May 23

Goddess and Axe Spanking

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Goddess and Axe SpankingGoddess was working while Axe was home alone and bored to tears. He turned on the laptop to sync his work “outlook” with their combined calendar. He scanned the page she had up on the screen. When he saw her favorite chat sites listed he was stunned. He looked at one site and couldn’t believe his eyes. He moved the cursor and clicked on the site. Within a moment he was in a ‘spanking’ room, feeling confused and shocked. The host seemed to be personable, as she asked his ASL and welcomed him. He couldn’t help being sarcastic about everything he saw on the screen. The host got in his face and made some really intelligent come back to one of his s**thing remarks that put him quickly in his place and made him think. He typed out, ‘sorry, found this room while snooping around in my wife’s account on the computer and I guess I am a bit surprised. I had no idea she was interested in spanking’. What really got to him was the erroneous belief that he knew everything about Goddess; he’d thought they talked about even the most intimate things, and this shocked him. It was a discovery he didn’t really know how to handle. ?The host asked him how he felt about that. He’d answered he really didn’t know. They chatted back and forth and the host had praised him for being curious rather than angry and closed minded. She’d asked him several questions and he’d begun to breathe normally again getting over the shock. He’d asked how to go about broaching this subject with his wife and had been told to playfully threaten her and gauge her reaction. He’d asked how he’d know if his wife wanted to spank ‘him’. The host had said to pay attention to her ‘come back’. If she threatened back, that would indicate his wife might want to experience the role of the ‘spanker’ rather than the ‘spankee’. Then the host had said she’d paint him a picture for him, to see if he could imagine himself in the role of the spanker. By the time she’d finished a vividly worded example of a spanking he’d known he could not only see himself, but imagining his wife up turned over his lap, bottom bared, wiggling and squealing as his hand met her raised pale rounded cheeks, turned him on immensely. He’d been waiting for over a week for the right set of circumstances to present themselves so he could threaten a spanking over a real issue. She’d played right into his hands when she’d asked to trade cars this morning. He grinned wondering if Goddess would grit her teeth and go to a filling station to do as he’d instructed. ?The next day was rushed and hectic. First breakfast, which they both loved sharing, then the laundry had to be done, the house straightened, lunch and a quick walk, then the budget gone over to see how they stood. Goddess had run out of the house 10 minutes behind schedule for work and Axe had donned his tux quickly and run out to hop in his car just a few minutes ahead of schedule. Before Axe had even made it across the bridge the car shuddered, rolled, shuddered, rolled a few more feet and died. Axe looked at the gas gauge and fumed as he set the car in neutral, opened the door and slid out to push the damn thing almost a mile to the nearest serAxee station. Several people tooted their horns. One grinning passenger even leaned out her window to clap as they slowly drove by, hollering, “wow! Bet you wouldn’t have dressed like that if you’d known you were gonna have car trouble… but you look fantastic. Bravo!” Axe had forced himself to smile and nod, and raise his hand in a friendly wave as he had grimaced internally thinking about sweet little Goddess and a bare reddened bottom. He barely made it to work on time, brushing off the light road dust, as he’d run to take his seat. Before the curtains had met for the intermission break, he’d rocketed out of his seat to the pay phone back stage. He’d called the theater and had asked for Goddess. When she came on the line he’d not even said hello, simply stated, “as soon as you get home from work, you are getting the spanking of your life. I just wanted you to know so you could think about that while you finish your shift. I had to push the car a mile in my damn tux tonight because you not only didn’t stop and get gas, but neglected to tell me the car was on empty. I gave you fair warning yesterday morning, Goddess. And you better come straight home after work prepared to go over my lap.” ?He’d heard Goddess’s breathing change but she had not said anything other than, “I am so sorry, Axe, I had no idea the tank was empty,” in a meek little whimper. He could have sworn he’d heard her shiver. She had mumbled, “ok,” about coming straight home. ?Axe enjoyed the second half of the concert as he thought about spanking his cute little wife later that night. He’d strutted to his car, with its full tank of gas, and driven home whistling. When he’d reached the house he had rushed like a mad man to carry out setting up for his plan. He’d just arranged things and gotten a spray bottle of water when he heard Goddess’s car and had seen the lights flash as the car had pulled into the driveway.?Goddess, eyes blinking, was shocked as she pulled into the drive and took in the open d****ries of the ceiling to floor bay window with the straight-backed chair centered in full view of the road. She shivered, slowly got out of the car and walked to the door, biting at her bottom lip. She put on a big sweet smile as she opened the door and stepped inside. And she’d almost gasped to see Axe in his tux, standing just inside grinning like a Cheshire cat as he’d gripped her gently around her upper arm. She just managed to get out, “hi, honey, see? I came straight home,” as he marched her immediately to the living room. Goddess, pouting, trudged along behind him filling with trepidation.?Axe had forgotten that tonight his lovely wife was playing the part of a high school student in the dinner play. Seeing her come in dressed in a short navy, red, and tan plaid skirt, prim white blouse, navy knee socks and saddle shoes made him grin from ear to ear. Her hair pulled up in two ponytails tied with red ribbons was perfect. The large loose sweater d****d over her shoulders along with the rest of the costume made her look very much the little girl. Her sweet cherry red lips, puckered slightly in their little girl pout was priceless. He was still just close enough to angry that he was going to enjoy this. “Goddess, take off the sweater, please. I told you that you would get a spanking as soon as you got home. Come on, I have everything ready,” he instructed as he walked her to the chair centered in the bay window. ?As Goddess trudged along behind Axe she slipped the sweater off her shoulders and dropped it over the arm of the over stuffed leather sofa as she passed it. She felt her face warm as she looked at the curtains pulled wide exposing the living room to the black night outside the glass. She had fantasized being spanked for some time but the reality of it made her nervous and slightly giddy. She always giggled when she was nervous and she was having a hard time taking any of this seriously. The window open to the view of any passing stranger made her cringe as her heart thudded in her chest. “Axe, please close the d****s. I knew you meant it about the spanking when you called, but this is just too much. Someone might see.” She couldn’t hold back the giggle.?Axe cupped Goddess’s chin in his hands bringing her eyes to his. He knew his smile was a bit on the wicked side as he slyly asked, “Did you give one thought to the spectacle I made of myself pushing my car almost a mile in a tuxedo this afternoon? I don’t think it crossed your mind that you might cause me an imposition by letting the tank run out of gas. And, Goddess, it was deliberate”. He watched her face flush red and her expression change from haughty to concerned as he spoke, “I think the open curtain and the possible viewing of you over my lap is quite appropriate. Now, I say we quit wasting time and get down to business.”?His hand slid from her elfin chin to her slender wrist gripping it firmly. He seated himself in the chair, almost facing the window, intentionally turned to show the best possible view of Goddess’s backside to any rare passersby. As Goddess stepped closer at the urging of his hand pulling her wrist, her foot bumped something and she glanced down. “Ohhh,” she heard herself squawk when she saw the paddle. Her heart lurched and her stomach did flip-flops. She couldn’t imagine when or how or why Axe would have a paddle in his possession and a new shiny leather paddle at that. She felt Axe pulling her to lean over him and reached out gripping his thigh with her free hand to keep from falling. At his insistent pulling she leaned further and further until güvenilir bahis siteleri her soft tummy lay over the tightly creased black tux pants covering his firm warm thighs as she reached out putting her hands flat on the floor for balance. His warm hand rubbing her angled and vulnerable cheeks started a warm tingle that ran through her at lightning speed. She wiggled resisting his effort to position her higher and giggled as she felt him gently pushing on her back and raising her hips. “Goddess raise your bottom for me, NOW!” The sound of his voice as he barked the instruction startled her, she felt her resistance slipping away and tilted her pelvis slightly to raise her fanny high. Goddess also felt inner embers begin to heat, giving off a soft glowing warmth deep between her legs. ?Axe looked down; his eyes washing over the schoolgirl clad form d****d across his lap. He smiled taking in the plaid skirt sliding higher and higher as he adjusted Goddess’s fanny raising it to a sharper angle, and couldn’t keep himself from stroking the smooth light skin as the sliding skirt exposed her creamy thighs. His hands absorbed the silken smoothness as they meandered from buttock to velvety soft back of knee. He lightened his touch dragging his fingertips up and down the backs of her thighs, down one, then up, then back down one then up the other watching the slight quiver of her body. He drew his pointed index finger along the creases in the back of her knee as he began to talk. “Goddess, why are you getting a spanking?” he asked almost firmly in a voice strange to her, his finger still teasing the backs of her knees. He waited for an answer as he heard Goddess take a deep breath and sigh.?“I didn’t put gas in your car,” Goddess said softly as she felt a chill run from the base of her skull rippling down her back to slide down her legs all the way to her toes. She tried hard ‘not’ to ‘like’ being tummy down over Axe’s lap, pushing at the floor with her hands, bottom arched high over his thighs. Her breath caught as she felt his warm hands slowly sliding her skirt over her buttocks, exposing her as he pushed it to lie flat over her back. She felt the temperature change, as cool air washed over her upper thighs and panties. Another chill ran down her spine and she shivered. Nervousness taking over she giggled again. ?Axe had to work not to laugh at the snow white cotton panties stretched taught over his wife’s beautiful derriere. Always the consummate little actress she’d even worn these little girl panties to complete her costume. He found them strangely enticing as he opened his hand to grip and gently squeeze her right cheek. The soft little moan as she flexed and tightened under his grip had his mind zipping forward to what he hoped would come after the spanking. He moved his hand to her left cheek and reveled in the same tightening under his grip. He lifted his hand just above his shoulder bringing it down quickly. He liked the way her flesh gave and came back in an instant. And he liked the way her body gently flinched in reaction to his SMACK. He raised his hand and SMACKED several times alternating cheeks. He noticed Goddess had begun to wiggle and moan a bit and wondered if her bottom was stinging as badly as his hand. After counting thirty nice sound pops to her warming buttocks, he stopped to rub. The cotton felt warmer and slid ever so slightly with his hand. Goddess wiggled, her soft moaning filling him with desire. He heard her softly ask, “ are you finished now”, as she began to shift as if she were getting up.?Then he did laugh. “Goddess, I told you that you were going to get the spanking of your life. I haven’t even started yet”, he said as he wrapped her waist with his left arm and held her firmly against him. “Just settle down, girl, I’ll let you know when its finished.” That said he worked his fingertips under the elastic at the waist of her panties and began to slowly work them down over her up turned bottom. ?Goddess began to struggle and reached back to grab for her panties, howling, “no! Axe, please, don’t pull my panties down the curtains are open, this is bad enough. Please, don’t.” Even though the thought of being exposed to her husband excited her, the thought that a passerby might see her made her very nervous and embarrassed. She fought to grab her panties reaching back clawing to grip the elastic but Axe was quick and strong, catching her wrist and holding her firmly, strongly and yet not hurting her. She realized her struggling was in vein as she felt her panties inching down over the rise of her buttocks… then lower as they slid down the back side of her moons… then as he worked and tugged them half way down her thighs. Time seemed to stand still as her mind locked on the fabric slipping along her sensitive skin… somehow accentuating the heat in her warmed bottom. And as Axe slipped his hand between the top of her thighs to loosen the cotton crotch of her panties trapped between tense locked thighs, she blushed furiously, breath catching, as his fingers lightly grazed tickling her sensitive lips. ?The glancing stroke of velvet softness against the side of Axe’s index finger as he completed the positioning of Goddess’s panties out of his way low between her silken thighs brought a noticeable quickening to his heartbeat. Just that simple velvety brush of finger against shaved labia was enough to jerk his mind to ‘other’ things besides this spanking he had decided she must have. Axe released Goddess’s hand and once again wrapped his left arm around and under his wife then clamped her legs between his holding her almost immovable. He took a deep breath and watched Goddess’s cheeks jiggle and quiver in response to his touch. Axe grabbed the spray bottle filled with ice water, sprayed a fine mist over the warm pink orbs, raised his hand, fingers spread just a bit, hand cupped slightly and relaxed, and brought it down in a sharp glancing SMACK. He felt the fire in his hand as it connected with her warm bare bottom at the same time Goddess tucked and tightened. The deep soft growl she emitted brought another heart quickening response. He raised his hand again and again moving it to land in a slightly different spot with each connection to her rapidly reddening bottom. He sprayed and spanked, sprayed and spanked. Goddess’s reactions in sound and body fascinated him. She twisted, jerked, flinched and bucked slightly as the heat built on the coloring surface of her bare buttocks and high upper thighs. ?She tried to keep quiet but it was beginning to hurt, not injurious pain, but burning, stinging, fiery heat and she couldn’t hold back the moans and yelps any longer as Axe’s hand rained down smack after quick smack. It was amazing to Goddess that the removal of the thin layer of cotton had caused such a change in the intensity she felt as Axe’s hand seemed merciless in its onslaught to a bottom becoming more and more tender by the second. Soon Goddess found herself whimpering like a baby, kicking and generally pitching a fit to be let loose. She hollered and twisted trying to get away from that hand raining down hot smacks to her bottom, the wetness between her legs growing with every smack. Every time she managed to lower her bottom a bit and change her position Axe would shift his non-spanking arm, or hand and bring her right back to that pelvis tipped, bottom high vulnerability. She gasped at the searing heat of the sharp smacks to that sensitive area where thigh joined buttock. Goddess began to think she couldn’t stand any more as tears began to trickle down her cheeks and realized Axe had stopped spanking. Without the distraction of the smacks to her heated derriere the strong gnawing hunger at her core took her by surprise. She struggled to calm herself, sniffing and hiccuping, gulping as she whimpered quietly. Axe’s hand was rubbing, soothing, teasing as she caught her breath and began to relax. Just about the time she gained control she felt Axe lean and tensed as she remember bumping the paddle with her toe. “No, Axe, Please! I can’t take any more, please,” she whined as her voice caught with a fresh onslaught of tears. “Axe, I promise I’ll never forget to put gas in a car again. Please don’t use that paddle. I am so sorry I let you down.”?“What’s the matter, Goddess? Don’t feel like giggling any more?” Axe tightened his arm around her once again lifting her bottom high. Goddess’s response was to go as rigid as she could in the position in which he held her. “Goddess, you are a spoiled rotten brat. You ‘know’ you are a naughty brat and you ‘know’ you deserve this,” Axe said firmly as he brought the paddle to SMACK across both cheeks, leaving an almost red rectangle of color that sprang to the canlı bahis siteleri skin instantly. Axe held her tight and high bringing the paddle down to rapidly pepper her entire bottom and upper thighs like a string of firecrackers going off on the fourth of July. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, smack, pop, smack, pop, smack, over and over as Goddess jerked, bucked and kicked hollering and sniffling like a baby. Seeing their reflection in the black glass of the window each time he looked up thrilled him. He wondered if Goddess had seen herself d****d over his lap squirming and bucking, then thought with a smile, she’d been too busy to do much looking around. The sound of her loud cries of ‘oh’ and ‘ah’, ‘ouch’ and ‘yeow’, the hiccuping and sniffling all drove him to take her to a higher level of feeling and response. “When you act like a spoiled c***d you will be dealt with like a spoiled c***d, do you,” SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. SMACK. SMACK, “understand?” he asked sternly as he repeatedly lashed with the paddle bringing her bottom to a deep yet glowing crimson.?Goddess was writhing on his lap. Her hips had begun to lift to the paddle then grind into his thigh. Her legs had begun to kick so hard that one leg had escaped his hold spreading her before him. As Axe spanked he was mesmerized by her growing wetness, the way it gleamed and sparkled as she twisted seemingly to wink at him. He loved looking at Goddess’s sex, her deep rose vulva swollen and moist. He could see her clitoris beginning to harden. Even though she cried openly her body rocked and pushed against him in evident desire, her hip stroking his increasing erection as she bucked and jerked. Axe knew Goddess’s emotions were close to the breaking point. Axe timed this rest for her after his scolding and cooed to her, “Baby, I have to love you in every way I know how. This is one way. When you are naughty and need to be spanked for your naughtiness, you can count on my doing just that. I think you want me to be strong for you and not afraid to take you in hand when I think it’s needed.” ?Goddess writhed sobbing like a c***d, kicking, her body jerking from the scorching heat of Axe’s lashes with the leather paddle. She knew she’d lost control sometime ago when she could no longer hold back the torrent of tears. Lost? No, she’d let go. Somehow the smacks to her bottom as hot and sharp as they were, seemed deliciously painful. She couldn’t really define them as “painful” because they set her on fire in more ways than one. As her buttocks and upper thighs had become hot with the stinging burn, so had she begun to burn internally with a strong gnawing sexual desire. She’d felt her wetness grow with each smack, then felt the wetness combine with the water from the spray and begin to seep and tickle her entire vulva. The idea of being spanked had appealed to her for a long time, but she’d never imagined the intensity of the stimulation to her bottom. She’d been surprised at how much it had hurt especially after Axe had sprayed her bottom with the fine cold mist. And she was surprised at how determined Axe had been to make this a serious spanking. She’d realized with a jolt as the paddle came down again and again on her tender and searing bottom that this was no game, but she couldn’t pin point the exact moment the hurting had begun to mingle with the sexual pleasure she was experiencing. Sometime during the spanking when she felt she couldn’t take any more something had begun to change and her thoughts had become purely sexual in nature. With each smack, smack, smack, burning smack to the tender stinging flesh of her bottom she became more and more aroused. The flow of tears burned her eyes as they spilled over her eyelids and dripped to the carpet making little crystal droplets on the fibers. She wailed like a c***d, crying and struggling to move her sore bottom from Axe’s determined onslaught. ?Goddess didn’t have any idea what happened or why, but suddenly the fight left her and she ceased to struggle. Hanging limp like a rag doll over Axe’s lap, she absorbed each smack without resistance and gave in to the tears. She heard herself hiccuping out the words, “I aaa aaaam sss so sorrrry Vvvv Axe. Ppp please for for forgive mmm me. I dd ddd didn’t mmm me mean to emm mmbarr rrasssss y yy you.” It would have been hard to tell Axe that she really did feel bad, guilty about his having to push his car to a gas station. Axe was the last person in the world she wanted to embarrass or hurt. When she’d heard the tone of his voice, she’d known he was terribly upset with her. She’d filled with shame as she realized how humiliated he must have felt pushing his car in his tuxedo, hoping to be on time as passing people whizzing by made catcalls and teased about his predicament. As her bottom received smack after smack, the tears flowed freely washing her transgressions from deep inside. ?Axe watched Goddess’s body language closely. He felt the resistance leaving her as muscle by muscle gave up the fight. With each hot kiss of leather to her upturned bottom she started to become more and more pliable over his lap. She’d let go of her shame and guilt. A few more, hard, well placed, smacks and the spanking was over. Axe scooped Goddess into his arms and held her, now rocking her in his arms. She lay limp against him, face burrowed and crying into his neck. He wriggled in the chair as her hip brushed against an erection so hard and tight it was painful. Goddess’s hands began to wander over him aimlessly, caressing, rubbing. He felt her head tilt and looked into her tear filled eyes as she leaned to kiss him. Her hands slid to cup his face and her tongue darted, exploring his mouth. He was a bit surprised at the hunger and insistence in her kiss. As her tongue swirled in his mouth dancing with his, her hand slipped to gently wrap and stroke the tent of his pants. Soon fingers were sliding beneath the cummerbund to unfasten his pants. He gasped as Goddess opened and pushed his pants apart to free him. Her warm soft hand gently circling him and sliding with a feather touch. The gentle stroking of Goddess’s soft hand brought an increase in pressure and an intense tingling to his swollen head. He felt the soft building of sensation in the back of his testicles and prostate and moaned softly into her mouth.?Axe pulled back breaking the kiss and slid a pouting Goddess off his lap to stand in front of him. Her skirt fell to the floor in seconds. Her hands came to pull him to his feet by the lapels as frantic hands pushed off his tuxedo jacket and tugged unbuttoning his shirt. Arms bumped as both almost ripped clothes from each other. Neither paid even the slightest bit of attention to the und****d window as clothes were tossed in a frenzy to get each other naked. As Axe tried to remove Goddess’s bra and toe on heel, also tried to push off and step out of a shoe at the same time, pants binding his ankles he lost his balance and felt himself begin to fall. Goddess, trying to help him, grabbed just in time to lose her balance as clutching each other; they fell to the floor. Axe had no idea just how they managed to fall in the position of his mouth at Goddess’s sweet mound, but he quickly took advantage of the blessing and darted his tongue between her soft puffy lips. His hands pushing her legs wide, Axe circled the tight swollen bud with the tip of his tongue, reveling in her unique flavor of mild lemon and salt. Wriggling he kicked off his shoes and pants, his tongue never missing beat in the rhythm he’d set to pleasure her.?Goddess growled, back arching as the sharp intense tingles produced by Axe’s tongue shot through her body. Her hands reached to wind gripping fingers in his soft naturally wavy hair. Axe’s thumbs parted her lips unhooding her clitoris making her jump and buck in pleasure. Holding her open, exposing that tiny sweet spot, he stroked back and forth with the tip of his tongue. The intensity drove Goddess to tighten her hands in Axe’s hair. Then his groan of pain against her vulva brought a reflex loosening of her fingers as hands slipped to grip the carpet fibers at her sides. Back arching deeply Goddess writhed beneath Axe’s velvet soft tongue as it stroked, fluttered, stroked hitting that oh, so sensitive spot with precision. Electric like tingles ran from beneath his tongue throughout her body. Her pelvis began to rock, lifting to push into Axe’s mouth and then, back bowing grinding the sore crescents of her bottom into the carpet. Moans and growls came steadily as a huge wave began to build in her body straining to satisfy the hunger clawing at her depths. ?Axe recognized the sweet signs of Goddess in the throws of impending orgasm and reached to insert bahis firmaları a finger into her slick muscle clenching wetness. His finger probed the hot wet tunnel to find that small spongy place on the underside of her pubic bone. Mmmm, the ribs of his fingerprints loved the feel of this magic place inside Goddess and the way it made her forget all her inhibitions as her body sought sweet release from its hunger. His other hand reached to tweak and gently twist alternating between her hard puckered nipples. He couldn’t help but picture and taste miniature gumdrops as he rolled the hard buds in his fingers. Seconds after Axe began to massage gently inside, Goddess he felt her body tense. The low deep growl that followed as she began to twitch and jerk, inner muscles like a Axee around his finger brought a flattening of his tongue to bring her over the edge. He held her, his tongue stroking hard against her making her buck and howl as the wave of orgasm washed through her. The rhythmic gripping of her inner muscles on his finger was another telltale sign that Goddess had achieved sweet release. He continued to stroke her G-spot as his tongue tortured her hard swollen clitoris. ?Goddess whimpered and she squirmed the sensations of tongue against her standing bud so intense they almost hurt. Her hands reached to wind once again in Axe’s hair to try to pull him up. With a raspy whisper she begged, “Please, Axe, I have to feel you inside me. Pleeeeeease, Axetor! Now.”?Axe stopped long enough to growl, “Cum for me once more, Goddess. Baby, cum again for me.” As he encouraged her, he slipped his finger, slick and wet, to probe and enter Goddess’s sweet tight almost virginal back entrance. He couldn’t help but grin against her open sex as she went wild. He loved bringing this a****l out in Goddess. The growling and twisting under him combined with the heat, the aroma, and strong gripping around his finger brought intense pressure to his erection pressed into the carpeting, the head of his penis acutely sensitive to every move against the soft carpeting. As he felt the tight strong ring of muscle begin to loosen gradually around his finger he began to draw it almost out then slide it back in deep, his knuckles pushing into the soft tenderness of her inner cheeks. Axe let his tongue circle, lap, stroke, and then circle again as his finger kept up a long steady sliding rhythm. ?Goddess gasped for breath, back arched, hips rocking with the finger causing a slight pressure and extreme pleasure. Her throat was dry and there didn’t seem to be enough air in the whole room as she felt the gathering deep in her core once again. As it grew and grew to overwhelm and envelope her she froze, her body going rigid, as the torturous sweet pain slipped over the edge bringing breath taking pleasure to wash through her. Her body convulsed with the explosion that coursed through her. Her hips jerked and bucked, body twisting, writhing as the orgasm gripped her head to toe. ?Axe quickly gripped just below Goddess’s ankles spreading her legs and pushing them toward her shoulders, her knees pushing into her breasts raising her hot, well spanked bottom off the floor and into better view. He released one leg just long enough to guide himself to her warm wet sweetness. His back arched, pushing himself into her slowly. Teeth gritting as the pressure of her sweetness squeezed surrounding him, he pushed her legs back further changing the angle of his entrance. His breath caught as he focused watching himself disappear deeper and deeper into Goddess. Her sex open and spread before him as he claimed her, stretched her, took her, made his heart pound with excitement. It took all his resolve to go slowly rather than plunge to her depths. Excruciatingly slowly, he slid deeper, deeper, deeper, finding and pushing into her cervix. Losing his resolve, he jerked ramming to the hilt, his testicles resting between her warm spread cheeks. He stopped to absorb the feel of her gripping and releasing around him breathing deeply. To please and tease, he wiggled his hips making her squeal as his head brushed her cervix and his scrotum rocked gently on her bottom. The sensations built more and more strongly from the tip of his penis to flow through his body. He began to move sliding slowly out, almost leaving her, then slowly pushing back into her in long easy strokes. His head, super sensitive slid burrowing along her strong walls then the walls would close around his shaft. The feeling was exquisite; one he wished could last for hours.?Goddess moaned as Axe began to enter her. She loved the way his hard hot penis stretched and filled her, demanding that her body mold to fit his. The way he moved inside her produced tingles that coursed through her running along her spine. Feathery and electric sensations seemed to flow with the blood through her whole body. Legs high, spread and pushed tight to her chest allowed very deep penetration that thrilled her. Not being able to move but a fraction of an inch was delicious and tormenting. At times, she wanted to kick with the intensity of what she was feeling but her legs were as good as bound. At times, she wanted to raise her pelvis to meet Axe’s and to grind into his pelAxe bone. Then again, Axe’s long slow controlled strokes satisfied that demanding need to feel Axe inside her. To feel him moving inside her, joining her to him, making her a part of him and him a part of her produced a feeling of belonging to someone, not ownership, but rather a deep sense of being where she belonged. This act of making love to someone she loved, even in its rawest a****l like form eased the need to be fulfilled body, mind, heart and soul. She’d never felt as completely involved or as close to Axe and wondered as he slid so exquisitely inside her if it had anything to do with the spanking. As Axe quickened the rhythm of his stroking, she could feel his urgency building and became lost in the tempo and movement of this lover’s dance. ?Axe listened, Goddess’s sounds adding to his desire to find the same cleansing release. His hips pumped, back and forth, faster and faster, the intensity and sensation building around the head of penis. To have Goddess wrapping his rock hard engorged and flared head and shaft in her slick hot sweetness, fired his whole body with tingles, jolts, twinges, all of them extreme, captivating him. He became single minded, drove into her with a purpose as his testicles tightened and he felt the beginnings of semen on the move. He growled, “ grab the backs of your knees and open wide for me, Goddess.” ?Goddess gripped the backs of her knees, spreading her legs wide. She felt Axe ramming into her, hard and deep making her wince as he pressed into her inflamed bottom, then one hand, fingers flattened, began to quickly stroke her clitoris, his other hand reached to probe and tease her anus. She whimpered and moaned. Inner muscles encompassed Axe grasping tightly each time he bumped against the hot sore flesh of her cheeks. The loud sound of his breathy moans, combined with all the other myriad sensations created a time and place where exquisite feelings drove all other thought to disappear. Goddess felt her body tense, the burgeoning tendrils of an internal climax beginning to flow through her, gathering like a closing fist at her core, squeezing, grasping. Goddess was caught in the wave of profound pleasure, back arching steeply, head back and grinding into the floor. A low hoarse whimper came from deep in her chest… “Aaaaahhhhhhh, I’m cumming, Axe. Ohhhhh, God, Axe, I’m cummmmmminnnnnng again…”?Hearing Goddess brought a rush through his body. Hips jerking, bucking hard and deeply into her, Axe felt himself slip over the edge. He plunged his finger through the tight Axee like ring of muscle as far as he could. “Ahhhgggrrrr”, he growled as he came, spewing his hot thick seed into her. Hips gradually ceasing to buck and push he quickly leaned over Goddess, finger slipping from her, his arms wrapping her to hold her close as her strong inner contractions milked at him, draining him. He whispered in a pant into her ear, “I do love you so, Goddess,” as he held her to him, feeling the heat of his own breath washing back in his face. ?Goddess snuggled into him, almost purring. She could feel his heart pounding against her breasts, slowing as he breathed heavily against her neck, ear and the side of her face. Overcome by the power of her own release, her breath still coming hard, she purred, “I love you too, Axe. And I’m really sorry about letting you down.” ?Axe ground his pelvis into her as he gripped her tightly in his arms. He nuzzled that sweet soft spot where her neck joined her shoulder, kissing gently. He took a deep breath, let it out against her neck in a rush, pressing his lips to her ear, he whispered, “forget about that now, Baby, it’s all over. We’ve dealt with it. It’s finished”. ?He couldn’t help but grin when he heard the, “yes, Sir”, mumbled softly and sweetly into his chest.

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