Mar 26

Gods of Love

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Gods of LoveWell dear, I just finished writing that info document and I was feeling pretty sexy so I thought I’d try my hand at something a bit different for fun, mainly to write the sexiest, most provocative letter I could think of describing the way I want to fuck you. I have this big hard on right now thinking about those lovely little tits of yours, tight and firm rubbing against my chest, making their presence felt from the heat of your skin, the bulge of your nipples. You are wearing a soft satin bra that holds them so tightly to your body but shows them off so delicately. Your sweater is light and fluffy, easy to get out of, very sexy, designed to show me your nipples when they get so hard. You have on a pair of white silk panties, thong type that show off your beautiful pink ass, its curves so tempting and pleasing, so delirious to touch, to fondle with my trembling fingers. Next you have on a pair of the most sensuous pantyhose I can imagine, light tan so I can see you have them on, slippery smooth to my touch. I go wild with desire thinking about where those pantyhose end up, covering the smooth gleamy flesh of your beautiful love channel, the cunt I so want my throbbing prick to enter. Your skirt is short, allowing me to see the fullness and incredibly smooth texture of your shapely long legs, so inviting to the feel of my legs next to them. Your perfume is of a scent that I can not resist, it calls to me in a melodic tone, one of the nectar of the gods, one that says “take me, take me, please take in your arms and make my desires come true” I hold you close, my heart throbbing faster, faster, my breath in anticipation, my body shakes and shivers, I can not hold my hardness back, the bulge in my pants wants to escape its silky prison. I remove your sweater, ever so slowly, caressing and fondling the firmness of your tits, the rich, creamy texture of your skin, so inviting to my eyes. My hands move over your neck, following all the curves in your shoulders slowly making their way to your hands, where we hold each other, sensing that a moment of incredible love türbanlı siirt escort making is about to occur. You unclasp your bra, revealing to me the beauty of your breasts and their glorious shape. The light in the room is soft and peachy pink, its reflection on your skin sends a deep shiver down my spine, I jerk my back unexpectedly. You remove my shirt, exposing my hairy chest, running your fingers through the hair, cooing with passion, with love, our breasts touch.Now I fall to my knees, using my tongue as a vibrator down your chest, licking and penetrating your soft skin as I gently pull your skirt to the floor, allowing me to see the gorgeous tan lines of your legs, running my hands up and down, in and around, over and over the soft feel of your pantyhose against your skin. Gently I reach for the top, folding my hands inside the nylon material, pulling it away from your skin, pushing my hands deeper inside, and down, down closer to the spot of my wildest sexual desires. Gradually the pantyhose come down, not too fast, I want to feel them coming away from you, I want to watch as they make their way to your feet, I want to rub softly all the way down your legs, making them warm, making them quiver with delight. I stand now, you unbuckle my pants, rubbing your delicate hands over my silk thong, the bulge is ever so evident, the silky prison will soon be gone. Your hands both enter me at once, pulling the material away, letting you see the full measure of my excitement, my cock pulsates, jerks, moves to the rhythm of your hands, my mind and body swell, swelling with the knowledge that I will soon be entering you, filling you with the hot liquid of my love. You move your head in a swaying motion, using your tongue like a piercing red hot poker over my chest and stomach, making your way to my ever harder cock. Slowly, ever so slowly, slower still, your mouth covers the blood engorged tip of my cock, your tongue flickering, vibrating, pulsating, feeling every vein bulging and dancing to the tune of your wet hot kiss. Gently türbanlı siirt escort bayan reaching and fondling my balls your mouth moves over my cock, further down, further down now, the tongue finds its way to my slit, penetrating, in and out, over and back. You blow gently, the hot air rushes up my cock, over and around, making me almost too excited. You sense this, and slowly back off, wanting to be certain that our love making is complete, that we explore all our senses, all our desires, all our love. You stand; we embrace, feeling so much heat, it’s almost too much to bare. My hands move their way around your back, rubbing, finding every sweet hot spot I can until they reach the top of your panties, their smooth silky feel is so delightful. I rub your buttocks with care, they are so round, so much delicious beauty, they deserve extra care and extra attention, they are two orbs of extraordinary beauty. Slowly my hands enter to touch them, caress them with the firm touch of my fingers, exploring every aspect, every curve, every delicious spot. Now I drop to my knees again, this time to pull your panties down, more down now, still further down, but slowly so I can feast my eyes on the glory of your womanhood. Naked, GOD, Naked, we are about to explore the beauty of our orgasm, but wait, there is another pleasure we must find, this one so delightful too, so mesmerizing. I lead you to the bed, your scent overwhelms me, making me hotter, harder, your body shakes, mine too, slowly I lay you down. We kiss, long, deep, very wet, I insert my tongue wildly, finding yours, our wetness shared, a deep wetness, one of true passion. Slowly I lift, moving my hands in all directions, in all places, seeking all, seeking none in particular, and I move to place my self directly in front, my tongue still gyrating. THERE! RIGHT THERE! In front of my eyes, so close, so grand, so pink, your hot wet CUNT!! Shaven, dripping, swollen, wanting my mouth, demanding it, I move closer, and touch. Licking with furious strokes, furious passion, türbanlı escort siirt wetter and wetter you become, hotter and hotter your body fills with electricity. OH GOD, you scream, letting all the pent up feeling swell to your heart, swell to your brain, to the very fiber of your soul. ORGASM, ORGASM after ORGASM your body jerks, twists, gyrates while I continue to probe deeply with my tongue. STOP! You scream, I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME!! FUCK ME !! Quickly I mount, my cock still as hard as it can get, still throbbing, aching to release its load of hot sticky juice deep down inside, deep inside your precious cunt. In, Out, In, Out, I pump, our bodies beating to a rhythm, exactly in time with each other. In, Out, In, Out, my cock rubs deep inside, hard against the walls of your wet vagina, rubbing and vibrating against your swollen clit, making it even more exited, making you even more passionate. You pull me close, holding me so tight, wanting more, more, MORE!! Closer I get, closer now, I feel the warm juice moving, the feeling in my balls becoming ever more intense, the cream is there, IM CUMMING, IM CUMMING, Oh GOD, DEAR GOD, IM CUMMING, deep inside, deeper and deeper I send my load to the deepest portions of your soul, the origin of your existence. Then, an explosion wells up from inside you, you jerk and pump uncontrollably, OH GOD, IM CUMMING TOO, you scream, the fire is so hot, so hot, too hot but you continue, pumping, squeezing your cunt around my cock, sucking every bit of cream from my still pulsating prick. I slow my pace, my cream is spent, but I don’t stop, I keep sending myself inside, slower, slower, but not stopping, using my prick to gently massage the inner softness of your love channel, as if to beg you to just cum once more please, just once more I want to feel it, feel it explode, suck me, caress me with its explosion. Our pace quickens, my cock is not soft, it still moves, In, Out, In, Out, feeling and probing, penetrating you to make you please DEAR GOD, just come once more. Your passion takes you back to its heights again; your explosion is ever so quick, ever so violent, even more loving. We slow our pace, our energies spent, our love consummated in the truly beautiful act of lovemaking, the desires of two people in love, wanting to satisfy every fantasy of the other. Now, we move closer, cuddling, oh that cuddling, to an embrace that seals our love, and makes the GODS of love jealous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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