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Glory HoleI would like to share with you one of our extremely lustful encounter me and my lover Lee had on one of our road trips across America. My lover is a beautiful voluptuous insatiable horny 40 year young women. She is 5’ 10” with long gorgeous brunette hair with funky highlights, with large natural breasts, piercing blue eyes and the face of an angle. Well we have been to so many places and had sex in 18 states and in over 38 cites. We went to strip clubs, dirty book stores, had sex in public places, got road head, made her cum while driving, and so much more. Well this one time we were at a bar and we met this guy who told us about a dirty book store that had glory holes. Lee and I looked at each other and instantly with out saying another word we both though the same think “we have got to go to this place”. So we left the bar and went to this dirty “whole in the wall” book store. I have to tell you that Lee loves the taste of cum and she has always wanted to watch me suck a cock and take cum in my mouth or on my face so she can lick it off my face and swap cum with me. I was always too homophobic to try it so I thought abut the glory hole idea and we finial had our opportunity. So we get there and the place is a little intimidating. But we go in anyway. What we saw is about 10 guys walking around pretending to shop and waiting to see who might be coming in. We were pleasantly surprised the all of them were fairly good looking and relatively in shape. We noticed three black guys and the rest were white. we made are way to the back of the store were the video booths were. We picked one that look pretty clean and sat on the bench and put about 10 dollars into the video machine and pick a hot porno and started watching. We noticed the hole in the booth wall immediately. It made us both tinkle and I got instantly hard and she told me her pussy was dripping wet every since she left the bar. Are harts were bounding with nervous energy waiting to see who would stick the dick into the hole. While we were waiting we watched the movie and kissed. I had my hand down bursa escort her pants fingering her soaking wet pussy and playing with her clit. She came almost instantly. That’s one think about Lee she can cum so easily and so many times it’s such a turn on. I could not take it any more so I stood her up and pulled her pants down and bent her over on to the bench and slid my dripping hard cock deep into her soaking wet cunt. I got about 10 deep hard thrusts into her and then we noticed a hard cock sticking through the hole in the wall. We stopped fucking and we both looked at each other a gasped. “What do we so know”. Well what would anybody do with a big hard cock sticking through a hole in the wall in a dirty book store in the middle of the night? We both got on our knees and came up real close on it. Lee was the first to touch it. She lightly stroked and pulled on it a bit. We noticed the pre cum coming out of the head of his cock. We both wondered which guy this was and if it was one of the guys we saw when we first came in. Before I could say another word to Lee she had her mouth on that hard cock. I have to say it was exciting to see her suck that cock. She sucked for a while then stopped and kept stroking it then looked right at me and whispered go a head suck it. I was in a trance I just took the cock in my hand stroked it like it was my own and put my mouth over the perfectly shaped head and started sucking it. I sucked it like I would like my cock sucked and before I know it Lee had my cock out sucking me and looking up at me so she could watch this guys cock going in and out of my mouth. I have to say this was the most erotic experience I have ever had. I was stroking and sucking this guys cock really good I was in a rhythm. I could feel it getting harder and I could hear him in the next booth breathing heavier. I knew he was on the edge and ready to cum. I sucked harder and grabbed the base of his cock as he had it all the way into our booth and then it shot its first blast of cum right down my throat. It caught me by surprise and I pulled back a little bursa escort bayan and let the next few burst fill my mouth. Then I pulled it out and kept jerking it off and it sprayed all other my face. This guy had a lot of cum stored up in his balls. Lee was right next to me and was watching with such lust in her eyes. She had her fingers in her pussy playing with herself and got off several times just watching me lick the cum right off the tip of his dick. I pulled back and motioned for Lee to take one last lick. She let the guy go and turned her attention to me. Before she could say one word she noticed I still had his cum in my mouth. She kissed me for a long time sucking the guys cum out of my mouth and into hers. We let some of the cum drip down our chins and all down our chest and clothes. Me made out until all the cum was gone. When we turned around we noticed another cock. This one was black and big. We both looked at each other and said lets go for it. I started stroking and sucking it then I passed it to Lee. We went back and fourth taking turns sucking this big black cock. This time Lee got him to cum it shot every where I was underneath Lee’s face catching some of the cum. Then she pulled back and let me take the last few drops. The guy left and we played cum swap again. I then stood up and shoved my cock deep down Lee’s throat and she sucked me while we waited for the next guy. During the course of about two hours that night we sucked 13 cocks and made each one explode. We had so much cum on our face, hair and down the front of our chest and clothes we were both sticky messes. The smell of all the cum made Lee even wetter. We were both so fucking horny for each other we just wanted to fuck. So we peeked out the door found another booth with no hole and closed the door. We took our pants off and I bent Lee over got in my knees and shoved my face deep into her ass. She loves her ass licked and fucked. After I got her asshole nice and wet I stood up I shoved my cock deep into her cunt again. I was so on the edge and ready to explode. I fucked her hard escort bursa and then pulled out and slowly pressed the head of my cock into her tight ass. It wasn’t long before I had my entire cock up her asshole. I had about 5 deep hard strokes and then that was it I exploded so hard I almost passed out. It kept cumming and cumming I was filling her asshole with my cum. She was moaning and playing with her clit. I could feel her pussy throbbing with my cock deep in her ass. I slowly started to withdraw from her tight ass and what Lee did next she has never done before. She turned around and went right down on her knees. She took my semi hard cock and put it right in her mouth and said “I want to taste my ass”. Well she did and it got my cock hard almost as soon as she said and did that. She licking up and down the shaft and sucked on my balls until it was dripping wet with all her slivia. Then she turned my around and bent me over. She took both of her hands and spread my cheeks apart and put her tongue as far as she could up my ass. She always loves to lick my ass and it feels so good. She licked me for a good long while and then said to me lie down. She pulled her pants off and sat right on my face. I licked her soaking wet cunt and it was literally dripping down my face. I never seen her this wet and she must have cum a dozen times so far. Then she moved her body up and took her hands and spread her ass cheeks apart and I could see her asshole pushing out and all of a sudden my cum started to pour out of her ass. Instinctively I opened my mouth and let it run down my tongue and into the back on my throat. She then slid her ass up and down my face until I was completely soaked with her pussy juice and cum from her ass. We were both completely spent now. So we got up and dressed and knew we had to get though the book store to get out. We open the door to peek out then we just grabbed each others hand and bolted towards the door. We made no eye contact and got to our car. When we got back to the hotel we looked at ourselves in the mirror and the mess that we were. We made out again, took our pants of but left our shirts on and fucked in the bed smelling all the cum on our shirts. It was the best sex we ever had. Stay tuned for our next adventure as we made our way across America.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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