my crotch and gave it one long last squeeze with my thighs as I exploded with a roaring scream of lustful triumph in a violently powerful orgasm. My victim had already passed out and had to spend a few days in hospital after the merciless treatment of my squeezing legs. And he never got paid for being in the video. After all – I was the big star and now I had finally tried everything in the art of scissoring.

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